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======= The latest versions of these FAQ's may be obtained via the Web at http://www.fanciers.com/cat-faqs/ The multiple posted (ASCII) parts of the FAQ are all archived at rtfm.mit.edu ( in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/cats-faq. These files will also appear in other sites that mirror the RTFM archives. ========== Index into Current Directory * Problem Behaviors in Cats + Cats Inside + Plants + A New Baby + Spraying + Scratching + Furniture + Housetraining o Treatment + Escaping + Drape/Curtain Climbing + Cord (and Other) Chewing + Biting + Garbage + Counters + Early AM Wakeups + Toilet Paper + Splashing Water + Ripping Carpet + Closet Antics + Cats Outside + Noise + Your Garden + Local "Attack" Cats + Your Birdfeeder + Keeping your cat in your yard * Complete List of Cat-Related Email Lists + Introduction + Table of Contents + About these Mailing Lists + General Lists o FELINE-L o FUR-L o HOLISTIC VETERINARY CARE o VETERINARY LISTS o * rec.pets.cats FAQ List + Introduction to rec.pets.cats.announce + General information + Humans places, cats + other pets + Table of Contents + Getting A Cat + General Cat Care + Basic Health Care + Medical Information + Outside World + Behavior Problems in Cats + Feline Leukemia Virus + Feline Infectious Peritonitis + Miscellaneous Information + Tricolor Cats + Resources + Breed Descriptions + Cat Colors + Breed FAQs o American Curl o Balinese and Javanese o Birmans o Bombay o Chantilly/Tiffany o Chartreux o Maine Coon Cats o Exotic Shorthairs o Foreign Burmese o Japanese Bobtail o Korats o Manx o Norwegian Forest Cat o Ocicats o Oriental Shorthair/Longhair o Ragdolls o Russian Blues o Scottish Fold o Selkirk Rex o Somalis o Tonkinese o Traditional Siamese * General Cat Care + Vaccination and Worming Schedule + What Your Vet Should Check + Cat Food and Diets o Premium cat food o Cat food composition o Wet foods o Dry foods o Moist foods o Snack foods o Milk o Homemade Food o People Food o Cat Grass o Dog food o Ash o Feeding Schedules o Special Diets (incl. vegetarian diets) + Litter o Kinds of Litter o Disposal o Litter boxes o Toilets o Placement of litter box + Trimming Claws + Grooming o Thick, long fur o Silky long fur o Short hair + Bathing + Playing o Other Toys o Scratching Posts + Cat Safety in the House * Getting a Cat + Should You Get a Cat? + What Kind of Cat o Kitten or adult o Male or female o One cat or two o Kinds of cats + Where to get a Cat o Animal shelters o Private parties o Responsible Breeders o Pet Stores + The First Vet Visit o Recommended Vaccinations o Recommended Tests + Caring for a new kitten + Introducing your new cat to * Basic Health Care + In General + Veterinary Care o On the net o Home vet books o Pet Insurance o Choosing a vet o 24 hour emergency care o Fecal samples o Cat reactions o Further steps o Vet bills + Human-Cat Disease Transmission (Zoonoses) + Neutering o Castration o Spaying o Post-op recovery o Cost o Early Neutering + Skin Problems o Matted fur o Bald patches o Scratching o Feline Acne # Tips on caring for feline acne + Dental Care o Tartar buildup o Rootwork o Smelly breath + Declawing + Pills, Dosing and Medication o Giving pills o Administring Liquids o Topical Application + Worms + Fleas + Poisons (incl. plants, food & household chemicals) o Treatment after ingestion o Greenhouse plants o Household plants o Outdoor plants o Non-Poisonous Plants o Chemical substances o Food o Household medications * Medical Information + Aging + Cat Allergies + Epilepsy and Seizures + Feline Chronic Renal Failure + Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS) o Symptoms o Causes of FUS # Known causes o Management of FUS + Diabetes + Diarrhea o Possible causes for diarrhea # Causes of acute (sudden onset) diarrhea # Causes of chronic diarrhea + Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) + FIV + Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) + Upper Respiratory Disease o Feline herpesvirus o Feline calicivirus o Chlamydia psittaci + Thyroid Problems o Treatment + Vomiting o Reasons o Summary o Vomit stains * Miscellaneous Information + Removing Urine Odor o Enzymatic products o Launderable items o Concrete o Hardwood floors + Catnip and Valerian. + Cats and Water + Do All Cats Purr? + Other Cats in the Cat Family + Cat Genetics and Coloring + Cat Static + Preparing Food for your Cat o Basic recipe for cat maintenance diet o Cats at risk of FUS o Kidney disease patients o Heart failure o Low fat diet o Low fat, high fiber diet o Reducing diet o Hypoallergenic diet o Low purine diet + Cat Owner Allergies + Toxoplasmosis (when you are pregnant and own a cat) * Orphan Kitten Care FAQ + Author + Foreword + Table of Contents + 1. Determine the Kitten's Condition + 2. Make the Kitten Comfortable and Warm o Empty the Bladder o Warm the kitten o The Den + 3. Prepare the Feeding o The Formula o Mona's Homemade Goats Milk Formula o The Nurser o The Feeding o Frequency of feedings + 4. More on Emptying the Bowel and Bladder o Diarrhea + 5. Maintenance o Toddlers # Den and Living Space # Solid Food # The Water Dish # Litterpan o Preschoolers (eyes starting to turn color) * The Outside World + Indoor and Outdoor Cats o Pros and cons o Compromises o Pet doors o Invisible Fences + Dealing with Landlords + Pet Identification + Clever Hiding Places At Home + Finding A Lost Cat + Catching Feral Cats + Finding A Home for a Cat + Travel o Cars o Trains o Planes + International Travel + Moving + Vacations o Leave at home o Pet sitters o Kennels o Take Cat With You o Leave with Someone Else * Resources + Electronic Mailing Lists + Literary References o Jellicle Cats o The "mousies" Poem + Books + Magazines + Articles + Catalogues * Torties, Calicos and Tricolor Cats + Author + Table of Contents + Are you going to throw a lot of jargon at me? + OK, So what do you mean by a true Tricolor? + Is it true that only females can be true Tricolors? + OK, so there's a reason. Why? + Oh, man. I knew this was going to get complicated! o Basic sex inheritance + So what does this have to do with Tricolored cats? o The red or orange gene o Males and the O gene o Females and the O gene + So how come there are some male true Tricolors? + So male Tricolors are rare. Can I sell one for big bucks? + What is the difference between a Calico and a Tortoiseshell? And what in heck is a Torbie? + What are the possible color combinations? o CALICO OR TORTOISESHELL PATTERNS, UNDILUTED* o CALICO OR TORTOISESHELL PATTERNS, DILUTED* o TORBIE OR PATCHED TABBY PATTERNS, UNDILUTED o TORBIE OR PATCHED TABBY PATTERNS, DILUTED + Can you wrap this up? + So why didn't you just say so in the first place? _________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents FAQ Cindy Tittle Moore,tittle@io.com