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Bit --- "bit" is a collection of newsgroups which are being distributed by a collection of sites that choose to carry them. The "bit" newsgroups are redistributions of the more popular BitNet LISTSERV mailing lists. Here is a list of the "bit" newsgroups: bit.admin bit Newgroups Discussions. bit.general Discussions Relating to BitNet/Usenet. bit.lang.neder-l Dutch Language and Literature List. (Moderated) bit.listproc.stockphoto Stock Photography Industry. (Moderated) bit.listserv.2000ad-l Talk 2000 Forum. (Moderated) bit.listserv.9370-l IBM 9370 and VM/IS specific topics List. bit.listserv.ada-law ADA Law Discussions. bit.listserv.advanc-l Geac Advanced Integrated Library System Users. bit.listserv.advise-l User Services List. bit.listserv.aect-l AECT Issues Discussion List. bit.listserv.aera American Educational Research Association. (Moderated) bit.listserv.aix-l IBM AIX Discussion List. bit.listserv.albanian Albanian Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.allmusic Discussions on all forms of Music. bit.listserv.apple2-l Apple II List. bit.listserv.arie-l RLG Ariel Document Transmission Group. bit.listserv.arlis-l Art and Architecture Librarianship. (Moderated) bit.listserv.ashe-l Higher Ed Policy and Research. (Moderated) bit.listserv.asis-l American Society for Information Science. bit.listserv.asm370 IBM 370 Assembly Programming Discussions. bit.listserv.atlas-l Library Automation System. bit.listserv.authorware Authorware Profession Authoring Program. bit.listserv.autism Autism List. bit.listserv.autocat Library Cataloging and Authorities List. bit.listserv.axslib-l Library Access for People with Disabilities. bit.listserv.banyan-l Banyan Vines Network Software Discussions. bit.listserv.basque-l Basque Culture List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.berita News about Malaysia and Singapore. (Moderated) bit.listserv.berita.d Discussions about bit.listserv.berita. (Moderated) bit.listserv.bgrass-l Bluegrass Music List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.big-lan Campus-Size LAN Discussion Group. bit.listserv.billing Chargeback of computer resources. bit.listserv.biomch-l Biomechanics List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.blindnws Blindness Issues and Discussions. (Moderated) bit.listserv.blues-l Blues Music List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.bosnet Bosnia News. (Moderated) bit.listserv.buslib-l Business Libraries List. bit.listserv.calc-ti Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator List. bit.listserv.candle-l Candle Products Discussion List. bit.listserv.catala Catalan Discussion List. bit.listserv.catholic Free Catholics Mailing List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cdromlan CD-ROM on Local Area Networks. bit.listserv.celiac Celiac Disease. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cfs.newsletter Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Newsletter. (Moderated) bit.listserv.christia Practical Christian Life. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cics-l CICS Discussion List. bit.listserv.cinema-l Discussions on all forms of Cinema. bit.listserv.circplus Circulation Reserve and Related Library Issues. bit.listserv.clayart Ceramics Discussions. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cloaks-daggers Study of Intelligence. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cmspip-l VM/SP CMS Pipelines Discussion List. bit.listserv.coco Tandy Color Computer List. bit.listserv.confocal Confocal Microscopy List. bit.listserv.conyers Conyers Apparition List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.croatia Croatian News. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cumrec-l CUMREC-L Administrative computer use. (Moderated) bit.listserv.cw-email Campus-Wide E-mail Discussion List. bit.listserv.cwis-l Campus-Wide Information Systems. bit.listserv.cyber-l CDC Computer Discussion. bit.listserv.c370-l C/370 Discussion List. bit.listserv.dasig Database Administration. bit.listserv.db2-l DB2 Data Base Discussion List. bit.listserv.deaf-l Deaf List. bit.listserv.dectei-l DECUS Education Software Library Discussions. bit.listserv.devel-l Technology Transfer in International Development. bit.listserv.devmedia Media for Development and Democracy. (Moderated) bit.listserv.disarm-l Disarmament Discussion List. bit.listserv.dorothyl Mystery Literature Lovers. (Moderated) bit.listserv.down-syn Downs Syndrome Discussion Group. bit.listserv.dsshe-l Disabled Student Services in Higer Education. bit.listserv.e-europe Eastern Europe Business Network. (Moderated) bit.listserv.easi Computer Access for Persons with Disabilities. bit.listserv.edi-l Electronic Data Interchange Issues. bit.listserv.edpolyan Educational Policy Analysis Forum. (Moderated) bit.listserv.edtech EDTECH - Educational Technology. (Moderated) bit.listserv.edusig-l EDUSIG Discussions. bit.listserv.envbeh-l Forum on Environment and Human Behavior. bit.listserv.ethics-l Discussion of Ethics in Computing. bit.listserv.euearn-l Eastern Europe List. bit.listserv.fire-l Fire Fighting Discussions. (Moderated) bit.listserv.fnord-l New Ways of Thinking List. bit.listserv.free-l Fathers Rights and Equality Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.games-l Computer Games List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.gaynet GayNet Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.geodesic List for the Discussion of Buckminster Fuller. bit.listserv.geograph Geography List. bit.listserv.govdoc-l Discussion of Government Document Issues. bit.listserv.graph-ti Discussion of the TI-8x Series Calculator. (Moderated) bit.listserv.gutnberg GUTNBERG Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.hdesk-l Help Desk Operations. bit.listserv.helix-l The Helix Express Discussion List. bit.listserv.hellas The Hellenic Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.help-net Help on BitNet and the Internet. bit.listserv.hrvatska Croatian News. (Moderated) bit.listserv.humage-l Humanistic Aspects of Aging. (Moderated) bit.listserv.hungary Hungarian Discussion List. bit.listserv.hytel-l HYTELNET List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.i-amiga Info-Amiga List. bit.listserv.ibm-hesc IBM Higher Education Consortium. bit.listserv.ibm-main IBM Mainframe Discussion List. bit.listserv.ibmtcp-l IBM TCP/IP List. bit.listserv.idms-l CA-IDMS List. bit.listserv.imagelib Image Databases in Libraries List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.ioob-l Industrial Psychology. bit.listserv.ipct-l Interpersonal Computing and Technology List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.ispf-l ISPF Discussions. bit.listserv.japan Japanese Business and Economic Network. (Moderated) bit.listserv.jes2-l JES2 Discussion group. bit.listserv.jnet-l BITNIC JNET-L List. bit.listserv.l-hcap Handicap List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.l-vmctr VMCENTER Components Discussion List. bit.listserv.labmgr Lab Management Issues. (Moderated) bit.listserv.lawsch.internships Law School Internships. bit.listserv.lawsch-l Law School Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.liaison BITNIC LIAISON. bit.listserv.libref-l Library Reference Issues. (Moderated) bit.listserv.libres Library and Information Science Research. (Moderated) bit.listserv.linkfail Link failure announcements. bit.listserv.lis-l Library and Information Science Students. bit.listserv.literary Discussions about Literature. bit.listserv.lsoft-announce Listserv Announcements. (Moderated) bit.listserv.mail-l BITNIC MAIL-L List. bit.listserv.mailbook MAIL/MAILBOOK subscription List. bit.listserv.makedon Makedon mailing List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.mba-l MBA Student curriculum Discussion. bit.listserv.mdphd-l Dual Degree Programs Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.medforum Medical Students Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.medlib-l Medical Libraries Discussion List. bit.listserv.mednews Health Info-Com Network Newsletter. (Moderated) bit.listserv.mideur-l Middle Europe Discussion List. bit.listserv.mla-l Music Library Association Discussion List. bit.listserv.movie.memorabilia Movie Poster Discussion Group. bit.listserv.museum-l Museum Discussion Group. bit.listserv.muslims Islamic Information and News Network. (Moderated) bit.listserv.netnws-l NETNWS-L Netnews List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.nettrain Network Trainers List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.new-list NEW-LIST - New List Announcements. (Moderated) bit.listserv.nodmgt-l Node Management. bit.listserv.notis-l NOTIS/DOBIS Discussion group List. bit.listserv.notabene Nota Bene List. bit.listserv.novell Novell LAN Interest Group. (Moderated) bit.listserv.nppa-l National Press Photographer Association. (Moderated). bit.listserv.opers-l Mainframe Operations Discussion. bit.listserv.os2-l OS/2 Discussion. bit.listserv.pacs-l Public-Access Computer System Forum. (Moderated) bit.listserv.page-l IBM 3812/3820 Tips and Problems Discussion List. bit.listserv.pagemakr PageMaker for Desktop Publishers. bit.listserv.pakistan Pakistan News Service. (Moderated) bit.listserv.pchealth Computer and Health Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.pmail Pegasus Mail Discussion List. bit.listserv.pmdf-l PMDF Distribution List. bit.listserv.pns-l Pakistan News Service Discussions. (Moderated) bit.listserv.politics Forum for the Discussion of Politics. (Moderated) bit.listserv.postcard Postcard Collectors Discussion Group. bit.listserv.power-l POWER-L IBM RS/6000 POWER Family. (Moderated) bit.listserv.powerh-l PowerHouse Discussion List. bit.listserv.psycgrad Psychology Grad Student Discussions. (Moderated) bit.listserv.quaker-p Quaker Peacemaking List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.quality TQM in Manufacturing and Service Industries. (Moderated) bit.listserv.qualrs-l Qualitative Research of the Human Sciences. bit.listserv.radio-l Digital Audio Broadcast List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.railroad Railroad List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.relusr-l Relay Users Forum. bit.listserv.rra-l Romance Readers Anonymous. (Moderated) bit.listserv.rscs-l VM/RSCS Mailing List. bit.listserv.rscsmods The RSCS modifications List. bit.listserv.screen-l File and Television Discussion Group. (Moderated) bit.listserv.script-l IBM vs Waterloo SCRIPT Discussion Group. bit.listserv.scuba-l Scuba diving Discussion List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.seasia-l Southeast Asia Discussion List. bit.listserv.seds-l Interchapter SEDS Communications. bit.listserv.sfs-l VM Shared File System Discussion List. bit.listserv.sganet Student Government Global Mail Network. bit.listserv.simula The SIMULA Language List. bit.listserv.skywarn Severe storm Community warning Discussions. bit.listserv.slart-l SLA Research and Teaching. (Moderated) bit.listserv.slovak-l Slovak Discussion List. bit.listserv.snamgt-l SNA Network Management Discussion. bit.listserv.snurse-l International Nursing Student Discussion. bit.listserv.sos-data Social Science Data List. bit.listserv.spires-l SPIRES Conference List. bit.listserv.sportpsy Exercise and Sports Psychology. bit.listserv.sqlinfo Forum for SQL/DS and Related Topics. bit.listserv.superguy Superguy Story List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.tbi-support Traumatic Brain Injury Support List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.techwr-l Technical Writing. bit.listserv.tesl-l Teachers of ESL List. (Moderated) bit.listserv.test Test Newsgroup. bit.listserv.tn3270-l tn3270 protocol Discussion List. bit.listserv.toolb-l Asymetrix Toolbook List. bit.listserv.transplant Transplant Recipient Support List. bit.listserv.travel-l Tourism Discussions. bit.listserv.tsorexx REXX for TSO List. bit.listserv.urep-l UREP-L Mailing List. bit.listserv.vfort-l VS-Fortran Discussion List. bit.listserv.vm-util VM Utilities Discussion List. bit.listserv.vmesa-l VM/ESA Mailing List. bit.listserv.vnews-l VNEWS Discussion List. bit.listserv.vocnet Vocational Education Discussion List. bit.listserv.vpiej-l Electronic Publishing Discussion List. bit.listserv.vse-l IBM VSE/ESA Discussion List. bit.listserv.wac-l Writing Across the Curriculum. bit.listserv.words-l English Language Discussion Group. bit.listserv.wpcorp-l WordPerfect Corporation Products Discussions. bit.listserv.wpwin-l WordPerfect for Windows. bit.listserv.www-vm World-wide Web for the VM Platform. bit.listserv.wx-chase Tornado chasers Discussions. bit.listserv.wx-talk Weather Issues Discussions. bit.listserv.xedit-l VM System Editor List. bit.listserv.xmailer Crosswell Mailer. bit.listserv.xtropy-l Extopian List. bit.listserv.x400-l x.400 Protocol List. bit.mailserv.word-pc Word Processing on the IBM PC. bit.med.mxdiag-l Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics. bit.med.resp-care.world Respiratory Care World. bit.org.peace-corps International Volunteers List. bit.sci.purposive-behavior Control System Group Network. bit.tech.africana Information Technology and Africa.