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Subject: Dolphin FAQ (Index)

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* This is the index of the FAQ for alt.animals dolphins. * This document is maintained by Jaap van der Toorn * (jaap@rosmarus.com). The intention is to post the latest * version of the FAQ on the newsgroup once a month. * * Please direct any remarks, suggestions, corrections and * additions to the above e-mail address. * * Last update: May 13, 2001 * TABLE OF CONTENTS [Dolphin FAQ 1/3] 1.0 - What is alt.animals.dolphins? 2.0 - GENERAL BIOLOGY 2.1 - How do dolphins sleep? 2.2 - How intelligent are dolphins? 2.3 - How does the dolphin brain compare to the human brain? 2.4 - How do dolphins communicate and do they have their own language? 2.5 - How does dolphin sonar work? 2.6 - Can dolphins combine information from their sonar with their vision? 2.7 - Can dolphins see colors? 2.8 - What and how much do dolphins eat? 2.9 - How old can they get? 2.10 - Do dolphins live shorter in captivity? 2.11 - How did dolphins evolve? 2.12 - How can you interact with wild dolphins? 2.13 - Why do whales and dolphins beach themselves? 2.14 - How deep can a dolphin dive? 2.15 - How fast can a dolphin swim? 2.16 - Where can you find dolphins? 2.17 - Can dolphins live in fresh water? 2.18 - How do dolphins get their water? [Dolphin FAQ 2/3] 3.0 - DOLPHIN RESOURCES 3.1 - Where can you find out more about books, videos etc. about dolphins? 3.2 - Are there any fictional books starring dolphins? 3.3 - How can I find dolphin related Web sites? 3.4 - Are there dolphin-related mailing lists? 4.0 - DOLPHIN TAXONOMY 4.1 - How many species of dolphins are there? 4.2a - What is the dolphin species seen in most oceanaria? 4.2b - What species was the dolphin in the Flipper series? 4.3 - What is the largest dolphin? 4.4 - What is the smallest dolphin species? 4.5 - What is the difference between dolphins and porpoises? 4.6 - What is a dolphin fish? 4.7 - What are cetaceans? 4.8 - Are dolphins endangered? 4.9 - An overview of the species of whales and dolphins (the order Cetacea) [Dolphin FAQ 3/3] 5.0 - Where can you work with dolphins or other marine mammals? 6.0 - Where can you swim with dolphins? 7.0 - Where can you see whales and dolphins in the wild? 8.0 - Where can you find information on Dolphin Assisted Therapy? 9.0 - How can you adopt a dolphin or whale?