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Subject: Catalog of Compiler Construction Products - Eighteenth Issue

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Catalog of Compiler Construction Products - Eighteenth Issue This posting may be reproduced in any form without further permission, as long as it is left unchanged. August 2001, transformal GmbH, Berlin. EIGHTEENTH ISSUE This catalog lists products and services for the construction of programming language compilers and related programming tools. It covers compiler generators, corresponding grammars, reusable parts of compilers, reusable parts of other programming tools and related consulting or programming services. The catalog provides only technical information. Potential customers have to inquire at the given address about prices and licensing policies. (For a catalog of free software see the "Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters".) All the listed products are available now in a form suitable for production use. They shall exhibit professional quality and have long term support. The entries are submitted voluntarily. Apart from tracking complaints about inappropriate entries no quality control of the entries is applied. Therefore I do not assume any liability for listed entries. The catalog is posted monthly on comp.compilers and is available online at www.transformal.com/CCCP/. Updates are incorporated at least twice a year. If you want to submit an update send the filled form to cccp@transformal.com. Updates that do not make use of the form or do not comply with the guidelines given at the end will not be considered. Entries have to be provided as ASCII text files according to the instructions given at the end of this document. If they shall be incorporated into the respective Web pages, they have to be provided as HTML files as well. -------------------------------- Table of Contents -------------------------------- * Adrian Johnstone * Archelon * CoCoLab * Cocolsoft Computer Solutions * Compiler Resources * Edison Design Group * GradSoft * GrammarCraft * GrammaTech, Inc. * INRIA Rocquencourt * MageLang Institute * Mastersys * Metamata * Nullstone * OCCL * Philips Research Laboratories * Semantic Designs * Siber Systems * Synergistic Consultants, Inc. * Technical University of Denmark * UniBw Muenchen * Universitaet Paderborn * University of Paisley * ENTRY FORM -------------------------------- Adrian Johnstone -------------------------------- Address Dr. Adrian Johnstone Department of Computer Science Royal Holloway, University of London Egham Surrey United Kingdom Contact Dr Adrian Johnstone Phone +44 (0)1784 443425 Fax +44 (0)1784 443420 E-Mail adrian@dcs.rhbnc.ac.uk Tool Recursive Descent Compiler generator RDP Features RDP takes an attributed very-extended BNF and analyses it for LL(1) conformance providing detailed error and warning messages. It outputs ANSI C and links against a library of general purpose routines that provide set handling, command line switch processing, symbol table management and more. RDP is very easy to use. Distribution All source in ANSI C, compiler-compiler source in BNF, various examples. Complete distributions available from ftp://ftp.dcs.rhbnc.ac.uk/pub/rdp. Platform MS-DOS / Borland-C MS-DOS / Microsoft C Many flavours of Unix with gcc and vendors' compilers Macintosh / Think C Macintosh / metroWorks C Acorn Archimedes Amiga back to contents -------------------------------- Archelon -------------------------------- Address Archelon Inc. 460 Forestlawn Road Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2K 2J6 Web http://www.archelon.com Contact Preston Gurd Phone (519)746-7925 Fax (519)746-7925 E-Mail rpgurd@archelon.com Tool C compiler and related tools User Retargetable Development Tools II (URDT) Features The URDT set includes an ANSI C compiler, compactor, assembler, linker, and related tools. It allows you to "roll your own" C compiler and related tools. You do retargets by writing text files, which are read in by these programs when they run. Please see our web page at "http://www.archelon.com" for details. Distribution and Platform Binary versions available for DOS (32 bit), SunOs 4.x.x, Solaris 2.x, HP-UX. Source licences available, as well. Component C compiler MCC ANSI C compiler Features You target MCC to a specific machine by writing a text file which includes a machine description and code tables. You do not need to know compiler internals. The compiler includes output macros which allow you to output code for any assembler, as well as our own. Can handle a wide variety of machines, including DSPs and microprammable machines. Distribution and Platform Part of URDT (see above). Component Compactor/Scheduler/Optimizing Assembler MCPACK Compactor/Scheduler Features MCPACK gives you a way to implement low level translator tools. It reads a control file, which you must write. The control file describes the layout of instructions and provides procedures for translating input statements into instructions. You may provide rules for scheduling and compaction in the file. Distribution and Platform Part of URDT (see above). Component Assembler MCASR assembler Features MCASR is a "bit-stuffing" assembler, driven from a user written text file which describes the fields of the instructions. An instruction word can be up to 256 bits wide and may contain multiple relocatable fields. Such a field may be set with only a subset of the bits of the full address. Distribution and Platform Part of URDT (see above). Component Linker MCLINK linker Features MCLINK supports up to eight independent overlapping memory address spaces, so it can, for instance, easily support DSP architectures with X and Y memories. Distribution and Platform Part of URDT (see above). Related Services Archelon provides consulting services for the development of compilers and related tools. In particular, we provide a retargeting service for our User Regargetable Development Tools. back to contents -------------------------------- CoCoLab -------------------------------- Address CoCoLab Dr. Josef Grosch Hoehenweg 6 D-77855 Achern Germany Web http://www.cocolab.de Contact Josef Grosch Phone +49-7841-669144 Fax +49-7841-669145 E-Mail grosch@cocolab.de Tool Toolbox for compiler construction Cocktail Features o set of program generators for nearly all phases of a compiler o designed especially for practical usability, efficiency, and the generation of production quality compilers o implementation languages are C, C++, Java, and Modula-2 o Rex: generator for lexical analyzers o Lark: LR(1) and LALR(2) parser generator with backtracking o Ell: LL(1) parser generator o Ast: generator for abstract syntax trees o Ag: generator for attribute evaluators o Puma: transformation of attributed trees using pattern matching o Reuse: library of reusable modules Distribution o C source code (obfuscated) on CD-ROM o documentation in the formats PDF, Postscript, and ASCII o trial version (object for Windows) by ftp (see WEB) Platform o all/UNIX o PC/Windows (3.x, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000), MS-DOS, OS/2, Linux Tool Modula-2 -> C translator Mtc Features o converts Modula-2 programs into readable C code (ANSI + K&R) o works 100 % automatically o nested procedures and modules are handled o translates Modula-2 as defined in: "N. Wirth: Programming in Modula-2, Third Corrected Edition" Distribution and Platform like Cocktail Specification Parser description including tree construction for many languages: Ada 83 and 95 C ANSI, K&R C++ ISO, GCC, Microsoft VC++, Borland including pretty-printer CICS IBM Clist COBOL (ANSI COBOL 74, ANSI COBOL 85, IBM OS/VS COBOL, IBM VS COBOL II, IBM SAA COBOL/370, IBM DOSVS COBOL, IBM COBOL for OS/390 & VM, IBM COBOL Set for AIX, IBM VisualAge for COBOL, DEC COBOL, VAX COBOL including ORACLE DBMS and DEC RDB, BULL COBOL-85 including IDS/II, DATA GENERAL COBOL including INFOS II and DG/DBMS, TANDEM COBOL, SCREEN COBOL, X/Open, and Micro Focus COBOL) including pretty-printer Delphi DL/I IBM FORTRAN 77 and 90 HTML IDL Java JCL IBM NATURAL OPL/OpenUI Pascal PL/I including PL/I preprocessor (IBM OS PL/I) Powerbuilder Rexx Shell SQL (IBM DB2, TANDEM, Informix, Oracle, Sybase) Tcl/itcl Visual Basic XML Tool Cocktail Distribution like Cocktail Component Data Flow Analysis DFA CCDFA Features o control and data flow analysis for COBOL o performs dynamic call analysis and constant propagation Distribution like Cocktail Related Services Consulting, training, maintenance, development, research, projects in the areas of compiler construction, programming languages, software reengineering, source to source translation, dialect conversion, programming convention checkers, etc. back to contents -------------------------------- Cocolsoft Computer Solutions -------------------------------- Address Cocolsoft Computer Solutions 37 Charles Street Cheltenham Victoria 3192 Australia Web www.cocolsoft.com.au Contact Mr. Peter Evans Fax +61 3 9584 2765 E-Mail info@cocolsoft.com.au Tool Compiler generator for Delphi Cogencee Features Use in production of scanners, parsers, compilers, interpreters, language checkers, natural language processors, expert system shells, scripting languages and calculators. Defines grammar in Cocol (Compiler Compiler Language(EBNF)). Visual interface. Many grammars supplied. Redistributables for third party tool makers. Distribution Standard and Professional versions. The Professional version is the Delphi source code version including an Obfuscator and hashing tools. Manual over 80 pages A4 size including two technical papers. Platform Windows 3.1 Windows 95 and above Component Obfuscator Obfuscator for Cocol Tool Obfuscates compiler language Cocol code Distribution Part of Cogencee Profesional. Object code only Specification Delphi grammar Features For all Delphi versions Distribution Part of Cogencee Platform Windows 3.1 Windows 95 and above Related Services Undertake work in the field of computer language design. Undertake work in the field of human language understanding, grammar and translation. back to contents -------------------------------- Compiler Resources -------------------------------- Address Compiler Resources, Inc. 3 Proctor Street Hopkinton, MA 01748-1158 USA Contact Barbara Zino Phone 1 (508) 435-5016 Fax 1 (508) 435-4847 E-Mail compres@world.std.com Tool OO Lexer and Parser Generator for C++ and Class Library Yacc++ and the Language Objects Library Features Outputs C++ classes of lexers and parsers and optionally for tokens, non-terminals, and rules as specified in the grammar. Regular expressions integrated with BNF, LALR & LR, grammar inheritance. Library support for various AST, input, error, and symbol table classes. Email for complete online information. Distribution The Yacc++ generators are shipped as executables (sources available) and the Language Objects Library is shipped as C++ source code and pre-compiled for supported targets. Numerous examples and makefiles are included. Printed manuals include Installation, Tutorial, and Reference Guides. Platform DEC Alpha Unix DEC C++ DOS/Windows Borland, Microsoft, and Watcom C++ HP-UX HP C++ OS/2 Borland and IBM C++ SGI IRIX SGI (Edison Design Group) C++ Solaris SPARCCompiler C++ SunOS Sun and GNU C++ Windows NT/95 Microsoft Visual C++ Portable -- other platforms by cross-compiling. back to contents -------------------------------- Edison Design Group -------------------------------- Address Edison Design Group 4 Norman Road Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 USA Web http://www.edg.com Contact Steve Adamczyk Phone +1 973 744 2620 Fax +1 973 744 8949 E-Mail jsa@edg.com Tool Compiler Front End EDG C++ Front End Features Does full syntax and semantic analysis on C++ source code, producing an AST-like internal representation. Accepts the full ANSI/ISO C++ language except for "export" on templates. Also accepts ANSI/ISO C, several older dialects of both C and C++, and Microsoft C and C++ extensions. Can generate C from C++ code. This is a commercial product. Distribution Source code and internal documentation Platform Portable; has been used on all major Unix platforms, plus Windows NT/95/98. Tool Compiler Front End EDG JFE Features Does full syntax and semantic analysis on Java source code, producing an AST-like internal representation. Accepts the "Java 2" version of the language, i.e., inner classes and strictfp are supported. Can read and generate class files. Can generate C code; in that mode, works with the Jcore library from Dinkumware. This is a commercial product. Distribution Source code and internal documentation Platform Portable; has been used on all major Unix platforms, plus Windows NT/95/98. back to contents -------------------------------- GradSoft -------------------------------- Address GradSoft Khreschatik st, 32, apt. 57 Kiev Ukraine 01001 Web http://www.gradsoft.com.ua/eng/Products/YaYacc/yayacc.html Contact Lyudmila Makoday Phone +38 044 235 11 86 Fax +38 044 229 58 67 E-Mail lyuda@gradsoft.com.ua Tool C++ LALR(1) parser generator YaYacc Features yacc-compatible parser with some extensions (written in C and derived from byacc), which generates C++ template-based code, which can be used in threading environment. Distribution source available from web site Platform YaYacc itself: FreeBSD, can be easy ported to any UNIX compatible system or Windows NT generated code: cross-platform. Related Services Consulting and software development back to contents -------------------------------- GrammarCraft -------------------------------- Address GrammarCraft Dessauer Strasse 6-7 D-10963 Berlin Germany Contact Denis Kuniss E-Mail info@grammarcraft.com Web http://www.grammarcraft.com Component Parser and syntax tree construction IBM High Level Assembler, Release 2 Features o complete syntax analysis ("High Level Assembler for MVS & VM & VSE - Language Reference", IBM, Release 2, Second Edition, March 1995) o syntax tree construction o conditional assembly and macro substitution o data and control flow analysis Distribution o C source code by ftp o documentation in RTF-format or PDF-format Platform o UNIX, Linux o portable - other platforms with Standard C Compiler on request Related Services GrammarCrafts provides consultancy and custom development related to program development tools and compilers for the languages Cobol, C, Delphi, PL/I and others. back to contents -------------------------------- GrammaTech, Inc. -------------------------------- Address GrammaTech, Inc. One Hopkins Place Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Contact Jeff Burns Phone 607-273-7340 Fax 607-273-8752 E-Mail jeff@grammatech.com Tool CASE tool generator Synthesizer Generator Features CASE tool generator for implementing language-sensitive editors and user interfaces, including program editors, document preparation systems, and program verification tools. Uses attribute grammars to compute derived information about the object being edited and incrementally recomputes attribute values after an editing change. Distribution object Platform SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Digital UNIX Related Services The Synthesizer Generator may be licensed directly from GrammaTech or GrammaTech can perform customizations or create custom implementations. back to contents -------------------------------- INRIA Rocquencourt -------------------------------- Address Oscar French National Institute for research in computer science and control INRIA Rocquencourt Domaine de Voluceau B.P 105 78153 Le Chesnay CEDEX FRANCE Web http://www-rocq.inria.fr/oscar/www/fnc2/ Contact Didier Parigot Phone +33 1 39 63 55 46 Fax +33 1 39 63 58 84 E-Mail Didier.Parigot@inria.fr Tool The FNC-2 system is a modern attribute grammar processing system that aims at production-quality FNC-2 Features o set of program generators for nearly all phases of a compiler o designed especially for practical usability, efficiency, and the generation of production quality compilers Distribution Object Platform SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX and Linux (PC) Tool The SYNTAX scanner and parser generator. SYNTAX Features see http://www-rocq.inria.fr/oscar/www/syntax/ Distribution Object Platform SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX and Linux (PC) back to contents -------------------------------- MageLang Institute -------------------------------- Address MageLang Institute 1535 Francisco Street Suite 9 San Francisco, California 94123 USA Web http://www.antlr.org Contact Dr. Terence Parr Phone 415 346 1070 E-Mail parrt@MageLang.com Tool Parser generator ANTLR 1.33 Features ANTLR constructs human-readable recursive-descent parsers in C or C++ from predicated-LL(k>1) grammars. Many context-sensitive languages and languages requiring infinite lookahead are recognizable with ANTLR parsers. Can automatically build ASTs. Has new and powerful error recovery mechanism. Distribution Complete C source code, totally public domain. See WEB for download. Platform Any platform that compiles C or C++. Specific Mac port available as well as binaries/makefiles for PC compilers. Tool Parser generator ANTLR 2.00 Features Complete rewrite in Java generating Java and soon other languages. Meta-language has been redesigned. Will incorporate SORCERER tree rewrite rules also by mid May 1997. Distribution Complete Java source code available. See WEB for dwonload. Platform Any platform that runs Java. Tool AST transformer / walker (source-to-source translation) SORCERER Features A SORCERER grammar describes AST content and structure. You may annotate the grammar with actions to effect a translation or manipulate the tree itself. Generates recursive-descent tree walkers in C or C++ (soon Java). Same flavor/syntax as ANTLR. Not tied to a parser generator or any other tool. Distribution Complete C source code, totally public domain. See WEB for dwonload. Platform Any platform that compiles C or C++. Related Services MageLang Institute continues to enhance and maintain PCCTS. We support the tools via maintenance agreements, short term contracts, and collaborations. We also develop custom translators and provide technical assistance for language design and implementation development. back to contents -------------------------------- Mastersys -------------------------------- Address MASTERSYS 3915 ARBOLADO DRIVE WALNUT CREEK, CA 94598 USA Web http://www.mastersys.com Contact Boris Burshteyn Phone 1 (510) 944 0701, Fax 1 (510) 944 5928 E-Mail master@mastersys.com Tool C++ and Java Parser Generator MUSKOX v4.0 Features o Annotates C++ & Java classes and interfaces with EBNF LR(K) grammars o Grammar inheritance and redefinition of rules. o Multiple parsers, recording/replay of trace logs, HTML pretty-printing. o Default and user-defined lexer and error processing. o Syntactic lookaheads, semantic predicates, syntax trees. Distribution o Parser Generator executable. o Runtime Framework C++ & Java source. o Downloadable from the web site. o Documentation in Postscript and Adobe PDF formats. Platform o PC Windows 95 & NT. o Sun Sparc Solaris 2.4 and higher. o Pyramid and Siemens/Nixdorff RELIANT/UNIX, DC/OSx and o Sinix (please contact by email). back to contents -------------------------------- Metamata -------------------------------- Address Sriram Sankar Metamata, Inc. 2140 Peralta Blvd., Suite 213B Fremont, California - 94536 U.S.A. Web http://www.suntest.com/JavaCC Contact Sriram Sankar Phone 1(510)796-0915 Fax 1(510)796-0916 E-Mail sriram@metamata.com Tool Parser, Scanner, and Tree Builder Generator JavaCompilerCompiler (JavaCC) Features JavaCC is a top-down (LL(k)) parser generator for Java with integrated features for generating scanners and tree builders. JavaCC offers EBNF constructs, syntactic and semantic lookahead, lexical states and actions, case-insensitive scanning, and the ability to store white space tokens for further processing. Distribution Byte code files freely downloadable from our web site Platform Any Java compliant platform 1.0.2 or above Specification LL(k) Java, C, C++, HTML, VHDL Tool JavaCC Distribution Freely downloadable with JavaCC distribution Related Services Metamata Inc. offers consulting services in the area of parser technology and other related areas in Java. back to contents -------------------------------- Nullstone -------------------------------- Address Nullstone Corporation 3336 Medallion Court Pleasanton, CA 94588 USA Web www.nullstone.com Contact Christopher Glaeser Phone (800) 634-5990 International +1 (925) 461-5990 Fax +1 (925) 461-5991 E-Mail cdg@nullstone.com Tool Compiler Performance Analysis Tool NULLSTONE Features The NULLSTONE Automated Compiler Performance Analysis (tm) uses a QA approach of test coverage and isolation to measure an optimizer. The NULLSTONE methodology increases compiler performance by: + Isolating performance regressions and defects; + Identifying opportunities for improvements; + Establishing development completion criteria; and + Providing detailed competitive data. Languages: ANSI C and Java Distribution Complete sources. Platform UNIX, WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win3.1, OS/2, DOS, MacOS. SPARC, PowerPC, Pentium, x86, MIPS, 68K, and others. back to contents -------------------------------- Semantic Designs -------------------------------- Address Semantic Designs, Inc. 12636 Research Blvd, #C214 Austin, TX 78759 USA Web http://www.semdesigns.com Contact Dr. Ira Baxter Phone (512)250-1018 E-Mail idbaxter@semdesigns.com Tool DMS Reengineering Toolkit Features The DMS Reengineering toolkit enable the specification and automated analysis or modification of legacy and/or specification lanaguages. The toolkit parses source files to abstract syntax trees, and then can carry attribute evaluation for analyses, and/or tree-to-tree rewrites to carry out modifications. Included are a GLR parser generator (will parse any context-free language) to build parser that produces compact ASTs (to allow reading very large source systems of a million lines in a single workstation), a pretty-printer generator to convert ASTs back to printed form, an attribute-evaluator generator, a term rewriting system that operates on the surface syntax of the desired language. See http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/DMS/DMSToolkit.html for more details. One can define legacy languages, or take advantage of the wide variety of legacy language definitions already made by Semantic Designs, including C/C++, COBOL. Fortran, Ada, etc. Distribution Delivered on CDROM Platform Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000 Will run on multiple-processor systems and take advantage of the extra CPUs. back to contents -------------------------------- Siber Systems -------------------------------- Address Siber Systems 2902 Rock Manor Ct Herndon, VA 20171 USA Web http://www.siber.com/sct Contact Vadim Maslov Phone: +1-703-716-7770 E-Mail vadik@siber.com Tool Cobol compiler/reengineering toolkit CobolTransformer Features (1) Well-tested Cobol Parser that parses 10 most popular Cobol dialects. (2) Tree-based Internal Representation for Cobol programs and C++ library used to browse and trasform the trees. (3) PrettyPrinter library that transforms tree-based Internal Representation back into indented human-readable Cobol program. Distribution compressed encrypted TAR/ZIP file by e-mail Platform comes in source, tested on WIN32 (Windows 95, Windows NT), Linux, SunOS, Solaris. Specification LALR(1) with backtracking Cobol, several dialects: ANSI-74, ANSI-85, OSVS, VS COBOL II, SAA, MicroFocus, RyanMcFarland, RyanMcFarland-85, DOSVS Tool CobolTransformer Distribution compressed encrypted TAR/ZIP file by e-mail Related Services Consulting for projects based on CobolTransformer back to contents -------------------------------- Synergistic Consultants, Inc. -------------------------------- Address Synergistic Consultants, Inc. Post Office Box 18888 Huntsville, AL 35804-8888 Web www.gen7software.com Contact George W. Freas II (Chip) Phone 1-256-539-1757 Fax 1-256-533-2700 E-Mail chip@gen7software.com Tool Parser Generator LALL - an LL(1) parser generator with lookahead Features A top down implementation of a parser generator for LL(1) grammars, with lookahead sets. Accepts the standard Unix YACC BNF input, and can optionally generate an integrated command line symbolic debugger. Can convert the Unix LR(1) grammars to LL(1) grammars (or pretty close). Many languages are supported: C, Pascal, Basic, CPP, etc. (see the website for details: http://www.gen7software.com/lall) Distribution Microsoft EXE file running with DOS extender DOS4GW.EXE Platform MS-DOS, MS-Windows (others forthcoming) Component LALLDBUG - Integrated command line debugger for LALL Related Services Educational software and consulting back to contents -------------------------------- OCCL -------------------------------- Address Oxford and Cambridge Compilers Limited 55 Brampton Rd Cambridge CB1 3HJ UK Contact Dave Lloyd Phone (+44) 1223 572074 E-Mail dave@occl-cam.demon.co.uk Related Services OCCL produces commercial compilers for Algol 68 and Fortran 90 on a variety of platforms. This technology is available for bespoke applications such as custom languages or tools. OCCL also provides consultancy and support for other compiler toolsets such as GNU or PCCTS. back to contents -------------------------------- Philips Research Laboratories -------------------------------- Address Philips Research Laboratories Lex Augusteijn WL 11 Prof. Holstlaan 4 5656 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands Web http://www.research.philips.com/generalinfo/special/elegant/elegant.html Contact Lex Augusteijn Phone +31 40 2743938 Fax +31 40 2744004 E-Mail lex@natlab.research.philips.com Tool Compiler generator based on attribute grammars Elegant Features It accepts both LL(1) and LALR(1) grammars. Any non-cyclic attribute dependency is allowed. Integrated automatic error recovery. Integration with Elegant programming language for back-ends. Garbage collection. Distribution Complete source code available, see WEB. Platform SunOS4, SunOS5, HP-UX-10, IRIX, Linux, Windows (cross generation) Tool Elegant programming language Elegant Features Subtyping (linear inheritance), polymorphic types and functions. Several different lazy types and function (lambda) expressions. Overloading and automatic and user definable coercions. Pattern matching (= sub-type analysis) and list comprehensions. Garbage collection and self generating, i.e. written in Elegant. Distribution Complete source code available, see WEB. Platform SunOS4, SunOS5, HP-UX-10, IRIX, Linux, Windows (cross generation) Tool Scanner Generator ScanGen Features Very efficient. Provides source position (file, line, column) for every token. Seemlessly integrated with Elegant. Made with Elegant and itself. Distribution Complete source code available, see WEB. Platform SunOS4, SunOS5, HP-UX-10, IRIX, Linux, Windows (cross generation) Tool Bnf to attribute grammar compiler Bnf Features Compiles Bnf onto attribute grammars and scanner specifications. Made with Elegant. Distribution Complete source code available, see WEB. Platform SunOS4, SunOS5, HP-UX-10, IRIX, Linux, Windows (cross generation) Tool Postscript syntax diagram generator Diagrams Features Compiler Bnf onto postscript. Offers many ways to control the lay-out. Generates printable or encapsulated postscript. Made with Elegant. Distribution Complete source code available, see WEB. Platform SunOS4, SunOS5, HP-UX-10, IRIX, Linux, Windows (cross generation) back to contents -------------------------------- Technical University of Denmark -------------------------------- Address Technical University of Denmark Building 322, IMM Richard Petersens Plads DK-2800 Lyngby DENMARK Web http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~jsm/ Contact J. Steensgaard-Madsen Phone (+45) 4525 3732 Fax (+45) 4593 0074 E-Mail jsm@imm.dtu.dk Tool Interpreter construction ULC -- Uniform Languages of Composition Features Fast, incremental construction of interpreters for polymorphic, statically typed (scripting) languages. The ease comes at the price of adhering to fixed syntactic principles. New semantic routines can be added incrementally. Commands can be compiled and linked with the semantic libraries (experimental). The distribution of ULC contains various contributions to languages, including a language HTEL that is essentially an HTML-algebra (i.e. HTML+operations+variables). Distribution Source code under the GNU Lesser General Public License. http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~jsm/sys/ulcsys.tgz Platform Linux / GNU C Windows / GNU C (prerelease versions succesfully tested) GNU C extensions are essential. back to contents -------------------------------- UniBw Muenchen -------------------------------- Address Dr. Lothar Schmitz UniBw Muenchen Fakultaet fuer Informatik Institut fuer Softwaretechnologie D-85577 Neubiberg Web http://inf2-www.informatik.unibw-muenchen.de/schmitz/sic.html http://inf2-www.informatik.unibw-muenchen.de/schmitz/jaccie/jaccie.htm Contact Lothar Schmitz Phone +49 89 6004 2140 Fax +49 8106 8467 E-Mail lothar@informatik.unibw-muenchen.de Tool Visual Compiler-Compiler for Teaching Purposes. SIC (Smalltalk-based Interactive Compiler-compiler) Features Scanner-Generator, Parser-Generators (LL- and LR-styles), Evaluator-Generators (including left-attributed and OAG). Browsers, specialized editors, debuggers for all phases allowing processes to be watched and controlled interactively. Information windows: first/follow sets, parsing automata, etc. Distribution Smalltalk Sourcecode and Handbook (English): See WEB Platform Most Unix-Dialects, MS Windows (3.x, 95, NT), Mac. Requires VisualWorks (2.0 or later) from ObjectShare (formerly ParcPlace). Tool Visual Compiler-Compiler for Teaching Purposes. Jaccie (Java-based compiler-compiler in an interactive environment) Features Produces Java-Sources "at a mouse-click". Scanner-Generator (with user-defined Java actions), Parser-Generators (LL and LR styles). Browsers, specialized editors, debuggers for all phases allowing processes to be watched and controlled interactively. Information windows: first/follow sets, parsing automata, etc. Distribution Java Sourcecode and Handbook (German): See WEB Platform Requires Java (JDK 1.1.3 or later). Jaccie has been tested on Sun SPARC (Solaris 2.5) and Intel Pentium (MS Windows 95 and NT) machines. back to contents -------------------------------- Universitaet Paderborn -------------------------------- Address Software Engineering Group Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Boulder Boulder, CO 80309-0425 USA Prof. Dr. U. Kastens UniversitŠt Paderborn, FB17 FŸrstenallee 11 33102 Paderborn GERMANY Dr. A. M. Sloane Department of Computer Science James Cook University Townsville, QLD, 4811 AUSTRALIA Web http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~eliuser http://www.uni-paderborn.de/project-hp/eli.html http://www.cs.jcu.edu.au/~tony/eli.html Contact Matthias Jung Phone +49 5251 60-6663 Fax +49 5251 60-6697 E-Mail mjung@uni-paderborn.de Tool Domain-Specific Programming Environment for the Automatic Generation of Complete Language Implementations. Eli Features o Problem-oriented instead of tool-oriented o Broad spectrum of tasks and solutions o Little prior knowledge required o Integrated system, with flexible overriding o State-of-the art components o Selective regeneration Distribution Complete Sourcecode (ANSI C) available from ftp-servers. See WEB Platform Most Unix-Dialects. Eli has been tested on: Sun workstation running SunOS 4.1.x using Sun C compiler Sun workstation (Solaris) running SunOS 5.[45] using cc SC3.01 Sun workstation (Solaris) running SunOS 5.[45] using gcc 2.7.2 HP 9000/715 running HP-UX Version A, Release A.09.05 using cc SGI, IP20 running IRIX Release 5.3 using cc PC-i586 running Linux 1.3.59 using gcc version 2.7.2 DECstation5000 running OSF/1 V3.2 alpha using cc back to contents -------------------------------- University of Paisley -------------------------------- Address Malcolm Crowe Computing and Information Systems University of Paisley Paisley PA1 2BE United Kingdom Web http://cis.paisley.ac.uk/crow-ci0 Contact Malcolm Crowe Phone 0044 141 848 3300 Fax 0044 141 848 3542 E-Mail malcolm.crowe@paisley.ac.uk Tool Lexer generator lg Features Generates C# source (used with library supplied) Input script similar to lex Object-oriented: you can subclass the TOKEN class Automatic constructors for your subclasses Supports Unicode and various file encodings Distribution C# source of tools and library, documentation (Word), and samples Platform Windows .NET platform (currently Beta 1) Tool LALR Parser generator pg Features Generates C# source (used with library supplied) Input script similar to yacc Object-oriented: you can subclass the SYMBOL class Automatic constructors for your subclasses Identifier symbols can be used as alternative to $1 etc Distribution C# source of tools and library, documentation (Word), and samples Platform Windows .NET platform (currently Beta 1) back to contents -------------------------------- ENTRY FORM -------------------------------- Address <provider> <building,department> <street> <state,city> <country> Web <URL> Contact <name> Phone <number> Fax <number> E-Mail <address> Tool <type> <name> Features <text> Distribution <source, object, list of media> Platform <list of operating system and hardware> Specification <type> <programming language, version, standard> Tool <name> Distribution <list of media> Component <type> <programming language, version, standard> Features <text> Distribution <source, object, list of media> Platform <list of operating system and hardware> Related Services <text> ------------------------------------------------------- GUIDELINES for using the entry form: Please replace the text in angle brackets (<>) with the relevant information. The form provides four topics: TOOL, SPECIFICATION, COMPONENT and RELATED SERVICES. There has to be at least one of these topics, but at most one RELATED SERVICES: * TOOL refers to self standing software products; * SPECIFICATION refers to specifications of formal languages accepted by any of the tools; * COMPONENT refers to software components which can be integrated with software products of potential customers. The topics are described by several subtopics. Subtopics may be omitted if the information is available from the context. Subtopics <text> may be answered with up to five lines of free form ASCII text. Lines shall not be more than 70 characters long, they should be indented properly. All other subtopics shall be described with only a few words. "Feature" descriptions should cover input, output and implementation languages. back to contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------ END OF CATALOG 08-2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Send compilers articles to compilers@iecc.com, meta-mail to compilers-request@iecc.com. Archives at http://compilers.iecc.com