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THE SAND PEBBLES, Richard McKenna, 1962, US gunboat on the Yangtze River. MASTER OF MORGANA, Allan C. McLean, Scots salmon fisherman solves murder. BILLY BUDD, FORETOPMAN, Herman Melville. MOBY DICK, Herman Melville. OMOO, Herman Melville. REDBURN, Herman Melville. TYPEE, Herman Melville. WHITE-JACKET, OR, THE WORLD IN A MAN-OF-WAR, Herman Melville. CHESAPEAKE, James Michener. TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC, James Michener, island life in WW II US navy. DARKEN SHIP, Nicholas Monsarrat, the unfinished novel. THE MASTER MARINER, Nicholas Monsarrat, time traveler. 88 THREE CORVETTES, Nicholas Monsarrat, 194? HMS MARLBOROUGH WILL ENTER HARBOR, Nicholas Monsarrat, 1947. THE CRUEL SEA, Nicholas Monsarrat, 1951, WWII convoy escort, and his best by far. GREY SEAS UNDER, Farley Mowat, non-fiction. THE BOAT THAT WOULDN'T FLOAT, Farley Mowat, non-fiction. THE SERPENT'S COIL, Farley Mowat, non-fiction. ANGEL DEATH, Patricia Moyes, 1980. MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, see also In Search of Paradise, about Nordhoff and Hall. MEN AGAINST THE SEA, Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, 1934. PITCAIRN'S ISLAND, Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, 1934. THE HURRICANE, Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, 1938, Tahiti. DESOLATION ISLAND, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 5. H.M.S. SURPRISE, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 3. MAURITIUS COMMAND, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 4. NOTE ON O"BRIAN, Patrick O'Brian, arguably the top novelist of life under square sails. POST CAPTAIN, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 2. THE AUBREY/MATURIN SERIES, Patrick O'Brian, British Naval Fiction at its best. Aubrey is a Captain in the British Navy, Maturin is the Ship's surgeon. Good fight scenes, excellent details on naval life and almost anything else ca. 1790-1815. The first volume is "Master and Commander.". THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 10. 89 THE FORTUNE OF WAR, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 6. THE IONIAN MISSION, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 8. THE LETTER OF MARQUE, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 12. THE NUTMEG OF CONSOLATION, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 14. THE REVERSE OF THE MEDAL, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 11. THE SURGEON'S MATE, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 7. THE THIRTEEN GUN SALUTE, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 13. THE TRUELOVE, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 15. THE UNKNOWN SHORE, Patrick O'Brian. TREASON'S HARBOR, Patrick O'Brian, Aubrey/Maturin no. 9. THE GOLDEN OCEAN, Patrick O'Brian, 1957. MASTER AND COMMANDER, Patrick O'Brian, 1969, Aubrey/Maturin no. 1. THE WINE-DARK SEA, Patrick O'Brian, 1993, Aubrey/Maturin no. 16. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE ROYAL NAVY: 1776 - 1816, C. Northcote Parkinson. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HORATIO HORNBLOWER, C. Northcote Parkinson. DEVIL TO PAY, C. Northcote Parkinson, 1973, 1800-period naval action: 1794. THE FIRESHIP, C. Northcote Parkinson, 1975, 1800-period naval action: 1797. TOUCH AND GO, C. Northcote Parkinson, 1977, 1800-period naval action:. DEAD RECKONING, C. Northcote Parkinson, 1978, 1800-period naval action:. 90 STORM FORCE 10, Harry Patterson, german armed raider trying to make it home in WWII. BLOOD OF THE ALBATROSS, Ridley Pearson. NOTE ON PEASE, Howard Pease, for "young" readers:. THE TATTOOED MAN, Howard Pease, 1926, a tale of strange adventures, befalling Tod Moran, <cuts> upon his first voyage from San Francisco to Genoa, via the Panama canal. THE JINX SHIP, Howard Pease, 1927, the dark adventure that befell Tod Moran when he shipped as fireman aboard the tramp steamer "Congo", bound out of New York for Caribbean ports. SHANGHAI PASSAGE, Howard Pease, 1929, being a tale of mystery and adventure on the high seas in which Stuart Ormsby is shanghaied aboard the tramp steamer "Nanking" bound for ports on the China coast. SECRET CARGO, Howard Pease, 1931, the story of Larry Mathews and his dog Sambo, forcastle mates on the tramp steamer "Creole trader" New Orleans to the South seas. THE SHIP WITHOUT A CREW, Howard Pease, 1934, the strange adventures of Tod Moran, third mate of the tramp steamer "Araby". HURRICANE WEATHER, Howard Pease, 1936. FOGHORNS, Howard Pease, 1937, a story of the San Francisco water front. CAPTAIN BINNACLE, Howard Pease, 1938. THE BLACK TANKER, Howard Pease, 1941. NIGHT BOAT, AND OTHER TOD MORAN MYSTERIES, Howard Pease, 1942. HEART OF DANGER, Howard Pease, 1946, a tale of adventure on land and sea with Tod Moran, third mate of the tramp steamer "Araby". BOUND FOR SINGAPORE, Howard Pease, 1948. WIND IN THE RIGGING, Howard Pease, 1951, an adventurous voyage of Tod Moran on the tramp steamer "Sumatra" New York to North Africa. CAPTAIN OF THE ARABY, Howard Pease, 1953, the story of a voyage. 91 SHIPWRECK, Howard Pease, 1957, the strange adventures of Renny Mitchum, mess boy of the trading schooner "Samarang.". THE BOY, ME, AND THE CAT, Henry Plummer, Good writing about a long cruise on a catboat. THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM OF NANTUCKET, E. A. Poe, ca. 1840, mutiny and murder. ADMIRAL, Dudley Pope. DRUMBEAT (RAMAGE AND THE DRUM BEAT), Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 2. GOVERNOR RAMAGE, R.N., Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 4. NOTE ON POPE, Dudley Pope, more Napoleonic naval action. Pope has also written some naval history. If someone likes Alexander Kent's books, he/she will no doubt like Dudley Pope's Ramage series. RAMAGE, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 1. RAMAGE AND THE DIDO, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE AND THE FREEBOOTERS, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE AND THE GUILLOTINE, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE AND THE MUTINY, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE AND THE REBELS, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 9. RAMAGE AND THE RENEGADES, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 12. RAMAGE AND THE SARACENS, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE AT TRAFALGAR, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S CHALLENGE, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S DEVIL, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S DIAMOND, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S DIAMOND, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S PRIZE, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 5. 92 RAMAGE'S SIGNAL, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 11. RAMAGE'S SIGNAL, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? RAMAGE'S TRIAL, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. ? THE RAMAGE TOUCH, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 10. THE TRITON BRIG, Dudley Pope, Ramage no. 3. BUCCANEER, Dudley Pope, 1984. CONVOY, Dudley Pope, 1987. BAHAMAS BLUE, D.C. Poyer. HATTERAS BLUE, D.C. Poyer. BOOK OF PIRATES, Howard Pyle, 1921. FOREIGN LAND, Justin Rabin, modern cruise around UK. HANGMAN'S BEACH, Thomas Head Raddall. TIDEFALL, Thomas Head Raddall. TUGBOAT ANNIE, Norman Reilly Raine, 1934, The Humorous Adventures of the tug Narcissus and her colorful captain in and around Puget Sound. CAPTAIN KIDD, Norman Reilly Raine, 1945, fiction? ALL WORKS, Arthur Ransome, All his books are great; the swallows and amazons series is a set of children's books; kids seem to like them at about age 7 or 8 to start with. Some of us go on reading them forever. "We didn't mean to go to sea" is one of the best. A note from (fm) says "The 12 Swallows & Amazons novels are best read in the order they were written. They are not all about sailing, but most are. Ransome is particularly good at the detail of sailing and at capturing the capricious changes in wind, waves, currents, visibility, etc., that help make sailing so interesting." He also notes, of another Ransome work, that: "Racundra's First Cruise is a very interesting reminiscence of sailing in the Baltic.". BIG SIX, Arthur Ransome. COOT CLUB, Arthur Ransome. 93 COOTS IN THE NORTH, Arthur Ransome, posthumous; incomplete. GREAT NORTHERN, Arthur Ransome. MISSEE LEE, Arthur Ransome. NOTE 1 ON RANSOME, Arthur Ransome, There is The Arthur Ransome Society TARS, for the enthusiasts. There are some non-fiction books about all this, too. NOTE 2 ON RANSOME, Arthur Ransome, nominally juvenile; will appeal to the traditionalist and to those who like Treasure Island. PETER DUCK, Arthur Ransome. PIGEON POST, Arthur Ransome. SECRET WATER, Arthur Ransome. SWALLOWDALE, Arthur Ransome. THE PICTS AND MARTYRS, Arthur Ransome. WE DIDN'T MEAN TO GO TO SEA, Arthur Ransome. WINTER HOLIDAY, Arthur Ransome, no boating but part of series. SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS, Arthur Ransome, 1930. BADGE OF HONOR, Douglas Reeman, about the Royal Marines. FIRST TO LAND, Douglas Reeman, about the Royal Marines. HIS MAJESTY'S U-BOAT, Douglas Reeman. IN DANGER'S HOUR, Douglas Reeman. IRON PIRATE, Douglas Reeman. NOTE ON REEMAN, Douglas Reeman, twentieth century period. see also "Alexander Kent". A PRAYER FOR THE SHIP, Douglas Reeman. PRIDE AND THE ANGUISH, Douglas Reeman. RENDEZVOUS SOUTH ATLANTIC, Douglas Reeman. 94 SEND A GUNBOAT, Douglas Reeman. SURFACE WITH DARING, Douglas Reeman. THE GREATEST ENEMY, Douglas Reeman. THE HORIZON, Douglas Reeman, about the Royal Marines. THE LAST RAIDER, Douglas Reeman. THE SHIP THAT DIED OF SHAME, Douglas Reeman, set on an MTB used for smuggling. LONG VOYAGE BACK, Luke Rhinehart, escape from a nuclear holocaust in a trimaran. TALES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Garland Roark. WAKE OF THE RED WITCH, Garland Roark, 1946, also on video. THE WRECK OF THE RUNNING GALE, Garland Roark, 1953. THE LIVELY LADY, Kenneth Roberts, 1937, American privateers during the War of 1812. CAPTAIN CAUTION, Kenneth Roberts, 1945, American privateers during the Revolutionary War. BOON ISLAND, Kenneth Roberts, 1956, Shipwreck on a tiny rock off of the New England colonies. THE BEDFORD INCIDENT, Mark Roscovich, 1963, US destroyer plays nuclear chicken with a Soviet sub in the Denmark Strait. NOTE ON RUSSELL, Clark Russell, recommended by A. Conan Doyle. FLYING DUTCHMAN, OR, THE DEATH SHIP, Clark Russell, 188? THE MYSTERY OF THE OCEAN STAR, Clark Russell, 1891, short stories. ROUND THE GALLEY FIRE, Clark Russell, 1893. OCEAN FREE LANCE, Clark Russell, 1896. THE WRECK OF THE GROSVENOR, Clark Russell, 1899. 95 TALES OF OUR COAST, Clark Russell, 1901. THE BLACK SWAN, Rafael Sabatini. THE FORTUNES OF CAPTAIN BLOOD, Rafael Sabatini. THE SEA HAWK, Rafael Sabatini. CAPTAIN BLOOD, Rafael Sabatini, 1922. CAPTAIN BLOOD RETURNS, Rafael Sabatini, 1931. COLUMBUS, Rafael Sabatini, 1942. THE SHIPKILLER, Justin Scott, sailor vs. tanker. OVERBOARD, Hank Searls. NOTE ON SETLOWE, Richard Setlowe, modern post-cold-war thrillers with hi-tech navy. THE BRINK, Richard Setlowe. THE BLACK SEA, Richard Setlowe, 1991, jihad pirates, Russian liner, US Navy force. THE TRUSTEE FROM THE TOOLROOM, Nevil Shute, machinist goes to the South Seas to salvage a yacht and settle an estate. LANDFALL: A CHANNEL STORY, Nevil Shute, 1940. EYE OF THE TIGER, Wilbur Smith, modern thriller. HUNGRY AS THE SEA, Wilbur Smith, modern thriller. THE DIAMOND HUNTERS, Wilbur Smith, modern thriller. KIDNAPPED, Robert Louis Stevenson. THE MASTER OF BALLANTRAE, Robert Louis Stevenson, may be his best book, but not so much on the sea. TREASURE ISLAND, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1883. OUTERBRIDGE REACH, Robert Stone, 1992, modern yachtsman tries his luck. ROUGH CROSSING, Stoppard, drama; liner? 96 GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, Jonathan Swift, 1726. THE SEA LEOPARD, Craig Thomas, British nuclear sub with sonar "cloaking device". THE DEATH SHIP: THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN SAILOR, B. Traven, 1934, Black comedy about the black gang of a doomed freighter by the mysterious author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. KLEBER'S CONVOY, Antony Trew, U-Boats harry Murmansk bound convoy. RUNNING WILD, Antony Trew, Anti-apartheid activists escape S. Africa in a ketch. SEA FEVER, Antony Trew, single-handed round trip yacht race across the N. Atlantic in winter. THE ANTONOV PROJECT, Antony Trew, Cold War naval spy story. THE MOONRAKER MUTINY, Antony Trew, crew mutinies and abandons freighter on way to Australia. THE ZHUKOV BRIEFING, Antony Trew, Soviet sub runs aground off Norway. THE MANILA GALLEON, F. van Wyck Mason, fiction based on Anson's voyage around the world, 1740-44. DICK SANDS, THE BOY CAPTAIN, Jules Verne. THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS, Jules Verne. THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, Jules Verne, desert island story. THE VOYAGES AND ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN HATTERAS, Jules Verne. TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, Jules Verne, ca. 1870. THE ENGLISH CAPTAIN, Simon White, 1977, Napoleonic wars naval yarn. LEOPARD'S PREY, Leonard Wibberly, 1971, young adult; a powderboy and the pirates. 97 BELOW THE HORIZON, John Wingate. THE SEA ABOVE THEM, John Wingate. "1805", Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. AN EYE OF THE FLEET, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. BALTIC MISSION, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. BOMB VESSEL, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. A BRIG OF WAR, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. ENDANGERED SPECIES, Richard Woodman. IN DISTANT WATERS, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. A KING'S CUTTER, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. A PRIVATE REVENGE, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. TEA CLIPPERS, Richard Woodman. THE CORVETTE (IN US: ARCTIC TREACHERY), Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. THE DARKENING SEA, Richard Woodman. UNDER FALSE COLOURS, Richard Woodman, Drinkwater series, 1800-period naval action. WAGER, Richard Woodman. BLUE WATER GREEN SKIPPER, Stuart Woods, 1977. RUN BEFORE THE WIND, Stuart Woods, 1983. THE CAINE MUTINY, Herman Wouk, 1951. 98 6.6 Design, seaworthiness, arts of the sailor, boatbuilding THE ALTERNATIVE KNOT BOOK, Harry Asher, A book about new knots and splices that are appropriate for modern fibers and weaves of rope. ISBN: 0911378952. (bm). ASHLEY'S BOOK OF KNOTS AND FANCY ROPEWORK, Ashley, The definitive book on the subject. ANCHORING, Don Bamford, Anchoring is really a subtle and complex business which isn't given the attention it deserves by many people. While the chapter in Hiscock covers the basics quite well, this book does it in depth and detail.(mh). SEXTANT HANDBOOK, Bruce Bauer, This is about the instrument itself and its care. Not really necessary, but nice to have.(mh). VOYAGING UNDER POWER, Beebe, About design and building plus long range voyaging; excellent short chapter by his wife about provisioning and managing the galley.(tl). THE PROPER YACHT, Arthur Beiser, Dated and out of print, but a good guide to some of the older designs which are found on the used market.(mh). HIGH PERFORMANCE SAILING, Frank Bethwaite, ISBN 0 87742 419 4. International Marine is at PO Box 220, Camden, ME, 04843. Elsewhere in the world it uses ISBN 0 07 470 100 2, from McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd, 4 Barcoo Street, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia. The book is about 400 pages with four sections on the wind, water, boat development, and how to use what you have. I'm up to about page 250 now, and Frank treats all areas of the world, and when nothing but local knowledge will help you (he speaks of visiting bars on the waterfront to talk to freight ship captains rather than local sailors :-). Good stuff... (ab) From further discussion of this book on the net, it would appear to be the very best on the subject, supported by serious research data rather than conjecture. (jfh). BOAT CANVAS FROM COVER TO COVER, Bob and Karen Lipe, A very basic discussion of canvas work with a series of practical projects from simple to complex.(mh). 100 SMALL BOAT RIGS, Philip C. Bolger, He's managed to take what 99 could be a very boring topic and make it intensely lively. TED BREWER EXPLAINS SAILBOAT DESIGN, Ted Brewer, Good introduction to the technical aspects and jargon of sailing yacht design. No math.(mh). BACKYARD BOAT BUILDING, George Buehler, This is a no-nonsense(?) book on building stout seagoing boats. Most of it deals with wood construction. Buehler is a designer, builder, and cruiser who lives in the Pacific northwest, and his designs include power and sail cruisers and workboats. It includes plans for 8 boats, but it IS really about building in your backyard, in the tradition of Rable and Chappelle. 320 pg paperback, $24.95 IM 158380 (wv). PRECISION CRUISING, Authur F. Chace, A series of cruising stories which pose various problems in seamanship and piloting, along with proposed solutions for those problems. (mh). YACHT DESIGNING AND PLANNING, Howard Chapelle, WW Norton and Co. New York 1971. (I don't know if it's still in print). The book to turn to when you want lots of good useful, practical advice on yacht design. Not heavy on theory but has years of experience behind it.(mp). HEAVY WEATHER SAILING, Adlard Coles. HANDMADE HOUSEBOATS - INDEPENDENT LIVING AFLOAT, Russell Condor, Houseboats in the tradition of Whole Earth Catalog, so read with caution. Contains photos and drawings of some good, classic floating residences. 230 pg paperback, $19.95 IM 158022 (wv). WORLD CRUISING ROUTES, Jimmy Cornell, A route planning guide for world cruising with regional weather patterns, currents, etc. Highly recommended.(mh). THE YACHT NAVIGATOR'S HANDBOOK, Norman Dahl, A concise and very practical coverage of general navigation and piloting, the best overall reference on the subject I have found. The section on celestial is good enough to serve as a self-teaching course, although it probably isn't the best choice for that purpose. Highly recommended, but appears to be out of print. (mh). YACHT NAVIGATOR'S HANDBOOK, Norman Dahl, A good intermediate book between Chapman and Bowditch.(mh). SAFETY AT SEA, George Day, Covers everything from yacht design to abandon-ship in a broad and general way.(mh). 100 THE NATURE OF BOATS, Dave Gerr. HOW THINGS FLOAT, E. N. Gilbert, American Mathematical Monthly, March 1991 (Vol. 98, No. 3), pp. 201-216. SURVIVOR, Michael Greenwald, The part of it you don't want to think about but must. Mainly about liferaft survival, but also covers many other topics concerned with safety and emergencies including medical procedures. Highly recommended.(mh) ADVANCED FIRST AID AFLOAT by Peter F. Eastman, MD. Seems to be the best all around medical manual.(mh). FIBERGLASS BOATBUILDING FOR AMATEURS, Ken Hankinson, You can get it from Glen-L Marine (look in the classifieds of just about any sailing magazine). It covers pretty much all aspects of glass boat building. More technical, covers different resins and reinforcements, vacuum bagging, high tech as well as low tech, gel coats, laminating, etc. (mp). CHOICE YACHT DESIGNS, Richard Henderson, See comments on Beiser, The Proper Yacht. SAILING IN WINDY WEATHER, Richard Henderson, A good book on sailing in a half gale, but not a gale or a hurricane. (jfh). THE GOUGEON BROTHERS ON BOAT CONSTRUCTION, Gougeon Brothers Inc., Bay City, MI 1983. The best by far on cold molding. Lots of practical hints. Good safety (esp. WRT epoxy) and general/setup chapters. How to mix and use epoxy, how to engineer wood composite structures. (mp). DESIRABLE AND UNDESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS OF OFFSHORE YACHTS, ed. John Rousmaniere, Technical, but required reading for anyone choosing an offshore boat. This is a series of reports which were inspired by the Fastnet race disaster of 1979 and sponsored by the Cruising Club of America.(mh). THE SCIENCE OF YACTS WIND AND WATER, H. F. Kay, G. T. Foulis and Co Ltd 1971 Has most of the formulas you need, I guess. CHAPMAN'S PILOTING, SEAMANSHIP, AND SMALL BOAT HANDLING, Elbert S. Maloney, The bible of basic boating. Tons of good information, with perhaps a bit too much emphasis on flag etiquette, but otherwise excellent. Kept up to date by Elbert S. Maloney. (jh). DUTTON'S NAVIGATION AND PILOTING, Elbert S. Maloneyn, I 101 believe this used to be published by the Navy and used as text at Annapolis. (wh). AERO HYDRODYNAMICS OF SAILING, C. A. Marchaj, Adlard Coles Ltd. 1979 A complete update of the previous classic text. SAILING THEORY AND PRACTICE, C. A. Marchaj, Adlard Coles Ltd. 1964 A scientific analysis of the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic and other design factors wich define the yachts behaviour. SEAWORTHINESS: THE FORGOTTEN FACTOR, C. A. Marchaj, (International Marine Publishing Company of CAMDEN Maine), $34.95. This is the book on hull design. It is a nice melange of the artistic, political, academic, and technical, and Marchaj has a fine writing style. For boaters, all I can say is that most will find it very controversial. His precise and tightly argued passages on just why the modern racing yacht is neither seakindly nor seaworthy will have some, like myself, smugly nodding, and others, most racers, I guess, hopping mad. THE WORLD'S BEST SAILBOATS, Ferenc Mate', Even if you can't afford the boats in this book, it will give you some ideas of what to look for. Coffee-table format, glorious photography. Try not to drool on it.(mh). SURVEYING SMALL CRAFT, Ian Nicholson, How to evaluate a prospective purchase. Not a substitute for a professional survey, but very useful for preliminary work before making an offer.(mh). AMERICAN PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR (BOWDITCH), The US Hydrographic Office, (2 volumes) More than you would ever dream of wanting to know about navigation. Most of it is oriented towards big ships, but everything there is, is in there somewhere. No one will take you seriously unless you have Bowditch aboard.(mh). BUILD THE INSTANT BOATS, Hal Payson, Simple, often not-very-strong, boats.(jfh) Easy to build, and the ones with lots of curvature tend to be strong and stiff (paraphrased). (wv). BUILD THE NEW INSTANT BOATS, Hal Payson, See notes on previous book. FASTNET FORCE 10, John Rousmaniere, Fascinating, absolutely riveting book. It tells the story of the 79 Fastnet race from the perspective of the participants, by one of the participants. His story gives a different view than most of the general media reports, by somebody who was there.(mp). 102 THE ANNAPOLIS BOOK OF SEAMANSHIP, John Rousmaniere, Simon and Schuster, New York 1989. A complete and thorough guide to every aspect of sailboat handling by a leading expert in offshore sailing. Chapters include the boat and her environment, safety, navigation, and self-sufficiency.(mp). THE CRUISING NAVIGATOR, Hewett Schlereth, (4 volumes) A full course in basic celestial navigation plus a complete reference work on the subject with perpetual almanacs and sight reduction tables. No other references are required. As a self-teaching course, it is not perfect but it is very good (I learned from it). As a working reference, its only weakness is that it does not include the moon and planets (perpetual almanacs aren't practical for these bodies). Printed on waterproof paper with heavy covers. This set cost $100 and is now out of print. A used copy is a major find. Volume "00", SIGHT REDUCTION TABLES FOR SMALL BOAT NAVIGATION is a find in itself. This is a much more convenient set of tables than any of the standard sets (it is a condensed version of HO 229). Highly recommended.(mh). SKEENE'S ELEMENTS OF YACHT DESIGN., Norman Skene, An early classic. Also originally called "Elements of Yacht Design." Dodd, Mead and Co. First edition 1927, many later revisions and editions to the early 1950s. Out of print, first editions quite rare. A classic in the field. OFFSHORE CRUISING ENCYCLOPEDIA, Steve and Linda Dashew, Not an encyclopedia, but a tremendous collection of well informed opinion on every subject imaginable. Oriented towards larger (sail) boats and cost-no-object cruising, but it has something for everybody. Whether it is worth the tremendous price (about $70) is another matter.(mh). BOATBUILDING MANUAL, Robert Steward, The most concise book on wooden boat construction (including modern methods). Easy to read and understand. A standard reference.(mp). KNOTS, Brion Toss, A nice little basic introduction to the important knots and their use by a good writer.(mh). THE RIGGERS APPRENTICE, Brion Toss, The more sophisticated aspects of rope and lines.(mh). BOATBUILDING ONE-OFFS IN FIBERGLASS, Alan Vaitses, (I think it's now out of print). This one has so much wisdom per page it's worth looking for. Really a hands-on book, Vaitses made a living building glass boats for a long time, so he's made all the mistakes and knows what works and what doesn't.(mp). 103 THE OCEAN SAILING YACHT, Donald Street (2 volumes), The first volume is dated but covers the basics well. The second volume covers most of the same subjects in a more complete manner and from a more modern perspective. The volumes complement one another.(mh). THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SAILS, Tom Whidden, Not quite so technically inclined is "Sail Power (The Complete Guide to Sails and Sail Handling)" by Wallace Ross. 6.7 Films and videos EN PLEIN SOLEIL, Alain Delon in romantic trio on classic med sail yacht (?1962) (tl). BURDEN OF DREAMS, Film, About the making of Fitzcaraldo. FITZCARALDO, Film, Werner Herzog, director. SAILING AROUND THE HORN, Captain Irving Johnson, video This is a fantasic videotape. You can order it from the Mystic Seaport bookstore/gift catalog. Here in San Francisco, they have it for sale at the Maritime Museum bookstore. Capt. Johnson's film documents a rounding of the Horn in 1929 (?) aboard the "Peking", a 4-masted barque from the famous Laiesz stable of giant square-riggers. Amazingly, three of them still survive: "Pommern" at the Mariehamn Museum in the Aland Islands, "Peking" at the South Street Seaport in New York and "Padua" - still afloat as the Soviet training ship "Kruzenshtern". ANAPOLIS SAILING SCHOOL, John Rousmaniere, Five or six volumes on various aspects of sailing. A nice hands-on approach. I've only seen a couple of volumes, but I learned a *lot* in those two hours. THE SHAPE OF SPEED, TRIM FOR SPEED, North Sails, Very good. I believe the latter is the newer one. It is shot on a J-35 which I crew. A number of the "rock stars" from North sails are on the boat in a race. There is dialog between the crew "Do you think we need a little more halyard tension?" Then they alter the halyard tension while showing the sail change shape. They go through basically all the controls that affect sail shape.(cp). DRUM, Video, Sail around the world with the crew of Drum, the hard luck maxi owned in part by rock star Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran fame. Great sailing footage of the 1986 Whitbread Race, good music by 104 Le Bon. One of my favorite sailing videos. (wms). 6.8 Misc THE OXFORD COMPANION TO SHIPS AND THE SEA, ships An encyclodepia of nautical history and personalities.(sm). THE OXFORD BOOK OF THE SEA, An anthology of maritime literature.(sm). MEALS ON KEELS, Bluewater Cruising Association, Cookbook from local cruising ass'n in Vancouver. (dk2). THE SAILING YACHT, Juan Baader, Out of print but shows up on used book lists occasionally. Comprehensive treatment of all aspects of sailing, lavishly illustrated. VOYAGING UNDER POWER (3RD EDITION), Robert Beebe, The only book I know of about long range cruising in small (50 feet/15 meters or less) power yachts. The author has designed and built several such boats and taken them all over the world. (mh). SELL UP AND SAIL, Bill and Laurel Cooper, This book is hard to describe. It begins with the question of whether you are cut out for long distance cruising and then proceeds to a lot of varied topics which aren't covered very well elsewhere. Laurel Cooper's sections on galley work and provisioning are among the best I have seen. Very British and sometimes startlingly irreverent. Useful and a good read.(mh). MANAGING YOUR ESCAPE, Katy Burke, How to arrange your life so that it does not require your presence. Oriented towards cruising but applicable to anyone wanting to pursue a freedom lifestyle.(mh). THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SAILBOAT BUYING, The editors of Practical Sailor, Two volumes, one covering the general subject of buying a boat, the other reprinting many of the PS boat review articles. The best general coverage of the topic. An earlier version called PRACTICAL BOAT BUYING is still in print. This is a single paperback volume.(mh) THE COMPLETE LIVE-ABOARD BOOK by Katy Burke. Every aspect of living aboard a boat, technical and otherwise. This is also a good guide to choosing a boat from the livability standpoint. Highly recommended.(mh). 105 COOKING ON THE GO, Janet Groene, A complete cookbook which does not require refrigeration. Includes extensive information on long-term storage of foods, as for a major passage.(mh). Microcruising and Microcruisers / under sail, Pete Hodgins, Not yet published, but written by a rec.boater; probably available from him in some pre-print form at aw103@freenet.carleton.ca (jfh). SELF-STEERING FOR SAILING CRAFT, John Jr. Letcher, Out of print and hard to find. Theory and practice from an accomplished designer and sailor. THE WIND COMMANDS, Harry A. Morton, A history of sea-faring people and vessels from polynesian canoes to clipper ships with an emphasis on Pacific voyages and what was needed to make them. Morton discusses pivotal developments in ship design, navigation, maratime medicine which enabled ships to cross the Pacific, as well as the culture and lore of the sea. I didn't care for the writing style and organization. The book has an excellent bibliography. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF THE OFFSHORE CREW, Lin Pardey, The domestic side of offshore boatkeeping. Covers much more than galley topics and tells a good cruising story along the way.(mh). ROYCE'S SAILING ILLUSTRATED, Royce, A compact little book with a lot of info in it, including descriptions and pictures of sloops, schooners, marconi rigs, gaff rigs, etc., in other words, a general intro to the styles of boats that are around (although it doesn't get into the distinctions between a brig and a bark, etc., but these rarely come up in day-to-day harbor scans). THE ONE POT MEAL, Hannah G. Scheel., Not intended for boat use, but probably the most practical boat or RV cookbook around. I've used this since my college days. Probably out of print, but worth looking for.(mh). A FIELD GUIDE TO SAILBOATS, unknown, Or is it "a field guide to boats"? This little book lists about 250 types of boats, from Dyer Dhows up to Columbia 50s. They are mostly ones that are in current production, and some of them are so painful to the eye that you want to know their names only in order to avoid them. Each page gives a drawing of the boat, with arrows pointing to distinctive features, and a long paragraph of text describing the boat. There's also basic info like tankage, sail area, displacement, length overall, waterline length, etc. (jfh). THE YACHTING COOKBOOK, Elizabeth Wheeler and Jennifer 106 Trainer, The only coffee-table cookbook I know of. Contains some of the best recipes I have found anywhere, all easy to prepare. I use it at home more than on the boat. This is for coastal cruising, based on regional ingredients. Wheeler is a charterboat cook.(mh). 7 List of Contributors Here is a list of the people who contributed to the information above. 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