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Subject: Study Questions (alt.magicK kreEePing oOze Ref4)

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Revised 0407 (9.8 years between revisions!!!) ------------ Compiled with input from a number of individuals ____________________ MAGIC QUESTIONS LIST A. Theory 1. General a. basic What is magic? What can one achieve with magic? Is it real? Is magic a science, an art, both or neither? Why do some people use a 'k' to spell magick? b. religion/liturgy What is the relationship between religion and magic? What is mysticism and how does this relate to magic? What is ritual and how is it related to magic? How is a 'spell' different from 'ritual' or 'prayer'? What are these things and what do they have to do with magic: meditation, hypnosis, trance, possession, visualization, pathworking and lucid dreaming? What are demons and angels? Are these related to magic? c. operations How can I summon a demon and have it obey me? How can I make someone else love me? How can I remove a curse? Help! My girlfriend is a witch! What should I do? 2. Ethics What is black magic and is it ethical? How can magic be used to heal and when should it? What is karma and how does it apply to magical work? What are the ethics of using magic in enrichment, romance, combat, employment, crime and politics? B. Magicians and Their Studies How do I learn to do magic? Do I need an instructor? What is the relationship between student and teacher supposed to be? What are the usual pitfalls of magical work, and what common, recognizable stages do magicians go through in the course of magical training? What is the basis for secrecy and why do some magicians abide by it? Are magical oaths necessary and/or useful? C. History a. General What is the first reliable record of magical operations? b. Hermeticism How does Egypt fit into the history of magic? Who were the Templars or Knights Templar? Who were the (Bavarian) Illuminati? What is Kabbalah? What is Hermeticism? What is Masonry and how does it relate to magic? What is Theosophy and how does it relate to magic? What is all this stuff about the rose and cross? What was the Golden Dawn and what did it become? Who was Gerald Gardner and what was his relationship to magic? Who were: Levi, Dee, Fortune, Blavatsky(?), Spare, ..? Who was Aleister Crowley? Why does he have such a bad reputation? What is this 'Aeon of Horus/Maat' business? What is OTO? What about the A.'. A.'.? Are they related? How? D. Disciplines What is divination? (i.e. astrology, tarot, i ching, feng shui, runework) What is sex magic? What is tantra? Are tantra and sex magic related? What is yoga and how does it relate to magic? To what to do the following words refer: asana, tattwa, kundalini, prana, cakra/chakra; qi/ki/chi, meridians; aura, avatars and (re)incarnation? What is alchemy and how is it related to magic? What is (the) qabalah and how does it relate to magic? Is it different than kabbalah, cabala or qaballah? To what do the following words refer: gematria, notariqon, temurah, aiq bekr, sephiroth, qliphoth, da'ath, abyss? What is ceremonial magic? What is a Holy Guardian Angel? What is the Oath of the Abyss? What is the Great Work? E. Modern Traditions What is voudoun/voodoo/hoodoo? Is voudoun about sticking pins in dolls or is it a religion? What about santeria? Is it a religion? What is witchcraft? Is it different than 'the craft'? Is witchcraft magic or something else? What is wicca? Is it different than witchcraft? What is the Great Rite? Is this anything like the Great Work? What is satanism? Is satanism related to magic? What is chaos/kaos magic? What is enochan magic? What are aethyrs and calls? Is there really such a thing as 'enochian chess'? What is discordianism? Is this really related to the illuminati? What does 'TOPY' stand for and why do they spell funny? What is the Church of the Subgenius? Who is this Bob Dobbs character and what is all this weirdness? What is the Necronomicon and how does it relate to magic? What is cybermagic? F. Magical tools What is a magical tool? What are common magical tools and how are they used? (i.e. wand/staff, cup/chalice, sword, pentacle, dagger, scourge, cord, candle, incense, perfume, salt, herbs and stones.) What is an athame and how is this term pronounced? What do the following words mean: juju, gris-gris, obeah, wanga? What are these symbols you're talking about and what do they mean? (i.e. pentagram (point-up/down?), hexagram, unicursal hexagram, 666, circle and swastika) Are there correct ways to draw them? If a symbol is 'upside-down' what does this mean? What are sigils and how are they used? What are magic(k) squares? What is a talisman? How are they created and used? How many elements/guardians/archangels are there? What are the elements/etc. called and how are they used? What role do psychoactive substances play in magical practice? What about mind machines? G. Organizations and Order What is initiation? Is it important? What forms do initiations take? Why does alt.magick resemble an initiated order? Is joining an organization a good idea? Are social rituals better than solitary ones? H. General Occultism What is occultism? What is spiritualism? Are spirits real? What is a seance? What is an ouija board and how is it used? What is astral travel? What is the astral plane? What does OOBE stand for? What is it? What are spirits, ghosts, vampires and werewolves? Do they have anything to do with magic? Where can I find the Necronomicon? Why is alt.necromicon spelled funny? I. References What's a good beginning reading list for a person interested in magic? What's a good beginning reading list for a person interested in mysticism? What resources are available for the computer-wise mage? What about archives? ========================================================================== This is from a series of continually-updated posts responding to recurrent questions in the alt.magick newsgroup. Please debate anything in here which seems extreme and add your own response to these questions after the post. I'll integrate what I like. Thanks. nagasiva YronwOde YO nagasIvA@luckymojo.coM (IA@M) -------------------------------- posting history: 9305/9412/0407 to be added/correlated: Where's the REAL alt.magick FAQ? [ http://www.darkwave.org.uk/~rick/amfaq.htm ] 0) Alpha FAQ for beginners: (everything from unresolved mysteries to admittedly trivial minutiae &c. leading up finally to Good QUESTIONS) 1) Beta FAQ for level one enquirer: (minimal experience in the field, resolved to ask Better QUESTIONS) 2) Gamma FAQ for level two enquirer: (actual experience, eventually insisting on soliciting the Best QUESTIONS) What is magic? Is magic true? Does magic work? How does magic work? Do I need to change the path I am on to work more effective magic? Will I need to change the path I am on right now, later? How will I know if I have gone astray? What is the final goal? How can I measure success in magic? What is the best system of magic? How can I make my own system of magic or truly integrate the art into my own being, and strike out on my own? How can I balance this with my professional/personal life outside magic? How do I avoid burnout, boredom, &c. and continue thriving?