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Subject: rec.boats Frequently Asked Questions (Part 4 of 5)

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COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, Clare Francis, A very small woman racing single-handed across the Atlantic. COME WIND OR WEATHER, Clare Francis, 1979 She skippers a Swan 65 in the Whitbread. MATE IN SAIL, James Gaby, Reminiscences of a lifetime in square-rigged sail by an Australian shipmaster. (sm). MASTER OF THE MOVING SEA, Gladys Gowlland, The memoirs of Peter Mathieson, ship captain, compiled by his daughter-in-law. (sm). DOVE, Robin Lee Graham, Graham set off at the age of 16 to sail around the world alone in a 24 foot Ranger sloop. He returned several years later as a young married man in a Luders 33. He and his wife then dropped out, built a lean-to in the mountains somewhere and raised a daughter named Quimby (no kidding), and later a son called Benjamin. His story was also 68 chronicled in a series of National Geographic articles in the late 60's that fueled a good many of my youthful fantasies.(wms, with help from gv). WANDERER, Sterling Hayden, Hayden's Autobiography. (gm). THE SEA GETS BLUER, Peter Heaton, 1965 A good survey of cruising and circumnavigation literature. CRUISING UNDER SAIL, Eric Hiscock, (3rd edition, including "Voyaging Under Sail"). Still the "Bible" even though it is now dated. This book has more useful information on every possible aspect of cruising and voyaging than any other source. It could also come under several other categories in this listing as it covers everything from basic boat design to celestial navigation. A book I wouldn't sail without. AT ONE WITH THE SEA, Naomi James, 1978 A young woman single-handing a rather large boat while her husband skippered in the Whitbread. Naomi James was the first woman to sail single-handed around the world via Cape Horn. The voyage began from Dartmouth in September 1977, and ended in June 1978 (after 272 days). Her book of the voyage is "At One with the Sea", published in NZ by Hutchison (ISBN 0 09 138440 0). The book is a damn good read. I strongly recommend it. NO PARTICULAR TITLE, Tristan Jones, All his books are good. ONE HAND FOR YOURSELF, ONE FOR THE SHIP, Tristan Jones, The best book on singlehanding. Jones is opinionated and eccentric to say the least, and old fashioned as well. He is a sailor of vast experience, however, and has many good ideas. TITLE UNKNOWN, Robin Knox-Johnson. NO PARTICULAR TITLE, Larry and Lin Pardey, All of their books are pretty informative. ALL IN THE SAME BOAT AND STILL IN THE SAME BOAT, Paul Howard Fiona McCall, late 80's Excellent story of family of four circumnavigating in a 30' steel junk-rigged boat. SHACKELTON'S BOAT JOURNEY, E.F. Middleton, The most remarkable small-boat journey you'll ever read about. Understated writing style emphasizes the enormity of the trip. THE BOAT WHO WOULDN'T FLOAT, Farley Mowat, Newfoundland Experiences(tl). THE-GREY-SEAS-UNDER, Farley Mowat, WWII Tugboats, N. 69 Atlantic(tl). THE LAST GRAIN RACE, Eric Newby, Story of a Cape Horn passage aboard the giant four-masted barque Moshulu in 1938. Recently reprinted by International Marine.(sm). ONE WATCH AT A TIME, Skip Novack, Novack was the skipper of Drum during the 1986 Whitbread and this is the whole story from the time the boat was bought by rock star Simon Le Bon and his managers to the fitting out, the Fastnet Race disaster in which Drum lost her keel and capsized, the Whitbread where she began to fall apart during a storm, and ultimate third overall finish. A good read with lots of color photographs. (wms). PASSAGEMAKING HANDBOOK, John Rains and Patricia Miller, The nuts and bolts of preparing for a long passage. Oriented toward delivery work but applicable to any kind of offshore cruising, especially that first trip. Highly recommended. SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA, Dougal Robertson. CRUISING: A MANUAL FOR SMALL CRUISER SAILING, J.D. Sleightholme, From the introduction: "A broad look at the techniques involved in sailing small modern family cruisers of between 20 and 30 feet.(gm). SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD, Joshua Slocum, 1899 A great classic, beautifully written. (Make sure it's the full version). JOSHUA SLOCUM, Walter Teller, 1956,1971 Biography of Slocum. I think it illuminates and enriches one's reading of the above. THE MYSTERIOUS LAST VOYAGE OF DONALD CROWHURST,, unknown, The style is not particularly riveting, but the story is. It all starts with the discovery of the "Teignmouth Electron," Crowhurst's boat, in the Atlantic, with no one aboard. He had set out in the boat some time earlier in a single-handed round-the-world race. The book details a reasonable theory about what might have happened, and it makes a fascinating story.(jh, tl). BY WAY OF CAPE HORN, Alan Villiers, A tragic voyage from Australia to England in the fully-rigged ship Grace Harwar in 1929. All of Villiers' books can be safely recommended, especially his autobiography "The Set of the Sails". (sm). 70 6.3 Sailboat Racing PAUL ELVSTROM EXPLAINS THE YACHT RACING RULES, Paul Elvstrom, An explanation of racing rules, with examples of common situations. It is supposed to be very useful for non-experts, especially for preparing for protest hearings. (sc). SMALL BOAT, DINGHY, AND YACHT RACING, Paul Elvstrom, ...now (I think) out of print, but available in libraries. It's not "Elvstrom Speaks on Yacht Racing," which is also good, but not what you want. Written in the 60's, it's a bit dated in some ways and timeless in the things that count. And the pictures are great! Anyway, it has a lot on basic boat handling skills which doesn't get said in other places. It's where I learned things like speeding up to gybe, rather than wimping out and slowing down. I used to look at the book, then take my OK Dinghy out and try what he suggested, and I usually found that it worked. (gb1). SPEED SAILING, Gary Jobson and Mike Toppa. SAILING SMART, Buddy Melges. DAVE PERRY'S RULE BOOK, Dave Perry. WINNING IN ONE DESIGNS, Dave Perry. INTERNATIONAL YACHT RACING RULES, US Sailing, Updated and published every four years in the US by US Sailing. Provided free to US Sailing members. Both full editions and an abridged competitors edition are available from US Sailing.(sc). FAST COURSE, SMART COURSE, North Sails, Tips on how to go FAST, and racing tactics. North also has a companion video which is execlent. Best video choice are the J World tapes. DINGHY TEAM RACING, Eric Twiname, ISBN = 8129-0235-1. Quadrangle books, Chicago, 1971. Twiname is one of my favorite writers on small boat racing, it was a real loss when he was killed in a car crash some 15 (?) years ago. Don't know if the book is still in print.(pk). EXPERT DINGHY AND KEELBOAT RACING, unknown, (wh). ADVANCED RACING TACTICS, Stuart Walker, Norton 1976 ISBN 0-393-30333-0 Described as "the one book to read" but also as "ponderous and dry". 71 CHAMPIONSHIP TACTICS, Whidden and Jobson, An excellent choice. You can buy a copy from your local North Loft. 6.4 Maintenance PRACTICAL YACHT JOINERY, Fred P. Bingham, How to butcher wood, whether you have only hand tools, portable power tools, or a full shop.(mh). UPGRADING AND REFURBISHING THE OLDER FIBERGLASS SAILBOAT, W.D. Booth., A good general discussion of the topic with many useful ideas. SHIPSHAPE AND BRISTOL FASHION, L.R. Borland, Some of the slickest little boat project ideas I've ever seen. Out of print but worth looking for. BOATOWNER'S MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL MANUAL, Nigel Calder, The most comprehensive and practical repair manual available. This book has been a lifesaver for me in overhauling an older boat. One of the books I would not sail without.(mh). MARINE DIESEL ENGINES, Nigel Calder, A good basic introduction to diesels, although much of it concerns powerboats.(mh). REFRIGERATION FOR PLEASURE BOATS, Nigel Calder, A complete discussion of marine refrigeration systems, theory and practice. This is for the person who wants to build one up from components.(mh). THIS OLD BOAT, Don Casey, Some of the most detailed instructions I've seen for basic restoration and upgrading procedures, including hand painting with Polyurethane paints. Assumes you know nothing.(mh). PROPELLER HANDBOOK, Dave Gerr, Covers the arcane business of choosing the right propeller for your boat. Gerr demonstrates two different approaches to predicting propeller performance, a simple method suitable for boat owners and a much more complex approach more suitable to naval architects. Requires basic algebra.(mh). BOATOWNER'S ENERGY PLANNER, Kevin and Nan Jeffrey, A very basic introduction to electrical systems with a lot of solid information about various options, including some brand-name comparisons. Assumes you know nothing about electricity.(mh). 72 THE FINELY FITTED YACHT, Farenc Mate', Another large collection of nice improve-your-boat projects, mostly involving the living accommodations.(mh). COMFORT IN THE CRUISING YACHT CUSTOMIZING YOUR BOAT IMPROVE YOUR OWN BOAT, Ian Nicolson, Bunches of nifty project ideas for improving a boat.(mh). FIBERGLASS REPAIRS, Paul J. Petrick, This book is really good. Back in the 60's I sold fiberglassing materials and advised people how to use them (I did do *some* work myself) and I think Petrick really knows what he is talking about.(bs). CRUISING IN COMFORT, James Skoog, Cost-no-object approach, but many good ideas. LIVING ON 12 VOLTS, David Smead and Ruth Ishihara, A very detailed analysis of 12 volt electrical systems and components. It also contains much useful information about refrigeration systems as well. Best if you already know basic electrical theory and construction.(mh). SPURR'S BOAT BOOK, Dan Spurr, Lots of ideas, illustrated by the upgrading of a Pearson Vanguard. Includes repowering, which is intriguing. (jfh). UPGRADING THE CRUISING SAILBOAT, Daniel Spurr, Very good advice on overhauling an older boat. Spurr did extensive upgrades on a Triton and a Vanguard, two good low priced boats for offshore cruising, and also has many other good project suggestions. (mh). MODERN BOAT MAINTENANCE, Bo Streiffert, A large collection of project and explanatory articles with more illustration than text. It covers a remarkable range of topics and some rather complex projects. Good for the person who already knows the basic techniques. This appears to have been published originally in Sweden.(mh). MACHINIST'S HANDBOOK, unknown. PIPEFITTER'S HANDBOOK, unknown. 6.5 Fiction SHIP OF GOLD, Thomas B. Allen, thriller: CIA, Pentagon, sunken ship. 73 HOME IS THE SAILOR, Jorge Amado, the Whole Truth concerning the Redoubtful Adventures of Captain Vasco Moscoso de Aragao, Master Mariner. THE GOLDEN KEEL, Desmond Bagley, smuggling gold as the keel of a yacht. SABATICAL, John Barth, 1982. TIDEWATER TALES, John Barth, 1987. THE LAST VOYAGE OF SOMEBODY THE SAILOR, John Barth, 1991. THE TINFISH RUN, Ronald Bassett. THE CRUISE OF THE BREADWINNER, H. E. Bates, 1946, WW II fishing boat on patrol. DUEL, John Baxter. REGATTA ?, John Baxter. THE BLACK YACHT, John Baxter. THE CHALLENGE AND THE GLORY, John Baxter. AROUND THE WORLD SUBMERGED, Edward Beach, nonfiction. DUST ON THE SEA, Edward Beach. NAVAL TERMS DICTIONARY, Edward Beach, nonfiction. NOTE ON BEACH, Edward Beach, submarine officer from WWII to nuclear era, Captain of Triton on the round-the-world-submerged run, and a good writer. RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, Edward Beach, classic WW II Pacific submarine action. SUBMARINE!, Edward Beach. GOLDEN FLEECE, Jack Becklund. JAWS, Peter Benchley, 1974. TO BUILD A SHIP, Don Berry, 1963, building a ship in the wilderness on 74 Tillamook Bay in the early pioneer days. LIGHTSHIP, Archie Binns, 1934, Lives of the crew of a lightship off the northwest coast. CHARCO HARBOUR, Godfrey Blunden, 1968, A novel of unknown seas and a fabled passaged with coral reefs and magnetical islands, of shipwreck and a lonely haven; the true story of the last of the great navigators, his bark, and the men in her. BLUE SLOOP AT DAWN, Richard Bode, Small boat sailing off Long Island, from to the "sloop of dreams". THE WHALE OF THE VICTORIA CROSS, Pierre Boulle, During the Falkland Is. a whale, first mistaken for a submarine, becomes a hero. DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER, William Brinkley, WW II comedy. THE 99, William Brinkley, LST supports allied landings in Italy. THE LAST SHIP, William Brinkley, US destroyer survives nuclear war. RUN TO THE LEE, Kenneth F. Brooks, 1965, Chesapeake oyster schooner; a blizzard. THE BOAT, Lothar Gunther Buchheim, WWII German submarine; very authentic. WHERE IS JOE MERCHANT?, Jimmy Buffett. TALES OF MARGARITAVILLE, Jimmy Buffett, 1989. DESPERATE VOYAGE, John Caldwell, 1949. A FLOCK OF SHIPS, Brian Callison. A PLAGUE OF SAILERS, Brian Callison. SEXTANT, Brian Callison. A SHIP IS DYING, Brian Callison. THE JUDAS SHIP, Brian Callison, WW II tale. TRAPP AND WW III, Brian Callison. TRAPP'S CROCODILE, Brian Callison. 75 TRAPP'S PEACE, Brian Callison. TRAPP'S WAR, Brian Callison, all the Trapp books are humorous. A WEB OF SALVAGE, Brian Callison. THE WHITE SHIP, Ian Cameron, Treasure hunt in the S. Sandwich islands. THE AMPHORAE PIRATES, Lou Cameron, Diving for ancient treasures off Greece. SPARTINA, John Casey, Only partly about boats. Very much about people who work with boats for a living. THE DEVIL'S VOYAGE, Jack L. Chalker, 1981, fictionalized account of USS Indianapolis' sinking. CAPTAIN ADAM, Donald B Chidsey, 18th century nautical adventure. RIDDLE OF THE SANDS, Erskine Childers, No list of fiction would be complete without mentioning that first and greatest of all spy tales, Erskine Childers' RIDDLE OF THE SANDS (which was also made into an excellent film available on video. Lots of sailing...). Erskine Childers was later himself shot as a spy in Ireland and his son became Ireland's second President after Eamonn de Valera. (fm. NOTE ON CHILDERS, Erskine Childers, 1903, See also biography The Riddle of Erskine Childers, by Andrew Boyle, 1977. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, Tom Clancy, nuclear submarine hunt. COLLINS TITLES UNKNOWN, Warwick Collins, America's Cup trilogy. MIRROR OF THE SEA, Joseph Conrad, nonfiction; very good. NOTE ON CONRAD, Joseph Conrad, twenty years under sail and steam; a top English writer. THE HEART OF DARKNESS, Joseph Conrad. WITHIN THE TIDES, Joseph Conrad, tales. NIGGER OF THE NARCISSUS, Joseph Conrad, 1897. LORD JIM, Joseph Conrad, 1900. 76 YOUTH, Joseph Conrad, 1902. TYPHOON, Joseph Conrad, 1903. THE SECRET SHARER, Joseph Conrad, 1910. THE SHADOW LINE, Joseph Conrad, 1916 or 1917. AFLOAT AND ASHORE, James Fenimore Cooper. NOTE ON COOPER, James Fenimore Cooper, Cooper's sea tales are supposed to be much better than his famous frontiersmen stuff. THE PILOT, James Fenimore Cooper. TWO ADMIRALS, A TALE OF THE SEA, James Fenimore Cooper. THE RED ROVER, James Fenimore Cooper, 1850. KILLER'S WAKE, Bernard Cornwell. SEA LORD, Bernard Cornwell. WILDTRACK, Bernard Cornwell. CRACKDOWN, Bernard Cornwell, 1990. STORM CHILD, Bernard Cornwell, 1991. CYCLOPS, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. DEEP SIX, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. DRAGON, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. ICEBERG, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. RAISE THE TITANIC!, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. THE MEDITERRANEAN CAPER, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. TREASURE, Clive Cussler, modern thriller. NOTE ON DE HARTOG, Jan de Hartog, de Hartog sailed as mate in Dutch ocean-going tugboats. THE LOST SEA, Jan de Hartog, about the Zuyder Zee. 77 THE DISTANT SHORE, A STORY OF THE SEA, Jan de Hartog, 1952. THE CALL OF THE SEA, Jan de Hartog, 1966, collection. THE CAPTAIN, Jan de Hartog, 1966, Dutch salvage tug accompanies WW II Murmansk convoys. CAPTAIN JAN, Jan de Hartog, 1976, Fiction? Nautical? THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT, Jan de Hartog, 1983, Escape from the Japanese in Indonesia during WW II. STAR OF PEACE : A NOVEL OF THE SEA, Jan de Hartog, 1984, aging freighter full of Jews flees Nazis. THE COMMODORE : A NOVEL OF THE SEA, Jan de Hartog, 1986, The "captain", now 70, finds himself towing a giant oil rig to Singapore. THE LIFE ADVENTURES AND PYRACIES OF THE FAMOUS CAPTAIN SINGLETON, Daniel Defoe, 1728. THE LIFE AND STRANGE SURPRISING ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE, MARINER, Daniel Defoe, ca. 1726. VOYAGE OF THE DEVILFISH, Micha DiMercurio, 1992, Near-future submarine clash. AWAY ALL BOATS, Kenneth Dodson, 1954, WW II attack in the Pacific; on video. CAPTAIN SHARKEY: HOW THE GOVERNMENT OF ST. KITT'S CAME HOME, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. DEATH VOYAGE, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. HOW COPLEY BANKS SLEW CAPTAIN SHARKEY, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. J. HABAKUK JEPHSON'S STATEMENT, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. JELLAND'S VOYAGE, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. PIRATE STORIES, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THAT LITTLE SQUARE BOX, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. 78 THE BLIGHTING OF SHARKEY, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE CAPTAIN OF THE "POLESTAR", Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE DEALINGS OF CAPTAIN SHARKEY WITH STEVEN CRADDOCK, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE FATE OF THE EVANGELINE, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE FIEND OF THE COOPERAGE, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE "SLAPPING SAL", Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE STRIPED CHEST, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. THE TRAGEDY OF "FLOWERY LAND", Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. TOUCH AND GO: A MIDSHIPMAN'S STORY, Arthur Conan Doyle, short story. DAUNTLESS, Alan Evans, WW I cruiser in the Med. HAAKON HAAKONSEN, O. V. Falck-Ytter. ADMIRAL HORNBLOWER IN THE WEST INDIES, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 5/1821 - 10/1823. AFRICAN QUEEN, C.S. Forester, steam launch on African river. BEAT TO QUARTERS, C.S. Forester, Hornblower (U.K.: The Happy Return) 6/08 - 10/08. BROWN ON RESOLUTION, C.S. Forester, Marooned Britsh sailor takes on WW II. COMMODORE HORNBLOWER, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 5/12 - 10/12. FLYING COLORS, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 11/10 - 6/11. GERMAN RAIDER, C.S. Forester, Single-handed, film title Sailor of the King. GOLD FROM CRETE, C.S. Forester, WW II stories. 79 HORNBLOWER AND THE ATROPOS, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 12/05 - 1/08. HORNBLOWER AND THE HOTSPUR, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 4/03 - 7/05. HORNBLOWER DURING THE CRISIS, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 1805. LIEUTENANT HORNBLOWER, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 5/1800 - 4/1803. LORD HORNBLOWER, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 10/13- 5/14. MR. MIDSHIPMAN HORNBLOWER, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 6/1794 - 4/1798. NOTE ON FORESTER, C.S. Forester, Prior to Patrick O'Brian, regarded as the uniquely satisfying novelist on naval life in the Napoleanic period. Also wrote several histories. This is not E.M. Forster, another British author. SHIP OF THE LINE, C.S. Forester, Hornblower 5/10 - 10/10. THE CAPTAIN FROM CONNECTICUT, C.S. Forester, U.S. frigate captain ca. 1812. THE EARTHLY PARADISE, C.S. Forester, Columbus. THE GOOD SHEPARD, C.S. Forester, WW II convoy. THE LAST NINE DAYS OF THE BISMARCK, C.S. Forester, fictional conversations. THE MAN IN THE YELLOW RAFT, C.S. Forester, WW II stories. THE SHIP, C.S. Forester, WW II British cruiser. THE HAND OF DESTINY, C.S. Forester, 1940, Hornblower short story Colliers November 23. HORNBLOWER AND HIS MAJESTY, C.S. Forester, 1941, Hornblower short story, Colliers march. HORNBLOWER'S CHARITABLE OFFERING, C.S. Forester, 1941, Hornblower short story, Argosy UK may. THE HORNBLOWER COMPANION, C.S. Forester, 1964. 80 ASIA RIP, George Foy. CHALLENGE, George Foy, 12 meters. COASTER, George Foy. PYRATES, George McDonald Fraser, comic spoof of Hollywood sea movies. FIDDLER'S GREEN, Ernest Gann, 1950, West coast US commercial fishing. TWILIGHT FOR THE GODS, Ernest Gann, 1956, The High and the Mighty goes to sea. The movie of this one starred Gann's own barkentine. SONG OF THE SIRENS, Ernest Gann, 1968, Gann's nautical autobiography is a good read too. HATTERAS LIGHT, Philip Gerard, lighthouse keeper's story. DEAD RUN, Tony Gibbs, (gm). LANDFALL, Tony Gibbs, One of Gibbs' excellent thrillers about boats. Blood Orange is another, and also quite good. (jh). RUNNING FIX, Tony Gibbs, (gm). GLENCANNON AFLOAT, Guy Gilpatric. NOTE ON GLENCANNON, Guy Gilpatric, The Glencannon stories feature a Scots Chief Engineer on steamers, a common character of late 19th to early 20th century marine life. These stories are set in this century, approximately contemporary to the time they were written. THE GENTLEMAN WITH THE WALRUS MUSTACHE, Guy Gilpatric. THE SECOND GLENCANNON OMNIBUS, Guy Gilpatric. THE GLENCANNON OMNIBUS, Guy Gilpatric, 1937, includes Scotch and Water, Half Seas Over, and Three Sheets in the Wind. ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC, Guy Gilpatric, 1943. THE CANNY MR. GLENCANNON, Guy Gilpatric, 1948, 10 short stories. GLENCANNON MEETS TUGBOAT ANNIE, Guy Gilpatric, 1956. 81 BEST OF GLENCANNON, Guy Gilpatric, 1968, 22 short stories. FIRE DOWN BELOW, William Golding. PINCHER MARTIN THE TWO DEATHS OF CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, William Golding, 1956, Torpedoed RN officer washes up on a barren rock in the middle of the Atlantic. Strange Rites of Passage. DELILAH, Marcus Goodrich, 1941, Life on an early US destroyer. MR. ROBERTS, Thomas Haggenn, 1946. ESCAPE FROM JAVA, Harvey Haislip, WW II destroyer crew flees Japanese. MONA PASSAGE, Donald Hamilton. WANDERER, Sterling Hayden, autobiographical; a better book than Voyage. VOYAGE: A NOVEL OF 1896, Sterling Hayden, 1976. THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, Ernest Hemingway. THE CRIMSON WIND, Max Hennessy, pirates? THE LION AT SEA, Max Hennessy, WW I naval adventure. BLACK VULMEA'S VENGEANCE AND OTHER TALES OF PIRATES, Robert E. Howard, 1976. A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA, OR, THE INNOCENT VOYAGE, Richard A Hughes, pirates inadvertently kidnap children; made into a movie. THE GUN, Victor Hugo, what a loose cannon on deck can do. CRUISE OF DANGER, Hammond Innes. SOLOMON'S SEAL, Hammond Innes. THE BLACK TIDE, Hammond Innes. THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE, Hammond Innes, A freighter,apparently unmanned, nearly runs down a sailboat in the Englishchannel with a gale rising; that's in the first two pages.Remarkable descriptions of the Minquiers, a reef off the coast of France. 82 WRECKERS MUST BREATHE, Hammond Innes. ATLANTIC FURY, Hammond Innes, 1962. STRODE VENTURER, Hammond Innes, 1965. THE LAST VOYAGE: CAPTAIN COOK'S LOST DIARY, Hammond Innes, 1979. A SCENT OF SEA, Geoffry Jenkins. THE WATERING PLACE OF GOOD PEACE, Geoffry Jenkins. THREE MEN IN A BOAT, NOT TO MENTION THE DOG, Jerome K. Jerome, ca. 1900, classic comedy of a camping trip in a Thames skiff. SAILOR, Richard Jessup, 20th century merchant marine tale. THE DOG WATCH, Ted Jones. BEYOND THE REEF, Alexander Kent. COLOURS ALOFT!, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1803. COMMAND A KING'S SHIP, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1784. ENEMY IN SIGHT!, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1794. FORM LINE OF BATTLE!, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1793. HONOR THIS DAY, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1804. IN GALLANT COMPANY, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1777. MIDSHIPMAN BOLITHO AND THE AVENGER, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1773. NOTE ON KENT, Alexander Kent, Alexander Kent is a pseudonym for Douglas Reeman. 18th century British naval action. PASSAGE TO MUTINY, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1789. RICHARD BOLITHO - MIDSHIPMAN, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1772. SIGNAL - CLOSE ACTION!, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1798. SLOOP OF WAR, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1778. 83 STAND INTO DANGER, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1774. SUCCESS TO THE BRAVE, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1802. THE DARKENING SEA, Alexander Kent. THE FLAG CAPTAIN, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1795. THE INSHORE SQUADRON, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1800. THE ONLY VICTOR, Alexander Kent. TO GLORY WE STEER, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1782. A TRADITION OF VICTORY, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho 1801. WITH ALL DISPATCH, Alexander Kent, Richard Bolitho. CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS, Rudyard Kipling, 1896. BILL KNOX, Michael Kirk. CARGO RISK, Michael Kirk. MAYDAY FROM MALAGA, Michael Kirk, nautical? SALVAGE JOB, Michael Kirk. BLOODTIDE, Bill Knox. BLUEBACK., Bill Knox. BOMBSHIP, Bill Knox. DEAD MAN'S MOORING, Bill Knox. DRAGONSHIP, Bill Knox. FIGUREHEAD, Bill Knox, nautical? HELLSPOUT, Bill Knox, nautical? LIVE BAIT, Bill Knox. SEAFIRE, Bill Knox. STORM TIDE, Bill Knox. 84 WAVECREST, Bill Knox. WHITEWATER, Bill Knox. WITCHROCK, Bill Knox. THE FRENCH ADMIRAL, Dewey Lambdin, 1780. THE GUN KETCH, Dewey Lambdin, 1786. THE KING'S COAT, Dewey Lambdin, 1780. THE KING'S COMMISSION, Dewey Lambdin. THE KING'S PRIVATEER, Dewey Lambdin. CAPTAIN KIDD'S CAT, ETC., Robert Lawson, 1956, <500 character subtitle cut> as narrated by his faithful cat. DEADEYE, Sam Llewellyn. DEATHROLL, Sam Llewellyn. RIPTIDE, Sam Llewellyn. DEAD RECKONING, Sam Llewellyn, 1987. SEA STORY, Sam Llewellyn, 1987. BLOOD KNOT, Sam Llewellyn, 1991. THE SEA WOLF, Jack London. TALES OF THE FISH PATROL, Jack London, 1905, oyster pirates on SF bay, lots of small boat sailing. THE MUTINY OF THE ELSINORE, Jack London, 1914. SOUTH SEA TALES, Jack London, 1939. BRIGHT ORANGE FOR THE SHROUD, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 06. CINNAMON SKIN, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 20. DARKER THAN AMBER, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 07. DEADLY SHADE OF GOLD, A, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 05. 85 DEEP BLUE GOODBYE, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 01. DREADFUL LEMON SKY, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 16. DRESS HER IN INDIGO, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 11. EMPTY COPPER SEA, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 17. FREE FALL IN CRIMSON, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 19. GIRL IN THE PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 10. GREEN RIPPER, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 18. LONELY SILVER RAIN, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 21. LONG LAVENDER LOOK, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 12. NIGHTMARE IN PINK, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 02. NOTE ON TRAVIS MCGEE, John D. MacDonald, of the Travis McGee series, some have considerable sea/boating action; others are only peripherally about boating. McGee lives on a houseboat in Ft. LauderDamnDale. ONE FEARFUL YELLOW EYE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 08. PALE GRAY FOR GUILT, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 09. PURPLE PLACE FOR DYING, A, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 03. QUICK RED FOX, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 04. SCARLET RUSE, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 14. SHADES OF TRAVIS MCGEE, John D. MacDonald. TAN AND SANDY SILENCE, A, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 13. TURQUOISE LAMENT, THE, John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee 15. THE LAST ONE LEFT, John D. MacDonald, 1967. SEAWITCH, Alistair MacLean. SOUTH BY JAVA HEAD, Alistair MacLean. 86 H.M.S. ULYSSES, Alistair MacLean, 1955. FRANK MILDMAY, Frederick Marryat. 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