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FAQ for Alt.Fan.Q * What is this newsgroup for? Alt.Fan.Q is for discussions of Q, other Q, Q from James Bond, actors that play Q, and postings of stories about Q. Basically anything Q. Also lengthy discussions of other characters played by John de Lancie. * How do I contact John de Lancie? Is he on the Internet? You can write to John de Lancie at the following address. To the best of our knowledge, he is not on the Internet, and indeed, does not particularly like computers. John de Lancie c/o Paramount Pictures 5555 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 * Where can I find more information about the Q from Star Trek? About John de Lancie? Questions about Q and John de Lancie are welcomed on the newsgroup. You can also find information about Q and JDL through the WWW, at the following addresses: WWW: http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/Q.html http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/JDL.html * Where can I find more information about the Bond Q? Questions about Q are welcomed on the newsgroup. You can also find information about Q through the WWW, at the following addresses: WWW: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/5727/q_lab.html * What actors have played Q? Bond: Peter Burton played Major Boothroyd in "Dr. No". This was identified as Q's real name in "The Spy Who Loved Me". Desmond Llewellyn played Q in "From Russia from Love" and every subsequent Bond movie.<p> Star Trek: John de Lancie has played Q in every Q episode. Corbin Bernsen played Q2 in Deja Q. Olivia D'Abo played Amanda Rogers in True Q. Gerrit Graham played Quinn in Deathwish. Suzie Plakson played a female Q in The Q and The Grey. * Where's the fan fiction archive for this group? The fan fiction archive is maintained by Mercutio (mercutio@europa.com). All stories on it are stored in text format, and indexed. It is available through FTP or the WWW. WWW: http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/FTPList.html FTP: ftp.europa.com /outgoing/mercutio * Where can I find pictures and sound clips of Q? Pictures and sounds of Q are available at the Alt.Fan.Q archive, through FTP or the WWW. FTP: ftp.europa.com /outgoing/tybalt/alt.fan.q WWW: http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/QPictures.html http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/QSounds.html * What episodes of Star Trek was Q in? More information about each of the episodes is available at: http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/Reviews.html TOS: The Squire of Gothos (Trelane) TNG: Encounter at Farpoint (Q) Hide and Q (Q) Q Who? (Q) Deja Q (Q, Q2) Q-pid (Q) True Q (Q, Amanda) Tapestry (Q) All Good Things... (Q) DS9: Q-Less (Q) VOY: Deathwish (Q, Quinn) The Q and the Grey (Q, Suzy-Q) * How can I order copies of the episodes on videocassette? Amazon.com has all of the episodes, except the Voyager episodes. Links for these can be found through: WWW: http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/Reviews.html All of the episodes are also available individually through: WWW: http://www.startrek.co.uk/ ---mercutio@europa.com--- "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought." --Basho