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Subject: The Monster Truck FAQ

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Recent Changes To This Document ------------------------------- 02/02/99 Version 1.15! Added some promoters and a couple trucks! Formatting changes with more white space! 01/20/99 Version 1.14! Happy new year! A few new URLs. 11/28/98 Version 1.13! Just a minor update to correct a date mistake, a broken URL and moved `Tornado' Monster Truck to the Mid-West Listings (He's in Oklahoma!). Ran a Spelling Checker over this also. Fixed a couple `English' mistakes. There are over 8600 words in this document and 2000+ which are unique. 11/04/98 Version 1.12! Found some book titles and video (VHS) titles! Look for them in the Reading list section! Karen at Pace Motorsports sent a bunch of added info, changes, and some overlooked details. Added a URL for A Monster Fire Truck and a URL for the Speed Trap Registry. We needed this didn't we?? Our new home Web Site is coming along nicely! http://monstertrucks.webjump.com 08/13/98 Version 1.11! Now listing 89 trucks with URLs and 69 without plus 23 ride trucks. Added new address for Pace Motorsports and MTRA. Added link for the Official Mtra site. Added a new section for Southern Area trucks and another list of ride trucks. Added a lot of Promoter info. URLs for Windows Wallpaper and MTM add-on trucks. New Grave Digger site fully functional at www.gravedigger.com. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- | Disclaimer | -------------- The author makes no claims as to fitness for any purpose or absence of any errors, and offers no warranty. Read at your own risk. jhawkin@visuallink.com (Jeff Hawkins) --------------------------- | The Monster Truck FAQ | --------------------------- Table of Contents I. GENERAL and INTRO II. Frequently Asked Questions III. Reading (and other media) List IV. Promoters list V. Suppliers list VI. The Trucks VII. Major WEB SITES VIII. The Events Calender List IX. Previous Changes If you own a Monster Truck, Promote shows or are a supplier of parts I will be glad to list your company name here as space allows. If you have a WEB Page with Monster Truck Info I'll check it and add a pointer to it after deciding where it should go. If your page answers a specific question, write the question out and send it to me with your URL as a answer. You may include a short textual answer also. If you have a separate page with a event list/Calendar, send the exact URL (with page name) to me and I'll include it In the Event Calendar Section! You should then have a `back button' referencing your main (index.htm) page on your events page in case the reader wants to further explore your site! BTW, if you have a Monster Truck or Pulling Truck/Tractor I can create a WEB Page for you. I will also locate servers to host your page, setup E-mail systems for you and can even handle your day-to-day mail referring all important E-mail on for action. Mail can be received while home, in shop or on the road. Low Fees and solutions that fit your circumstances. I. GENERAL and INTRO --------------------- -------------------------- Finding the Latest Version -------------------------- The latest version of this FAQ will be sent once a month to the relevant usenet groups. You can also get the file by anonymous FTP at one of these sites: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/autos/sport/monster-trucks ftp://ftp.faqs.org/faqs/autos/sport/monster-trucks Request this FAQ via E-mail by sending a message to: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu Enter only the line below in body of message. send usenet/news.answers/autos/sport/monster-trucks A HTMLized version is available at: http://www.landfield.com/faqs/autos/sport/monster-trucks And Soon: http://monstertrucks.webjump.com Before You Write... ------------------- Please make sure you have read the latest version of this FAQ (because it's faster) before writing to the FAQ author with questions. If your question isn't answered here or you just don't understand then ASK. Acknowledgements ---------------- Thanks to the many people who have `bent my ear' asking questions at various motorsport events. Your questions make up the bulk of this FAQ! If you find this document useful, please let your friends know and tell everybody "I read it in the Monster Truck Frequently Asked Questions"! Special Thanks to Penny Chandler of BIGFOOT (R) 4X4, Inc. for allowing me to use material from The BIGFOOT4X4 WEB page and the many helpful suggestions. http://www.bigfoot4x4.com Thanks to Andrew Palochko of `The World of Monster Trucks' for the added info and for checking over some of my facts. http://www.truckzone.com John Seasock (Sudden Impact M/T) pointed out I forgot the main question, "How do ya' get in them things?" Thanks John! http://www.suddenimpact.com Andrew Fielder sent URLs for every truck he has on his pages! Thanks Andrew! http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com David Weihe sent a bunch of notes about his site and a slew of general `updates/notes'! Thanks David! http://www.monstermania.com SAMSON (R) is a Registered Trade Mark of Patrick Enterprises, Inc. Laurelville, Ohio USA BIGFOOT (R) is a Registered Trade Mark of Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri USA II. Frequently Asked Questions ------------------------------ Q. What is a Monster Truck? ------------------------ A. For the purposes of this FAQ we'll call a Monster Truck a highly modified four wheel drive vehicle. The most distinguishing characteristic is the extreme oversize tires. Most monster trucks are speed and handling enhanced in order to race similar trucks over obstacle courses usually set up with cars to run over (crush), dirt ramps to jump, possibly a little water puddle, and a drag racing style timing system. Q. What is the MTRA? ----------------- A. The MTRA or Monster Truck Racing Association is the organization of Monster Truck owners, drivers, sponsors, promoters, officials and Fans. This group exists to promote the sport and to provide safety guidelines for conducting events. http://www.truckworld.com/mtra MTRA 6311 N. Lindbergh Hazelwood, Mo. 63042 MTRA has a new address! MTRA/Donna Purcell Secretary/Treasurer PO Box 2401 Florissant, MO. 63032 Q. Isn't there a second class of trucks now? ----------------------------------------- A. Yes, Pro-Stock Class. a smaller tire class: Sam Marino debuted the Raptor and the Pro Stock monster truck class in June 1997 at the Truck Fest in Charlotte, N. C. Featuring 48" tires in place of the more familiar 66" tires, the class was developed to allow more participant growth in the sport. Running a Pro Stock class provides a cheaper, more realistic method of competing while still keeping the enthusiasm and principle of full blown monster truck racing. Currently Sam is exhibitioning up and down the eastern seaboard hoping to add this additional class to monster truck racing. (Info courtesy Andrew Palochko. www.Truckzone.com.) Q. Why would someone build a Monster Truck? ---------------------------------------- A. It's a business! Maybe the owner/driver started to build a truck because the sport seems exciting. Or maybe they own a 4 wheel drive or performance shop and realize the advertising potential. The costs involved are just too high for most individuals without a sponsor or a business purpose. Q. How many Monster Trucks are there? ---------------------------------- A. There are currently 14 trucks in the BIGFOOT fleet alone. You can see a list of these trucks along with their specifications in the Team BIGFOOT Section of the Bigfoot home page: http://www.bigfoot4x4.com Around the world there are over 500 monster trucks, only 100 or so of which are full blown racing trucks. Others are exhibition, car crushers, ride trucks, or promotions vehicles. This includes the majority in the US. There are several in Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. Q. How big are those tires? ------------------------ A. Sixty Six inches tall by 43 inches wide with about 10 psi of air. They weigh about 900 lbs. with rims and (sometimes) tubes. Most of these tires are run tubeless unless a puncture or other problems forces a tube to be installed. Q. Where does BIGFOOT get their tires? ----------------------------------- A. These tires are often used on fertilizer spreaders and are called flotation tires because they spread the vehicle's weight across a wider surface. Some Monster Trucks have floated on water with these large tires on. There is a used market for these tires, too. Firestone and Goodyear both manufacture 66X43X25 Flotation Tires. http://www.firestone.com http://www.goodyear.com Q. About those tires, I noticed some have the treads cut! How do they cut those treads? ----------------- A. Most of the crews have found a `Ginsu' knife blade mounted in a `Sawzall' cuts the fastest and easiest. It's still a lot of work! Q. How big are those engines? -------------------------- A. The engine in a MTRA certified truck must be no larger than 575 cubic inches! This refers to the bore or barrel size x the stroke or travel length! The actual engine displacement calculation formula is: Bore in inches (Cylinder Diameter) Bore Again X Stroke in inches -------- result X 0.7854 (Factor to account for the cylindrical shape) -------- result X number of cylinders -------- result Engine displacement in cubic Inches Q. How fast can a Monster Truck go? -------------------------------- A. BIGFOOT has been driven at over 80 miles per hour. On the quickest courses, drivers usually can get the truck up to 65-70 mph in a 300-foot span. Typically indoors, drivers max out at 25-30 mph. Q. How heavy are most Monster Trucks? ---------------------------------- A. Somewhere in the range of 10,000 lbs. For Racing, the bare minimum is 10,000 lbs, and most trucks will come across the scales at just about that weight. Older trucks from the early 80's weighed nearly 20,000 lbs. and added weight simply because they would look better crushing cars. However as time evolved and monster truck racing was introduced, most started using aluminum to replace steel, tubular chassis and fiberglass bodies to reduce the weight. There is a proposal to reduce this minimum weight to 9,500 lbs. in 1998! Minimum weight now, according to the MTRA, is 9,500 lbs. (Courtesy Andrew Palochko). Q. Who makes these fancy shocks? ----------------------------- A. One company is Kuster out of California. Also, Knight Stalker's Steve Combs has built many shocks for the high tech trucks, such as Carolina Crusher and Grave Digger. Q. Who makes those four link frames? --------------------------------- A. Dan Patrick, of Patrick Racing Enterprises, Inc., specializes in Monster Truck frames and chassis components. Patrick, who also owns the SAMSON Monster Truck, was instrumental in designing and building the first ever tubular chassis on Bigfoot 8 back in 1989. http://WWW.Samson4x4.Com At a recent event I attended, every truck there but one sported a Dan Patrick frame. One of the trucks was completely built by Dan for a owner/driver client. See also the suppliers listings at the end of this document! Q. How do they move a Monster Truck from one place to another? ----------------------------------------------------------- A. Most often these are hauled in a semi-trailer with all the tools and spare parts needed to move and repair the Monster Truck. On a real short run the truck may be `Wide Loaded' on a flat bed trailer. Q. How do they get a Monster Truck into the semi-trailer? ------------------------------------------------------ A. The crew members remove the big tires and install small tires that will clear the sides of the enclosed trailers and reduce the height of the truck to where it will clear the ceiling during loading and transportation. Q. HOW DO YOU GET IN THEM THINGS? ------------------------------ A. In most of the new fiberglass body trucks, there is a hatch in the floor for the drivers to climb up through. On a older truck, the driver would open the door, grab hold of the seat and door, push off the front tire and pull himself into the truck. The hatch is definitely easier. Q. How does the driver steer the rear wheels? Are they hooked to the steering wheel also? -------------------- A. No, the rear wheels are not hooked to the steering wheel. On most Monster Trucks there is a toggle switch mounted where the driver can operate it with his free hand. The center is off and moving the toggle in either direction cause the rear wheels to steer more left or right. Many of these steering systems also have a second switch to select a automatic centering capability. When the driver removes pressure on the steering toggle the wheels will return to a centered (straight ahead) position. Finally, when side by side racing many drivers mechanically lock the rear steering at center position by bolting on a locking bar or aligning a hole in a locking tab on the steering tie rod with a corresponding hole on the rear housing. Q. What kind of fuel do they run in a Monster Truck? Do they run Nitrous Oxide, too? -------------------- A. Racing Alcohol is the fuel of choice for most monster trucks. It runs cooler while producing more horsepower. Nitrous oxide is NOT allowed by the Monster Truck Racing Association and a monster truck won't pass Tech. Inspection and will not be certified to race with an engine injected on it. Most of these trucks use a little gasoline to start the engine, either squirting it in by hand through the Blower air intake or using a auxiliary fuel pump to inject a small amount to the intake area. Q. How can I get a ride in a Monster Truck? ---------------------------------------- A. The Virginia Giant, Bigfoot 4x4, and Grave Digger all have trucks that have been converted to multi-passenger ride trucks. BIGFOOT #2 has a BIGFOOT Body while BIGFOOT #3 appears as the SNAKEBITE! The Grave Digger Ride-on is a old Ambulance body! Other monster trucks which have sister ride trucks include Excaliber, Pure Pride, Eradicator, Shake-A-Paw, and Small Change. You can take a ride in one of these enormous trucks at various events like Street Machine Nationals, Fairs, and of course Monster Truck Races. Performance Motorsports almost always brings the Virginia Giant to their shows. There is usually a small charge per person to ride (or is included as part of general admission). ----------------------------------------------------------------- To see if a "SAFARIFOOT" Truck (Bigfoot or Snakebite) will be in your area, check out the Appearance Schedule in the Tire Tracks section of: http://www.bigfoot4x4.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Grave Digger and Eradicator ride trucks are permanently parked on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey each summer, giving rides to all of the beach going fans. You'll find these trucks located next to the NJHRA Office on the boardwalk. (Info courtesy Andrew Palochko www.truckzone.com) The Grave Digger Ride Truck has its own race course located at Grave Digger headquarters. Beginning after April 1 of each year, the Ride Truck is available for rides from dawn till dusk. The last price I heard was $5.00 per person. Call ahead to be sure. The Grave Digger Ride Truck can be reserved for birthday parties, graduations, weddings - you name the celebration, and Grave Digger will make it a "Monster of a good time!" All reservations are subject to prior approval, and must be made at least one week in advance for birthdays, and two weeks in advance for other events. http://www.gravedigger.com See also the ride truck listings further on in this document! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Have you ever rode in a Monster Truck?? --------------------------------------- A. Yes! I rode out for a parade lap and intro in the Equalizer Monster Trax vehicle! And The Virginia Giant Racer! Plus, I've spent so much time riding with passengers on The Virginia Giant Ride-On Truck I've completely lost count! Q. Have you ever driven a Monster Truck? ------------------------------------- A. Gee, I just knew that would be the next Question! Q. How can I get a Pit Pass?? -------------------------- A. First you need to find out, "Do I need a pit pass?" Pit Passes are given to Media Representatives and people who are required to be in the Pit Area during the show! If the event includes a `Pit Party' you won't need a Pass for that (at most shows)! If you really need a pass, then call the show promoter, tell them EXACTLY why you need a pit pass and request one! According to Andrew Palochko of Truckzone, Pit passes are available on the USHRA site at www.ushra.com. Make sure there is a pit party prior to the event. Karin of Pace Motorsports added: Pit passes are not available on our web site, however, if there is a pit party, information as to where to obtain pit passes locally is always listed on our events calendar. http://www.ushra.com Q. What is the killer box? ----------------------- A. Let's call these by their official name, "Remote Ignition Interrupter" or `RII'. This is a specialized radio receiver mounted in the truck and a hand held transmitter tuned to the frequency of the RII. The transmitter looks like any other `Walkie Talkie' but has the ability to signal the Receiver with a special code! The Remote Ignition Interrupter can be used to `interrupt' the ignition by radio should the truck veer off the track and/or the driver become incapacitated. This `RII' attempts to shut off the engine but it doesn't stop or "brake the truck". Q. What are the lights in the Windshield for? ------------------------------------------ A. There are two or three lights mounted in the windshield of most monster Trucks. One tells the track crew and starters when the engine is actually running. The other two lights tell the track official(s) who run the Remote Ignition Interrupters which side the driver has chosen to run his `RII' receiver box on. You will see a 2" X 2" sticker in the windshield with a number on it from 1 to 10. This number is the radio channel number. A letter also may indicate right or left for use during single performances. Q. I saw the starter's lights on TV. Where can I get info on building a set of those for our club? -------------------------- A. Send me a private E-mail and I'll fix up a wiring diagram and E-mail it back to you! The lights are just tractor clearance lamps with green and yellow lens! The battery is a 12 car battery. and the switch is a `SPDT' (single pole - double throw switch) with center off! Q. Where can I rent a set of `Stop Motion Video Cameras' and Recorder system? ------- A. Find a `Surveillance Equipment' dealer and ask them for prices. Or work a deal with them! Them things are pricey! And be very selective where you set it up! You don't need a color system! I own a B/W betamax system but have not considered renting it! Too much custom setup work and cabling to get it positioned! Q. What do they do at the drivers meetings? ---------------------------------------- A. Usually, there is a drivers meeting before the show, to discuss the format of the show, any safety issues, and who gives the signals to move a truck and when. So everybody involved with the the show knows what is supposed to happen and when. Q. I know the drivers wear seat belts, helmets and special suits. Can you elaborate a little on what they have in the truck? ------------------------------------------------------ A. The drivers wear fire resistant suits, gloves, a helmet liner and shoes. They are held into the seat by a standard 5 way racing harness. The helmets are racing quality Snell Foundation approved (Minimum rating is Snell 90). Most drivers also wear Helmet Restraints (Straps running from underarm to clips on sides of helmet)! Drivers must wear a neck collar and some drivers wear a `kidney belt' to help absorb the impact compression forces on the spine and neck. All MTRA certified race trucks must be equipped with a approved onboard fire retardant system. The vehicle must also have a Halon or ABC type 2-1/2 lb. (min.) fire extinguisher within the driver's reach! Q. How much does a Monster Truck cost? ----------------------------------- A. Roughly, around $100,000 (not including the engine)! A engine can cost $40,000 by itself. After that, you have to figure in how much it costs to maintain the truck throughout the year. The cost of a vehicle to move the Monster Truck is also a great initial expense. Q. How long does it take to build a Monster truck? ----------------------------------------------- A. It can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to build a monster truck. This varies depending on how much time is put into detail work and how many people are working on the project. Q. When will BIGFOOT be appearing in my town? ------------------------------------------ A. For a listing of the most up-to-date BIGFOOT events, check out the Appearance Schedule in the Tire Tracks section at The BIGFOOT WEB PAGE: http://www.bigfoot4x4.com This schedule is updated every week & has at least one month's worth of information so that you only get the most accurate information available. Along with the schedule, you can view information about the event & get the telephone number of the promoter putting on the event. See also the calendar section of this FAQ! Q. How can I get the autograph of my favorite BIGFOOT driver? ---------------------------------------------------------- A. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. One way is to attend an event. A lot of times, there is a pit party before the races where you can meet the drivers & get their autographs. There is also a autograph table at many events either during intermission or immediately after the event. Q. How can I get a Tee-Shirt of my favorite truck(s)? -------------------------------------------------- A. Check some of the Web pages! Sometimes you can use a Credit Card over the Web but you might want to fax the card number or use the telephone instead! You may order a BIGFOOT picture or t-shirt from the BIGFOOT online catalog found in the Merchandise section of The Bigfoot WEB Page. If you want your item autographed, just request that the driver of your choice sign the item, when placing the order. http://www.bigfoot4x4.com/merch.html Grave Digger has a excellent selection of merchandise. Shirts, shoestrings, jewelry, and hats. They even have a deck of playing cards last time I looked. http://www.gravedigger.com/souvenir.htm Most of the shows have a concession area, and sell all kinds of mementoes including apparel items. And most trucks have a home shop and are receptive to fan requests. The "Official Merchandise" section of Pace Motorsport's web site has T-shirts for several monster truck available. Fans can order Bigfoot, Grave Digger, Predator, Carolina Crusher, Monster Patrol, and many other Monster Truck T-shirts and related merchandise on our site. Q. Where can I find a large group of pictures and Info in one place on the Internet? ------------- A. Try this site. The World's Largest Monster Truck Home Page: http://www.designcraft.com/monster/trucks or Monster Mania with over 2000 pictures and growing: http://www.monstermania.com View this FAQ in HTML with your browser from FAQS.org! See the Major Web Sites section and the individual truck pages listings here! http://www.landfield.com/faqs/autos/sport/monster-trucks You need to check the MTRA home page for Members info. http://WWW.truckworld.com/mtra Pace Motors Sports has extensive biographical information on the Monster Trucks, drivers, rules and regulations for the USHRA. http://www.ushra.com Q. I want some Monster Truck Windows Wall Paper. What can you tell me? ------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Here ya' go! http://www.monstermania.com http://www.bigfoot4x4.com http://WWW.VirginiaGiant.com Q. Screen Savers?? --------------- A. I don't know of any but you're right there should be some!! There is a program called Imotion or something like that to make it easy to write screen savers. I found a Halloween screen saver at the Free Site that mentioned the program. Let me know if you (or anyone else) comes up with one. http://www.thefreesite.com Correction!!! Barefoot Productions makes a Monster Truck Screen Saver. http://www.barefootinc.com/mtruckss.htm Q. Isn't there a computer game? Know any Urls? ------------------------------------------- A. Check out "Monster Truck Madness" then you can be the driver of your favorite Monster Truck! http://www.windows.com/games/monster/default.htm http://www.microsoft.com/games/monster/downloads.htm Don't miss The BigFoot Internet Racing Team. http://www.bigfoot4x4.com/mtm2/bfteam.html I haven't tried this out but there is some kind of online game (over the internet) called `the zone' or something like that. You need a Active X enhanced browser like MSIE 2.0 and Windows 95, or Windows NT! http://beta.zone.com And the games home page will even let you download MSIE. Q. I'm really into Monster Truck Madness II but I want some other trucks? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Check these links! http://mtm.naz.com http://www.ieway.com/yeast http://www.vales.com http://www.terminalreality.com Garret tells me he has made several add-on trucks for mtm1 at Yeastman's page (www.ieway.com/yeast) including Stomper, Taurus, and Extreme Overkill. Q. Just one more game. Please? --------------------------- A. Do you like trivia? Send your E-mail address to: bmanson@SBTek.com Tell him you want to join the trivia game. He'll add you to the mailing list and once a day you'll receive a E-mail with a trivia question. Q. How do I become a BIGFOOT Driver? --------------------------------- A. To become a BIGFOOT Driver, you must be 25 years of age & have a current CDL (commercial drivers license). You need to be in good physical shape, have knowledge of mechanics, electrical & metal fabrication before you are even considered for the crew. If you make the crew, you would most likely serve 2 years apprenticeship to learn to drive. Q. I need to find out exactly how to get to a show! How can I get a Map or directions? ------------------ A. Ask the promoter or venue first! If you have or can get the Street Address (with number) try Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com Navigate to the maps section and fill in the form to search for a Map, expand the map if needed and print it out if your printer allows that (most do now-a-days)! Also, Maps and directions to any U.S. Hot Rod event are always in the Venue section of the Ticketmaster web site. Fans can order tickets online directly from the USHRA (Pace) event schedule page through the Ticketmaster site. http://www.ushra.com http://www.Ticketmaster.com Q. Is there a mailing list? ------------------------ A. Yes, TRUCKZONE PRESS! To subscribe visit the www.truckzone.com main site and fill out the form with your E-mail address and any other information where asked. You may also view the archive of previous newsletters. Truckzone runs a moderated chat every Wednesday night at 9PM EST. We always have a good assortment of fans, drivers, and promoters. Truckzone is also working toward implementing a WWWBoard. There's also the Monster Mania newsletter.... newsletter@monstermania.com topic SUBSCRIBE I also run a low volume list from here (Monster Highway BBS) and I'll be glad to put your name on it. My list is mostly late breaking news and info I think the Monster Truck (Insiders) community should have! To post something to it send the message to: jhawkin@usa.net To subscribe to the list use the same address but use the Subject: "Subscribe your.email.address@your.ISP.TLD" P.S.: If you want to start a mailing list, do let me know! If I can help you accomplish this, just ask! Q. I want to know when there is a change to my favorite Web Pages! --------------------------------------------------------------- A. Many Web Pages have made arrangements with URL minder services! Truckzone is one of them and the service they use will send you a set of instructions on how to add pages to the `minder list'! Most of these reminder services allow you to add links to your personal `Watch List'. Q. How do I `grep' a usenet group? ------------------------------- A. Wrong FAQ, buddy! But if you want to mail out adverts to `qualified' leads, then check out the FAQ about advertising on Usenet! http://www.landfield.com/faqs/usenet/advertising/howto/part1/ Also if you participate actively in a Usenet Newsgroup, the people there may be very interested in a `venture' or a product/service you offer. In most business circles it's called networking, right! Q. How can I find a drivers E-mail address? ---------------------------------------- A. Try the associated Web Pages! Ask others! Check four11.com! http://www.Four11.com There is also a E-mail addressing FAQ that might help! No, I'm not going to give E-mail addresses out! Many of the official truck home sites (Web Pages) are adding E-mail forms now and Mail-to: addresses! You may use those forms to E-mail and addresses to contact drivers and crews! I probably shouldn't mention this but, the sites that have a real registered Internet Name have a record at Internic (or the Domain Registry for their country) that may reveal the owner/driver's E-mail address. http://Internic.net Q. I really need to ask a question of some driver! How can I! ---------------------------------------------------------- A. See the answers above and below here for more ideas! Q. Is their someplace I can chat or E-mail to other people interested in Monster Trucks? --------------- A. Try posting to the Web Board at USA Kids Club, The new MonsterZone Web Board, Gravedigger's web Board or The Virginia Giant's Framed Web Board: http://www.usakidsclub.com http://WWW.VirginiaGiant.Com http://WWW.Monsterzone.Com http://www.Gravedigger.com You might also want to join the on going posts via your news reader. Point your news reader at: news://chatdev.gcomm.com Look for a group called: Monster_Trucks Monsterzone runs live chat every Wednesday evening at 9PM EST. We have a ever growing attendance with drivers, promoters, and spectators alike. http://WWW.Monsterzone.com Q. How can our drivers publish a E-mail address, without clogging their personal Internet accounts? --------------------------- A. Rocketmail, Hotmail, Juno, Netaddress, and Cybermail all offer free or cheap E-mail addresses! If you have a Web Page, your ISP can often give you more addresses on a server and `MX' the addresses to your * Domain Name or Machine Name at Domain Name! Cybermail, Netaddress and * others will even forward the mail to another account if needed! NetAddress, symetsys, and Cybermail can be retrieved via POP3 also - much better than WEB only In my Humble Opinion! Also try: http://WWW.EmailAdresses.COM I usually have a Info Package forsale at Ebay that includes a excellent list of Free Internet Resources. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/j.nash/ Q. How can our drivers get Internet E-mail while on the road? ---------------------------------------------------------- A. A client package like Net-Tamer can be run on a cheap computer and call the home base ISP long distance, grab the mail, and log off in a couple minutes. Usually under three! Some ISPs have local numbers in the larger cities nationwide also. These packages read and answer E-mail offline and can be setup with Fax software and Fax modems to send/receive faxes in the field also! ^^^ http://www.nettamer.net Also, check with Juno! They have local phone numbers all over the country. And the National ISPs - Worldnet, AOL, CIS, Maranatha, Delphi and many smaller ISPs now have national agreements with other ISPs! Q. I've got a REAL heavy foot! --------------------------- A. Use your Speed Control! Or try this site! At least you'll have a better Idea of when to slow down! http://www.speedtrap.com III. Reading (and other media) List ------------------------------------ I could really use some book titles, magazines and always more URLs for this section! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Video Tapes: Biggest & the Baddest Monster Trucks VHS Tape / Published 1997 Awesome Monster Trucks VHS Tape / Published 1991 Monster Trucks VHS Tape / Published 1996 Monster Madness Monster Trucks / VHS Tape / Published 1997 Turning the Power on Tnt Monster Trucks / VHS Tape / Published 1990 Monster Trucks at Work VHS Tape / Published 1997 Grave Digger's Domination http://WWW.gravedigger.com http://www.ushra.com Inside Monster Jam Box Set and/or the individual volumes! http://www.ushra.com Books: Try Cherry Valley And Amazon Books to order these online! http://www.CherryValleyBooks.com http://www.amazon.com MONSTER TRUCKS & TRACTORS Published by Chelsey Publishers The book features a chapter on Dan Patrick & SAMSON, Bob Chandler & Bigfoot, Tractor Pulls and a History & Terminology Chapter. Monster Truck Drag Racing (Drag Racing) Martin Hintz, Kate Hintz / School & Library Binding / Published 1996 Monster Truck Racing Scott Johnston / Library Binding / Published 1994 Monster Truck Racing (Motorsports) Scott D. Johnston / School & Library Binding / Published 1994 The Original Monster Truck; Bigfoot Scott D. Johnston / Library Binding / Published 1994 Monster Trucks James Koons / Library Binding / Published 1998 Monster Trucks (Rollin) James Koons / School & Library Binding / Published 1996 Monster Trucks (Action Events) Jeff Savage / School & Library Binding / Published 1996 The history of monster truck racing. Lists many personalities, events, types of trucks. More. Monster Vehicles (Cruisin') E.J. Atkinson / School & Library Binding / Published 1991 Monster 4-Wheelers Library Binding / Published 1987 Monster Trucks & Tractors (Race Car Legends) Sue Mead / Library Binding / Published 1998 Monster Trucks and Hair in a Can Bill Geist / Audio Cassette / Published 1994 Monster Wheels Fun and Stickers Cindy Branthoover, et al / Paperback Maxx Trax II : Monster Truck Adventure James Preller, Don Bolognese (Illustrator) / Published 1988 Monster Trucks Michael Benson (Editor) / Published 1994 Monster Trucks Published 1992 Monster Trucks & Hair-In-A-Can Who Says America Doesn't Make Anything Anymore? Bill Geist / Published 1994 Monster Trucks (Poster Books) Published 1988 Monster Trucks : Car Crushers and Crowd Pleasers Michael Bargo / Published 1986 Monster Trucks and Other Giant Machines on Wheels Jerry Bushey / Published 1989 Monstermobiles Barry Brazier / Published 1988 Monster Trucks Bill Holder / Published 1992 Monster 4-Wheelers (Super-Charged) William G. Holder, Howard Schroeder (Editor) Library Binding / Published 1987 Ultimate Book of Monster Trucks Bill Holder / Published 1991 Monster Wheels Bill Holder, Harry Dunn / Published 1990 Here Come the Monster Trucks George Sullivan / Published 1989 Here Come the Monster Trucks George Sullivan (CVB) Here Come the Monster Trucks George Sullivan / Turtleback / Published 1992 Here Come the Monster Trucks (Picture Puffin) George Sullivan / Paperback / Published 1992 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Monsters Monthly http://www.truckworld.com/Monster-Trucks/Monsters-Monthly ----------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Copyright myths FAQ http://www.landfield.com/faqs/law/copyright/myths/part1/ Discusses some common mis-conceptions about copyright matters! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Recreation Pyrotechnics FAQ http://www.landfield.com/faqs/pyrotechnics-faq I include this FAQ here because of the safety and contact information contained but I DO NOT encourage experimentation with Pyrotechnics! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Stagecraft FAQ http://www.landfield.com/faqs/theatre/stagecraft/faq A lot of simple special effects info and pointers to other documents! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Usenet Advertising howto FAQ http://www.landfield.com/faqs/usenet/advertising/howto/part1/ Some of you will want to advertise over Usenet in some manner from time to time! Here is a great reference about doing it right while NOT alienating the very people you want to reach! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Emily Post news http://www.landfield.com/faqs/usenet/emily_postnews/part1/ A `Tongue in Cheek' look at Usenet mis-behavior I feel is a excellent companion to the Usenet Advertising FAQ! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Joel Furr FAQ http://www.landfield.com/faqs/joel_furr/faq This FAQ is about Joel Furr and is included here because Joel seems to represent the zany side of Internet life (IMHO)! He also writes a lot of the more enlightened FAQ info and contributes to all of Usenet and the internet! ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Net-Tamer Frequently Asked Questions http://www.landfield.com/faqs/off-line-readers/net-tamer This was my (Jeff Hawkins) first attempt at putting together a Usenet FAQ and covers the DOS based Internet client software called Net-Tamer! Net-Tamer can be run on a cheap laptop, portable computer, or most any PC to handle Internet duties while on the road or at home! Makes a excellent mail client for the crews transporter PC and will grab E-mail for offline reading then log off to save long distance charges! ----------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Promoters list -------------------- PACE Motor Sports, Inc. United States Hot Rod Association 495 N. Commons Drive Suite 200 Aurora, IL. 60504-8187 Voice: (630) 566-6100 Fax: (630)-566-6180 http://www.ushra.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Motorsports Inc. 121 Mercedes Ct. Winchester, Va. 22603 Voice: (540)-662-5202 Fax: (540)-662-4332 Diehl (The Virginia Giant) Wilson's Company and my Weekend Employer! Specializes in Monster Truck Races, Rodeo and Tractor Pulls! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Special Events, The Promotion Company Special Events, Inc. 804 N. Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN. 46204-1196 Voice: (317)-236-6522 Fax: (317)-236-6519 Specializes in "automotive events that are fun for the whole family". Automotive and truck events like the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals and the Street Machine Nationals! Also country concerts and a circus! http://www.familyevents.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- USA Motorsports United Sports of America 2310 West 75th Street Prairie Village, KS. 66208 Voice: (913)-384-8930 Fax: (913)-384-8931 http://www.usakidsclub.com Note: USA Motorsports is now part of PACE Motor Sports! ----------------------------------------------------------------- MotorSport Attractions Agency (Rev Prochnow) P.O. Box 152167 Cape Coral, Fl. 33915-2167 or 927 SE 16th Terrace Cape Coral, Fl. 33990 Voice: (941)-458-1777 Fax: (941)-772-3589 http://www.motorsportattractions.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Logan Motorsports Rt 2 Box 918 Cresent City, Fl. 32212 Voice: (904)-698-1678 Fax: (904)-696-6022 http://jaxadnet.com/monster.trucks/ http://www.worldwebmaster.com/monster.trucks/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- Mini Motor Sports of America http://www.minimonsters.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Milestone Motorsports ----------------------------------------------------------------- Carlisle Productions 1000 Bryn Mawr Road Carlisle, Pa. 17013-1588 Voice: (717)-243-7855 Fax: (717)-243-0255 http://www.carpro.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Extreme Motor Sports http://www.monstermania.com/extreme ----------------------------------------------------------------- New Jersey Hot Rod Association (NJHRA) PO Box 1256 Wildwood, New Jersey 08260 Voice: (609)-696-5901 Fax: (608)-523-8051 Runs a monster truck race, two car shows, a motorcross race and hydroplane race on the beach of Wildwood, New Jersey anually. http://www.njhra.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- KSR Motorsports (Jack Brady) PO Box 1701 Paolia, PA 19301-0345 Annual monster truck and tuff truck points series of 7 races in the Mid-Atlantic region. http://www.monsterzone.com/ksr ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pro Shows Inc. 3050 Lawrenceburg Rd. Bloomfield, KY. 40008 Voice: (502)-252-5945 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Good Guys Enterprises 34 Alamo Square Alamo, CA. 94507 Voice: (510)-838-9876 Fax: (510)-820-8241 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Western Carolina Productions P.O. Box 18667 Asheville, NC. 28814 Voice: (704)-628-9626 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Buck Motorsports Inc. 250 Bollinger Rd. Littletown, PA 17340 Voice: (717)-359-4483 http://www.800padutch.com/bucksked.html ----------------------------------------------------------------- Championship Auto Shows 6841 N. Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills, MI. 48306 Voice: (248)-650-5560 Fax: (248)-650-5571 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Raceway Park (Old Bridge Twp. Raceway Park) 230 Pension Rd. Englishtown, NJ. 07726 Voice: (908)-446-7800 Fax: (908)-446-1373 http://www.goracing.com/englishtown ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hall Bros. 1401 County Rd. 2400 N. Champaign, IL. 61821 Voice: (217)-643-6375 Fax: (217)-643-2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Patrick Racing Ent. 28358 Tarlton-Adelphi Laurelville, OH. 43135 Voice: (614)-332-1561 Fax: (614)-332-1157 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Patrol Inc. 2336 Samuelson Rd. Portage, IN. 46368 Voice: (219)-845-2676 Fax: (219)-845-2783 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Bigfoot Entertainment Group, Inc. (Steve Wood) 6311 N. Lindbergh Blvd. Hazelwood, Mo. 63042 Voice: (314)-731-2822 http://www.bigfoot4x4.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Checkered Flag Productions (Ed Beckley) P.O. Box 429 Bridgeport, Texas 76426 Voice: (940)-683-4742 Fax: (940)-683-3935 http://www.cfpracing.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- MEG Entertainment 100 W. Hoover, Suite 11 Mesa, Arizona 85210 Voice: (602)-833-1886 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tv-One, Inc. 2115 Butterfield Rd., Suite 100 Oak Brook, Il. 60523 Voice: (630)-620-2660 ----------------------------------------------------------------- ZZYZX, Inc. Dave Matthews 224 Cheyenne Way Modesto, Ca. 95356 Voice: (209)-571-2854 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Productions, Ltd. (Rob Waloschuk) Box 713 Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada S3N-2W8 Voice: (3060-782-6541 Fax: (306)-782-1707 http://www.performance-events.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Suppliers list ------------------- Videos Diamond P Sports http://www.truckworld.com/DIAMONDP Simitar Entertainment http://www.simitar.com Pace MotorSports http://www.ushra.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Games Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/games/monster/downloads.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------- Frames and Running Gear Patrick Enterprises Inc. 28358 Tarlton-Adelphi Rd. Laurelville, Ohio 43135 Voice: (614)-477-1006 Fax: (614)-332-1157 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Remote Ignition Interrupter Audiax (216)-392-6800 Total Communication (314)-432-2552 Birch Communication (609)-625-3481 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tachometers, Meters and Gauges Autometer http://www.autometer.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Fiberglass Bodies and Body Parts GTS http://www.gtsfiberglass.com Creative GlassWorks http://www.creativeglas.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Internet Web Page Hosting and E-mail services Cybermail.net http://www.cybermail.net jack@cybermail.net ----------------------------------------------------------------- Internet Web Page Creation and E-mail services Jeff Hawkins http://www.cybermail.net/~jhawkin E-Mail jhawkin@cybermail.net ----------------------------------------------------------------- Net-Tamer - "Internet in a Thimble" Integrated Internet Software for Small Laptops up to full PC systems David Colston 10374 Boca Entrada Blvd. #223 Boca Raton, FL 33428 Voice: (561) 477-6373 Fax: (561) 477-6329 http://www.nettamer.net E-mail nettamer@nettamer.net ----------------------------------------------------------------- Freelance Motorsports Announcers Ken Dickinson Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Voice: (540)-943-2104 Fax: (540)-943-8308 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Outlaw Super Trucks Wild West Racing (owner Mike West) 22679 Alden Ave. Alliance, Ohio 44601 Voice: (330)-821-3084 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Robosaurus Monster Robots, Inc. 72 Jamestown Beach Lane Sequim, Wa. 98382 http://www.coolbiz.com/robo/robo_new.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------- Used Audio Equipment, speaker reconing, warranty repairs Daddy's Junky Music Stores 4 Raymond Avenue Salem, New Hampshire 03079 Voice: (603) 894-6492 E-mail Usedbymail@aol.com Reported to be the World's largest dealer in used musical instruments with over 7000 items in stock. Monthly catalog available. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Microphones Electro-Voice 600 Cecil St. Buchanan, MI 49107 Voice: (616) 695-6831 Fax: (616) 695-1304 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Amplifiers, speakers JBL Professional 8500 Balboa Boulevard Northridge, California 91329 Voice: (818) 893-8411 Fax: (818) 893-3639 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Amplifiers, speakers Peavey Electronics Corp. 711 A Street Meridian, Mississippi 39301 Voice: (601) 483-5365 Fax: (601) 484-4278 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Padded and unpadded heavy Cordura equipment covers Tuki Covers P.O. Box 2545 Summerville, South Carolina 29484 Voice: (800) 344-8854 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Discount items for retail, promotion and/or Give-away Oriental Trading Co. P.O. Box 2308 Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2308 http://www.oriental.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- V. The Trucks -------------- Trucks are listed with Web Sites when available! I want this section to list trucks by three or four geographic areas! If you have area Info or want to change or update a link here please write to me. I also want to list MTRA Member trucks first and would like to list older retired trucks separately! What do you think? ------------------- | East Coast Area | ------------------- Black Stallion 2000 http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/stallion.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/blackst.htm Boogey Van http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/boogey.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/boogey.html Carolina Crusher http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/crusher.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/carolinacrush.html Grave Digger http://www.gravedigger.com http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/gravedig.html http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/digger/digger.htm Holman's BEAST http://www.monsterzone.com/cfp/Hbeast.jpg Mopar Magic http://www.monsterzone.com/cfp/mmagic.jpg Outlaw http://www.monsterzone.com/cfp/outlaw.jpg West Virginia Mountaineer http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/mountaineer.html UFO http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/ufotech.htm Virginia Giant http://www.VirginiaGiant.com Virginia Beast http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/vabeast.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/vbeast.html Samson http://WWW.Samson4x4.COM Sudden Impact http://www.suddenimpact.com Liquidator http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/liquid.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/liquidator.html Ground Pounder http://www.groundpounder.com Mopar Magic (old) http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/mopar.htm Above & Beyond http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/above/abarchve.htm Devil's Dodge http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/ddodge.htm Kimosabe http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/kimotech.htm Raptor http://www.raptor4x4.com Towasaurus Wrex http://www.twrex4x4.com Spellbound http://www.icontech.com/spellbound Thrasher http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/thrasher.html Thunder Dog http://users.ids.net/~digger1/richard/img15.jpg A Monster Fire Truck!! http://www.cng.com/html/monster.htm ----------------- | Southern Area | ----------------- Blown Thunder http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/blownthunder.html Clydesdale http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/clydesdale.html Equalizer http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/equalize.htm http://www.monster-trucks.com/Equalize1.jpg Gun Slinger http://www.gunslinger4x4.com King Krunch http://www.kingkrunch.com http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/kingkrunch.html Krimson Krusher http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/krimsonkrusher.html http://www.monstermania.com/krimson Miami Thunder http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/miamithun.html No Problem http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/noproblem.html http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/nproblem/nproblem.htm Rampage http://www.wko.com/~shirleyp/ http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/rampage.htm Tropical Thunder http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/tthunder/tthunder.htm ------------------- | Mid West Region | ------------------- Bearfoot http://www.bearfoot.com http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/bearfoot.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/bearfoot.html Bigfoot http://www.bigfoot4x4.com Peacekeeper http://members.aol.com/rrpd10/ http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/peace.htm Snake Bite http://www.bigfoot4x4.com http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/snakebite/snakbite.htm Thunder Beast http://www.monstermania.com/tbeast Wild Foot http://www.bigfoot4x4.com Firestone Wilderness http://www.bigfoot4x4.com Reptoid http://www.reptoid.com Executioner http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/execute/execute.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/executioner.htm Monster Patrol http://www.monster-patrol.com http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/monstpat.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/mpatrol.htm http://www.nwimarket.com/mpatrol/ Taurus http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/taurus.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/taurus.html Awesome Kong/ King Kong http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/awesomekong.html Bad Medicine http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/badme.html Bulldozer http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/bulldozer.html Devastator http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/devastator.html Excaliber http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/excaliber.html Extreme Overkill http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/overkill.htm First Blood http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/first.htm Four Wheel Crazy http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/4whcraz.htm Heartbeat http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/hartbeat.htm Heartland Express http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/hartland.htm Hercules(Original Version) http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/hercules.html Hercules Http://www.truckzone.com/hercules Kodiak http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/kodiak/kodiak.htm Mad Dog http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/maddog.html Micro Machines http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/micromachine.html Moving Violations http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/moving.htm http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/mviolate/mviolate.htm Nitemare http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/nitemare.html Orange Krate http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/orangekrate.html Overkill http://www.truckworld.com/overkill http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/overkill.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/ovekill1.html Predator http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/pred.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/predator.html Playin' for Keeps http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/playkeep.htm Stomper http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/stomper.html Stomper Bully http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/stomperbully.html Tornado http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1457/ USA-1 http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/usa-1.html War Wagon http://www.truckzone.com/warwagon http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/warwagon.html Weapon http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/wepon1.html Chicago Outlaw --------------------- | West Coast Region | --------------------- High Roller http://www.richtire.com/mstr.htm AM/PM Rocket http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/ampmrocket.html Dragon Slayer http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/dslayer.htm Rocky Mountain Thunder http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/rockymtn.htm Unnamed & Untamed http://www.angelfire.com/az/unnamed4x4/ http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/unameduntamed.html ------------------ | Western Canada | ------------------ Maniac http://www.jurassicattack.com Young Gun http://www.jurassicattack.com Jurassic Attack http://www.jurassicattack.com --------------- | Ride Trucks | --------------- Bush Hog Energizer Equalizer Eradicator Excaliber Fun Bus Grave Digger Hulk Livin' It Up Overkill Phantom Krusher Predator Pure Pride Red Dog Safarifoot Shake-A-Paw Shocker Sidewinder Small Change Timberwolf Undertaker Virginia Giant Wildfire --------------------------- | Unknown or unsorted Yet | --------------------------- Jethro's Truck (from the movie `The Beverly Hillbillies') http://www.dealsonwheels.com/museum/cars/hillbillies.html Rambo http://www.rambo4x4.com Little Tiger http://www.littletigerracing.com Sixfoot http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/sixfoot.html Heavy Metal http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/heavymetal.html Whiskey Business http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/whiskey.htm Wildfire http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/wildfire.htm Wild Hair http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/wildhair.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/wildhair.html Wild Thang http://www.truckzone.com/trucks/thang.htm http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com/wildthang.html American Guardian http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/guardian/agarchve.htm Undertaker http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/undertaker/undrtakr.htm Warrior http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/misc/war150.jpg Wildfire http://www.truckzone.com/pictures/misc/wfire150.jpg Gator http://www.monstermania.com/gator Big Brutus http://www.bigbrutus.com Big Dummy http://www.truckworld.com/bigdummy Black Widow http://www.pwrhouse.com/widow Obsession http://www.truckworld.com/obsession Crypt Keeper http://home1.gte.net/jmclark/cryptk~1.htm Phantom Krusher http://www.truckzone.com/pkrusher Keystone Krusher http://members.accessus.net/~omiotek/index.html Fly-n-hi http://www.fly-n-hi.com/monster.htm Bad Influence http://www.monstermania.com/extreme Super Pete http://www.performance-events.com/gallery2/page8.html Austin 3:16 Airborne Ranger American Made 1 AM/PM Boss Bearly Tame Big Boss Big Dare Blue Ribbon Bandit Blue Max Bustin' Loose California Kid Crusher Cook-e-Monster Cyborg Cyclops Danger Zone Dangerous Toy Deep Fear Devastator Dirty Dancing Dodge Express Dueces Wild Ecology Eliminator Eradicator Goliath Heavy Metal Invader Iron Warrior Pony Express Master of Disaster Misbehavin' High Anxiety High Voltage Hot Stuff Jersey Outlaw Little Tiger Mistress Monster Mash Mountain Legend Muscle Beach Outlaw Pirate Pete Primetime Purina Mainstay Rap Attack Roboshark Savage Beast Shocker Shotgun Shredder Skoal Bandit Smoke Craft Jerky Maker Super Bus Survivor Terminator Trouble Maker Under Pressure Undertaker Valvoline Racer Witch Doctor Tremor Wild Thang The "HULK" Wild Thing Woman Warrior Showtime Dad's Toy Michigan Ice Monster VII. MAJOR WEB SITES --------------------- Andrew's Monster Truck Website http://www.monstertrucks-uk.com ----------------------------------- John Eastwood's Monster Truck Emporium http://www.monster-trucks.com ----------------------------------- The World of Monster Trucks http://www.truckzone.com ----------------------------------- Mother-in-Laws Garage http://www.milgarage.com ----------------------------------- Motorsports Photography Unlimited http://www.designcraft.com/monster/trucks ----------------------------------- Monster Mania http://www.monstermania.com ----------------------------------- Purdue University's Monster Truck Information http://expert.cc.purdue.edu/~alsheets/trucks5.html ----------------------------------- Dane's Monster Truck Madness http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/8754 ----------------------------------- Monster Truck Photos http://www.cbu.edu/~itemplet/monstrk.html ----------------------------------- Justin Zint's Monster Truck Photo Page ----------------------------------- Michael's MONSTER TRUCK ZONE http://webhome.idirect.com/~korts/michael.htm ----------------------------------- Taylor's MONSTER TRUCK PAGE http://www.geocities.com/bourbonstreet/6992 ----------------------------------- Dustin Cudester's Monster Truck Photos: http://www.mindspring.com/~cudester/ ----------------------------------- Mike's Monster Trucks http://members.aol.com/mavrim/index.html ----------------------------------- VIII. The Event Calendar List ----------------------------- Monsterzone has a excellent Calender Section http://www.monsterzone.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Mania http://www.monstermania.com/calendar.htm Monster Mania will soon host a complete Event Database at http://www.monstermania.com/calendar.asp ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pace Motorsports also has a complete events schedule of all Pace events. You can find links on the calendar for purchasing tickets and other venue info. http://www.ushra.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Buck Motorsports Park (The Buck) in Lancaster Co. Pa. has their events skedule here. http://www.800padutch.com/bucksked.html ----------------------------------------------------------------- Checkered Flag Productions posts their skedule Info here: http://www.cfpracing.com/schedule.html ----------------------------------------------------------------- Many trucks have a schedule section on their web pages: http://www.bigfoot4x4.com http://www.VirginiaGiant.com/events.htm http://www.samson4x4.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Previous Changes --------------------- 06/26/98 Version 1.10! New URLs! We now list 84 trucks with URLs and 55 without. Added a pointer for the MTRA Website. Added pointer for the Monster_Trucks News Group on Gcomm. And a address for the Monster Truck Trivia List. Also the Virginia Giant has a new Web Board. I won't be marking the new info any more and the old markings will be removed soon. This FAQ should have a permanent home RSN (Real Soon Now) as a HTML document and the text version will be updated from the HTML. Look for a bigger, better FAQ with more links, pictures and info sometime this summer. 02/11/98 This is Version 1.09! Changes marked with the `*'character! David Weihe reminded me the old Gravedigger site is down and gone! And Andrew Palochko contributed a bunch of info this for this months issue! New URLs we now list 83 trucks with URLs and 56 without. Started that calender section! Hardly anyone noticed I messed up the date in last months changes section (01/01/97 Hee Hee)! And not even a `Roman' noticed my sections were numbered improperly! Someone asked about the starter's lights and `Stop Motion' video systems. Do we have a new promoter coming into the business? I have answered their questions with what I know! 01/01/98 Version 1.08! The truck URLs list has been updated extensively and reformatted! Andrew Fielder sent URLs for every truck he has on his pages! I also added his site to my Web sites list! Thanks to these new URLs we now list 79 trucks with URLs and 55 without. 12/10/97 Version 1.07! Added the mailing address for USA Motorsports! Found a promoter in FL. added their Info! Question about E-mail Addresses came up again in a discussion! See my Answer here! Also had a question about Pit Passes! In the Truck List You'll Find 40 truck URLs and 71 trucks without URLs = 111 Trucks Total! 11/10/97 Version 1.06! Couple new truck URLs, some slight reformatting! I think I found a URL for Simitar (the video Company)! Added Monster Mania to the major Web sites list! Took out the Truckzone Press Awards Announcement! I Really appreciate the recognition they've given this FAQ and all their efforts to promote Monster Truck Racing! 10/10/97 Skipped a month here! 09/09/97 Version 1.05 Audio Month I guess! 8-) I found some `good' info about audio equipment so I checked what I could and inserted in the suppliers area! I also added some reading list info into a new section! This is mostly for the promoters/performers but you fans might find it interesting background info too! I think all the truck URLs should be right as of today! Still need more URLs! There is some info about internet Services for Monster Truck Professionals! 08/19/97 We won a award! Along with many other sites! I included a special Section Excerpt from Truckzone Press as an announcement at the end of this section! (Kudos now removed!) O8/10/97 Version 1.04 Added a reference for our first freelance motorsport announcer! This will probably become a section on its own! Someone asked about how the teams cut tires so I added that info! Mike West's Outlaw Super Trucks appeared with us at three shows this week so I added contact info! 07/06/97 Added some info about Dan Patrick and some odds and ends. 06/10/97 Found Grave Digger's New URL. And updated same! Changed URL for The Virginia Giant. 05/31/97 Received a MTRA rule book and Newsletter, made some changes to reflect information found there. I added a lot of truck names, need URL's for them! 04/26/97 fixed a few errors found in the htmlized version 04/13/97 just a little more info and final proof reading 04/06/97 A little added polish 03/02/97 The crude beginnings CONTACTING THE AUTHOR --------------------- For FAQ related Questions or help: Jeff Hawkins jhawkin@visuallink.com ---------- Middletown, Va. U.S.A. Internet solutions for The Monster Truck Racing Industry