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Subject: Apple II Csa2 FAQs: 4Main-GetIt, Part 25/25

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The comp.sys.apple2 Usenet newsgroup Apple II FAQs originate from the II Computing Apple II site, 1997-2010. Csa2 FAQs file ref: Csa21MAIN4.txt rev153 December 2010 Main Hall-4: Get It- Links to popular software packages File Handling Utilities 001- Where can I get ShrinkIt, binscii, DSK2FILE, ASIMOV, etc.? Telecom and Transfer Programs 002- Where can I get ADT, ADTgs, Agate, Modem MGR, Spectrum ...? System and DOS Software 003- Where can I get DOS 3.3 and ProDOS? 004- Where and how do I get GS System 6.0.1? 005- Where can I get AmDOS, OzDOS, DOS 3.3 Launcher, ProSel 8, SpeedGS? Programming and Language Software 006- Where can I get Program Writer, GPLE, Merlin, Orca, ... ? Word Processor and Productivity Software 007- Where can I get Appleworks, ScreenWriter, WordPerfect, ...? 008- Where can I get Platinum Paint, PaintWorks Gold, DeluxePaint II? 009- Where can I get 816 Paint, Blazing Paddles, Dazzle Draw, ...? 001- Where can I get ShrinkIt, Shrink (64k), Unshrink (64k), GS-ShrinkIt, binscii, GScii, BISCIT, TCHANGE, DSK2FILE, ASIMOV, PMPunZip, Angel, FileManager, 2qwk!, GZPK, Disk Muncher, Copy II Plus, NuLib, Balloon, DskIn & DskOut, Saltine's Super Transcopy (SST), FishWings, UnforkIt, XTRAX, StuffIt Expander, Diskcopy, Clone, Imgutnew.exe, DiskDup+, ProTYPE, MECC Copy, BlockWarden, BlockWork, ProDOSifier, DISK2FDI, CiderPress, ProDOS File Navigator, MUG!, FID, Apple Commander, and MountIt? You can download ... ShrinkIt v3.4 or later ("8-bit ShrinkIt") http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/ as binscii file and self-extracting archive ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/misc/ See PDShrinkIts disk below Shrink (v2.1) for 64k Apple II's ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/disk_utils/ See PDShrinkIts disk below Unshrink (v2.1) for 64k Apple II's ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/disk_utils/ See PDShrinkIts disk below GS-ShrinkIt ("ShrinkIt-GS", "GSHK") http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/ as .sea, .sdk, and binscii http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ on 5.25" .dsk disk image GSHK_dsk.zip See GSUTILS disk below BINscii See PDShrinkIts disk below GScii NDA http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple16/System/Ndas/ BISCIT ("BSC-It") http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/ TCHANGE http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ See PDShrinkIts disk below DSK2FILE (v4.x or later for a 128k //e or later Apple II; version 3 or earlier for 64k Apple II's) http://www.geocities.com/oneelkruns/ current (v5.8f) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ v5.5 and v5.6 http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ v2.1 http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ v5.8f ASIMOV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/upl2000/Jun/ v2.0 http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ v1.3 and 2.0 http://www.ninjaforce.com/html/products.html v2.0 http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ v1.3 and 2.0 See GSUTILS disk below PMPunZip http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple16/Com/Utils/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Angel http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Pgms/ as .shk FileManager NDA http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple16/System/Ndas/ 2qwk! http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Com/ GZPK http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Com/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Disk Muncher See TNILUTIL disk below Copy II Plus (DOS & ProDOS versions on disk images) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/disk_utils/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/Disks/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ on disk images (see below) NuLib http://www.nulib.com/ newest NuLib (NuLib2) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ v3.24 ftp://apple2.tffenterprises.com/pub/apple2/ARCHIVERS/ v3.24 as ibmnulib.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ v3.24 Balloon v2.0 NDA http://store.syndicomm.com/ DskIn & DskOut ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ as .zip ftp://ftp.wonderland.stramiello.net/pub/apple2/asimov/utility/ as .zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ as .zip Saltine's Super Transcopy (SST) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/disk_utils/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ FishWings (PC file view/management util for disk images) http://www3.bboard.com/charlied/fishwings.htm UnforkIt http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/upl2000/Jun/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ftp://apple2.tffenterprises.com/pub/apple2/utils/ XTRAX (utility for generating self-extracting archives for 8-bit Apple II's) http://www.umich.edu/~archive/apple2/8bit/comm/ Aladdin StuffIt Expander for Macs http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/ Diskcopy (GS diskcopy-to-disk) as DiskcopyToDisk.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Clone (GS diskcopy-to-disk) on Golden Orchard CD from Shareware Solutions II ... http://users.foxvalley.net/~joko Imgutnew.exe (PC diskcopy-to-2mg convert) http://www.inwards.com/xgs/xgs_faq.html (click "Image Utility") http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ as DiskcopyTo2mg.zip DiskDup+ v2.9.2 (copier for Macs) http://www.garberstreet.com/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ProTYPE for Macs http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Mac/ MECC Copy http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ BlockWarden (ProDOS block editor from ProSel) See PDUTIL disk below BlockWork (ProDOS block editor) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ ProDOSifier (manage ProDOS files on a Mac) http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ DISK2FDI (copy Apple II disks on a PC) http://www.oldskool.org/disk2fdi CiderPress (manage ShrinkIt files and disk images on a PC) http://www.faddensoft.com/ ProDOS File Navigator (launcher and file manager) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ MUG! read MS-DOS disks on the IIgs http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ FID ("File Developer" for .dsk images of DOS 3.3 disks) http://www.stjarnhimlen.se/apple2/ Apple Commander (manage disk images under Windows, Linux, Macros) http://sourceforge.net/users/matthewsj MountIt (GS PIF which allows direct access to many disk images) http://www.brutal-deluxe.fr/ You can also obtain several of the above in collections on a ShrinkIt .sdk whole-disk file, emulator .dsk disk image, and/or emulator .nib disk image: TNILUTIL (.sdk, .dsk) bootable DOS 3.3 (EsDOS) DOS 3.3 version of Copy II Plus Disk Muncher fast copier Beagle's Program Writer Joystick checker/adjuster Graphics viewer plus a few other programs PDUTIL (.sdk, .dsk, .nib) bootable ProDOS v1.9 ProDOS/DOS Copy II Plus utilities Beagle's Program Writer Block Warden block editor Graphics viewer plus a few other programs PDSHRINKITS (.sdk, .dsk) bootable ProDOS v1.9 8-bit ShrinkIt v3.4 8-bit Shrink v2.1 for 64k 8-bit Unshrink v2.1 for 64k Type Changer BINSCII w. docs plus a few other programs PDTCOM (.sdk, .dsk) bootable ProDOS v1.9 DSK2FILE (v5.5) UU decode w. docs Comm System 8 telecom utility plus a few other programs http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/Disks/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ GSUTILS (.sdk) 800k disk boots a bare-bones System 6.0.1 and starts GS-ShrinkIt. ZLINK (.shk) telecom utility ASIMOV (.shk) for converting .dsk files. Coolwriter for reading/editing Text) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ --Rubywand ____________________________ 002- Where can I get ADT, ADTgs, ADTcc, ADTwin, ADTux, ADTPro, Agate, Modem MGR, Spectrum, ProTerm, ap2222pc, ZLink, ][2Mac, MacADT, A2fx, HfsLink? ADT_2004 (v1.22) on GSWV ADT_2005 (v1.23; 115k version) on KRLWP and GSWV ADT_2006 (v1.31; 115k version) on SourceForge and GSWV http://home.online.no/~kr-lund/ADT_2005.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ADT_2005.zip https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=170262 ADT (Adt122) on Asimov, Ground, GSWV ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ included in ADT_2004.zip ADTgs (ADTgs91) on Ground, GSWV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ included in ADT_2004.zip ADTcc (ADTcc121) on Ground, GSWV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ included in ADT_2004.zip ADTwin (ADTw122) on Ground, GSWV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ included in ADT_2004.zip ADT122_PortToUnix on GSWV, Aladdin, Asimov http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ftp://ftp.aladdin.de/pub/people/chris/adt/adt122unix.tar.gz ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ ADTPro on SourceForge and GSWV http://adtpro.sourceforge.net http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Agate v069 on Ground (.sdk and .dsk)and GSWV (.sdk and .dsk in .zip) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/Disks/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Modem MGR (MMGR) on Ground, GSWV, Garber Street http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Comm/Modem.mgr/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ http://www.garberstreet.com/ Spectrum from Shareware Solutions II http://users.foxvalley.net/~joko ProTerm from Intrec http://www.intrec.com/ Ap2222pc on Asimov, GSWV ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ZLink on Ground and GSWV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/Disks/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ][2Mac on Adam's HomePage http://macadam.dyndns.org/ MacADT on Asimov ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/utility/ A2fx (A2fx08) on Ground, TFFE, and GSWV http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ ftp://apple2.tffenterprises.com/pub/apple2/8bit/hfsreaders/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ HfsLink (HfsLink10) on TFFE, Ground, GSWV ftp://apple2.tffenterprises.com/pub/apple2/8bit/hfsreaders/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Utils/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ --Penman, Supertimer, Rubywand, MDRipley37, Knut Roll-Lund David Schmidt ____________________________ 003- Where can I get DOS 3.3 and ProDOS? DOS 3.3 Dump (file for NULL modem transfer to an Apple II) as Dos33dmp.zip http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/upl2000/Mar/ ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/masters/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DOS 3.3 and High-Speed Variants (for 48k or larger Apple II) in .dsk image and ShrinkIt .sdk file ... DOS 3.3 SystemMaster 1980 as .dsk image in DOS33SystemMaster1980.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DOS 3.3 SystemMaster 1983 as .dsk image in DOS33SystemMaster1983.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DOS 3.3 SystemMaster 1983 newer version of DOS 3.3 as .dsk image in DOS33SystemMaster1983NuVrsn.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DavidDOS as .dsk image in DavidDOS.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DiversiDOS as .dsk image in DiversiDOS.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ EsDOS as .dsk image and ShrinkIt .sdk file in EsDOS.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ Also see TNILUTIL disk in Q&A 001 above. ProntoDOS v2 as .dsk image and ShrinkIt .sdk file in Prontodos.zip http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ ProDOS in .dsk image, .nib image, and/or ShrinkIt .sdk file ... ProDOS v1.9 (for 64k or larger Apple II) on several disks with utilities as .dsk image, .nib image, and/or ShrinkIt .sdk file See PDUTIL and other ProDOS disk files in Q&A 001 above. ProDOS v2.0.3 and Standard Apple Utiltities v3.1 as .dsk image and ShrinkIt .sdk file in PDStdUtils31.zip or separately as PDStdUtils31.dsk and PDStdUtils31.sdk (for enhanced IIe or later Apple II) http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/useful.stuff/Disks/ 288-block ProDOS v1.9 (36-track ProDOS, for 64k or larger Apple II) as ShrinkIt .sdk file in ProDOS288blocks.zip or PRODOS288blocks.SDK http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Emulators/ --Rubywand ____________________________ 004- Where and how do I get GS System 6.0.1? Small Installation For a small System 6.0.1 that will boot from a single 800k diskette and fit on a ROM-01 or ROM 3 IIgs with at least 1MB of RAM, you can obtain ... GS_Sys601small_SingleDiskForROM1.zip or GS_Sys601small_SingleDiskForROM3.zip from the GS WorldView archive at http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Sel/ . For info and download links click on "Getting GS System 6.0.1". (The standard patches to fix HFS.FST and Text Edit bugs are already applied.) Standard Installation You can obtain the set of GS System 6.0.1 disks in convenient Apple II ShrinkIt form from GS WorldView at http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Sel/ . For info and download links click on "Getting GS System 6.0.1". This distribution comes with the standard patches to fix HFS.FST and the Text Edit bugs already applied. The set of six diskettes plus Directions and Release Notes is also available in a single .zip file at ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/gs/ (file: system601.zip) from Asimov. You can also download the GS System 6.0.1 disks as Mac self-extracting archives from AppleComputer at ... http://www.info.apple.com/support/oldersoftwarelist.html . Each disk in the Sys 6.0.1 folder is a Macintosh self-extracting archive (.sea file) of a Disk Copy 800K ProDOS disk image. According to Apple's directions: "To use, download, double-click the downloaded file (which should decompress it), and use Disk Copy to create a disk Disk Copy can be found in the Utilities folder posted here." A possible hitch is that Mac .sea files must be executed on a Mac to self-extract. (GS-ShrinkIt can create .sea files which self-extract on a IIgs; but, these are not the same as Mac .sea files.) You can download Sys 6.0.1 diskettes as ShrinkIt files from A2 Central at http://www.a2central.com/ (click on "Public File Library"). IIgs emulator users can obtain the System 6.0.1 disks in ready-to-go .2MG form inside a single .zip file from the XGS archive at ... http://www.inwards.com/xgs/archives.html . (Look for GS/OS 6.0.1) For use on a real IIgs, the .2MG disk images can be converted to diskette form via Asimov2. You can purchase the set of diskettes from Garber Street Electronics at http://www.garberstreet.com or from Syndicomm at http://store.syndicomm.com/ . Another way to get System 6.0.1 is to order a Focus hard drive with System 6.0.1 installed.from Alltech at http://www.allelec.com/indexa2.html . --Rubywand ____________________________ 005- Where can I get AmDOS, OzDOS, DOS 3.3 Launcher, ProSel 8, SpeedGS? AmDOS ftp://apple2.tffenterprises.com/pub/apple2/8bit/utils/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ OzDOS http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ DOS 3.3 Launcher http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/System/ ProSel 8 http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ SpeedGS http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Collections/1WSW/ --Rubywand ____________________________ 006- Where can I get Program Writer, GPLE, Merlin, Orca, ... ? Program Writer (DOS 3.3 and ProDOS for 64k or larger IIe, IIc, IIc+, IIgs) http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/apple8/Beagle.Oldies/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ Global Program Line Editor (DOS 3.3 for 48k or larger II+, ...) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/programming/ Merlin Macro Assembler http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Utils/ ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/programming/ Orca/M and other Orca language packages including the new GS BASIC http://www.byteworks.org distributed by Syndicomm http://www.syndicomm.com/ Lots more programming and language links ... http://home.swbell.net/rubywand/csa2pfaq.html --Dr. Tom, Mike Westerfield, Rubywand ____________________________ 007- Where can I get Appleworks, Appleworks GS, ScreenWriter, WordPerfect, BeagleWrite, Medley, AppleWriter II, ... ? Appleworks http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Misc/ ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/word_processing/ Appleworks GS http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/the_ring/productivity.html ScreenWriter ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/word_processing/ BeagleWrite and/or BeagleWriteGS http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Misc/ http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/the_ring/productivity.html WordPerfect and/or WordPerfectGS http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/upl2004/Apr04/ http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Misc/ http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/the_ring/productivity.html AppleWriter II ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/word_processing/ --Rubywand ____________________________ 008- Where can I get Platinum Paint, PaintWorks Gold, DeluxePaint II, Cartooners, 8/16 Paint, and other painter/graphics programs for the IIgs? The "What is the Apple IIgs?" archive has a large collection which includes all of the above: http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/the_ring/creative_visual.html Other sources are ... http://apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Misc/ http://www.inwards.com/xgs/archives.html --Rubywand ____________________________ 009- Where can I get 816 Paint, Blazing Paddles, Dazzle Draw, Fontrix, Grahics Magician, Koala Micro-Illustrator, Print Shop, Print Magic, Apple Mechanic, Alpha Plot, Newsroom, Publish It, ... ? For all of the above plus several other 8-bit graphics programs, check out the collection on Asimov: ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/utility/graphics/ --Rubywand