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"It's healthy now and then to hang a question mark on things you've long taken for granted." - Bertrand Russell Off I am to hang many of those question marks, and if you have come upon this faq with any but left with many still, please visit "http://groups.google.com/" and for anything esle, "http://www.google.com/" Thanks much to those whose words appear below, and those who wrote words of encouragement whilst this work was in progress. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc Frequently Asked Questions List This version: 5th May 2002. Posted to rec.arts.anime.misc every odd month. ;) Most recent updates at this webpage address: http://member.newsguy.com/~memoirs/ (Mirror site: http://home.opendir.org/nikkou/raamfaq.html ) Hello there! This is the rec.arts.anime.misc list of frequently asked questions. If you are a newcomer to the raa.misc newgroup, please do read thru this FAQ before you post a question to see if it has already been answered. Like most other FAQs, it contains answers to questions asked in rec.arts.anime.misc that the regulars would rather not have to deal with FOR THE UMPTEENTH time. We would like to have more time and bandwidth to devote to serious issues like what underwear the female fans favour, which hentai title is the most intellectual, and which anime company we should wage our latest vendetta against. If you're a regular, well..! Take a look and see if you've been misquoted. ^_^ Thanks to all raa.misc posters, the answers here have been cribbed from your posts and various other resources physical or virtual (but not imaginary <G>). Credits shown for those whose posts have been taken 'et al'. This is a list, like everything I do, highly coloured by my idiosyncrasies. While striving to be as accurate as possible in this list, please don't use it as proof (of anything). I and nobody else mentioned in this list is claiming to be a fount of all wisdom ..well, if they do, it's nothing to do with me. <G> Hmm, since I'm about it.. if anything goes wrong, it has NOTHING to do with us. ;) If you have enjoyed reading raa.misc you might be delighted to know that Google Groups has made available almost all Usenet posts from 1981. There is a link to their Advanced Groups Search at the end of this list. If you are new to Usenet, Groups Google has a help page here: http://groups.google.com/googlegroups/help.html Do click on the links on the left and read the Basics of Usenet, Usenet Glossary, Posting Style Guide and Posting FAQ too. It will help you (and the regulars) as you start your Usenet experience. It will be a good one! :) `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. Here we start on the regular, nourishing, chockful-of-tasty-stuff contents! General Questions: 1.Isn't 'anime' a French word? 2.Which 'manga' should I watch now? 3.Isn't anime ALL sex and violence? *dro-ool* 4.I like (anime title), what else is there like it? 5.How can I get fansubs? 6.I know about VHS and LD, what is VCD and DVD? 7.How do I know if I'm getting the REAL thing? 8.What is this 'shounen shoujo' business? 9.Is an 'otaku' an octopus? 10.What do lemons and the letter 'H' have to do with anime? 11."Is this seiyuu married?" 12.What music's playing when...? (and other anime music related questions) 13.Why the heck should I subscribe to raa.music or games or whatever??!!! 14.What's all this PS, PSX, P2 doing in raa.misc? 15.Why do they list the bloodtype of the characters and even the seiyuu? 16.How do I let Disney know I would like to buy Studio Ghibli anime subbed and dubbed on DVD? 17.Is there an anime convention near where I live, or am moving to? 18.Can I let all you wonderful people know I am selling or auctioning anime or 'almost related to anime' goods? 19.What's this [GRIT] tag? 20.Why the bandana over the head, as worn by Happosai in Ranma and by Tenchi's dad at the onsen? 21.Can you tell me about this Chinese-subtitled (or English, I *think* it's English, subbed) DVD/VCD? Questions about Specific Anime: 1.Was it Whosis took Whatsis and got canned along with _Dragon Half_? 2.Tenchi Muyo Does Ryoko (from "Tenchi Muyo") have a tail? Ryoko and the Gems 3.I heard that "Grave of the Fireflies" was double-featured with "Totoro" in Japan. Is it true? 4.Can someone post the "Ghost in the Shell" script? 5.Cowboy Bebop Is there a "Cowboy Bebop: session #0"? Name of song during fight in church? 6.What's this or that (or anything esle) in Escaflowne? 7.Hey, is there going to be a Battle Angel Alita movie? (..and all other Gunnm questions.) 8.Where can I find the FAQ for DB/DBZ? 9.What is this LoGH? 10.When is [insert Gundam series here] supposed to take place? What's this Anime? Then, "Some more online resources" and the end of it. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. ---All together now.. General Questions: 1. Isn't 'anime' a French word? Well, it is, but the Japanese 'anime' is a loanword adapted from the English word 'animation'. The Japanese use it to refer to all animated works, but 'anime' has been adopted by the majority of English speakers to refer only to Japanese animation. Geddit? Please don't make me repeat that again... The range of Japanese animation made is rather like that for TV. It is used for both education and entertainment, some are a happy medium of both. There are programmes made for children, teenagers, young adults to those of a certain age. *ahem* Rei's Anime and Manga Page http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena.mit.edu/user/r/e/rei/WWW/Anime.html 2. Which 'manga' should I watch now? Maybe round the beginning of the 20th century you'd watch 'manga', but since then for the past nine decades or so, 'anime' has been used for animation leaving 'manga' to refer to comics. I've noticed that people to whom this has to be explained have pointed the source of their confusion to a certain purveyor of anime with the word 'manga' in their name. No, we shall not also complain about their DVDs now. ;) If you'll like to discuss or ask about 'manga' as in japanese comics, there is a whole newsgroup especially for that: " rec.arts.manga " and the very extensive online manga guide, "PRISMS" to consult at: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/4996 3. Isn't anime ALL sex and violence? *dro-ool* No. 4. I like (anime title), what else is there like it? Rob Kelk posts "The Anime Primer" aka "WHAT ANIME SHOULD I WATCH NOW?" on the first of every month to raa.misc and raa.fandom. It has a companion, "The Anime Ecchi/Hentai Primer". These two lists mainly cover titles that can be obtained mainly in the USA and Canada, and perhaps the rest of the online world if any of the online companies would sell them outside of North America... The Anime Primer: http://robkelk.tripod.com/primer/a-primer.html The Anime Ecchi/Hentai Primer: http://robkelk.tripod.com/primer/ahprimer.html Some online review sites:- A Parent's Guide to Anime http://www.abcb.com/parents/ Anime Web Guide http://www.tcp.com/~doi/alan/webguide/awgHome.html Anime Meta-Review http://www.serc.rmit.edu.au/~ashelton/anime/ Non-anime watchers review of anime http://www.eldar.org/~brad/anime.html If you're curious about current shows in Japan, by all means post a question in raa.misc specifying which recent titles you're interested in, or ask what's showing presently. 5. How can I get fansubs? First things first: Fansubs are illegal. Next important note: You shouldn't have to pay for them. Long, long ago, there were privileged beings who received tapes of anime from friends in Japan. When these times are mentioned, nostalgia wells up amongst the reverend generation and they'll admonish the ingrates who complain of the quality of present anime media, talk about watching nth gen tapes of raw anime with someone reading from a script and proclaim how much they liked it, amidst much florishing and thumping of their walking sticks. Dedicated groups of people began transcribing scripts and translating them. Not content to just read them out at anime viewings, they began to sub tapes with the translations. Subbing a copy for personal use is apparently all right, but these tapes were copied and circulated which made them illegal. Some of the people who did such naughty things can still be found in raa.misc ..you have been warned! ;) Nowadays amongst the wealth of English subbed and dubbed anime releases, we still have deluded heros or vigilantes who continue fansubbing, and distros who make copies of the tapes and send them out. The honourable way of obtaining fansubs was to trade tape for tape, or send a self-addressed envelope and the needed numbers of blank tape to the people who offer fansubs. Some will ask for a contribution for their time, etc. (Some have a long list of 'etcs') It's up to you how much you want to be suckered out of your money. If you see a shop selling fansubs, let the owner know they are illegal. If they persist in selling fansubs of series that have been licensed in your country, by all means let the licence holder know. Avatar wrote an FAQ on the ethics and legalities of fansubs, which sadly he now cannot maintain anymore, but copies might be found online... For more on fansubs: http://www.fansubs.net/ Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime.misc Subject: Re: How much is a reasonable price for fansubs? From: Gilles Poitras Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 06:45:03 -0700 In article <3b1a671c$1@post.newsfeeds.com>, "garfangle" wrote: > I would like your opinion on how much should be a reasonable price > that one should pay for fansubs. SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope This protects the distro from accusations of being a profiteering scum. It also removes the time, labor and cost needed to buy and stock blank tapes. As for the cost of wear on equipment and time spent duplicating tapes fansubbing should be a hobbist activity. If you are distribution so many tapes it hurts your VCR and reduces the quality of personal life I suggest a different hobby. Not that many years ago distributors would only provide tapes to clubs which greatly reduced the time spent duplicating tapes and at the same time placed tapes in many fans hands. It also provided a great incentive to attend club meetings to watch lots of fansubbed anime with others and then borrow tapes from the club library. -- Gilles Poitras Obsession: Anime Profession: Librarian 6. I know about VHS and LD, what is VCD and DVD? A DVD looks just like a music CD and is the prefered medium for most of us. (I hear ya Dave, hey, I'm not complaining about tapes! ;) For all your anime DVD needs, please go to: http://www.animeondvd.com/ A VCD looks like just a music CD (deja vu? :) and can carry up to 70 mins worth of MPEG-1 encoded audiovisual. The quality ranges from good VHS to really "Is something wrong with my eyes?" terrible. I have heard there is a Japanese _Neon Genesis Evangelion_ set put out by Gainax, and a Singapore _Gundam 0083_ limited box set. Most VCDs come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, unfortunately there are many bootlegs. In Hong Kong licenced VCDs cost about US$2.50 to US$6. Most of them go for about US$4. A VCD faq: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/2496/vcdfaq.html --An addition from Ru Igarashi.. There is a SVCD (Super VCD) format which uses MPEG2 on CD (so in a sense it is a cross between a VCD and DVD). It's getting popular in non-professional video circles, but isn't getting the recognition that VCD has in commercial circles. The frame sizes, amongst other specifications, are also different. The maximum amount of video varies depending on the settings (the more video, the lower the quality). VCD lacks a lot of the settings that SVCD has, so it has a fixed maximum storage. See: http://www.uwasa.fi/~f76998/video/svcd/overview/ I think most (if not all) anime SVCD tend to be bootlegs. SVCD should not be confused with DVD, even though they share many traits. ru 7. How do I know if I'm getting the REAL thing? Copyright notices of the original anime owners and creators will always be visible, even when licensed to a company outside of Japan. For a list of some Japanese companies and their websites: http://www.anipike.com/comjpn.html (Yes, peeps, an anipike page. ;) Pay your real money, for the real thing- support the creators. For real in-depth info on how to know what's real and what's fake, visit Joe Curzon's page: The Pirate Anime FAQ- http://www.digital.anime.org.uk/piratefaq.html A Guide To Unlicensed Anime and Manga Related Goods 8. Is this 'shounen' or 'shoujo'? I wasn't going to put this in because it's so amusing to see Peter Van Huffel get all in a huff about it in raamisc (and rec.arts.manga too! ;) Then again, I guess it'll be better for his blood pressure or something, so here is Peter's own words: *SIGH*. Let me repeat it once more. Something is shounen because it's targeted at shounen (boys), something is shoujo because it's targeted at shoujo (girls). That's the only distinction, and all the rest is nonsense. If Urusei Yatsura and Kimagure Orange Road had been featured in a girls' magazine, I would call it shoujo. But as those series were featured in Shounen magazines, those manga and their offspring anime are as shounen as it can get. shoujo, shounen, seinen, seijin : only difference is TARGET PUBLIC, not content, not style, or anything else!!! -- Peter --- ************************************************ ***** PRISMS: The Ultimate Manga Guide ***** *** formerly known as the Usenet Manga Guide *** * http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/4996 * ************************************************ --- 9. Is an 'otaku' an octopus? Some of us female fans have met some that lead us to think so... The common Japanese meaning for 'otaku' is that of an obsessed fan, a definite wierdo, but some take pride in being an otaku as one who does the best they can for their interest. (There is a fine line between dedication and insanity. ;) In American fandom, to be termed an 'otaku' is like receiving a badge of honour. I have heard Carl Horn and Gilles Poitras compliment each other on their otaku-ness, but by reflex my eyes start searching out the exits of the room.^_^;; Steve Pearl, American fan-extraordinnaire (and original keeper of the raa.misc faq, indeed of most of the usenet anime/manga faqs) has been called the American 'Otaking' by the Japanese 'Otaking', Toshio Okada. A Little Note: The Japanese word for octopus is 'tako'. The prefix 'o' is added to Japanese words to dignify them, the person using them, or the person being addressed. 'Cha' very well means tea, but one says 'o-cha' in polite company, just as one will need to go to the 'o-tearai' after too many cups of 'o-cha'. Thus, an 'o-tako' might well be a dignified fan, no matter how many tentacles it might have. Much restraint might be needed not to dice them up for 'tako-yaki'... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Re: Otaku From: James Sternberg Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 10:36:08 +0900 "Skeleton Man" wrote in message: > How many here call themselves otaku? How man call anime fandom otaku? It depends. When I am in the US, I have no problem calling myself an otaku (as long as no Japanese people are around) since it seems to just mean an anime fan and seems to be used with some sense of pride. Here in Japan, there is no way that I would claim to be an otaku! "Thems is fight'n words". James -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Re: CNN's definition of Otaku From: Invid Fan Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 13:36:20 -0400 Bruce Grubb wrote: > Paul Case wrote: > >http://asia.cnn.com/2001/BUSINESS/asia/07/12/tokyo.otaku/ > > > >And here I thought it was just an anime/manga obsession. I didn't know > >there was a techno twist to it. > > FWIU otaku basicly means 'obsession' > <http://www.kissonline.com/kiss_otaku/misc/def.html> and can be > applied to anything. Ie there are sport car, fishing, and > non-anime TV show otaku just as there anime and manga otaku. Of > course one of the more famous otaku groups are the Trekers and > Trekies; want to learn more about Star Trek then you -ever- wanted > to know? Talk to one of these people. "Otaku no Video" covers fans of anime, models, guns, paintball, porn, computer porn, and assorted other activities :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Scott Schimmel Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 19:09:14 GMT Organization: Between Laughter and Forgetting Heh. There's always the definition that appears in William Gibson's books (Idoru, specifically): "Obsessive techno-fetishist with social deficit." More properly, "otaku" just means "obsessive fan" these days. It doesn't necessarily have to do with anime -or- technology (though most otaku are pretty tech-savvy, the better to hunt down new and obscure information on their topic of obsession). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Doug Jacobs Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 22:19:43 -0000 User-Agent: tin/1.4.4-20000803 ("Vet for the Insane") (UNIX) (FreeBSD/4.2-STABLE (i386)) Otaku just means you're really, really, *REALLY* interested in something to the point of being obsessed with it. It could be anime/manga, it could be computer games, it could vacuum cleaners, sport stars, etc. It's like geek in the US. Geek usually refers to computers, but you can also be a photography geek, for instance. 10. What do lemons and the letter 'H' have to do with anime? Lemons are something you squeeze and the juice comes out... They both refer to what is usually termed, 'adult' or 'mature' as in X-rated, NC-17 (does NC stand for 'No Clothes'? ;) Supposedly 'lemon' comes from the _Cream Lemon_ series and 'H' (ecchi) is from 'hentai', Japanese for 'perverted'. 'Hentai' is used much as 'Adult' is in the English-speaking world (and I do think the Japanese category is so much more apt ;). 11. "Is this seiyuu married?" I don't know and I don't care, but you can find out more about the Japanese voice actors and actresses at the "Seiyuu Database": http://www.tcp.com/doi/seiyuu/seiyuu.html and join the "Seiyuu Mailing List": http://www.win.ne.jp/doi-bin/ml-admin.pl?ML_NAME=seiyuu Some more here, "Anime Hideaway": http://www.anime.usacomputers.net/~hideaway/ From Rob Kelk: The closest I know of to an English equivalent to Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu site is http://www.cyhaus.com/Camp/Jupiter/seiyuu.htm - be prepared to do a lot of digging, though... 12. What music's playing when...? (and other anime music related questions) Please, please, PLEASE use rec.arts.anime.music for anime music questions. We are very, very nice and helpful there! 13. Why the heck should I subscribe to raa.music or games or whatever??!!! Because the rec.arts.anime kami says so. ;) Shortly, it's because raa.misc is for general discussion of all anime, and if you'd like to discuss anime music, games or an anime which has its own newsgroup, you'll find like-minded fans there who have more detailed knowledge. You also won't have to wade through tides of posts you have little interest in! :) There is an explanation too in the "Welcome to rec.arts.anime.misc" list posted by Rob Maxwell on the 1st and 15th of every month. There is a comprehensive list of anime newsgroups also posted by Rob every two weeks. They meanwhile can be found here: Welcome To Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc http://www.geocities.com/willrobsm/raam/welcome.htm Anime Newsgroup Master List http://www.geocities.com/willrobsm/raam/anime.htm 14. What's all this PS, PSX, P2 doing in raa.misc? Yeah, they should be in the games newsgroups. ;) PS and PSX are acronyms for the Sony Playstation, and P2 is the Sony Playstation 2 They are game consoles. Popular anime have games made from them and indeed some games have lead to anime. There will be other acronyms, abbreviations, emoticons like (:p) and (^_^), as well as tags [HELP!!] appearing in the posts. Rob Kelk has gather them into the "Anime Acronym List", posted monthly, which can presently be found here: Anime Acronym List: http://members.tripod.com/~robkelk/acronyms.html 15. Why do they list the bloodtype of the characters and even the seiyuu? (From a summary posted by Shez. Thanks Shez! :) Basically blood types are the Japanese equivalent of star signs. According to Ann Saphir's Mangajin article: Type O: Self possessed, lover of politics, well dressed, competitive, motivated, realistic yet romantic, cliquey and possibly pushy. Type A: Perfectionist, sensible, disciplined, stubborn but passive and easily swayed in a group, prefer to be the behind the scenes power rather than up front. Type B: Own person, hate being told to do things a certain way, openly emotional, open to new issues and ideas. Possibly selfish or even perverse. Type AB: Dual personality, get along with others but also reserved in manner, rational, critical, tire easily of things. The above stuff is just the tip of the iceberg though, the amount of blood-type advice available is such that everyone will find something they can identify with, much like Western horoscopes. One thing to note is that blood types are more evenly distributed in Japan than in the West: A/B/O/AB split is approx. 40/20/30/10% compared to US figure of 35/10/50/5%, so A is most common instead of O (which is good because according to the article I'm most compatible with type A women....) Here's some more from another chart which looks at "most/least likely to..." features. Type B is most interested in sex, likely to have an affair, is bribable, not dependable but is a strong fighter. Type O is fashionable, dependable and untidy. Type A is neat, unfashionable, asexual and weedy. Type AB is the least bribable. -Shez. -- ______________________________________________________ May a Misguided Platypus lay its Eggs in your Jockey Shorts ______________________________________________________ Take a break at the Last Stop Cafe: http://www.xerez.demon.co.uk/ Use PGP: my key is at http://www.xerez.demon.co.uk/p/Shez.asc Some more views about bloodtypes and personality: ABO World http://www.abo-world.co.jp/page/eng.top.htm Meaning of Blood Types http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/2172/blood.htm 16. How do I let Disney know I would like to buy Studio Ghibli anime subbed and dubbed on DVD? (Well, it's in now Slithy! :D) From: Slithy Tove Subject: Re: The quest for Kiki (on disk) Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:54:22 -0500 Organization: Canker, Moth and Worm, Ltd. On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:30:21 GMT, Rob Kelk wrote: >I don't know whether there's a six-month moritorium, but I think it >would be an excellent idea if each of us was to write a *polite* letter >to the appropriate person at BVHE, saying how much we'd like to be able >to give and/or receive a copy of "Kiki's" on DVD this Christmas. (Speak >with our wallets - the language Disney understands best...) > >The only question is, who's the appropriate person? Isn't it in the FAQ? ^_-;; David Jessen c/o Buena Vista Home Entertainment 350 South Buena Vista Street Burbank CA 91521-4691 USA Also see: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/disney/writetodisney.html While I'd like Kiki on DVD, I've already got it subbed on VHS. I'd really prefer Laputa, Nausicaa, Porco Rosso, or about anything else in the Ghibli canon that isn't available in the US at all. == Tove -- It would take a scientist to explain it, and I'm from the humanities. -- Joel Robinson More about the Disney/Tokuma Deal: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/disney/ 17. Is there an anime convention near where I live, or am moving to? Lucky you, some people have put up comprehensive lists of all known anime conventions with websites: Anime Web Turnpike: Anime Conventions http://www.anipike.com/cons.html A Fan's View: Anime Convention Schedule http://www.fansview.com/consked.htm 18. Can I let all you wonderful people know I am selling or auctioning anime or 'almost related to anime' goods? You can let us know at "rec.arts.anime.marketplace" The charter for "rec.arts.anime.misc" says that it was created for the discussion of Japanese animation. There is already a lot of traffic on this group. People looking to buy or trade would be reading marketplace, please post accordingly. All raa.misc readers are encouraged to followup FA/FS/FT posts with friendly pointers that they be posted to "rec.arts.anime.marketplace" or we will forward repeats with headers to their ISPs that they are posting against charter in the wrong newsgroup. (This answer crafted with advice from an ISP sysadmin too modest to let me name him. :) 19. What's this [GRIT] tag? GRIT started in early 1996 on the raa.misc newsgroup, and has been going for ever since. The name is short for "Global Ranma Insanity Thread", and is basically an online role-playing game based on Ranma 1/2 and happening a few years after the end of the Ranma 1/2 manga. Other anime has been incorporated as well - for example, there are elements of Magic Knights Rayearth and El Hazard. For more details on it, check out The Official GRIT page, at http://www.crosswinds.net/~sscougall/grit -With thanks to Steven Scougall for writing this. 20. Why the bandana over the head, as worn by Happosai in Ranma and by Tenchi's dad at the onsen? Subject: Tenchi question From: Arthur Levesque Date: 28 Jun 2001 14:23:15 GMT I was "Tenchi Muyo" yesterday, the episode (#4, IIRC) where Tenchi's father is trying to sneak a peek at the women bathing. He ties a bandanna over the top of his head and tells Tenchi that this is the standard disguise for peeping. Since Happosai does exactly the same thing, what is the significance? A cheap disguise, like the train robbers in old westerns tying a bandanna over their mouths? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: DAVID A MILLER Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 19:40:45 GMT IIRC, it is a "tenugui", a hand towel tied over the head and used to "hide" one's face. The fact that one is still recognizable despite the mask is of no real consequence. About the time of the Heian Era, it was the norm for young women of marriageable age to receive visitors who would be out of the room by dawn. If asked if she knew the man, she could truthfully reply that he had worn a mask. If the same guy came back three nights in a row, then she became betrothed to him and thus departed her father's home as a bride. In noble households, the night visits were enhanced by the exchange of love poems and the knowledge that the visitor was a member of the aristocracy, who had often made his intentions known to the bride's family in advance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ross TenEyck Date: 28 Jun 2001 23:25:57 GMT These days, it appears to be the conventional "I'm being sneaky and you're not supposed to know who I am" symbol -- not entirely unlike the minimal mask worn by the Lone Ranger and various comic-book superheroes. If memory serves, in the book _Pink Samurai_ -- which is highly entertaining -- the author claims that these nocturnal visitors that David describes would often urinate on the tracks of the sliding doors, supposedly to keep them from making noise. Since this doesn't seem likely to actually work, the author speculates that the visitors were exercising a much more primal urge to mark the woman's bedroom as theirs, and warn other nighttime roamers to keep away. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Nobutoshi Ito Date: 29 Jun 2001 13:13:06 +0900 'tenugui' is the towel itself and the style is called 'hokkamuri'. 'hokkamuri' reminds me (and perhaps many others) of Nezumi-kozou, a legendary theft in the Edo Era, especailly if the tenugi is ties under one's nose, rather than one's chin. 21. Can you tell me about this Chinese-subtitled (or English, I *think* it's English, subbed) DVD/VCD? Subject: Re: Anime subbed in English in Hong Kong From: Nargun Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 15:40:14 +1000 On 12 Oct 2001, George Douglas Bing Lee wrote: > Am seeking ENGLISH SUBBED anime in Hong Kong, any shop that might sell > this, or offer imports from abroad, haven't had any luck at all. > > Would appreciate any tips on this, haven't seen any Hong Kong tips, > mostly stuff in Japan or so... As I understand, it's really hard to get anime subbed into inglish from HK. Getting anime subbed into pseudoenglish is fairly straightforward... Louis -- Louis Patterson "A kind of ghostly never-never land where the might-have-beens play with the ifs" - Isaac Asimov, _The End of Eternity_ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Re: HK Import Anime DVDs: Report From: Nikkou Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:29:07 +0800 ru igarashi wrote: > Nikkou wrote: > >leo86 wrote: > >> Someone asked about those low-cost anime DVDs, imported from Hong > >> Kong, turning up at discount outlets that advertise English/Chinese > >> subtitles. > >[reviews snipped] > > > This list will go into the faq list for the next update, but this seems > >like an appropriate thread to add to. (Thanks leo86! :) > > >HK licensed anime DVDs, Region 3, are mainly of movies or OVAs with no > >English subtitles or dub track: > [list snipped] > > Does this imply that the DVDs that leo86 bought are probably bootlegs? > The way they were described, they sounded like bootlegs. Yes, they did sound like bootlegs, but without looking at the DVDs themselves I didn't want to make any judgements. For all I know there might be legit anime DVDs from HK with English subs and/or tracks which I haven't come across. :) As always, the way to check for would be to look for the copyrights and logos of the creator/owner japanese companies on the DVD inserts and on the DVD itself. These are always clearly displayed on legitimate HK anime DVDs. It is the same for VCDs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HK licensed anime DVDs, Region 3, are mainly of movies or OVAs with no English subtitles or dub track: Anime Title, followed by Japanese owners / Hong Kong licensee (depending on whether I could read my own writing.. all contributions welcomed, or do a search on Google for the Japanese copyright holders..) Captain Tsubasa TV Series, 3 vols. - Toei.. / Digimon Adventure - Akiyosh Hongo, Toei.. / Panorama Escaflowne Movie - Sunrise.. / Dynamic Galaxy Express 999 - Toei.. /Panorama Gaogaogar Final - Sunrise.. / Initial D - Shigeno Shuichi, Kodansha.. / Jin-Roh - Production I.G. / Dynamic MAPS - KSS, TSS.. / Macross: DYRL - Big West.. / Panorama Pokemon: Mew Two Strikes Back - Nintendo.. / Pokemon: Revelation Lugia - Nintendo.. / Sakura Wars OVA, 3 vols. - Sega, Bandai Visual, Animate /Medialink Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo - Dynamic Planning / Space Travellers - Fuji / Universe Laser & Video Co. Nikkou-note: This list compiled with help from my local friendly music store, the local suspicious HMV, Chris Beveridge, and Led "You Only Exist in Cyberspace" Mirage. :) As for Hong Kong VCD anime titles, they are too numerous to list. Prices range from US$2.50-4.00 for each TV series VCD, to US$10 for movie titles. Universe Laser & Video Co.: http://www.uih.com.hk/tc/main_menu.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singapore licenced titles. Japanese track. English subtitles. All VCD format unless otherwise stated. DVDs with Japanese track, English, Chinese, Malay subtitles. Licensed by Gamesmart: Escaflowne 08th MS Team Gundam War in the Pocket Outlaw Star Licensed by Odex ( http://www.odex.com.sg/ ): Boys Be DVD (E/C/M Sub/4 CD) Fushigi Yuugi Nanako,Amazing Nurse DVD (E/C/M Sub/2 CD) Serial Experiments Lain Lain DVD (E/C/M Sub/4 CD) Sol Bianca: The Legacy DVD (E/C/M Sub/4 CD) Tenchi Muyo In Love 2 DVD(E/C/M Sub/1CD) Thanks to randy a rinesmith for nudging me on to put in the Odex titles. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. Questions about Specific Anime: 1. Was it Whosis took Whatsis and got canned along with _Dragon Half_? (Thanks so much to Mark Neidengard.) Funny how the oddest rumors resurface at the oddest times. The author of the Dragon Half manga, MITA Ryuusuke, was never accused or convicted of any drug-related offense. After finishing all seven tankoubon worth of Dragon Half (of which the anime covers like maybe one or two), he went on to do the seven volume series "Kurokami no Captured" and is AFAICT still writing. My understanding is that it was the then-president of Kadokawa Shoten, Haruki who was sent to jail for possession of cocaine, although recent news reports cast the actual jail time in some doubt. What is indisputable is that something narcotics-related caused a reshuffling at the top of Kadokawa Shoten, which is now run by Haruki's brother(?) Tsuguhiko. Kadokawa Shoten is the parent company of Fujimi Shobo, the publisher of Dragon Half and Captured (although his latest, "Aiten Myou-ou Monogatari", is in Afternoon KC). And, given the timing, I don't think the narcotics thing had anything to do with Dragon Half only being two episodes. The series that suffered directly were the Silent Mobius/Arslaan Senki double feature movies... had Haruki not gotten into trouble, it is likely that both series would have continued in movie format instead of the shelving that SM got and the low-budget OVA treatment Arslaan got. -- /!\/!ark /!\!eidengard, EE Grad, VLSI. http://keyframe.cjas.org/~mneideng/ "Fairy of sleep, controller of illusions" Maigo no Daigakuinsei, Cornell U. "Control the person for my own purpose." "Don't mess with the Dark Elves!" -Pirotess, _Record_of_Lodoss_War_ Shadowrunner and Anime Addict 2. Tenchi Muyo -Does Ryoko have a tail? (Thanks for writing this up and posting it, Rob!) No. We've had many opportunities to see Ryoko completely naked in various onsen (which roughly translates as "bath-house") scenes, and she doesn't have a tail in those. The tail appears to be part of the dress she wears when we see the tail. At this point, many people say "But the tail moves..." Ryoko has some telekinetic abilities (most impressively demonstrated in OAV #6, "We Need Tenchi!"), so she can easily manipulate the "tail" that way. -- Rob Kelk http://robkelk.tripod.com/ -Ryoko and the Gems Subject: Tenchi Series Question: Ryoko and the Gems... From: Michael Steve Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 00:21:17 GMT After going through the Tenchi Muyo OAV, and now stepping through Universe again. I had come to the conclusion that the gems that played so much a part of Muyo, are also visibly (though never truly a part of that story arc) in Universe. This was in fact an interesting side relevation which brought to me a very interesting question. In Muyo, Ryoko and/or the sword at any given time have three gems. Ryoko has a place for one gem on each wrist. Does anyone know (with a warning towards good taste...) where the third gem would have been located on Ryoko, since it is quite clear that she is one wrist short. Silly, with a twist of intrigue. Anyone know? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Arnold Kim Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 19:57:26 -0400 It's only in the OAV series. There is no mention of the gems in any other continuity. In her throat or neck, I believe. There's a flashback in one of the OAVs to when she was fighting Yosho, and IIRC he sticks his sword in through her throat and extracts the third gem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Brad Jackson Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 02:53:18 -0000 I don't think it was ever explicitly stated, but I think you are correct. The neck seems like an obvious place, and that flashback scene with Yosho definately implied that the third gem was somewhere around that general area. Lower on her chest, near her heart would be another plausable location, but I think that right where her trachia is (assuming that Ryoko has a trachia) seems like the most likely place given all the evidence. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Tcold Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 21:25:09 -0700 In the Shin Tenchi Muyo! Ryouki novel (which is part of the OVA continuity), the cover page show Ryoko with all three gems. She in full Goddess mode and the third gem is in her throat. Beautiful picture indeed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Re: Tenchi Muyo In Depth: META FAQ From: Frank White Date: 20 May 2001 20:31:49 GMT One thing that always seems to confuse people is, "If there are only three gems, where did that gem on Ryouko's wrist come from that she had in the first OAV? and where did she get that gem that she used when they were fighting Kagato?" It might be wise to add a bit explaining that Ryouko can manufacture synthetic power gems by drawing on her life force; that's why she looked mummified when Tenchi entered her crypt, she was draining her life away to create the gems that would enable her to break free and go to him. She made two gems that way; one was destroyed in her fight with Tenchi (apparently synthetic gems are unstable and detonate if they aren't in contact with Ryouko's body). The other she disguised as a earring and kept for emergencies; the fight with Kagato qualified as an emergency in her eyes, clearly. FW Visit the Tenchi Muyo In Depth: META FAQ http://www.dimensional.com/~josh/TMID_FAQ/ 3. I heard that "Grave of the Fireflies" was double-featured with "Totoro" in Japan. Is it true? Yes. At that time, no one thought that people would want to see "a movie about a two little kids and a Monster in rural Japan", and "Totoro" was considered a big investment risk. Still, Miyazaki and the editors of "Animage" wanted to make this movie, which was Miyazaki's pet project for a long time. So they thought up the idea of risk-sharing. "Grave" was a well-known novel, and because of its "educational" value, a certain level of audience could be expected. (Indeed, "Grave" was chosen by many school boards as a movie to show their students - and "Totoro" along with it, since it was in the package.) Suzuki, then the chief editor of "Animage" (now a producer at Ghibli) went to Shinchosha, the publishing company which published the novel "Grave". Since Shinchosha was looking for an opportunity to enter the movie business, they agreed to produce the movie "Grave". Both Tokuma and Shinchosha knew they were going to lose money, but they still went ahead with the project (they did lose money from the theatrical release). So, if it were not for "Grave", there would have been no "Totoro". [1] [1]: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/grave/faq.html#totoro [From the "Grave" FAQ written by Ryoko Toyama, posted by Lawrence Lin] "Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka)" FAQ: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/grave/faq.html 4. Can someone post the "Ghost in the Shell" script? From: Ben Cantrick Subject: Re: Request for Ghost in the Shell Script Date: 2001-03-26 22:37:22 PST In article <99pbe4$dek@freepress.concentric.net>, somebody wrote: >Can someone please post the script for Ghost in the shell or tell me where I >can find it please. ----- #!/bin/sh echo "Boo!" ######### ############# ### ### #### ### ############# #### ############ ###### ################### ################ ################ ############### ############ ######## ### ## # ----- Ooooh, scary... Oh, wait, you meant a script for the movie "Ghost in the Shell". Sorry, my bad!! -Ben "a.h.bou fodder if I ever saw it" Cantrick -- Ben Cantrick | Yes, the AnimEigo BGC dubs still suck. BGC Nukem: http://www.dim.com/~mackys/bgcnukem.html The Spamdogs: http://www.dim.com/~mackys/spamdogs http://www.akula.com/~tooch/fullauto/auto5.html If you want to ask for scripts of licensed anime movies, don't. You and whomever makes them available might find some anime company's lawyers sending you words too. 5. Cowboy Bebop Is there a "Cowboy Bebop: session #0"? Subject: Re: Cowboy Bebop: session #0?? From: Mark L. Neidengard Date: 14 Apr 2001 14:00:26 GMT In article , Eleanor Kai wrote: >Yes there is really such a thing as session 0 (so that item looks real), but I have Session 0 on LD; I bought, then resold Session 0 on DVD (the first pressing of which comes with a totally useless but totally unavailable CD single that contains the full length version of "Tank"). The cover is a blue and black color scheme with Spike looking at the camera and Vicious behind him looking over his shoulder at the camera, along with a red rose. The rear cover has one of the numerous English translations of the "The work which will become a genre unto itself will be called..." speech from the Bebop concept document, whose unmolested form is contained in the Session 0 liner notes. >from my understanding it is actually spread throughout all of the American >disks in the form of special features. Basically Session 0 has things like >a full length tank music video and interviews... So, if you have the >American releases you probably won't be getting anything new. Of course >it's been 2 years since I saw it so... ^^;; Track listing: 1. Opening [i.e. the TV opening] 2. Charactors 3. Interview of The Staff 4. Interview of The Cast 5. The Story Digest of Sessions Not Broadcast on Television 6. "Tank!" Full Size Muisc Clip 7. Ending [i.e the TV ending] 8. "Tank!" Club Remix Clip ["Tank!" (BEBOP AV eDIT) memixed by DJ FOOD / music video clip by Hexatic] The LD 27 minutes long, BEAL-1288, 1800Y, 1998. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Mark L. Neidengard Date: 16 Apr 2001 13:25:39 GMT Rob Kelk wrote: >So I assume these are the same things as what were included on the >Region 1 DVDs, except for "The Story Digest of Sessions Not Broadcast on >Television". Is it worthwhile trying to track down a copy just for that >section, or is this something for completists only? I'd say that Session 0 is for completists only, since most (or all?) of the other parts are available scattered throughout the R1's. If there's one thing that it _would_ be worth tracking down, but which was (to my knowledge) never released on home video, it's Session XX. This was the "thirteenth" broadcast episode, which isn't a real ending to the series but rather a retrospective where the main cast reinterprets and elaborates on what did happen in the twelve broadcast eps. It's quite fascinating, even if it was a stopgap measure until the series could be completed and released. -- /!\/!ark /!\!eidengard, EE Grad, VLSI. http://keyframe.cjas.org/~mneideng/ "Fairy of sleep, controller of illusions" Maigo no Daigakuinsei, Cornell U. "Control the person for my own purpose." "Don't mess with the Dark Elves!" -Pirotess, _Record_of_Lodoss_War_ Shadowrunner and Anime Addict -Name of song during fight in church? From: 'Vejita' S. Cousin Subject: Cowboy Bebop - Name of song during fight in church? Date: 2001-02-28 19:09:01 PST Does anyone know the name of the song that's playing in the background when Spike and Vicious first fight in the church? I believe it's ep6. Thanks in advance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Avery Davies Date: 2001-02-28 20:04:02 PST I just got the DVD, and you're close, it's episode 5. The song is Green Bird off of the Cowboy Bebop: No Disc soundtrack. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Doctor Chibi-Moon Date: 2001-02-28 20:06:06 PST The one with the female voices singing with piano accompaniment is called 'Green Bird', and it was episode #5. Someone's made a whole webpage about it... http://www.its.caltech.edu/~isaacs/greenbird/index.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Slithy Tove Date: 2001-02-28 22:22:41 PST Meta: this ought to be in the FAQ. Raam seems to get a this question at least once a week. == Tove -- Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Nikkou Date: 2001-03-01 02:18:47 PST Danke for the suggestion, Tove, but even tho I don't police the newsgroup I am of the mind that music questions should go into raa.music's FAQ. There would be a pointer in the raa.misc FAQ that music questions are more appropriate in rec.arts.anime.music (11th Nov, ok, I knuckled under, but do go to raa.music for anime-related questions. There's also a very good raa.music FAQ.) 6. What's this or that (or anything esle) in Escaflowne? Please visit the well-organised and easy-on-the-eye "Escaflowne Compendium" for information on both the Japanese and American releases. http://www.anime.net/escaflowne/index.html 7. Hey, is there going to be a Battle Angel Alita movie? (..and all other Gunnm questions.) Read the Gunnm FAQ! http://www.reimeika.ca/marco/gfaq.html There is a Gunnm newsgroup: alt.comics.gunnm and do visit Yukito Kishiro's website, Yukitopia: http://www.interq.or.jp/drums/tsutomu/E-top/E-frame.html 8. Where can I find the FAQ for DB/DBZ? The FAQ will posted every month to alt.fan.dragonball, rec.arts.anime.info, rec.arts.anime.misc You can also get the FAQ from: http://www.capcorphq.com/dbfaq/mokuji.html 9. What is this LoGH?? From: Erik Schultz Date: 8 Apr 2001 09:40:54 -0500 "Christopher Beilby" wrote: >Nargun wrote: >> Legend of galactic heros, aka Ginga no eiyuu no densetsu IIRC, aka >> homo^H^H^H^Hboring germans in space. > >So, tell me something, Nargun. Is there something about anime with an >actual story that you don't like? Actually, that's how fans of the series often describe it to others, including myself. ^_^ LoGH is definitely not for everyone. Everything you want and don't want to know about The Legend of the Galactic Heroes Ginga Eiyuu Dentetsu: The LoGH Info Center http://www.logh.net/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A raa.misc look at LoGH... Subject: (no longer OT) LoGH (was: The German Military) From: Chris Johnson Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 15:48:00 -0400 "DAVID A MILLER" wrote: > "Shadow6865" wrote in message > > I don't believe in "vassals nobly serving their leige and country, > > whether right or wrong." I don't believe in monarchy or nobility, I am > > too much of an eagalitarian to believe in such titles. I believe that > > all titles such as Lord, Lady, Duke, Baron, King, Emperor, etc. should > > be eradicated even if the titles don't grant anyone any actual power. > > Call it the spirit of revolution still left in me by my American > > forefathers who went against king to form the first government with no > > nobility or monarchy. > > Cromwell, Robespierre, Mark Twain and Pol Pot are applauding your opinion > this moment. Fortunately, they are already dead, so their opinions don't > "Count" (^o^). Your examples merely illustrate that it's somewhat pointless to make statements about "egalitarianism" in general. In democracies, the legal system is based on the notion that everyone is equal before the law, and when that principle is subvert people tend to be outraged; that's an expression of egalitarianism. So are the health care systems in most Western European countries. So is the American tendency to prefer common sense, heartland populist values to the "Eastern Establishment". What ever you think of such examples (and we don't need to have a health care debate or culture war here), there's a vast difference between such phenomena and the "egalitarianism" of a Robespierre or Pol Pot. Getting back to anime, one can see this at work in Legend of the Galactic Heroes. (Note: I've only seen the first 20 or so episode arc.) In some sense both Yang Wenli of the Free Planets Alliance and Reinhard von Lohengramm of the Galactic Empire are egalitarian. Von Lohengramm sees the nobility as a parasitic, decadent class that's living off the sweat of the commoners. He wants to smash this class system. Yet he seems to aspire to become emperor. He's basically going down the road toward becoming an "egalitarian despot"; in Marxian lingo, we might call him a Bonapartist. Thus, while we sort of sympathize with him, he's a morally ambiguous character. There's something "progressive" about him - commoners might actual benefit from his rule - but also a potential dark side. He may be an egalitarian (to an extent - there are contradictions here), but he's definitely not a democrat. Yang Wenli, on the other hand, is a democrat. He does a great deal to save the democratic institutions and protections for civil liberties of the Free Planets Alliance, though they've become distorted and corrupted by the war. Thus, despite all the shades of grey and corruption on both sides in LoGH, we can say that Yang is the "good guy" in a real sense that von Lohengramm isn't. -- Chris Johnson "In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse." -- T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" 10. When is [insert Gundam series here] supposed to take place? From: Blue Dragon Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 21:03:04 GMT [For those whose first exposure to the world of Gundam was "Gundam Wing"] Q: When is [insert Gundam series here] supposed to take place? Since at the end of "Endless Waltz" there was a mention that Gundams were never used again, how could [insert Gundam series here] take place? [information taken from Gundamproject.com and paraphrased.] To put it simply, "Gundam Wing" and "Endless Waltz" took place in an alternate universe. There are two timelines which constitute the world of Gundam, the first one is called the "Universal Century" (UC) timeline which was first established in Mobile Suit Gundam (first broacast in the real world in 1979) and is carried on in its sequels (Zeta Gundam, Zeta Zeta Gundam, Char's Counterattack, Gundam F91, 08th MS Team, etc.); it is regarded as the *main* Gundam timeline. Begining with Mobile Fighter G Gundam (first broadcast in 1994) a series of alternate universe Gundam shows were established. Aside from having no connection with the history of the UC timeline aside from the use of Gundams (or even each other for that matter), these shows also used their own established timelines. Future Century (FC) for the G Gundam timeline, After Colony (AC) for Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, After War (AW) for Gundam X. In short, there can be Gundams on other Gundam shows because Gundam Wing was it's own little universe. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. What's this Anime?: Mystery Anime 1 From: guy-jin Subject: identify this anime there is an anime i want to see again, but it has been years since i saw it, and i do not remember the name. the main charachter is a girl who flies around on a jet wing, with no cockpit, just handlebars. the movie opens with her going around a jungle. she wears a mask, because the forest pollen is dangerous(i think). she gets the eye lens of some giant insect that kinda looks like a big blue pillbug. most of the rest of the movie is a blur, but the people live in the desert, her father dies from pollen(?) and eventually they must escape the pillbugs - thier eyes turn red and they start herding en masse. they fly over the herd in a hot air ballon, and drop a bomb on the bugs. thanks for any help! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: vanfanel Subject: Re: identify this anime "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind", also known as "Warriors of the Wind" in its U.S. dubbed version, which is about 20 minutes shorter than the full cut). --Daniel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: guy-jin Subject: Re: identify this anime aha! i thought the descriptions of nausicaa were familliar, but i knew the title didn't have nausicaa in it. btw, what was in nausicaa that wasnt in warriors? what did i miss? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: S.t.A.n.L.e.E Subject: Re: identify this anime Specifically, the ecology themes were cut or toned down. Like the cut scene where Nausicaa grows the forest plants in the castle basement, but the plants don't release deadly spores because they are fed clean water and unpolluted soil. From that, Nausicaa deducted that the plants absorb pollution (which gets into the spores) to clean the soil, so the plants actually heal the earth. Without the ecology themes, it became a mere action war film, which is emphasized in the title "Warriors of the Wind." The dubbing was OK, especially for its time - it was helped that half the time the charas' mouths are covered with something (gas mask, beard, armor, etc.) so there's less trouble with lip-synching - but the editing and the missing 30 min were what killed it. (Incidentally, somebody mentioned that June Foray is in it, but I'm still not sure about that.) Laters. =) STan Mystery Anime 2 From: Allister Huggins Subject: Identify this Anime Okay, does anyone know the name of the anime that is shown during the "Girlfriend" video by Matthew Sweet? If so, what was its name and was it any good? Allister H. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Mr. Groovy Subject: Re: Identify this Anime The movie is Space Adventurer Cobra. It was only theatrically released for a brief period in the states-- it unfortunately can't be had on video at the moment. The movie itself is a blast-- a little goofy and sexist at times, but entertaining nonetheless. -- |------>Michael "mr. groovy" Toole. email:mazinger@tiac.net<------------------| |-------------------->http://www.tiac.net/users/mazinger ska music and japanese cartoons!<------------------------| Nikkou note: A historical .sig left in for the edification of those new to raa.misc ;) Visit Mr. Groovy's latest site: http://www.animejump.com/ Mystery Anime 3 From: Orion Subject: Identify this anime The story is about this space soldier that crashed to a planet, I think its Earth. All the crew are dead except for him. He owns a pendant which projects a holographic image of a girl. His vehicle is a motorcycle that can transform into an exoskeleton. He later finds a aircraft that can transform into a robot. He finds at least 2 companions (guy and girl) who also owns the same type of bike. Please help to identify this anime, I think its Robotech. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: LatCrow Subject: Re: Identify this anime That's "Genesis Climber Mospeada" which was used as the final third of Robotech. The planet that Scott Bernard("Stick" Bernard in GCM)lands on is indeed Earth LatCrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Michael "Mr. Groovy" Toole Subject: Re: Identify this anime It was indeed part of the Robotech series in America, but its' original title (as a stand-alone series) is Genesis Climber Mospaeda. Unfortunately, for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, Mospaeda can't be seen with the rest of Robotech on the Cartoon Network. Hope this helps! -- michael "mr. groovy" toole ------> chiefdork@animejump.com Anime Jump WWW magazine. Go here: www.animejump.com "You can take your Stars, and you can take your Bucks, And you can shove 'em up your ass-- 'cause your coffee sucks!" --Skavoovie & the Epitones `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. `.. Some More Online Resources: The original rec.arts.anime.misc: Frequently Asked Questions, _The Anime Frequently Asked Questions List_, maintained and last posted by Steve Pearl 1st September 1998. More anime information. 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