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Subject: A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources (6 of 6)

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-*- Appendix. Assorted LISTSERV Mailing Lists Remember, do not send your subscription request to the list itself. See section 2.4, Listserver Mailing Lists, for subscription instructions. | A The listserver maintains some files for this mailing list. | G The mailing list has a gateway to a Usenet newsgroup. | K The listserver is Anastasios Kotsikonas' program, which differs from | the standard listserver of Eric Thomas. | M A moderator decides whether submitted articles will be released to | the mailing list. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry ag-econ@ERS.bitnet Agricultural Economics and ERS Test List ag-exp-l@vm1.nodak.edu Agricultural Expert Systems ageng-l@ibm.gwdg.de Agricultural Engineering and Intel. Control agric-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu Agriculture Discussion aqua-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca Aquaculture Discussion List camel-l@SAKFU00.bitnet Discussion Forum on Camel Research dairy-l@UMDD.umd.edu Dairy Discussion List gardens@UKCC.uky.edu Gardens List hort-l@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu Va Tech Horticulture Dept. Announcements hortpgm@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu Va Tech Horticulture Dept. Program mgarden@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu Master Gardeners newcrops@vm.cc.purdue.edu Discussion list for New Crops spud@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu Potato Research rusag-l@UMDD.umd.edu Russian Agriculture vetcai-l@KSUVM.ksu.edu Vet. Medicine Computer Assisted Instruction vetlib-l@VTVM2.bitnet Veterinary Medicine Library issues and info. vetmed-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu Veterinary Medicine (Peered) Anthropology and Archaeology anct-ne@vm.byu.edu Ancient Near Eastern Studies anthro-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu General Anthropology Bulletin Board arch-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu Archaeology List humevo@GWUVM.gwu.edu M Human Evolutionary Research Discussion indknow@UWAVM.u.washington.edu Indigenous Knowledge List native-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples pacarc-l@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu Pacific Rim Archaeology Interest List pan@GWUVM.gwu.edu Physical Anthropology News List Biology bee-l@albany.edu Discussion of Bee Biology bio-dost@ege.edu.tr Biologists in Turkey bioesr-l@UMCVMB.bitnet Biological applications of Electron Spin Res. biomch-l@nic.surfnet.nl Biomechanics and Movement Science bnfnet-l@FINHUTC.hut.fi Biological Nitrogen Fixation Forum cp@opus.hpl.hp.com Carnivorous Plants entobr-l@BRUFMG.bitnet Entomology in Brazil (in Portuguese) entomo-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca Entomology Discussion List ethology@FINHUTC.hut.fi G Ethology herm@ege.edu.tr Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Discussion iapwild@vm1.nodak.edu International Arctic Project Wildlife l-etho@UQAM.bitnet Ethologistes/Ethologists iopi@life.anu.edu.au M Int. Organization for Plant Information iubs@life.anu.edu.au M Int. Union of Biological Societies lactacid@SEARN.sunet.se Lactic Acid Bacteria Forum micronet@vm.UOGUELPH.ca Fungus and Root Interaction Discussion rmbl-l@umdd.umd.edu Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory socinsct@albany.edu Social Insect Biology Research List thphysio@FRMOP11.cnusc.fr Thermal Physiology Biostatistics biomet-l@ALBNYDH2.bitnet Bureau of Biometrics at Albany bmdp-l@vm1.mcgill.ca BMDP Software Users edstat-l@jse.stat.ncsu.edu KG Journal of Statistics Education List morphmet@CUNYVM.cuny.edu Biological Morphometrics Mailing List pstat-l@IRLEARN.ucd.ie Discussion of Stats and Programming qmlist@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu K Quantitative Morphology List sas-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu G SAS Discussion (Peered) saspac-l@UMSLVMA.umsl.edu SAS Public Access Consortium spssx-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu G SPSSX Discussion (Peered) stat-l@vm1.mcgill.ca G Statistical Consulting Computational biology complex@life.anu.edu.au M Complex systems cybsys-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Cybernetics and Systems dynsys@gibbs.oit.unc.edu GK Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems ecosys-l@vm.gmd.de List for ecosystem theory and modeling glosas-l@acadvm1.UOTTAWA.ca GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation List inns-l@UMDD.umd.edu International Neural Network Society ndrg-l@WVNVM.wvnet.edu Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group neural-n@ANDESCOL.uniandes.edu.co Artificial Neural Networks Discussion Conservation and Environmental Studies apaspan@GWUVM.gwu.edu APA Scientific Grassroots Network aquifer@IBACSATA.bitnet Pollution and grondwater recharge aseh-l@TTUVM1.bitnet American Soc. of Environmental Historians | cmts-l@cornell.edu Chemical Management and Tracking Systems consbio@UWAVM.u.washington.edu Conservation Biology List conslink@SIVM.si.edu Discussion on Biological Conservation cturtle@NERVM.nerdc.ufl.edu Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation List envst-l@BROWNVM.brown.edu Environmental Studies Discussion List icam-l@IRMFAO01.bitnet Integrated Coastal Area Management itrdbfor@asuvm.inre.asu.edu Dendrochronology Forum laspau-l@HARVARDA.harvard.edu Latin America Scholarship Program natura-l@UCHCECVM.bitnet Ecology and Envir. Protection in Chile nciw-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Nutrient Cycling Issues - Worldwide sopren-l@secom.ufpa.br SOPREN discussion re Amazonia (Portuguese) Ecology biosph-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu G Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List biodiv-l@bdt.ftpt.ansp.br Biodiversity networks bird_rba@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline Cooperative birdband@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu Bird Bander's Forum birdchat@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (Chat Line) birdcntr@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (Central) birdeast@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (East) birdwest@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (West) birdtrip@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu Special BIRDCHAT LOGO Project ecolog-l@UMDD.umd.edu G Ecological Society of America firenet@life.anu.edu.au Discussion of fire in landscape ecology ots-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Organization for Tropical Studies polpal-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca Pollination and palynology list sinoecol@MIAMIU.bitnet Sino-Ecologists Club Overseas Forum twsgis-l@vm1.nodak.edu The Wildlife Society: GIS and Remote Sensing || Environmentalism and Technology Transfer | ae@JSUVM1.bitnet Alternative Energy Discussion List | bpwsp-l@ALBNYDH2.bitnet Bureau of Public Water Supply Protection comdev@vm.ecs.rpi.edu Communication & international development devel-l@AUVM.american.edu G Technology Transfer in Int. Development | energy-l@TAUNIVM.tau.ac.il Energy List envbeh-l@POLYVM.bitnet Forum on Environment and Human Behavior | hydrogen@URIACC.uri.edu Hydrogen as an alternative fuel | intdev-l@URIACC.uri.edu International development meh2o-l@TAUNIVM.tau.ac.il Middle East water odp-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu Ocean Drilling Program Open Discussion | pacific@BRUFPB.bitnet Forum on Pacific Ocean and Islands | recycle@UMAB.bitnet Recycling in Practice sfer-l@UCF1VM.cc.ucf.edu South Florida Environmental Reader techtr@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu Technology Transfer | water-l@@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu Water Quality Discussion List Geology and Geography (including GIS) acdgis-l@AWIIMC12.imc.univie.ac.at Geographic Information Systems astra-ug@icnucevm.bitnet ASTRA joint database project users group canspace@UNBVM1.bitnet Canadian Space Geodesy Forum climlist@OHSTVMA.acs.ohio-state.edu Climatology Distribution List coastgis@IRLEARN.ucd.ie Coastal GIS Distribution List cpgis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Chinese Professionals GIS Use List geoged@UKCC.bitnet Geography Education List geogfem@UKCC.bitnet Discussion list for Feminism in Geography geograph@SEARN.sunet.se G Geography geology@PTEARN.fc.ul.pt Geology Discussion List geonet-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu M Geoscience Librarians & Information... georef@UNALCOL.bitnet Sistemas de Info. Geo-Ref. (GIS in Spanish) gis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu G Geographic Information Systems idrisi-l@toe.towson.edu Idrisi Discussion List imagrs-l@earn.cvut.cz Image Processing of Remotely Sensed data kyugis-l@UKCC.bitnet Kentucky Universities Geographic Info... maps-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu Maps and Air Photo Systems Forum quake-l@vm.nodak.edu QUAKE-L Discussion List seism-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Seismological Data Distribution seismd-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Seismological Discussion stat-geo@UFRJ.bitnet Forum of Quantitative Methods in Geosciences tgis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Temporal Topics on GIS List ucgia-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Univ Consort for Geo Info & Analysis List uigis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu G User Interfaces for Geographic Info. Sys. ukgeg@UKCC.bitnet Kentucky Universities Geography Discussion vigis-l@UWAVM.u.washington.edu Virtual Reality and GIS Marine biology brine-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu Brine Shrimp Discussion List crust-l@SIVM.si.edu Crustacean Biology deepsea@uvvm.UVIC.ca Deep Sea and Vent News diatom-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu Research on the diatom algae hypbar-l@TECHNION.technion.ac.il HyperBaric & Diving Medicine List marine-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca Marine Studies/Shipboard Education marmam@uvvm.UVIC.ca Marine Mammal E-Mail Discussion List medsea-l@AEARN.bitnet Marine Biology of the Adriatic Sea List Medicine and medical research admra-l@ALBNYDH2.bitnet Adirondack Medical Records Association List amia-37@UMAB.bitnet American Medical Informatics Association amied-l@vm1.mcgill.ca American Medical Informatics Association Edu. babson@HARVARDA.harvard.edu Discussions on Organizational Design of Acad. biomed-l@vm1.mcgill.ca Assoc. of Biomedical Communications Directors biomed-l@NDSUVM1.bitnet Biomedical Ethics cancer-l@WVNVM.wvnet.edu CANCER discussion list clan@FRMOP11.cnusc.fr Cancer Liaison and Action Network cfs-med@NIHLIST.bitnet Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFIDS medical list cocamed@UTORONTO.bitnet Computers in Canadian Medical Education compmed@WUVMD.bitnet M Comparative Medicine List conflist@UCSFVM.bitnet School of Medicine Conference List cromed-l@AEARN.bitnet CROatian MEDical List family-l@MIZZOU1.bitnet Academic Family Medicine Discussion healthco@RPITSVM.bitnet Communication in health/medical context hypermed@UMAB.bitnet Biomedical Hypermedia Instructional Design imia-l@UMAB.bitnet Int. Medical Informatics Assn. Board iscami@GREARN.csi.forth.gr Computer Assist. Management & Manip. Info. jmedclub@BROWNVM.brown.edu Medical Journal Discussion Club lasmed-l@TAUNIVM.tau.ac.il Laser Medicine medcons@FINHUTC.hut.fi Medical consulting and case descriptions medforum@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu M Medical Students Discussion medimage@POLYVM.bitnet Medical Imaging Discussion List medlib-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Medical Libraries Discussion List mednets@NDSUVM1.bitnet Medical Telecommunications Networks mednews@ASUACAD.bitnet M Health Info-Com Network (HICN) Newsletter medphy-l@AWIIMC12.bitnet EFOMP Medical Physics Information Services medstu-l@UNMVMA.bitnet M Medical student discussion list medsup-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Medical Support List nnlm-sea@UMAB.bitnet National Network Library of Medicine SEA nutepi@DB0TUIM.bitnet Nutritional Epidemiology Discussion List oxygen-l@MIZZOU1.bitnet Oxygen Free Radical Biology and Medicine panet-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Medical Education and Health Information smcdcme@WAYNEST1.bitnet Continuing Medical Education Discussion List smdm-l@DARTCMS1.bitnet Medical Decision Making List Molecular biology biotech@UMDD.umd.edu G Biotechnology Discussion List confocal@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Confocal Microscopy List cyan-tox@GREARN.csi.forth.gr The Cyanobacterial Toxins Discussion List dis-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu Drosophila workers to receive DIS Newsletter ebcbbul@HDETUD1.tudelft.nl Computers in Biotechnology, Rsch. and Edu. ebcbcat@HDETUD1.tudelft.nl Catalogue of 'Biotechnological' software embinfo@IBACSATA.bitnet EMBNet (European Molecular Biology Network) emflds-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu Electromagnetics in Med., Sci. & Com. forumbio@scf.fundp.ac.be Forum on molecular biology genetics@INDYCMS.iupui.edu Clinical human genetics lpn-l@BROWNVM.brown.edu Laboratory Primate Newsletter List nibnews@ccsun.unicamp.br NIBNews (Biology and Medical Informatics) rbmi@FRORS13.bitnet Molecular Biology Research Group Neurobiology cogsci-l@vm1.yorku.ca Cognitive Science Discussion Group dasp-l@earn.cvut.cs Digital Acoustic Signal Processing ecovis-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Trends in the Ecology of Vision neuchile@CUNYVM.cuny.edu Chilean Neurosciences Discussion List neuro-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu Yale Neuroscience Program neuro1-l@UICVM.uic.edu Neuroscience Information Forum neus582@UICVM.uic.edu Methods in Modern Neuroscience psyche-d@NKI.bitnet M Interdisciplinary Research on Consciousness sbnc-l@BRUSPVM.bitnet Brazilian Society of Neurosciences & Comp. Taxonomy and Systematics class-l@ccvm.sunysb.edu Classification and phylogeny estimation mollusca@ucmp1.berkeley.edu Mollusc evolution, taxonomy, natural history muse-l@HARVARDA.harvard.edu Muse Software Discussion List museum-l@UNMVMA.unm.edu Museum discussion list roots-l@vm1.nodak.edu Genealogy list taxacom@HARVARDA.harvard.edu Taxonomic and systematic collections list Teaching and Research bibsoft@INDYCMS.iupui.edu Discusssion of citation and bibliography biocis-l@SIVM.si.edu Biology Curriculum Innovation Study biopi-l@KSUVM.ksu.edu Secondary Biology Teacher List conslt-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu Research and Practice in Mentoring darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu History and Theory of the Historical Sciences grants-l@JHUVM.hcf.jhu.edu NSF Grants & Contracts hpsst-l@QUCDN.queensu.ca History and Philosophy of Science job-list@FRORS12.bitnet Job offers from EARN Institute members methods@vm.ecs.rpi.edu Research methodology navigate@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu M Navigating The Internet Workshop List newedu-l@vm.usc.edu New Paradigms in Education List nihggc-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu M NIH Grants and Contracts Distribution List nsf-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu NSF Information List pcorps-l@CMUVM.bitnet G International Volunteers Discussion Group scifaq-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu G Science FAQ List scifraud@uacsc2.albany.edu Discussion of Fraud in Science vpiej-l@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu G Electronic journal discussions wisenet@UICVM.uic.edu Women In Science and Engineering NETwork -- Una Smith Yale University, Department of Biology, Osborn Memorial Laboratories, PO Box 6666, New Haven, Connecticut 06511-8155 smith-una@yale.edu