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Frequently Asked Questions List December 7, 2002 version 2.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This document is produced for free redistribution for non-commercial purposes only. Permission is granted for it to reproduced electronically on any system connected to the networks which compose the Internet, Usenet, and FidoNet, and copies can also be printed. This document may not be altered in any way, and printed and electronically distributed copies must contain the copyright notice and disclaimer intact. DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of this document, the author cannot accept liability for any outdated or inaccurate information contained herein. Copyright 1998-2002 Moyra J. Bligh, all rights reserved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= 1. Introduction 1.1 Formatting 1.2 Basic netiquette 1.3 About the FAQ and its sources of information 1.4 Where can I get a copy of the FAQ? 1.5 Spoiler policy 1.6 Binaries policy 1.7 Feedback 1.8 What's new in this FAQ <--------------------------- 2. Frequently Asked Questions 2.1 Who is Mira Furlan? 2.2 Biographical information 2.3 Where can I write to Mira Furlan? 2.4 The Official Fan Club 2.5 Mira's Birthday 2.6 Her favorite colors 2.7 Charities she supports 2.8 How to arrange to have Ms Furlan appear at your convention 3. Credits 3.1 Current projects 3.2 Upcoming projects 3.3 Filmography 3.4 Television credits 3.5 Theater credits 3.6 Voice Overs 3.7 Recordings 3.8 Awards 4. Mira Furlan on the Internet 4.1 Mira's "Letter to my Co-Citizens" 4.2 World Wide Web 4.3 Mailing Lists 4.4 Newsgroups -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Welcome to the Mira Furlan newsgroup FAQ. 1.1 Formatting =============== This document is laid out a certain way. It might look funny on your screen. If you are looking at it using a text editor that uses a fixed system font and has a minimum of 76 columns display, it should look fine. Otherwise, lines and such may not appear properly. If you're using a word processor such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, you can get the document layout right by setting your left and right page margins to 1 inch, and using the Courier New font, at a 10 point size. This will also allow you to print the FAQ with proper formatting. 1.2 Basic Netiquette ===================== Here are some good guidelines to follow when reading not only this newsgroup, but any Usenet group. Read the newsgroup for at least a week before posting. ------------------------------------------------------- Reading what other people post for a while gives you a basic idea of what regular readers of the group are interested in discussing. Avoid excessive cross-posting. ------------------------------ Cross-posting is when an identical message is posted to two or more newsgroups. Sometimes a cross-post is appropriate and can create interesting discussion between readers of several newsgroups. Also be aware of the message headings, which include information about which groups the message is being posted to. If you reply to a message that has been cross-posted, your reply is automatically cross-posted to the same groups as the original post, unless you edit the message header. Don't post in HTML ------------------ HTML is for websites, it is unnecessary in usenet. It simply adds to the size of your posts and puts a greater strain on the system. Some ISPs have begun to drop HTML posts to usenet, so your message may not be propagated properly. Don't spam. ----------- Spamming is different from cross-posting in that spamming involves posting the same message to a zillion newsgroups for the purposes of advertising. Ask a 'net-savvy friend to tell you the story of The Green Card Lawyers. Spamming is kind of like junk mail. It's intrusive and you generally don't want to read it. Anyone who's spamming is most likely not reading this anyway, but hey, you can't say I didn't try. Warning: the maintainer of this FAQ is a dedicated anti-spammer and spam and other abusive postings will be reported to the posters ISP. Also, anyone choosing to send me abusive or threatening email should be aware that I will post said email to the newsgroup and/or report said email to your ISP at my discretion. Respect others as you'd like to be respected. --------------------------------------------- The Internet is the ultimate forum for free speech: you can say what you like to a potential audience of millions all over the world. Just be aware that not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. And for those of you who want to tell everyone what's acceptable speech and what's not, don't. We're all adults, and if we're not, we should be supervised. 1.3 About the FAQ and its sources of information ================================================= A lot of the same questions get posted to this newsgroup from time to time. Thus, they are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The aim of this FAQ list is to answer some of those questions on a regular basis. The information in this FAQ comes from various sources: Mira's autobiography as released by her Fan Club, Martin Albert, Mark Maher, my own knowledge, conversations with Mira, magazine articles, web sites and posts to alt.fan.mira-furlan. No specific sources are quoted as I cannot remember where I got all of the information. If you contributed something to this FAQ, you know who you are and I thank you. This FAQ is not meant to be the definitive Mira Furlan bible. I've included some biographical info, some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a filmography. This FAQ doesn't go into microscopic detail because I've also listed some Mira related Internet sites, and what's fun in checking them out if you don't discover some new information there? 1.4 Where can I get a copy of the FAQ? ======================================= The FAQ is posted to alt.fan.mira-furlan monthly. The FAQ will also be posted to alt.answers and news.answers. The most recent update of the FAQ is available in ASCII text form on the World Wide Web at: http://www.zlatna.com/MFfaq.txt 1.5 Spoiler policy =================== The only policies about spoilers is to keep it Mira Furlan/"Delenn" related and that you begin the message with a generous amount of spoiler space (empty lines). 1.6 Binaries policy ==================== Binaries are neither welcome nor encouraged in alt.fan.mira-furlan. The regulars and lurkers in the group have indicated to me that they would prefer this group to be binary free. Also a great number of ISP's now drop or cancel binaries that are posted to groups that are not within the alt.binaries hierarchy. If you have a binary that you wish to share with the group please put it on a website, or post it to alt.binaries.multimedia.babylon5 or alt.binaries.pictures.celebrities then send a post to afmf as to where we can find it. 1.7 Feedback ============= I hope you find this FAQ useful. If you have any questions, corrections, or just general comments, feel free to e-mail me at: moyra@zlatna.com or moyra@on.aibn.com 1.8 What's new in this FAQ =========================== 12/07/02 Generally updated 05/21/02 Generally updated 02/19/02 Generally updated 01/01/16 Added The Mira Furlan Tribute Site. Updated URL for The Official Mira Furlan Website 00/05/03 Re-added the Finnish language site, now re-located. Fixed one of the movie titles (thanks Karl) 00/04/30 Updated information regarding Mira on the www. 99/12/31: Added The Official Mira Furlan Autograph Website, updated the Filmography and the information on purchasing Mira's CD. 99/12/01: Revised information about the various websites devoted to Mira. 99/10/17: Added information about "Cranes" 99/05/31: Added another new Mira website. 99/03/12: Added new website devoted to Mira's Babylon 5 character "Delenn" and a Finnish language website for Mira. 99/01/31: Added two new websites devoted to Mira. 98/12/19: Added information on the birth of Mira and Goran's first child. 98/11/22: Binaries policy (section 1.6) has been revised to reflect the wishes of the majority of the group. Binaries are no longer welcome for posting here. 98/10/31: Website information updated. 98/09/27: Complete rewrite of sections 2.1 and 2.2. 98/09/07 : Rewritten by Moyra J. Bligh, from the original text by Martin Albert. 2. Frequently Asked Questions 2.1 Who is Mira Furlan ====================== Mira Furlan is a noted former Yugoslavian actress, currently best known to the western world for her portrayal of the Minbari Ambassador "Delenn" on the award winning series Babylon 5. Her Yugoslavian credits include Emir Kusturica's "When Father Was Away on Business" ("Otac na sluzbenom putu"), winner of the "Palme d'or" at Cannes for best film in 1985, which was also nominated for an Oscar that same year, and Rajko Grlic's "Three for Happiness" ("Za srecu je potrebno troje"). She is also the winner of two Golden Arena's (Yugoslavia's equivalent of the Oscar), for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Cyclops" ("Kiklop") in 1982 and for Best Actress for her portrayal of "Jaglika" in "The Beauty of Vice" ("Lepota poroka") in 1986, as well as winning Yugoslavia's most prestigious theatrical award, the Dubravko Dujsin, in 1990 for her portrayal of Natalya Petrovna in Turgenev's "A Month in the Country" at the Croatian National Theatre. In 1995 she won the Dramalogue Theatre Award for Best Actress for "Antigone" (which also won Best Production, and Best Director for her husband Goran Gajic) staged at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Los Angeles. 2.2 Biographical Information ============================ Ms. Furlan was born on the 7th of September in Zagreb, then part of the former Yugoslavia, now the capital city of the Republic of Croatia. She grew up surrounded by books and learning in the company of three university professors, her father and mother (Branka Weil), and her grandmother (Ljuba Kosar). Mira's grandmother taught her to speak German at an early age and then later French, and her mother, who was an avid theatregoer, introduced her to the magic of the dramatic arts when she was still very young. The high school that she attended was heavily oriented towards English and other languages, and it was there that she had her first taste of acting thanks to one of her teachers, an Englishman named David Jolley(sp?). Mira went on to attend the University of Zagreb, to further her language studies with the original intention of pursuing a career as a simultaneous translator, and at the same time enrolled in Zagreb's Academy for Theatre, Film and Television. During her second year at the academy she began to get her first acting jobs and by her fourth year there was starring in a series on Zagreb TV ("Velo Misto" or "The Little Big Town"). Ms. Furlan then became a member of the Croatian National Theatre Company where she played major parts in the world's dramatic classics, including works by Shaw, Moliere and Brecht. She also performed regularly at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, playing "Ophelia" in a production of "Hamlet" directed by the brilliant Czechoslovakian director Jiri Menzel ("Closely Watched Trains") and as "Gloria" in Marinkovic's "Gloria". Her first film role in 1982 won her the Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress. Singing in a band for the fun of it in the mid-1980's, she met a young, charming director who had come to do a rock video of one of the songs. The video never did get made, but Mira had met the love of her life, and her husband to be, the talented director Goran Gajic. He was studying film in Belgrade at the time so Mira moved there to be with him and began to take roles at some of the Belgrade theatres but continuing to work in her hometown of Zagreb as well. As the former-Yugoslavia began to tear itself apart in 1991 with nationalist sentiments, ethnic divisions and war, Ms. Furlan was performing at BITEF, an international theatre festival in Belgrade, along with actors from all over the world. Her statement in the program, that art should not serve any political or nationalist ideas, angered fanatics on both sides of the conflict and a campaign of hatred was begun against her in the press. Publicly vilified and subjected to abuse, she was accused in Croatia of treason and dubbed the "Serbian whore", and branded as a spy in Serbia. Strangers called her and left messages on her answering machine describing in lurid detail exactly how she was to be brutally massacred. Yet she received not a single call from any of her friends or colleagues. On the first of November 1991, she penned the powerful epistle "A Letter to My Co-Citizens" which was published in the newspapers in both Belgrade and Zagreb. Some two weeks later she and her husband flew from Belgrade to New York to begin their new lives. Mira has found, and won the hearts of, a new audience with her compelling portrayal of the Minbari Ambassador "Delenn", on the award winning series "Babylon 5". Since her arrival in the U.S. she has also performed in a number of theatrical productions, a made-for-television movie, and released a new CD. In 1998, Mira gave birth to her and Goran's first child. Marko Lav Gajic, a healthy 6 lb. 10 oz, 19 inch baby boy, was warmly welcomed at 5:45 am PST on December 15 at Cedars of Sinai Medical Center. The Gajic family currently resides in Los Angeles, California. In the summer of 2002 Ms. Furlan returned to Croatia to work for the first time in eleven years, to star in the Ulysseys Theatre Company's production of Medea on Mali Brijuni. 2.3 Where can I write to Mira Furlan? ====================================== If you would like to send a message to Ms. Furlan, or request an autograph, please write to her at one of the following address. Please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (with sufficient postage) with all correspondence that you would like to receive a reply to, and do not count on receiving a quick response, she's a very busy lady. c/o The Mira Furlan Fan Club P.O. Box 523093 Springfield, Virginia U.S.A. 22152-9998 Cristina Scalise, (President of The Mira Furlan Fan Club) will forward any mail she receives for Ms. Furlan to her. If you have any questions about this you may contact Ms. Scalise directly at TheMFFC@aol.com. 2.4 Ms. Furlan's Official Fan Club =================================== The Mira Furlan Fan Club, PO Box 523093, Springfield, VA 22152-9998. $10/year ($15 overseas) in US currencies. The person in charge of the fan club is Cristina Scalise (TheMFFC@aol.com). Membership benefits are a quarterly newsletter, a copy of Ms. Furlan's resume, a short autobiography and photos. The fanclub is also listed in section 4.1 of this FAQ. The Fan Club published a quarterly newsletter which accepted original artwork, poetry, short stories, and articles, as well as photos, pen-pals, and classified ads. The Fan Club is currently inactive. 2.5 Mira's Birthday ==================== Ms Furlan's birthday is September 7th There are places on the net where her year of birth is listed. At best this is a piece of unconfirmed speculation. It is based on math done from information in an article that used a pieces of Ms. Furlan's "Letter to My Co-Citizens" without her permission. Unfortunately it has been bandied about on the net for so long that some sites are starting to quote it as gospel. In my opinion it could be out by as much as five years. 2.6 Her favorite colors ======================== When Mira was a guest at Earthstation Edmonton in March 1997, during her second presentation she was asked what her favorite colour was. She answered purple, mauve and pink, all colours that are forbidden on stage. Interestingly her costumes from "Cranes" were purple and hot pink. 2.7 Charities she supports =========================== Mira Furlan gives her support to many good causes. War Child --------- http://www.warchild.org/home.html War Child was founded upon a fundamental goal: to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lives of children caught up in the horrors of war. Be Active, Be Emancipated (B.a.B.e.) ------------------------------------ http://www.BaBe.hr/ B.a.B.e. is a strategic group located in Zagreb, Croatia, which works for the affirmation and implementation of women's human rights. The group believes the advancement of women is impossible unless their equal rights are fully protected. B.a.B.e. lobbies for the recognition and improved status of women's human rights, such as: the right to be free of violence, both at home and in the public sphere; the right to reproductive choice and reproductive health, including the decision of when to create and how to raise children, and the rights to equal and full participation in all aspects of society, especially in leadership roles and decision-making. 2.8 How to arrange to have Ms Furlan appear at your convention ================================================================ To arrange Ms. Furlan's attendance at a convention contact: Contact Terry Martin at starwebsites@aol.com or 509-525-4387. 3. Credits 3.1 Current projects ===================== Mira is writing a script about a woman who goes crazy. 3.2 Upcoming projects ====================== None known 3.3 Filmography ================ Video jela zelen bor (Dear Video) - 1991 - "Jovanka" Gluvi barut (Deaf (Silent)Gunpowder) - 1990 - (starring) Stela - 1990 - "Lucija" Bunker Palace Hotel - 1989 - (starring) Poltron - 1989 Braca po materi (Maternal Halfbrothers) - 1988 - "Vranka" Put na jug (El Camino del Sur)(Southbound) - 1988 - "Bessi" Spijun na stiklama - 1988 - "Vesna" Za sada bez dobrog naslova (A Film With No Name) - 1987 - "Actress" Osudjeni (The Condemned) - 1987 - "Mira" Ljubenzi Blanke Kolak (The Loves of Blanka Kolak) - 1987 - "Blanka" Spadijer: Jedan zivot (Spadijer: One Life) - 1986 -"Zdravka" Od zlata jabuka (The Golden Apple) - 1986 (leading role) Lepota poroka (The Beauty of Vice (Sin)) - 1986 - "Jaglika" Za srecu je potrebno troje (Three for Happiness) - 1986 - "Zdenka" Horvatov izbor (Hovat's Choice) - 1985 -"Eva" Otac na sluzbenom putu (When Father Was Away on Business) - 1985 - "Ankica" Cao, Inspektore (Hello, Officer) - 1985 Obisk - 1985 Zadarski memento - 1984 - (starring) U raljama zivota (In the Jaws of Life) - 1984 - "Marijana" Pismo - Glava (Heads or Tails) - 1983 - "Finke" Kiklop (Cyclops) - 1982 - "Enka" Novinar (The Journalist) - 1979 Ave Fenix - ???? - (starring) A filmography and reviews of a number of these movies and information on their availability can be found here: http://www.zlatna.com/celebration/mfilmo.html 3.4 Television credits ======================= Sheena (The Treasure of the Sienna Mende) - 2001 - "Yoka Laniche" Babylon 5 - 1993-98 - "Delenn" My Antonia (made for TV movie) - 1995 - "Mrs. Shimerda" Tudjinac - 1990 - recurring role A Better Life - 1989-90 - (starring) Stahlkammer Zurich - 1989 - (Guest appearance) Tales From Sarajevo - 1989 - (starring) Vuk Karadzic - 1987 - "Petrija" Dom Bergmanovih - 1987 - "Laura" Bolji zivot - 1986 - recurring role Putovanje u Vucjak (A voyage to Vucjak) - 1985-86 - "Eva" To nije moj zivot, to je samo privremeno - 1985 Nepokoreni grad (The Proud City) - 1982-83 - (costarring) Smogovci - 1982 - "Mira" Istrian Rhapsody - 1981 - (starring) Velo misto (The Little Big Town) - 1979-80 - "Kate" (starring) 3.5 Theater credits ==================== Necessary Targets - 2002 - "Zlata" - Wilshire Theatre, Los Angeles Medea - 2002 - "Medea" - Mali Brijuni, Croatia Cranes - 1999 - "Tanya Savinich" - The Theatre at St. Clements, NYC Hunting Cockroaches - 1997 - (starring) - Goethe-Institut, LA Antigone - 1995 - "Antigone" - The Hudson Guild Theatre, LA Baal - 1994 - "Sophie" - Second Stage, LA Don Juan in Hell - 1993 - "Dona Ana" - The Second Drama Quartet, LA Yerma - 1992 - "Yerma" - Ind. R. Theater, Indianapolis L'Illusion Comique - 1991 - "Isabelle" - Yugos. Drama Theater, Belgrade Helen - 1990 - "Helen" - Split Summer Festival A Month in the Country - 1990 - "N. Petrovna" - CNT, Zagreb The Devil's Disciple - 1989 - "Judith" - CNT, Zagreb Three Sisters - 1989 - "Natasha" - Zvezdara Theater, Belgrade Dybbuk - 1989 - "Lea" - Yugos. Drama Theater, Belgrade 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore - 1984 - "Annabella" - CNT, Zagreb Vucjak - 1985 - "Marijana" - CNT, Zagreb Hamlet - 1982 - "Ophelia" - Dubrovnik Summer Festival Le Misanthrope - 1982 - "Celimene" - CNT, Zagreb Gloria - 1980 - "Gloria" - Dubrovnik Summer Festival Mother Courage - 1980 - "Yvette" - CNT, Zagreb Dundo Maroje - 1979 - "Petruniella" - CNT, Zagreb Alpha-Beta - 1978 - "Mrs Eliott" - ITD Theater, Zagreb An Inspector Calls - 19?? - "Young Girl" - Ac. for Th., Film & TV, Zagreb Scapin - 19?? - "Zerbinnette" - CNT, Zagreb 3.6 Voice Overs ================ Black Kites - Short feature, directed by Jo Andres - 1995 Spiderman - Voice for Silver Sable, animated series, Marvel Films - 1995 3.7 Recordings =============== "Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made" - 1998 A wonderful eclectic mix of songs, that showcase Mira's voice beautifully. It's an interactive CD and a real work of art. Available on CD only Autographed copies $29.00 plus S & H Available from The Official Mira Furlan Website http://www.mirafurlan.com "Trying to Forget" - The Be Five - 1998 (Mira Furlan, Billy Mumy, Claudia Christian, Peter Jurasik, and Andreas Katsulas) Mira is part of the two ensemble numbers on the CD "Tell Me How" and "It's Just a TV Show" as well as having two solo numbers of her own. "I Don't Know Who You Are" is a delightful salsa flavored number that she co-wrote with Billy Mumy and "The Touch of Your Hand" which is a sultry number that features her sexy smokey voice beautifully. Available from The Official Bill Mumy Web Site http://www.billmumy.com/ 3.8 Awards =========== 1997 - Sci-Fi Universe Readers Choice Awards, for best supporting actress in a genre television series, telefilm or miniseries - for the role of "Delenn" on Babylon 5. 1996 - Sci-fi Universe Readers Choice Awards, for best supporting actress in a genre television series, telefilm or miniseries - for the role of "Delenn" on Babylon 5. 1995 - Dragonstar Awards - Best Supporting Actress in a Series - for the role of "Delenn" on Babylon 5. 1995 - Dramalogue Theater Award, Los Angeles - Best Actress - Antigone 1990 - "Dubravko Dujsin" Theater Award - for the role of "Natalya Petrovna" in the Croatian National Theatre production of Turgenev's "A Month in the Country". 1987 - Yugoslavia's Best Film Actress of the Year 1986 - Zlatna Arena (Golden Arena), Pula - Best Actress for the role of "Jaglika" in Lepota poroka (The Beauty of Vice) 1985 - Nis Film Festival Awards - "When Father Was Away on Business" 1983 - Nis Film Festival Awards - "Pismo Glava" ("Heads or Tails") 1982 - Zlatna Arena (Golden Arena), Pula - Best Supporting Actress for the role of "Enka" in Kiklop (Cyclops) 1979 - Theatre Critics Award - Best Actress for the role of "Petruniella" in the Croatian National Theatre's production of Drzic's "Dundo Maroje" 1978 - Theatre Critics Award - Best Actress for the role of "Mrs Elliot" in the ITD Theatre's (Zagreb) production of Whitehead's Alpha-Beta". 4. Mira Furlan on the Internet 4.1 Mira's "Letter to My Co-Citizens" ======================================= In my opinion the single most important thing pertaining to Mira on the internet. Her own words will give you more of an idea of who this lady is than anything anyone else could ever say. Written as a farewell to the people of Yugoslavia on November 1st, 1991 in Belgrade and published in "DANAS", Zagreb (11/05/91) and "POLITIKA", Belgrade (11/10/91). Copies are available in the following places: http://www.geocities.com/~mfinfostation/miraltr.html http://www.zlatna.com/celebration/mpismo.html University of Washington http://www.amath.washington.edu/~lf/altmcc.html 4.2 World Wide Web =================== The Official Mira Furlan Website ------------------------------------------- http://www.mirafurlan.com/ http://www77.pair.com/timem/furlan/index.htm This is the place to buy autographed photos of Mira. You can be sure that the autographs are authentic, all of their merchandise comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Mira has officially endorsed this site. They have some beautiful shots of her, as well as publicity stills of "Delenn". I have ordered items from them and I'll vouch for their superb packing skills and prompt delivery times. This site also has a wonderful photo gallery with some beautiful shots from Mira's European film and stage performances. This is the only site that Mira currently considers as her official site. Mira Furlan Official Fan Club Page ---------------------------------- Unfortunately there is no longer a web-page for the Fan Club. Goran Gajic and Mira Furlan - The Celebration -------------------------------------------- http://www.zlatna.com/gold.html Devoted not only to Mira, but to her husband, director Goran Gajic as well. It's mine. Also contains partial archives for this newsgroup: http://www.zlatna.com/celebration/afmfArchive/afmfarch.html Mira Furlan Information Station ------------------------------- http://www.geocities.com/~mfinfostation/index.htm One of the better sites about Mira. Surf by and have a look. The Galactic Gateway -------------------- http://www.thegalacticgateway.com/ Portal Site for many of the Babylon 5 actors. The Mira Furlan Page ----------------------------- http://www.thegalacticgateway.com/mf/index.html Although this site claims to be Ms. Furlan's Official Site, it is not. Mira told me in May of 2002 that she has been repeatedly trying to get the maintainer to remove the word "Official" from the site. The John & Delenn Home Page --------------------------- http://www.johndelenn.com The place you got to check to know everything about the relationship between our favorite fictional couple Sheridan and Delenn (played by Mira Furlan) in the series Babylon 5. A must see. Always up to date. Webmaster is Brent Barrett. The Mira Furlan Archive ----------------------- http://members.fortunecity.com/gronda/index1.html This was a really good site, but it has not been updated in a very long time. The Mira Furlan Website ------------------------- http://members.aol.com/MiraFurlan/english/core.htm http://members.aol.com/MiraFurlan/deutsch/core.htm Available in both English and German. Delenn's World --------------- http://www.delenns-world.8m.com/ A lovely page, devoted to Ms. Furlan's Babylon 5 character Delenn. Beautifully put together. Russian Mira Furlan Global Site -------------------------------- http://mirafurlan.virtualave.net/ Russian language site for Mira. Contains a translation of Mira's "Letter to My Co-Citizens" Gallery of Mira Furlan's Photos ---------------------------------- http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/aldiss/304/P.htm Photo gallery dedicated to Ms. Furlan - presented by the webmaster of the Russian Mira Furlan Global Site. The Shrine of Delenn --------------------- http://home.att.net/~Snatcher100/B5/delenn.html The name says it all! Mira Furlan -- An Actress of Many Talents Web Site --------------------------------- http://members.tripod.com/~Mira_Furlan/index2.html Another very nice site. Mira Furlan ------------- http://mira_furlan.homestead.com/ Mira Furlan ----------- http://www.user.cityline.ru/~tu160a/mfurlan.html The Mira Furlan Tribute Site ---------------------------- http://mirafurlan.freeyellow.com/index.html Still under construction, but the webmaster has made a great start on what is shaping up to be a very interesting new page. 4.3 Mailing Lists ================== Mira Furlan Fans List (mira-f list) ----------------------------------- Some of Ms. Furlan's fans due to their interest in her life, her history and her work, have developed outside interests in other things such as Croatian language studies, Balkan History, current affairs in the countries that now comprise the former Yugoslavia and Eastern European theatre and cinema. All of those things are on-topic for this list. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mira-f/ Mira Furlan Announcements (mira-f-announce) ------------------------------------------- Announcements of Mira Furlan's upcoming appearances and projects. This is not a discussion list. All messages appearing here will also appear on the discussion list above. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mira-f-announce/ The Science Fiction Relationship Forum (was The John and Delenn Forum) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This list was basically devoted to the romance between the two Babylon 5 characters, but has now evolved into a more general discussion list about various relationships in Science Fiction. There are still a lot of "John and Delenn" junkies here. This mailing list also sometimes has information and convention reports that pertain to both Ms. Furlan and Bruce Boxleitner. Subscription information and posting rules are available here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sfrforum 4.4 Newsgroups =============== Mira Furlan has her own newsgroup but other newsgroups have interesting messages about her. Here a list of other newsgroups which from time to time may contain messages pertaining to Ms. Furlan: alt.fan.mira-furlan alt.babylon5 alt.babylon5.uk alt.binaries.multimedia.babylon5 alt.startrek.vs.babylon5 alt.tv.babylon-5 aus.sf.babylon5 de.rec.sf.babylon5 fido7.ru.babylon5 finet.harrastus.babylon5 gaia.fido.babylon5 maus.rec.babylon5 ncf.sigs.tv.babylon5 net.genre.sf.babylon5 rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5.misc uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5.social z-nets.sf+fantasy.babylon5.allgemein ----------------------- The End! ----------------------------- Moyra J. Bligh (moyra@zlatna.com) ----------------------------- FAQ maintainer for the alt.fan.mira-furlan newsgroup -- Moyra J. Bligh - moyra@zlatna.com FAQ maintainer - alt.fan.mira-furlan http://www.zlatna.com/MFfaq.html moderator mira-f mailing list - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mira-f/ =============================================================== Mira Furlan & Goran Gajic - come join The Celebration http://www.zlatna.com/gold.html ===============================================================