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Subject: Welcome to austin.jobs [periodic posting of newsgroup guidelines]

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Welcome to austin.jobs. This newsgroup is for messages regarding employment in Austin. This includes postings of jobs offered and wanted, as well as general discussions about work. This message contains the guidelines for posting to austin.jobs. They represent the consensus of the Austin Usenet community. Please respect the desires of that community: read this message carefully *before* posting your article to austin.jobs. This message is updated from time to time. The data and version information appears at the top of this posting. The most up-to-date version may be retrieved from <http://www.unicom.com/pw/austx-jobs>. === Important Notice to Job Posters === The Austin Usenet community has adopted these guidelines to help keep austin.jobs a useful resource. Your invitation to participate here is subject to these guidelines. If you fail to abide by them then your invitation will be revoked and you will be asked to leave. Remember that that Usenet isn't like a newspaper ad. The bulk of the cost is shouldered by the recipient -- not the poster. The Usenet readers do. Please be courteous and use this newsgroup appropriately. When these guidelines are followed, job seekers find this group more useful. That's to everybody's benefit. When this newsgroup starts getting filled with crud then people tune out and everybody loses. Here are the austin.jobs guidelines: 1. This newsgroup is for: - posting job openings in the greater Austin area. - messages looking for work in the greater Austin area. - discussion about job hunting and working around Austin. 2. As indicated above, only messages about jobs in Austin are appropriate for this group. If you want to post about a job somewhere else, it does NOT belong here. Jobs in other areas should be posted to one of the national jobs groups (misc.jobs.*) or to an appropriate regional newsgroup (such as tx.jobs, houston.jobs, or dfw.jobs). 3. Job seekers may post only if they already live in the Austin area, or are committed to moving here. 4. We recommend that job seekers do NOT post their resume here. That's a highly inefficient use of net.bandwidth. Instead, consider posting a short article summarizing your interests and experience. You can provide a full resume at the time interested people contact you. Besides, you'd rather send out four-color Postscript resumes anyway; 80-column US-ASCII resumes are ugly. :-) 5. We define a job as a postion for which a person will be compensated in return for work or services, and that compensation will be subject to Federal tax witholding (form W-2) or reporting (form 1099). Postings for commission-only salespeople, independant distributors, work-at-home envelope stuffing, and the like are specifically forbidden. 6. Messages about full-time, part-time, and contract job positions are all appropriate for this group. 7. Financial opportunity postings, including solicitations for multi-level marketing organizations, are NOT appropriate for this newsgroup. 9. Commercial soliciations are NOT appropriate for this group. This includes advertisements of services for job-seekers, announcement of "free" items to promote your service, and solicitations for consulting customers. 10. Do not repost messages more frequently than once a week. 11. If you post here, please be prepared to accept responses, resumes, and questions by email. This newsgroup will be more effective for you (and less frustrating for job seekers) if you are equipped to handle the initial contact and screening by email. 12. If you are NOT the person who handles the email contact, put a Reply-To: header in your posting that points email responses to the right address. Do not simply say ``send email to...'' in the body of your message and expect responses to go there. They won't. 13. General good ideas for any Usenet posting: Avoid strange line breaks and long lines that wrap around a typical terminal screen. We suggest you break your lines at 72 columns or less. Whitespace is your friend (within reason). Carefully spell check and proofread your submissions; nothing screams ``unprofessional'' louder than poorly crafted prose. Please go easy on the Cap-Shift key. Do NOT right-justify your text; leave ``ragged right margins.'' We are not impressed that you can construct your company logo out of Xs and /s. ``ASCII art'' and gratuitous typesetting effects are discouraged. A double pox on people who use overly long signatures. Readers: This group often is littered with postings for so-called business opportunities and get-rich-quick schemes. Beware! They don't merely violate these guidelines, they often are illegal. Be informed and stay cautious. For some excellent information on the scams that prey on job seekers, see: <http://www.usps.gov/websites/depart/inspect/emplmenu.htm>. End of austx-jobs Guidelines **************************** -- Chip Rosenthal * http://www.unicom.com/ * <chip@unicom.com> They're after my domain! * http://save.unicom.com/