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Subject: [rec.arts.comics] FAQ Index

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---------------------------------------------- Index of RAC* Frequently Asked Questions ---------------------------------------------- Intro to RAC* rac.alternative rac.creative rac.dc.lsh rac.dc.universe rac.dc.vertigo rac.elfquest rac.european rac.info rac.marketplace rac.marvel.universe rac.marvel.xbooks rac.misc rac.other-media rac.reviews rac.strips This document lists every topic answered in the RAC* FAQs. If there's something you want to know, this tells you where to look. The FAQs are available from http://members.tripod.com/~comics_faq and rec.arts.comics.info. Contact rac-faq@mlists for help, corrections, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Comics FAQ -- http://members.tripod.com/~comics_faq/ * Where can I find comics info? * When is my favorite comic coming out? * Where is the nearest/best comic store? * Where is the nearest/best comic convention? * Where are comics pros/companies on the net? and in the real world? * How do I become a pro comics writer or artist? * Where does the money go from buying a comic? * Where can I get GIFs of scanned comics art? last updated: August 1998 FAQs about the RAC* Newsgroups -- http://www.bonner.rice.edu/morrow/faq/ * Short Group Introduction * Guide to Posting on RAC* * How to Win Friends and Influence RAC* -- Netiquette * RAC* Glossary r.a.c.alternative FAQ -- no FAQ maintainer * What's an "alternative" comic book? How about [YOUR BOOK HERE]? * Is discussion of "alternative" comics now banned from rec.arts.comics.misc? * Where can I find out more about 'zines, minicomics, and self-published comix? * So what exactly does "comics aren't just for kids any more" mean? * I'd like to order some good alternative comix by mail. What are some addresses? * What are some other comix net_locales/resources? * What are some good non-fiction books about comix? * What other FAQs are available? * What is the Xeric Foundation? How do I contact them? * Who's this Cerebus character people post a lot about? * How do you spell/pronounce Sienkiewicz? How do you pronounce Gaiman? * Are Rick and Tom Veitch related? * How do I become a pro comics writer or artist? * What about Hyping my new 'zine, mini or comic? * What letter columns can I e-mail to? * What's a good comics/comix shop in [YOUR CITY HERE]? * Whatever happened to [YOUR FAVE M.I.A. COMIC HERE]? last updated: November 1996 r.a.c.creative FAQ -- http://www.eyrie.org/racc/ * What is RACC for? * What _isn't_ RACC for? * Where are the stories about Wolverine(tm)? * Where are the old stories? * How do I know who's any good? * Cool! Okay, how do I post? * Format! I'm nothing without format! * How 'bout them imprints? What's up with that? * How do I archive my stories for posterity? * What do copyright laws I pay taxes for do for me? * Netiquette for RACC * Glossary * List of Current Imprints * People to Ask for Help * Other Writing Resources on the Internet last updated: May 1998 r.a.c.dc.lsh FAQ -- http://www.idyllmtn.com/rac/ See also: Legion of Super-Resources * What is the purpose of rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh? * What is netiquette, and how do I observe it? * What abbreviations should I know before diving in? * What is the Legion of Super-Heroes? * Where can I read stories about the Legion of Super-Heroes? * Didn't the Legion titles recently reboot? * Which issues take place after the "Reboot"? * What is a good place to start reading the LSH titles NOW? * Who are the current members of the Legion? last updated: September 1996 r.a.c.dc.universe FAQ -- http://members.tripod.com/~comics_faq/ See also: KalElFan's Welcome for New Readers/Posters See also: KalElFan's FAQ for New Readers/Posters * Are there pros on the net? * What is DC's email address? What letter columns can I e-mail to? * Does DC have an official online home? * What was the DC Implosion? * What are some of the gay characters in the DC Universe? * What was the Crisis on Infinite Earths? * What was Zero Hour? * What are the different types of Kryptonite? * Where are the "real" locations of Metropolis, Gotham City, Hub City, etc., in the DC Universe? * Can Superman become President of the United States? * What is the Speed Force? * Is it true they're bringing Barry Allen back? * What happened to Hal Jordan? Who is Parallax? * What is Alan Moore's _Twilight_? * What are the pre-Crisis multiple Earths? * Is Superman Canadian? * How did Ollie Queen (Green Arrow) die? * Is Peter David the same guy who writes Star Trek novels? * Is the Christopher Priest who writes for DC the same Christopher Priest as the science fiction author? Didn't Christopher Priest work under the name James Owsley? * What are the Ages of comics? * Didn't Larry Niven write a story about Superman and Lois Lane having sex? Where can I find Man of Steel, Women of Kleenex? * What's a retcon? Who first coined the term? * What's a reboot? last updated: October 1997 r.a.c.dc.vertigo FAQ -- http://www.idyllmtn.com/rac/ * What new trade-paperback collections are due out soon from Vertigo? * What new SANDMAN-related stories are coming out soon? What is The Sandman: Book of Dreams? * What are the Sandman collections in order? * Where are the Sandman Frequently Asked Questions and Annotations? * What's up with the Sandman and Death movies? * What comics has Tim Hunter appeared in besides the current Books of Magic ongoing series? Where did Tamlin first appear? * Have mainstream DC universe editors taken over control of the Doom Patrol? * Is there a connection between the Genesis creature in Preacher and the angel and demon mating in Garth Ennis's Hellblazer? * When are Preacher and The Invisibles going to end? * Why did THE INVISIBLES go on hiatus? Was Grant Morrison seriously ill? * Is there a connection between Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol and Ragged Robin in The Invisibles? * How much of Swamp Thing is going to be reprinted? Why is it in black and white? * Are Vertigo books part of the DC universe? * Where are some Vertigo-related web sites? * What Vertigo titles besides Sandman are available in collected versions? * Are Starman and Spectre Vertigo books? Why not? * Which Vertigo creators participate in this newsgroup? * How can I send letters to Vertigo by e-mail? * How can I get Vertigo's submissions guidelines/send submissions to Vertigo? last updated: February 1998 r.a.c.elfquest FAQ -- http://albrecht.ecn.purdue.edu/~harrison/ The Elfquest FAQ is quite thorough, with a Table of Contents two screens long. Trust me, it's everything you always wanted to know about Elfquest. See also: http://www.elfquest.com * What is Elfquest? * What Elfquest books are there, and where can I get them? * Questions about EQ characters and stories. * Questions about Warp's business plans, and the Pinis. * Where can I find EQ resources online? last updated: September 1996 r.a.c.european FAQ -- no FAQ maintainer * What is this group for? * Why isn't anyone talking about [insert favorite euro-comic here]? r.a.c.info FAQ -- http://members.tripod.com/~comics_faq/ * What is rec.arts.comics.info? * Why did you reject my posting? * Why didn't you tell me you rejected my posting? * Why {did/didn't} you rewrite my post? * Why did it take so long for my article to get approved? * Do you approve everything that goes into r.a.c.i.? * All right, what kinds of postings *are* good for this group? * Prefixes? Huh? last updated: early 1998 r.a.c.marketplace FAQ -- http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Battlefield/2571/ * What is this newsgroup? * Who may advertise/sell through this newsgroup? * How do I sell my stuff? * How can/should I ship the stuff? * How do I deal with international deals? * How do I price my stuff? * Is there an on-line price guide? * What do I do if a deal goes bad? * How do I handle auctions? * Posting/Selling Guidelines * Current Prefixes last updated: December 1998 r.a.c.marvel.universe FAQ -- no FAQ maintainer * What is this group for? * Why should I care about Ron Perelman? * Where should I talk about him? r.a.c.marvel.xbooks FAQ -- http://x-page.com/texts/xbooksFAQ/ The X-Books FAQ is monstrously comprehensive; its Table of Contents is too big to list here. If you have a Marvel Mutant question, they answer it. See also: Kate's Welcome to RACMX See also: Kate's Read Before Posting See also: Kate's Where Can I Find It? See also: Marty's X-Glossary See also: Marty's X-Publications list * What are the X-Books? * Questions about the teams, characters, and stories. * What was Age of Apocalypse? * Questions about the Summers family and Phoenix. * Questions about the newsgroup. * Questions about Marvel & the creators. last updated: April 1998 r.a.c.misc FAQ -- http://members.tripod.com/~comics_faq/ * What is rac.misc for? * What other comic FAQs are available? * Where are comics on the Web? * What's up with Marvel? Are they bankrupt? * What's up with Diamond? Are they a monopoly? * What's up with Image and Rob Liefeld? * What's up with Valiant? etc? * Where are comics museums? * When were the Golden and Silver Ages? * What is a Retcon? * How do I avoid flames/garbage posts on racm? * Oh no! Was Astro City cancelled? * What was the first #0 issue? * What was the first enhanced/variant cover? * What comic collecting database programs are there? * Where can I find industry sales figures? * Who were the original Charlton equivalents to the Watchmen? * Where did "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog" appear? * What ever happened to Trampier, and Wormy? * Who is Suicide Squid? * Why is Wild Cards off-topic in RACM ? * Why is RACM so strict? last updated: August 1998 r.a.c.other-media FAQ -- http://www.wworld.com/users/5smith/jim/ See also: Kate's Superhero Film & TV List See also: Kate's X-Movie Casting Call * What is rec.arts.comics.other-media and what is it for? * Keywords? What keywords? * Why should I use raco-m? * What's this "TAS" thing? * What are the lyrics to the theme of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon? * Who were the members of the Superfriends? * Who were the members of the Legion of Doom? * What is the X-Men Casting Call? * What's the deal with the Spider-Man movie? * Is the Justice League getting its own TV show? * Why was Bruce Banner called David Banner on the Hulk TV series? * How come they don't make these characters into action figures? * Will Kenner and Toy Biz ever produce an Amalgam line of toys? * Where can I get an episode guide for a comic-based TV show? * Where can I find the theme songs of comic-based TV shows? * Have my favorite comics characters appeared in other media? last updated: October 1997 r.a.c.reviews FAQ -- http://www.enteract.com/~katew/faqs See also: Mike's Arrogant Guide to Reviewing See also: RAC* Reviewers' Directory * Purpose * Posting Problems * Keywords * Crossposting Criteria * Examples Welcome to r.a.c.reviews * Introduction * Resources * Obtaining Personal Copies * Credits last updated: November 1998 r.a.c.strips FAQ -- http://www.artcomic.com/faq.html * What is rec.arts.comics.strips? * Do any cartoonists use the Internet? * Where can I find cartoons outside the funny pages? * How can I learn more about cartoons? last updated: January 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ RAC* FAQ Index maintained by Francis Uy (francis_uy@yahoo), member of the RAC* FAQ Committee (rac-faq@mlists). last updated 98/12/14