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Subject: Alt.Fan.Renee-OConnor Newsgroup FAQ (Part 1 of 1)

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Archive-name: celebrities/renee-oconnor/faq Posting-Frequency: Six-weekly or whenever Last-modified: 3rd Jan 2001 Version: 5.03 Copyright: (c) 2000-2001 Paul A Hilling Copyright: (c) 1999-2000 David S James Copyright: (c) 1998-1999 Gidi Kroon Maintainer: Paul Hilling <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> URL: http://www.rocfan.org.uk URL: http://www.bigfoot.com/~p.hilling/afroc-faq.htm
Disclaimer: Accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed (Although I do try my best <g>). All opinions aren't those of anyone other than me or the credited person. Note: This document is not intended to infringe upon the Copyright of MCA, Universal Studios, Ren Pictures, Studios USA, or any other interested parties in any way. ================================================================= Portions of this document are Copyright (C) 1998-2000 by D. James and G Kroon. This file may be freely copied and redistributed. All I ask is that it remains whole and intact and that this notice is not altered. ================================================================= ================================================================= This document is intended to provide answers to certain questions that come up in the Alt.Fan.Renee-OConnor (AFROC) news group. And also to provide guidelines for people posting to the AFROC newsgroup. People who are new to Usenet are encouraged to read this document. Any questions about this FAQ should be posted to alt.fan.renee-oconnor or sent to the author direct. Gidi Kroon originally created this FAQ in accordance with the prevailing traditions and customs of the Internet, which place high value on the free dissemination and exchange of information. Amendments will be made as and when they are needed, or when I am informed of any errors. Please feel free to notify me of any problems, or comments that you may have about this FAQ. Paul Hilling <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> ================================================================= ================================================================= This FAQ is available via ftp from ftp://ftp.rtfm.mit.edu To get a copy of this FAQ via e-mail, send an e-mail with "AFROC FAQ REQUEST" as the subject to <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> ================================================================= ================================================================= This document uses the following conventions: X:WP is an acronym for Xena: Warrior Princess. H:TLJ is an acronym for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. ATX is an acronym for the Alt.Tv.Xena Newsgroup. ATH is an acronym for the Alt.Tv.Hercules Newsgroup. ABMX-H is an acronym for the Alt.Binaries.Multimedia.Xena-Herc newsgroup AFROC is an acronym for the Alt.Fan.Renee-OConnor newsgroup ROC is an acronym for Renee O'Connor. ================================================================= ================================================================= Changes from version 5.02: Addition of write up for several appearences that I'd forgotten to put in the FAQ. New FAQ URL/Domain and FAQ maintainer e-mail addresses. Changes from version 5.01: Addition of write up for Black Snow. New FAQ URL/Domain and FAQ maintainer e-mail addresses. Changes from version 5.00: Insertion of Gidi Kroon as a previous FAQ Maintainer, and a couple of minor wording changes. Changes from version 4.11: Mainly complete re-organisation, and updating of several questions (and answers to same). Changes from version 4.1: Charter modified as some people have had difficulties understanding the reason behind the newsgroups existence. Changes from version 4: AFROC URL updated Changes from version 3: Alt.Tv.Xena FAQ web address, added "Follow the river" opinion, added "Rubbernecking" (plot) info, added Xena fourth season info, added TV guide poll to voting section ================================================================= ================= Table Of Contents ================= Section I: About Renee, and the Newsgroup. 1. What's AFROC all about? 2. What do all those acronyms mean?! 3. The charter for AFROC. 4. Can I post adverts to AFROC? 5. Can I post pictures of Renee to AFROC? 6. What are ROC's appearances in "Xena: Warrior Princess" episodes? 7. What are ROC's appearances in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" related programs/films? 8. What's are ROC's other Film and Tv Credits? 9. Didn't Renee play Deianeira, Hercules' wife? 10. Did Renee sing in the Xena episode "The Bitter Suite"? 11. How about her singing in the Xena episode "Lyre Lyre, Hearts On Fire"? 12. Can ROCfans watch the fourth (or fifth) season of Xena? 13. What do we know about her new film "Rubbernecking"? 14. How do you spell her name? 15. Why was Renee hopping around during that convention? 16. Is ROC single? 17. Has she/will she pose nude/do nude scenes? 18. Where can I get some Renee/Gabrielle stuff? 19. Any Renee fan clubs out there? 20. Any webpages that scream to be looked at? 21. Are there more newsgroups to check out? 22. Can I subscribe to a mailing list? 23. Are there any more FAQ's that I might find interesting to go through? 24. Where can I vote for Renee online? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Section I: About Renee, and the Newsgroup. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What's AFROC all about? ANSWER I.1 ~~~~~~~~~~ So you're here? Welcome to alt.fan.renee-oconnor! Come in, chat, ::thud:: and have a drink. This is the place for fans of ROC to meet and discuss ROC and her acting/career. This document is the newsgroups FAQ, which is a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers. It also contains the charter of this newsgroup and will be posted approximately every six weeks, to the AFROC, Alt.Tv.Xena, Alt.Answers and News.Answers newsgroups. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do all those acronyms mean?! ANSWER I.2 ~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes to save typing, and sometimes because it looks nicer, but often because you can feel like one of the incrowd, people use acronyms. Here are some that you may find useful: ROC = Renee O'Connor. BGSB = ROC's costume in Season 2 of X:WP Stands for 'Bilious Green Sports Bra'. MBGSB = ROC's smaller costume in Season 3/4 of X:WP Stands for 'Mini Bilious Green Sports Bra'. MOFE = ROC's costume in Season 5 of X:WP Stands for 'Marvel of Feminine Engineering'. AFROC = This newsgroup. A.F.R-OC = Me making life difficult. GGG = Great Goddess Gabrielle = Gabrielle. GGGHD = Great Goddess Gabrielle's Honour Defenders. ::thud:: = What we do whenever ROC is mentioned or sighted. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The charter for AFROC. ANSWER I.3 ~~~~~~~~~~ This unmoderated newsgroup is for the discussion of, and creative outings related to, the actress Renee O'Connor and her many film and television roles. The main discussion will undoubtedly be about her portrayal of Gabrielle in the Tv series "Xena: Warrior Princess", although discussions of Xena story lines don't belong here. Binaries and spam in any form are forbidden as the name of the NG is not alt.binaries.renee-oconnor or alt.spam.renee-oconnor for that matter. In the case of binaries people are asked to post to the appropriate binary groups and post a little pointer to it here. Like many of her characters, posters are asked to have a positive and forgiving attitude, but the fact that Gabrielle is also a trained Amazon fighter, may mean that heavy offenders will be hit with her fighting staff. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can I post adverts to AFROC? ANSWER I.4 ~~~~~~~~~~ Not unless they are DIRECTLY related to Renee in some fashion. And even then it is requested that vendors post no more than 1 advert per vendor, per week. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can I post pictures of Renee to AFROC? ANSWER I.5 ~~~~~~~~~~ In a word, No. In more than 1 word... The proper forum for posting pictures of Renee on Usenet, is alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc. That is unless you want to post fake (usually nude) pictures of Renee, in which case the alt.binaries.celebrities.fake.moderated is the correct forum. Though I personally think that posting fake nudes of Renee is a tad disrespectful of both the actress and her undoubted talents. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are ROC's appearances in "Xena: Warrior Princess" episodes? ANSWER I.6 ~~~~~~~~~~ Renee plays one of the two lead characters Gabrielle, in all episodes of the series. The series is set in ancient Greece where Xena and Gabrielle save innocent people and stop evil warlords, all in a mythological setting. Xena has a dark past and is a warrior, while Gabrielle is basically good (though not a goody-two-shoes) and a talker. This series has its strength in character depth, character development, humour, originality and tension. It doesn't strive for accuracy in historical matters, mythology or action scenes. There are far to many episodes, staring ROC for me to list here, and readers are advised to read synopsis of the episodes from http://www.whoosh.org/epguide/ Ones to avoid though are "Adventures in the Sin Trade 1 and 2", and "A Key to the Kingdom", because of their minimal, or lack of, Renee content. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are ROC's appearances in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" related programs/films? ANSWER I.7 ~~~~~~~~~~ "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom". ROC, played the female lead, Deianeira, though Hercules gets obviously more screentime. The setting and style are the same as the "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" series, though this is a tv film that was made before either series started. Hercules meets Deianeira after he saves her from being sacrificed to a rain god. She believes that it's her destiny to be sacrificed. But when Hercules explains that sacrifices don't work (after all he should know) she thinks maybe, he has something to do with her destiny. Maybe she's a god... They meet up with Robert Trebor as a slave and together they go to look for the lost city of Troy, and Deianeira's real destiny. The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus Gabrielle is voiced by ROC, but Gabrielle is here in only a very small role. And is actually a transformed into a bird (a Roc no less <g>), for over half her screen time. H:TLJ episode: "Judgement Day". Renee appears as Xena's companion Gabrielle, (who else? <g>) when they find out that Hercules married the Golden Hind. Upon the Hinds death at the hands of Strife, Gabrielle and Xena work out a plan to prove Hercules innocence. H:TLJ episode: "Strangers In A Strange Land". Playing the Executioner, this is a sort of 'blink and you miss her' role for Renee, whose only real appearance is as a gag near the end. H:TLJ episode: "Armageddon Now, Part 2". In the alternate universe, Xena is a conquering warlord, and Gabrielle is a rebel. A short but strong performance from Renee here. H:TLJ episode: "For Those Of You Just Joining Us". What can I say? Renee as a camp councillor, called 'Sunny Day', and wearing a Girl Scout uniform no less. A quite funny and enjoyable romp, and Renee actually gets a fair amount of screen time. Watch the surprise 'Scooby-Doo' ending. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What's are ROC's other Film and Tv Credits? ANSWER I.8 ~~~~~~~~~~ ROC is quite an accomplished Film and Tv actress in her own right. Here is a list of those Film and Tv appearances we know about. Night Game Richard Powell writes. "In 1989 she had a very brief role in the thriller "Night Game". This film was about a serial killer who was mudering young blonde women (with a hook), and one of his victims was a young girl called Lorraine Beasley played by none other than ROC. Renee appears about 35 mins into the movie and has a couple of minutes screen time and a few lines before she is murdered. Warning - it is quite gruesome. The film itself is not particularly good though." Tales From The Crypt: The Switch Renee's appearence in this episode (which was directed by Arnie of all people), was cut before it's release. Darkman II: The Return of Durant. Renee has a major to medium supporting role as the sister of a murdered scientist. The film is a straight-to-video sequel, from the same company that makes the "Xena: Warrior Princess" series. Danielle Steele's: Changes. A major to medium supporting role for ROC as one of the twin daughters of the lead character. It starts off as a 5-cent romantic novel, but it gets more interesting in the second half. Renee has much more screentime than lines, and its the other twin who has more to do. False Identity. The smallest of roles for Renee, as the daughter of a family that's under the investigation of a radio journalist and a guy who has lost his memory. A slow film, but if you don't mind that, quite acceptable. Arresting Behaviour Renee guest starred in an episode of this short-lived comsdy series. I do not have any other information about this role. Sworn to Vengeance. Renee is only credited at the end of the film and you wonder why they even bothered to do that. In the version I have seen, she didn't have any speaking parts and could only be seen a couple of times in the background. The film has a policeman trying to solve a triple murder, even though it's not his case. This is incredibly feeble at the beginning, but it gets more exciting in the second half. "The Rockford Files" Tv Movie: "A Blessing in Disguise". According to Sascha Jirousek: "ROC was fantastic. She plays an actress that just made a very bad movie, but was pushed due to the fact that some religious fanatics wanted to ban the movie and actually tried to kill her". According to StormyBard, Renee has lots of screen time and reminds you of a young Gabrielle but with shorter curly blonde hair. Especially watch the ending when James Garner is waxing lyrical about Renee's character. I personally think it's an adlib on James's part and he's really referring to Renee herself, I could be wrong of course <g>. Rubbernecking This is a comedy that has not been released yet. It's said to be about people stuck in a traffic jam. Described as being Altman-esque and character driven, you have to picture Renee sitting in a car in a traffic jam, when a guy in a neighbouring car strikes a fancy to her; he gets her to phone his mobile, etc. Teen Angel. A Disney serial show within the Mickey Mouse show. Sorta teen romance film. Renee plays the object of affection. The angel of the title, has to help someone get a date with her, before he (the angel that is), can get into heaven. Match Point. From the same stable as Teen Angel. This time Renee is at a summer tennis camp. Several Tv Adverts. Renee has done several adverts that I know of. But I need other people to spell out what they precisely were for, otherwise I may very well be telling you total gibberish. Ones, that I do know about are Threadgills (her step fathers restaurant in Austin, Tx), McDonalds, and the Exxon Oil Company. Any one with these adverts is asked to send me a copy. Follow the River. Staring alongside Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks fame), Renee is in talkative mode in this film, and with an Irish accent no less. She's is however, only in the first half of the film, but nevertheless makes a fairly good contribution, before being sold to slavers. At least one person did mention that they thought the film itself wasn't good. And I myself thought that once Renee had gone, it was slower paced and dragged. FBI: The Untold Stories, "Blue Fibre" Renee plays an undercover cop, who is trying to catch a serial killer of hookers. There are some great moments from Renee in this double length episode. FBI: The Untold Stories, "Millionaire Murders". Renee plays the harrowing victim of a kidnapper, who forces her to do things against her will. Quite distressing in parts, and Renee plays a very believable victim. Stonecold. The so-called "Tinselteeth" role. Basically consists of about two minutes worth of Renee being a terrified victim. And those appalling braces... For completists only. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I haven't actually seen this one all the way through, mainly as I do not have a good enough copy, but then again I'm not a fan of period pieces either. You won't normally recognise Renee in this role. Especially with her really curly hair. Black Snow (1989) Adrian writes, "Shot in Houston Texas, this was her first feature film role, playing the teenage daughter of the main character, an honest oil magnate who stumbles into a war between rival drug gangs over stolen cocaine. Renee makes a strong contribution overall, appearing more in the second half once her character gets kidnapped and has a crucial involvement in the film's ending. Definitely one for the ROC collection, if you can find it! 97 minutes, of which 11:35 is screen time for Renee". The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993), Richard Powell writes. "Based on true events that occurred in Texas in 1987 (although this was actually filmed in Australia). Renee plays a young girl called Leslie, who is one of about 30 children who are caught in a flash flood. Her character dies about 30 mins into the film but it is a very good film and worth watching all the way through. (Trivia, one of the actors in this movie is David Franklin who would later go on to play Brutus in the fourth and fifth season of Xena)". NYPD Blue: Oscar,Weiner,Meyer Renee played a character called Rebecca Sloane whose parents had been murdered. The prime suspect of the murder, being her boyfriend. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Didn't Renee play Deianeira, Hercules' wife? ANSWER I.9 ~~~~~~~~~~ She did play Deianeira in the film "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" and Hercules' wife is called Deianeira (and also in the real Hercules myths), but they're not intended to be the same person. As I understand it, ROC was first to play the young version of Deianeira, but when later the actress playing Hercules's wife looked much different, the producers decided that ROC's Deianeira had just been another woman called Deianeira, and not his wife. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did Renee sing in the Xena episode "The Bitter Suite"? ANSWER I.10 ~~~~~~~~~~~ No, her voice was dubbed by a sound-alike professional singer called Susan Wood. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How about her singing in the Xena episode "Lyre Lyre, Hearts On Fire"? ANSWER I.11 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Susan again dubbed for Renee, but only on the last number, "People Everywhere Just Wanna Be Free". The rest is all Renee. <bg> ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can ROCfans watch the fourth (or fifth) season of Xena? ANSWER I.12 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes. Though the first two episodes (of season 4) may be difficult, though. I can't be more specific because some people may not have seen all of the third season yet, but people who have, will know what I mean. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do we know about her new film "Rubbernecking"? ANSWER I.13 ~~~~~~~~~~~ The end of May 1998, Renee announced that she was about to start acting in a feature length film called "Rubbernecking". Filmed in California, the comedy is set in a traffic jam in Los Angeles. Other sources say that it's a tv film, produced by Fender Bender Productions; the official fanclub says it's unknown yet whether it's going to be shown on tv or released in the cinema. Filming (Renee's part in) "Rubbernecking" has already finished. The official fanclub has currently more information on the film, including photos from the set. They describe the film as being Altman-esque and character driven. Renee's character will have contact with a guy over their mobile phones while both are stuck in the traffic jam. The film will do a few film festivals and Fender Bender Productions will try to sell it for cinema release. For more information see http://www.xenamedia.com/rubbernecking/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How do you spell her name? ANSWER I.14 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Renee is spelled with the acute accent on the last 'e'. But because a news posting with certain characters is fraught with hassles, we have to do without in this document, sorry. The WWW version of this FAQ however, does have her name spelt correctly. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why was Renee hopping around during that convention? ANSWER I.15 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Whilst pretending to have sprained her ankle during filming of the Xena episode "One Against An Army", a stunt person landed on her foot during a stunt, and sprained her other ankle (the one that wasn't supposed to be sprained). Strangely, the stunt person broke his leg the next day... Oh, and ROC's ok now (I hope the stunt person is too). It's also the reason why Renee had another sprained ankle during the episode "King Con", as it was the next episode after "One Against An Army" to be filmed. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.16 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is ROC single? ANSWER I.16 ~~~~~~~~~~~ As in 'not-married' yes, as in 'not involved with some guy' then no. Renee's been happily dating a micro-brewery owner, called Steve Muir, in New Zealand, for several years. And earlier this year, Renee announced her engagement to Steve. As yet there is no date for the wedding (that I know of). ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Has she/will she pose nude/do nude scenes? ANSWER I.17 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, some people want to know... Renee has never done any of that and also said she will not do it in the future. As I understand it, the character Gabrielle has made some apparently nude appearances, but they were all filmed using the magic of television, i.e. skin-coloured body suits, body doubles and the lot. It should be mentioned however, that Renee has posed in some, er, underwear for FHM (For Him Magazine). It's not known if she'll pose again in future. So any photos you see of Renee nude, are going to be faked. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where can I get some Renee/Gabrielle stuff? ANSWER I.18 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Using mail order is a risky thing and if you do, it'll be at your own risk. By mentioning companies here, I by no means endorse them. I have not checked them out and I don't know whether they're safe. The 'caveat emptor' ('Let the buyer beware') rule applies. Magazines, photos and t-shirts (and some really expensive stuff that I don't even dare mention...) relating to Renee's role in "Xena: Warrior Princess" are available. Various interviews for different magazines may very well be at your local comic shop. The mail order company Power Star, based in the US, also has loads of Gabrielle stuff @ http://www.xenashop.com/ Many of these goodies are from "Creation Entertainment" and they can be found @ http://www.creationent.com/ Some of the photos are available from S&P Parker's Movie Market, which has both US and UK catalogues. They advertise in many film magazines. There are other mail order companies, also in other countries. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.19 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any Renee fan clubs out there? ANSWER I.19 ~~~~~~~~~~~ There used to be. The Official Renee O'Connor fan club, did run from 1997 until the end of 1998, but has now closed it's doors. The webpage however still exists, and is a great source of Renee information @ http://rampages.onramp.net/~rocweb/ It is of course possible that you don't have web-access. In that case I think it's the best solution that you e-mail me at <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> and then I'll look at the pages for you and send you the most recent information. There are also many fan clubs in all kinds of different countries for the "Xena: Warrior Princess" series. They're beyond the scope of this FAQ, but if you can't find any info about them on the internet, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any webpages that scream to be looked at? ANSWER I.20 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Many! Too many to list actually. First of all there's the Official Renee O'Connor webpage. On those pages you'll find messages from Renee to her fans, the most accurate information possible and photos like only a mother can provide @ http://rampages.onramp.net/~rocweb/ This newsgroup also has its official pages, which you just have to see @ http://www.rocfan.org.uk A fanpage dedicated to Renee O'Connor is ROCzone @ http://www.impulz.net/~ragnarok/roc.htm and ROCclub @ http://www.teleport.com/~lolly/roc.htm [Note: the above two addresses could be old, as they come from an old bookmark file. There will also be more addresses that should be mentioned] Many more fanpages dedicated to Renee O'Connor can be found through the ROCRing, a ring of many ROC fansites @ http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=reneeoc&list There's also The Bard ROC Cafe, a page belonging to the Clan MacConnor (formerly Clan MacGab): http://members.ync.net/pdunn/macgab/index.htm Major information sources for the "Xena: Warrior Princess" series, that also deserve to be mentioned here, are Whoosh! @ http://whoosh.org/ And The Xena Online Resources has a section devoted to Gabrielle @ http://www.xenite.org/xor/ Information about Renee's Film and Tv series can also be found in the Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.21 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are there more newsgroups to check out? ANSWER I.21 ~~~~~~~~~~~ There's of course always Alt.Tv.Xena, the newsgroup dealing with the Tv series "Xena: Warrior Princess", and Renee's appearance on it. The Alt.Binaries.Multimedia.Xena-Herc, for various pictures and sound postings relating to X:WP, and Renee's Gabrielle role. And if you are in the UK, there is also the Uk.Media.Tv.Xena Newsgroup as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.22 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can I subscribe to a mailing list? ANSWER I.22 ~~~~~~~~~~~ You say 'a' mailing list? There are many mailing lists! Especially with the explosion of free mailing list services like eGroups (http://www.egroups.com). The best thing I can suggest is to goto the eGroups website, and enter a search for 'Gabrielle' or 'Renee', and see what comes out. Each list has their specific style, I don't have personal experience with each one of them so I invite anyone who's on those lists to correct this section if needed. Major Renee/Gabrielle lists include: Clan MacGab, but are now renamed to Clan MacConnor and cover all of ROCfandom. They have a website and several mailing lists. GabsClan, who have a different creative direction: mainly about Gabby and without the Scottish stuff; subscription is also restricted. GabChat was created as a wider alternative, chatting about Gab and ROC without wearing a kilt. The MacGab list is finally created to encompass the true ideas of Clan MacGab (now Clan MacConnor), in a no-flame environment. Unrelated to the Clan, a fourth list was made called GabTalk (though I think Gabtalk is now disbanded). To subscribe to GabsClan, send an e-mail as follows: To: mlperkin@indiana.edu Subject: (whatever you want) Body of the e-mail (the text): subscribe gabsclan To subscribe to GabChat, send an e-mail as follows: To: gabchat-subscribe@egroups.com Subject: (whatever you want) Body of the e-mail (the text): leave blank. or visit http://www.egroups.com/group/gabchat To subscribe to MacGab, you'll need to visit the http://www.topica.com website. the list name is 'macgab@topica.com' (without the quotes). Information for GabTalk you can find on the webpage: http://www.geoctities.com/Hollywood/Studio/7881/gabtalk.html The AFROC Website update mailing list http://www.egroups.com/group/afroc ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.23 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are there any more FAQ's that I might find interesting to go through? ANSWER I.23 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Just one other... The FAQ for the newsgroup Alt.Tv.Xena is also good reading material for the Renee O'Connor fan (even if it is a little lengthy). You can find a copy in the Alt.Tv.Xena newsgroup, or on the web @ http://www.rocfan.org.uk/atx-faq.htm or http://www.bigfoot.com/~p.hilling/atx-faq.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION I.24 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where can I vote for Renee online? ANSWER I.24 ~~~~~~~~~~~ There are always several online polls. Most of the mailings lists will have upto date details of current polls. The "Celebrity 1000" poll @ http://www.celebrity1000.com/pollresults.html They have several polls that usually run for a month. You can select up to five names from a long list and vote. You will see the results only after the poll closed (and the new one opened). The USA Weekend Celebrity A-list http://www.usaweekend.com/celebs/index.html There is a list of 100 celebrities of any profession and you vote on how much you like each of them. The polls run a week starting on Friday, after which the least popular celeb is taken of the list of 100 and a nominated celeb is chosen to be added to the list. You can send in one nomination. You can see the results of the current week immediately. The "Who's better looking" poll @ http://shaft.arizona.edu/chuck/xena/ We've wondered many times who's better looking, Xena or Gabby? Well, actually I haven't. It's Gabby. You can vote between the two and if you wish, fill in the reason why. The vote runs forever... There's a protection against voting too often: you can only vote again after someone else has voted. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks and other stuff. If there are any corrections, updates, complaints, etc, please let me know. Either by posting them to the newsgroup, or e-mailing them to me, Paul Hilling @ <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> If something is not in the FAQ it's more likely because no one has reminded us yet to add it. So please do. Especially descriptions of her films and other projects, fanpages and mailing lists. Thanks. Gidi Kroon, DSJ <dsj@btinternet.com> and Simon Taplin for getting the newsgroup creation process started, and to all those other people who helped one way or another. Many thanks for information goto :- Sascha Jirousek Simon Taplin Paul Hilling <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> StormyBard Ian Rentoul <irentoul@poteidaia.org.uk> Adrian Petford <adrian@petford.net> Richard Powell <RPowell@tesco.net> and all the sources mentioned above, and also anybody else I forgot to mention. And my *Very Special Thanks* to Renee O'Connor herself for giving us the opportunity to admire her talents. "I have to tell you that I think that you are a very special girl. Special in a way that's so rare that you only see it occasionally. If I had a daughter, I'd want her to be a lot like you, because you have courage and honour and talent, and you don't quit on your friends in a crisis... you are one in a million.", James Garner talking to Renee, in "Blessings In Disguise". ---------------------------END OF FAQ---------------------------- -- Paul Hilling :- Alt.Fan.Renee-OConnor FAQ Maintainer New to ATX? Read the FAQ @ http://www.bigfoot.com/~p.hilling/atx-faq.htm [Paul's Gabby Grotto http://www.bigfoot.com/~p.hilling/xena.htm] No computer components were harmed during the creation of this e-mail, however several billion electrons were abused to ensure its safe delivery.