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Subject: Catalog of compilers, interpreters, and other language tools [p1of1]

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The Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters lists freely available software for language tools, which includes the following: compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, important libraries, assemblers, etc. -- things whose user interface is a language. Natural language processing tools may also be included. There is a HTML version available on the web at: http://www.idiom.com/free-compilers The catalog can be ftp'ed: get ftp://ftp.idiom.com/pub/compilers-list/free-compilers Users without web or FTP access can retrieve the catalog in five parts from the comp.compilers mail server. Send a message to: compilers-server@iecc.com Send the message "send free1" to get the first part, up through "send free5" for the fifth part. Send "help" to find out about other commands. Each part is about 70K so users on systems which limit the size of incoming mail may want to retrieve the parts one or two at a time. You can send whatever new items or updates you have to the catalog to <free-compilers@idiom.com>. Updates are once again posted frequently. -- Send compilers articles to compilers@iecc.com, meta-mail to compilers-request@iecc.com. Archives at http://compilers.iecc.com