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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents (for this file) --------------------------------- 4. Publications 4.1. What paper publications are available? 4.2. What paper publications have disappeared? 4.3. What is a Disk Magazine? Where do I find them? 4.4. What is an Online Magazine? Where do I find them? 4.5. Are there other publications I should be aware of? 4.6. How do I know which magazines to subscribe to? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Publications Commodore users are always wanting more information about their computer. They want to see articles about how to use it, program it, care for it, and expand it. Some use publications to gain knowledge, while others use them to find other people who have knowledge. 4.1. What paper publications are available? | The Underground + (see LOADSTAR LETTER) Commodore World Creative Micro Designs, Inc. P.O. Box 646 East Longmeadow, MA 01028 (800) 638-3263 (Credit Card Orders) cmd.sales@the-spa.com (Information and Pricing) cmd.cw@the-spa.com (Questions or Comments) cmd.cac@the-spa.com (Charles Chistianson - Marketing) doug.cotton@the-spa.com (Doug Cotton - Editor) This is a new magazine that supersedes the RUN magazine. It is packed with info about Commodore computers. Subscription rates: Type of Subscription US Canada/ EC All Others Mexico one year subscription (8 issues) $29.96 $35.95 $45.95 $57.97 sample issue + shipping $6.95 $6.95 $8.95 $8.95 Twin Cities 128/64 (TC128/64) Twin Cities 128/64 (TC128) Parsec, Incorporated P.O. Box 111 Salem, MA 01970-0111 (508) 745-5855 Twin Cities 128 is (as of issue #29) published by Parsec, Inc. It features Commodore 128 iand 64 specific information, and attempts to cater to readers at all levels of experience, not just novices. Additionally, starting with Issue #31(February/March 1991), Twin Cities 128 comes with a companion disk. Subscription rates: (All checks or money order in US funds) Type of Subscription US Canada/ International Mexico one year subscription with disks $24.00 $24.00 $36.00 Commodore Network Commodore Network Magazine Warren Naismith 9 Wadeson St Cobram Victoria Australia 3150 In U.S.: COMMODORE CEE | 5443 College Oak Drive #26 | Sacramento, CA 95841 Jack Vanderwhite@cee-64.wmeonlin.sacbbx.com (Contact) ceejack@crl.com (Contact) Jack Vanderwhite, editor. Fidonet: 1:203/999 | (916) 339-3403 (Bulletin Board System) Starting 1/95 subscriptions will be available in the U.S. from Jack Vander White at $40.00 per 12 issues. This is the same as the local price in Australia. Back issues and Compendium volumes will be advertised in the near future for U.S. subscribers. Subscription rates: (From Jack Vander White) Type of Subscription US one year subscription (12 issues) $40.00 64'er (German) 64'er Magna Media Post Fatch 1304 D-85531 Haar bei Munich Germany +49 89 4613192 (Voice) +49 89 46135001 (Fascimile) mmatting@cube.net (E-mail Address) +49 89 4613266 (Bulletin Board System) Subscription rates: Type of Subscription Germany/ Others Austria/ Switzerland one year subscription DM105.00 DM129.00 (12 issues @ 64 p each, 12 disks) The Commodore GEOS Publication The Commodore GEOS Publication 713 East Main Street Independence, KS 67301-3726 + The GEOS Publication is a monthly publication dedicated to promoting + GEOS and its many programs and uses. + Subscription rates: + Type of Subscription US + One Year Subscription $ 14.00 + Two Year Subscription $ 25.00 The Commodore 128/64 Power User Newsletter Power User GosserGamesLtd. Incorporated c/o Thomas Gosser P.O. Box 1817 Shelton, WA 98584 (360) 426-0750 (Subscriptions and Information) (360) 426-2406 (Bulletin Board System) 128POWERUSER@delphi.com (Email Contact) http://www.msen.com/~brain/guest/GGL/cpu.html (WWW URL) The Power User newlsetter is a small format (8.5" x 5.5") publication that contains Commodore 128 and 64 pertinent information. + Subscription rates: + Type of Subscription US + one year subscription (6 issues) $15.00 + bulk 1 year sub. (6 issues) $10.00 + LOADSTAR Letter + SOFTDISK PUBLISHING + P.O. BOX 30008 + SHREVEPORT, LA 71130-00008 + Jeff Jones (Associate Editor) + EMAIL: loadstar@softdisk.com (Internet Contact) + (800) 831-2694 (Phone) + (318) 221-8870 (Fascimile) + (318) 425-4382 (Bulletin Board System) + Formerly the printed 8 page insert bundled with every copy of LOADSTAR + and LOADSTAR 128, this small magazine is now offered as a separate product. + Editted by Scott Egglestone and Jeff Jones,the ads will be replaced + with Commodore information. + Subscription rates: + Type of Subscription US + LOADSTAR Letter $ 12.00 4.2. What paper publications have disappeared? Although the following magazines are no longer in print, most of the information is still timely. Some of these publications, such as Transactor, are highly sought after for their technical content. Since some programs and information is not republished in newer magazines, these old magazines might have the only article about a given topic or problem. Ahoy! RUN Creative Micro Designs, Inc. P.O. Box 646 East Longmeadow, MA 01028 (800) 638-3263 (Credit Card Orders) ISSN: 0741-4285 Jan 1984 - Nov/Dec 1992 Creative Micro Designs offers back issues of RUN magazine. Commodore Microcomputing-Power/Play GeoVISISON The Transactor Transactor Publications ISSN: 0827-2530 (or 0838-0163?) Apr 1978 - 1989 Sure, it's dead, and has been for a few years, but this one was a classic. Calling itself the magazine for Commodore programmers, this magazine was enough to make any C64/C128 programmer drool. Featuring in-depth technical information and programming tutorials, as well as "out-of-the-way" topics (things along the line of Richard Curcio's 256K and 512K articles that appeared in TC128). If you are a programmer and can get your hands on back issues of this magazine, do so. + An HTML index of Transactor issue is at: + http://vanbc.wimsey.com/~danf/cbm/transactor.idx Micro-Bytes (Original) + Paul McAleer, editor + hijinx@xnet.com (Internet Contact) + This is the original Micro-Bytes, as published by Paul McAleer. + Copies of all issues are available from Paul for the cost of shipping. + CHeck out the following URL for more information: + http://www.xnet.com/~hijinx/news/mb.htm COMPUTE'S Gazette COMPUTE'S Gazette P.O. BOX 3244 HARLAN, IA 51593-2424 (800) 727-6937 (Subscription Number) tomnetsel@aol.com (Gazette Editor, Tom Netsel) ISSN: 0737-3716 Jul 1983 - Feb 1995 Yes, the Gazette is finally shutting down. They are trying to clear out old inventory, so give them a call for back issues. GEOJOURNAL COMMODORE CEE Publications | 5443 College Oak Drive #26 | Sacramento, CA 95841 EMAIL Jack Vanderwhite@cee-64.wmeonlin.sacbbx.com (Contact) Jack Vanderwhite, editor. Fidonet: 1:203/999 | (916) 339-3403 (Bulletin Board System) COMMODORE CEE has taken over publication of back issues of GEOJOURNAL. dieHard dieHard subscriptions P.O. Box 392 Boise, ID 83701-0392 (208) 383-0300 (Information) Magazine devoted to all 8-bit Commodore computers. After the October, 1994 issue was published, LynnCarthy Industries has not produced another issue. The latest information, asz per a press release issued to many of the competing magazine, indiciates that the decision to cease publication is effective October 4, 1994. More information can be read in the actual press release, commented by Jack Vanderwhite of Commodore CEE Magazine, on Jim Brain's MAILSERV server. The file is named dieHard_Press_Release.txt. COMPUTE! COMPUTE! Publications ISSN: 0194-357X TPUG (Toronto PET User Group) Magazine TPUG Publications ISSN: 0825-0367 Info 64 The Northwest User's Guide Commander Optimizer 64 + Illegal + In the June issue 1988 of Britain's largest Commodore magazine "Commodore + User", Mike Pattenden wrote about "Illegal": "Basically it revels in its + downright naughtiness, but at the same time it reaffirms the reasoning + behind hacking". "Illegal" was beyond reasonable doubt the most popular + underground European "cracker" fanzine of the 80's, and a cornerstone of + European outlaw hacking. Editor Jeff Smart was busted in 1989 and was told + never to publish a cracker fanzine again. Some may think this was just as + good, others may call it violation of the freedom of press. You can judge + for yourself by browsing the back issues at: + The Triad "Illegal" archives: + http://www.df.lth.se/~triad/Illegal_Archives.html + The Electronic Frontier Foundation Computer underground Digest: + http://www.eff.org/pub/Publications/CuD/Illegal/ + ftp://ftp.eff.org/pub/Publications/CuD/Illegal/ | Random (64/128 Magazine) | Random | 7161 North Maine | Clovis, CA 93611-8200 | random-mag@genie.geis.com (Contact) | random-mag@delphi.com (Contact) | random-mag (GEnie Contact) | (209) 323-7841 (VoiceMail/Fascimilie) + The Underground + The Underground + 4574 Via Santa Maria + Santa Maria, CA 93455 + egglest1@cougarnet.byu.edu (Contact) + Scott Eggleston (Editor) + Effective August 11, 1996, The Underground will merge with the newly + announced LOADSTAR LETTER. All remaining subscriptions to The Underground + will be fulfilled with LL subscriptions. Scott will still offer back + issues for $2.50, and Tom Adams (tom.adams@neteast.com) will copy + back issues of the "Underware" disk. + The Underground was a publication which covered all sorts of Commodore + topics. Each issue usually had two feature articles and two reviews, + as well as regular columns on GEOS, telecommunications, programming, news, + commentary, and Public Domain and Shareware. One unique feature to + the Underground was "Underware", which was all the PD/SW software + mentioned in each issue The Underground was produced using geoPublish + and a TI Laser printer, and reproduced on a high-quality copy machine. + BBS Magazine + Caller's Digest, Inc. + 701 Stokes Road + Medford, NJ 08055 + Discontinued 1996. + This magazine, while not wholly Commodore oriented, covered all issues of + BBSing and included the "Commodore Connections" column by Gaelyne Moranec. + Atta Bitar (8-Bit) + SUBSCRIPTIONS + ]tta Bitar (]=&Aring;) + c/o Anders Reutersw{rd ({ = &auml;) + Runsav{gen 44 + S-161 53 BROMMA + Sweden + andersr@dmz.medstroms.se (Internet Contact) + EDITOR + ]tta Bitar + c/o Erik Paulson (Editor and Contact) + \stantorp Fridhem (\ = &Ouml;) + S-590 90 ANKARSRUM + Sweden + http://www.mds.mdh.se/~dat95pkn/8bitar/ (WWW URL) + This was a Swedish magazine that catered to Commodore 64 and 128 users. 4.3. What is a Disk Magazine? Where do I find them? A disk magazine is a publication that comes out as a text file(s) on a diskette. You load the reader program on a computer and view the magazine on the computer screen. COMMODORE CEE (was CEE-64 Alive!) COMMODORE CEE | 5443 College Oak Drive #26 | Sacramento, CA 95841 Jack Vanderwhite@cee-64.wmeonlin.sacbbx.com (Contact) Jack Vanderwhite, editor. Fidonet: 1:203/999 | (916) 339-3403 (Bulletin Board System) The magazine covers all the Commodore computer systems Also, a distibutor of both PD and original software in a catalog with magazines and demo issue. Distributes the Australian Commodore Network magazine. The magazine operates a Bulletin Board for subscribers. However, anyone can log on or download on first access. Speeds range from 300-14400 bps. the bulletin board maintains over 2000 files for the C64 and C128. Subscription rates: Type of Subscription US Europe Australia one year subscription (6 issues) $36.00 $48.00US Order from Commodore (18 disks) Network demo issue $ 3.00 $--.-- Back Issue Information: Volume 1/1992 5 issues $20.00 Volume 2/1993 6 issues $25.00 Volume 3/1994 6 issues (15 disks) $30.00 LOADSTAR 64 Monthly and LOADSTAR 128 Quarterly SOFTDISK PUBLISHING P.O. BOX 30008 SHREVEPORT, LA 71130-00008 Jeff Jones (Associate Editor) EMAIL: loadstar@softdisk.com (Internet Contact) (800) 831-2694 (Phone) (318) 221-8870 (Fascimile) (318) 425-4382 (Bulletin Board System) Two disk magazines that feature C64/C128 programs, articles, news, music, and graphics. Available on 3.5" and 5.25" disks. The 64 magazine is currently offering a risk-free issue. Just call and sign up. Cancel if you are not satisfied. LOADSTAR pays a premium price for programs and is looking for good C64 and 128 programmers. LOADSTAR also pays for articles. Call for a risk-free issue. Each issue contains programmer's guidelines in a file called LOADSTAR BRIEFS. Subscription rates: Type of Subscription US Other | LOADSTAR 64 (12 issues) $ 69.95 $ 89.95 | LOADSTAR 128 (4 issues) $ 39.95 $ 49.95 | LOADSTAR 64 and 128 $ 99.95 $129.95 Driven Driven Steve Akers, steve@uunet.uu.net (Editor) Roger W. Lueck, coolhand@kaiwan.com (Editor) Driven is a publication in a single disk file that can be downloaded and run on a Commodore 64. The aim of each issue is to strengthen and unite the North American (NTSC) demo scene through dissemination of information about the scene, its participants, and the demos they make. The overall goal is to add yet another means of keeping the C64 alive as a whole. Each issue contains news about the demo scene (including what demos, utilities, etc. get released), contact information for scene members, interviews with demo authors, and demo reviews. In addition, the magazine offers general interest articles describing C64 resources available on Internet, commercial products, online services, and software developers. Driven is FREE. Distribution is unlimited and encouraged. It can be found at ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/cbm/c64/magazines/ and on IRC channel #c-64 on one of the many bots. In addition, the magazine can be retrieved from Corrosion of Conformity at (905) 385-8014. The editors can also uuencode and email each issue to you if wanted. As a last resort for people unable to find Driven by one of these preferred free routes, you can "subscribe" for $2 an issue (maximum of 3 issues at a time, please). Send subscription requests to: Threshold Productions 17730 15th Ave. NE Suite #229 Seattle, WA. 98155 (Each disk will include a few demos and Threshold Production new game previews along with each issue on one disk) Vision Rick Mosdell, rick.mosdell@canrem.com (Editor) Saul Bottcher (Editor) Founded in the summer of 1993, Visions is an all-original and constantly improving magazine including not only articles, but also graphics of high, medium, and low resolution, as well as fonts and music of all styles. A wide variety of information comes on every issue, ranging from high-level technical research to social commentary to poetry. The graphics and music in each issue are high quality original work, with the occasional classic picture or song. The musical varieties available in the magazine range from classicla to contemporary, including the Vision theme song. All these elements are packed into a compact, efficent, and fast reader program. Each issue's articles, music, and graphics are tweaked to provide as much effect as possible. Vision accepts nearly any subject matter, making it an open forum for writers and reporters of all styles and genres. Vision is FREE and can be acquired locally in the Toronto Ontario Canada | area on Electric City at (416) 754-3915 (C/G board at 1200 8/N/1) or on the Internet at ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/cbm/c64/magazines/Vision/ + The Commodore Zone + Binary Zone PD + 34 portland Road + Droitwich + Worcestershire, + WR9 7QW + England Subscription rates: Type of Subscription All 5.25" Disk Issue UK$3.00 Tape Issue UK$3.00 + Commodore Online Information Network (COIN!) + Commodore Online Information Network (COIN!) + c/o Robert Akins (Editor) + CYNRCR@delphi.com (Internet Contact + Occasionally produced disk magazine that caters to those who don't have + online access. + Commodore Gazette + Commodore Gazette + c/o Christopher Ryan + 5296 Devonshire Road + Detroit, MI 48224-3233 + (313) 885-5311 (Order and Information after 10am EST weekends, after 6pm M-F) + Up-To-date news and Commodore topics + Kenny's Corner (Programs and utilities from Kenneth Barsky) + Jim Green PD (Various games & programs from Jim Green's collection) + Program Parlor (Old programs from various old C= publications, + EXCLUDING "Run" and "Loadstar" programs.) + Demos from Crystal Software & Electronics, in the Netherlands (Holland, + Germany), and software for sale from there, sold here at C= Gazette! + Tips & Tricks + Subscription rates: + Type of Subscription US Canada + Commodore Gazette Disk 1 yr $ 22.00 $ 25.00 $ 30.00 + Commodore Gazette Disk 2 yr $ 44.00 $ 45.00 $ 60.00 + Commodore Gazette Disk 3 yr $ 66.00 $ 70.00 $ 80.00 + Commodore Gazette Disk 4 yr $ 88.00 $ 90.00 $100.00 + Check or money order, ONLY, payable to: Christopher Ryan + When subscribing, request disk format: 1541, 1571, or 1581 disk. + C= Gazette comes out monthly on two 1541 disks, one 1571/one 1541 disk + (for 1571 users), and one 1581 disk/one 1541 disk. 4.4. What is an Online Magazine? Where do I find them? An online magazine is one which exists in a text file format and can be downloaded like a regular file off the network by the user for browsing and/or printing. | Commodore Hacking Electronic Magazine (E-Zine) An on-line magazine written by denizens of comp.sys.cbm, this features in-depth technical programming information on C64 and C128 computers. The creator and editor of the first 10 issues was Craig Taylor (duck@nando.net), and the new editor is Jim Brain (brain@mail.msen.com). The issues of C= Hacking can be found on ccnga.uwaterloo.ca in the directory /pub/cbm/hacking.mag. Back issues can be retrieved from Jim Brain's mail server (See Section 6.5.2 for directions on how to use the mail server). If you have World Wide Web access, C=Hacking is at: http://www.msen.com/~brain/chacking/ http://www.hut.fi/~msmakela/cbm/hacking/ http://ccnga.uwaterloo.ca/~csbruce/HACKING/Hacking.html http://www.saturn.uaamath.alaska.edu/~adersoc/c-hacking/ 4.5. Are there other publications I should be aware of? No library of publications is complete without some reference materials, like programmer reference guides, user's guides, machine language tutorials, and BASIC tutorials. Also, don't overlook the many fine Commodore User's Groups in the world. These groups typically publish newsletters with timely information and help for troubled machines or users. See Section 15 for a list of Commodore User's Groups. + Although not a monthly magazine, Donald Ayers publishes GRASSROOTS #1, a + 2 sided 5.25" disk compendium of history, help, tips, and information. The disk + costs $3.00 and is available from: + GRASSROOTS #1 + c/o Donald Ayers + 75 State Road 270W + Sturgis, KY 42459 The following publications are not "Commodore" publications, but do contain Commodore information periodically. Historically Brewed Historical Computer Society 2962 Park Street #1 Jacksonville, FL 32205 "Historically Brewed" is the magazine put out by the Historical Computer Society. From time to time, they have articles on Commodore equipment. Subscription rates: Type of Subscription US one year subscription (6 issues) $18.00 demo issue $ 2.00 4.6. How do I know which magazines to subscribe to? This list of magazines is included for informational purposes only. No attempt by the FAQ maintainer has been made to validate the information contained in this list. Also, the list is organized in a first-come, first-served order. The ordering does not imply the rating of the magazines by the FAQ maintainer, nor does it indicate the past or present business status of each magazine. Due to the somewhat dynamic nature of magazines, it is highly recommended that the prospective subscriber verify this information before subscribing. -- Jim Brain, Embedded System Designer, Brain Innovations, Inc. (BII) (online sig) bii@mail.jbrain.com "Above views DO reflect my employer, since I'm my employer" Dabbling in WWW, Embedded Systems, Old CBM computers, and Good Times! -Me- BII Home: http://www.jbrain.com CBM Info: http://www.jbrain.com/vicug/