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Subject: Mood Disorders Bibliography - Biographical

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MOOD DISORDERS BOOK LIST ======================== The entire list exceeds 100 books. The following is a biographical genre subset of the list for brevity. A seperate posting will follow at some point, with non-fiction books. Certainly, not all the books are entirely about mood disorders, but as with many people in this global self-help community, they are dealing with more than one issue too. This list is only possible with your help, so scan your book shelves, browse through your local library or book store, bug your friends, and send in any books you don't find on this list, or make corrections and additions. The only reason these books are on this list is because someone has submitted them. It is our sincere hope that people dealing with the issues surrounding mood disorders, will be able to empower themselves through the information in these books. If you have any additions, updates, corrections, suggestions, etc. for this list, please send email to <depbooks@bigfoot.com>. Would you like to sponsor this list and help us keep this list updated and accurate? Do you have access to the Books in Print database? Please contact us at <depbooks@bigfoot.com>. Note: This current update (1998/7/16) only corrects email addresses and other contact information. No books have been added at this time. BOOK LIST ========= Genre: Biographical ------------------- Title: A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness Author: Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) and Gloria Hochman Publisher: Bantam Books, 1992 ISBN: 0-553-07256-0 Comments: Patty Duke's very personal account of her struggle with manic-depression. Duke writes every other chapter, while Hochman writes about the more clinical aspects of manic-depression. Title: A Season in Hell Author: Percy Knauth Publisher: Harper and Row, 1975 Comments: Hard to come by. Title: An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness Author: Jamison, Kay Redfield Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995 ISBN: 0-679-44374-6 Comments: Dr. Jamison's personal testimony of her own struggle with manic-depressive illness since adolescence, and how it has shaped her life. She shows tremendous courage in writing the book at all, for the stigma attached to all mental illness, including manic-depressive illness is very real. Since she herself is a professor psychiatry, and a world-class authority on manic-depression, this book represents a genuine "coming out of the closet", so to speak. Title: Beast (The): A Reckoning with Depression Author: Tracy Thompson Publisher: Putnma and Sons, 1995 Comments: Thompson is a reporter, and has appeared on TV regarding her battles with depression. Title: Beyond the Darkness: My Near-Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back Author: Angie Fenimore Publisher: , 1995 Comments: An autobiography of a suicide. An alternative to the "embraced by the light" journeys so well documented in many other books. Excerpt: "I began to fear that if people didn't hear the other side of the near- death experience, they might interpret these marvelous accounts to mean that suicide could bring release from their problems. As I learned, nothing could be further from the truth." Title: Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me Author: Marlon Brando, with Robert Lindsey Publisher: Random House, NY,, 1994 ISBN: 0-679-4103-9 Comments: In Brando's own words, a record of his own struggle with emotions including depression, rage, anxiety. Title: Breaking the Silence Author: Marriette Hartley Comments: About the actresses struggles with coming to terms with the suicide of her father and her advocacy work in preventing suicide. Title: Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke Author: Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) (with Kenneth Duran) Publisher: Bantam Books, 1987 ISBN: 0-553-05209-9 Comments: Patty Duke's autobiography. Title: Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness Author: William Styron Publisher: Vintage, 1990 ISBN: 0-679-73639-5 Comments: Good, but not great, heavy writing style with not much info. --Barbara Zak, zakba@UMDNJ.EDU Title: Frost and Flower: My Life with Manic Depression Author: Kaye Gibbons Publisher: Wisteria Press, Atlanta, 1995 Comments: Limited edition. Writer's struggle with manic depression. Title: Holiday of Darkness: A Psychologist's Personal Journey Out of His Depression Author: Norman S. Elder Publisher: Wiley, 1982 Comments: This is a bit old, and hard to come by, but written by a psychologist about his depression. Interesting, but it seemed to me that his depression was on the mild side. --Barbara Zak, zakba@UMDNJ.EDU Title: Hope and Recovery: A Mother-Daughter Story about Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Manic Depression Author: Emma Lou Thayne and Becky Thayne Markosian Publisher: Franklin Watts Inc., NY, 1992 ISBN: 0-531-11140-7 Comments: A cowritten story of a young woman's struggle with these illnesses, and how she came out the other side. Title: Imbroglio: Rising to the Challenge of Borderline Personality Disorder Author: Janice M. Cauwels Publisher: Norton, 1992 ISBN: 0-393-03349-X Title: On the Edge of Darkness: Coversations about Conquering Depression. Author: Kathy Cronkite Publisher: Doubleday, 1994 ISBN: 0-385-42194-X Comments: Written by Walter Cronkites daughter. Features a variety of personal stories by herself , other celebrities, and famous people about their experiences with depression. Title: Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1994 ISBN: 0-395-68093-x Comments: A great book, easily readable. I've felt the same experiences and had the same questions and conclusions in my mind as the young author, Wurtzel. This is an important, and timely book, not just for twentynothings. If you find that people cannot understand your depression, maybe you should hand them this book to read. --Contributor. Ad notes: "An electrifying memoir about a young woman's 5-year battle with depression. Title: Speaking of Sadness Author: David Karp Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1996 Comments: Book by a Sociology professor, writing about his own depression. It is heavy reading. --Barbara Zak, zakba@UMDNJ.EDU Title: Undercurrents Author: Marth Manning Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco, 1994 Comments: Good book, written by a psychotherapist about her own bout with depression. --Barbara Zak, zakba@UMDNJ.EDU Title: We Heard the Angels of Madness: One Family's Struggle with Manic Depression Author: Diane and Lisa Berger ISBN: 0-688-09178-4 Comments: Forwarded by Alexander Vuckovic, M.D. It was written by a mother who had a son stricken by manic-depression at 19 and the rough road they walked to get him the help he needed. Very heartfelt and well written. '' ----- Compilation Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998 The Self-Help Information Center, a service of the Self-Help Informatics Coalition. Comments are not necessarily the opinions of the Self-Help Informatics Coalition. Special thanks to Joy A. Ikelman <parrot@frii.com>, and Barbara Zak <zakba@UMDNJ.EDU>, Laura <laurarain@aol.com> for major contributions. And thanks to everyone and anyone who has contributed. ###