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Subject: comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM and related technologies (part 2/8)

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NOTE!!!! If you are reading this FAQ as stored on some automated FAQ archive site you would be better off to follow the above http link to the most recent official version of this FAQ. Not only may it be more current but it will be better formatted than what you are viewing now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM and related technologies (Rev 1997/10/06) Part 2 - Introduction and Topic B of FAQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright =A9 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 Carl Symborski Cell Relay FAQ - Introduction The Cell Relay FAQ is posted periodically in multiple parts as a Usenet News FAQ under the title comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM, SMDS, and related technologies. This FAQ is also maintained as a collection of WEB pages (http://cell-relay.indiana.edu/cell-relay/FAQ/ATM-FAQ/FAQ.html). The WEB pages will generally be more current than the posted FAQ. In fact this FAQ is maintained as WEB pages then posted as a traditional Usenet News FAQ every few months. This article is the second of eight articles which contain general information and also answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which are related to or have been seen in comp.dcom.cell-relay. This FAQ provides information of general interest to both new and experienced readers. It is posted to the Usenet comp.dcom.cell-relay, comp.answers, and news.answers news groups every few months. This FAQ reflects cell-relay traffic through August 1997. If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions for improvement to this FAQ, please send them to carl@umd5.umd.edu. I will accept suggestions for questions to be added to the FAQ, but please be aware that I will be more receptive to questions that are accompanied by answers. :-) Enjoy! Carl Symborski Vice President - Engineering SALIX Technology, Inc. carl@umd5.umd.edu cws@salix.com Carl's home page is at http://cell-relay.indiana.edu/cell-relay/FAQ/ATM-FAQ/carl/home.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cell Relay FAQ - Copyright Notice and Disclaimer The Cell Relay FAQ is posted periodically in multiple parts as a Usenet News FAQ under the title comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM, SMDS, and related technologies. This FAQ is also maintained as a collection of WEB pages. Both versions are Copyright =A9 1992-1997 Carl Symborski and may be freely redistributed in their entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. They may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents or CD-ROMs without the written permission of Carl Symborski. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available for file transfer from installations offering unrestricted anonymous file transfer on the Internet. This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranty. Nothing in this article represents the views of the University Of Maryland. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPIC B INDUSTRY FORUMS AND VENDOR INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------- B1. How can I contact the ATM Forum? B2. What vendors are working on ATM technology? B3. What vendors are working on ATM hardware/chips? B4. What vendors are selling ATM test equipment? B5. Where are the ATM Forum's FTP sites and mailing lists? B6. What vendors are selling ATM software? B7. Information On Test Network Initiatives. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B1) How can I contact the ATM Forum? Similar to the Frame Relay Forum, the ATM Forum is a pay to join forum with over 500 contributing and auditing companies. Membership includes many international companies. Some companies also participate in ANSI T1S1 and other standards bodies. Audit membership of the Forum is $1500/year. Those interested in joining the forum or needing additional information should contact: The ATM Forum 303 Vintage Park Foster City, CA 94404 ATM Info Line: +1 415 578-6860 ATM FAX Line: +1 415 525-0182 Email: atmforum_info@atmforum.com The ATM Forum also has a FAX-On-Demand service. Using this it is possible to get instructions, order forms, membership applications, etc. Just dial the number indicated above using a FAX phone and follow the instructions. Note that the minimal entry to the Forum is as an Auditing Member. Auditing Members are allowed access to the e-mail distribution lists to "audit" all documentation but are NOT ALLOWED to make comments. Please note that auditing members are not allowed to attend Technical and Market Commitee meetings, not allowed to vote on issues and not allowed to submit technical contributions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B2) What vendors are working on ATM technology? It is tough to get a number on this. Increasingly there are companies with hardware they can demonstrate. More who have made product announcements. Many more who have stated product intentions. Some are building big central office switches, others smaller ones for the LAN market. Workstation vendors are working on ATM interface boards. Chip companies are working on ATM chip sets, etc. There are now software vendors advertizing protocol software stacks (Q.93B, etc.) suitable for inclusion in ATM products. Way back in 1992 there was an attempt in this FAQ to list most of the major players in the ATM arena. This was possible in 1992. Today however *everyone* in the Enterprise Networking as well as in the TELCO market are doing something with ATM. It is simply not practical to keep a fair and accurate list in this FAQ. Some postings on the cell-relay list (Fall 1993) attempted to again list the current vendors developing and/or selling equipment in this technology area. As predicted, these partial lists exceeded 40 vendors! A good source for ATM Product information is "Communications Week", which at least once a year has a special vendor article on ATM products from a buying guide perspective. Also, there is a growing list of ATM product vendor information building up in the cell-relay directory at indiana.edu. See http://cell-relay.indiana.edu/cell-relay/publications/InternetResources/ven= dors/index.html for the current list. This is a great launching point to numerous ATM vendors on the WEB. Other good starting points to find vendors who are producing ATM related equipment include the atm forum's list of member companies as well as their product and services guide. Surf the ATM Forum WEB site to find these HTTP://www.atmforum.com. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B3) What vendors are working on ATM hardware/chips? As with ATM technology vendors, the number of companies developing board level components is growing and is very hard to track. A good start is to check the vendor information in the cell-relay directory. See subject A2 and subject C3 for general information about the cell-relay archives. A free source of technical details on a large number of ATM silicon devices is available on the ATM Chip WEB, a World Wide Web service maintained by the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. The list provides contact information on numerous ATM silicon producers. The English issue of the data base is available both in Postscript and in HTMLized version over the Internet via WWW at http://www.infotech.tu-chemnitz.de/~paetz/atm. The HTMLized version contains links to other Web pages of ATM hardware vendors and the access is free of charge. There is also a very good commercially available publication covering ATM components. It is called "The ATM Component Review" which is published quarterly with subscriptions available. The ATM Component Review includes details on available components and software for all ATM protocol layers. Much of the information is not found anywhere on the WWW. Also, since this is a commercial venture, the information is more timely and complete. Subscription information and cost of this publication is available at: http://www.tiac.net/users/kma. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B4) What vendors are selling ATM test equipment? There exist a number of vendors that have ATM test equipment available. To name a few: 1. ATM-100, Wandel & Goltermann Tel.: +49 7121-862143 Fax.: +49 7121-862054 2. ATM Test Tool, Siemens AG Tel.: +49 30-386-4173 7077 Fax.: +49 30-386-7934 The Siemens tool is the same as the Wandel & Goltermann tool 3. HP 75000 Series 90 ATM Analyzer, contact your local Hewlett Packard sales office 4. HP Broadband Series protocol test system, IDACOM Telecom Division, Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 5R6 Tel.: +1-800-661-3868 +1-403-462-4545 Fax.: +1-403-462-4869 5. Alcatel 8643 ATM Traffic Generator Analyzer, and Alcatel 8640, Alcatel STR, Tel.: +41 1 4652860 Fax.: +41 1 4652319 or Alcatel Network Systems Inc., Richardson, TX Tel.: +1 214-996-5000 Fax.: +1 214-996-5409 6. Adtech AX/3000 ATM Cell Data Generator, AX/3010 DS3 ATM Cell Data Generator 1814 Algaroba St, Honolulu HI 96826 Tel.: (808) 941-0708 Fax.: (808) 946-1300 7. ATM-150 Portable ATM Cell Generator/Analyzer. Microwave Logic, Inc. 285 Mill Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Tel: (800) 643-2167 x-223 Fax: (508) 256-2038 8. ATM Sniffer Network General 9. CellBlaster Net2Net Corp 508/568-0600 508/568-8858 (fax) http://www.net2net.com This list is provided for information purposes only. There is no implied claim that this list is correct or complete. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B5) Where are the ATM Forum's FTP sites and mailing lists? The ATM Forum is a members only organization. It is a pay to join forum and only members have direct access to Forum activities and documentation. It has numerous mailing lists which are only available to members. However, the ATM Forum does have WWW site located at: http://www.atmforum.com/ Which is worth a visit!!! Additionally, most of the forum specs are now available for FTP from the ATM Forum. The web page has a listing of what is available and links to their FTP public specifications areas. Many, maybe all, of their approved forum specs are available. The ATM Forum FTP server is at ftp.atmforum.com/pub where you may find subdirectories with other documents as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B6) What vendors are selling ATM software? Several software vendors have been mentioned on this list. A few that come to mind are: 1. Trillium ATM software products (Signalling, PNNI, LAN Emulation, IP over ATM, B-ICI). See their web page at http://www.trillium.com for more information. 2. Bellcore's signalling software product called Q.PORT. Surf their WEB page at http://www.bellcore.com/ 3. Cellware Broadband Communications GmbH signalling software product called CELL-Q.2931. See their WEB page at http://www.cellware.de/software/q2931.html 4. Harris & Jefferies - See their WEB page at http://www.hjinc.com 5. Telenetworks 6. Telogy Networks --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT B7) Information on Test Network Initiatives. The CANARIE National Test Network. The CANARIE National Test Network is one of world's largest ATM Test Networks connecting over 60 ATM switches in 7 regional test networks spanning over 6000 kilometers with connections across Canada from Vancouver to St. John and now the world's first ATM test network to connect across the Atlantic via Teleglobe to Berlin and the ATM PNO test network at OC3 speeds. FAQ, network diagrams, test projects, ATM standards and other material is now accessible via the World Wide Web. The URL is: http://www.canarie.ca/ntn The cell-relay retreat has pointers to other test/research network initiatives at the following URL: http://cell-relay.indiana.edu/cell-relay/publications/InternetResources/Res= earch.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------