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Subject: [ASP] alt.sex.prostitution FAQ (3/4)

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***** Welcome to Alt.Sex.Prostitution! ***** Welcome to the alt.sex.prostitution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file. This is Part 3 of 4 parts. Part 1: General information about the newsgroup and the World Sex Guide. Part 2: Questions and information about prostitution in general, plus information on fighting spam. Part 3: List of organizations that support prostitution or prostitutes or are working to decriminalize prostitution. Part 4: Suggested reading list on prostitution and prostitutes' rights. ***** Organizations That Support Prostitution/Prostitutes Or Are Working To Decriminalize Prostitution Please note that these organizations are NOT for referrals to sex workers, especially in areas where prostitution is illegal. Don't waste your time and their's by asking. Cops ask them all the time to try to snag them for pandering. They cannot respond to such requests. These organizations' names, "snail mail" and e-mail addresses, telephone and FAX numbers change frequently due to the illegality of sex work in most countries and subsequent police harassment. A special thanks to Catherine La Croix of COYOTE/Seattle for supplying this list. Last updated 08/96. Organizations such as COYOTE are political advocacy groups and are not allowed 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status. Catherine has personally contributed about $20,000 of her own money to the cause. Donations of money or in-kind, e.g. printing, office equipment (copiers et. al.), etc., to this or other organizations below are always appreciated and helpful. *UNITED STATES* COYOTE/San Francisco (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) 2269 Chestnut Street, #452 San Francisco, California 94123 U.S.A. Phone : (415)435-7950 E-mail: margosj@aol.com Attn: Margo St. James or Carol Stewart COYOTE/Los Angeles 1626 N. Wilcox Avenue, #580 Hollywood, California 90028 U.S.A. Phone: (818)892-1859 E-mail: 76370.3345@compuserve.com Attn: Norma Jean Almodovar, Executive Director COYOTE/Seattle 16625 Redmond Way Box M-237 Redmond, Washington 98052 U.S.A. Phone-FAX-FAXBack: (206)869-9245 Catherine La Croix, Executive Director (catherin@coyotesea.org) COYOTE staff (coyote@coyotesea.org) Worldwide Web: http://www.coyotesea.org COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) works for the rights of all sex workers: strippers, phone operators, prostitutes, porn stars, etc. of all genders and persuasions. Supports programs to assist sex workers in their choice to change their occupation, works to prevent the scapegoating of sex workers for AIDS and other STDs, and to educate sex workers, their clients and the general public about safe sex. Note: They do NOT provide sex worker referrals. COYOTE is a member of the North American Task Force on Prostitution. CAL-PEP (California Prostitutes Education Project) 630 20th Street Suite 305 Oakland, California 94612 U.S.A. Phone: (510)874-7850 Non-profit AIDS/HIV/drug user education and prevention organization, specializing in an effort to target isolated groups of women and youth who are at high risk for HIV disease. Established in 1985 by ex-prostitutes and prostitutes' rights advocates, and maintaining a policy to employ and utilize community members. North American Task Force on Prostitution (NTFP) Post Office Box 2113 New York, New York 10025-2113 U.S.A. Attn: Priscilla Alexander Phone/FAX: (212)866-8854 E-mail: pja14@columbia.edu The North American Task Force on Prostitution (NTFP) was founded in 1979, to act as an umbrella organization for prostitutes and prostitutes' rights organizations in different parts of the United States. In 1994, its scope was expanded to include organizations and individuals who support the rights of prostitutes and other sex workers. The NTFP is thus a network of sex workers, sex workers' rights organizations, and individuals and organizations that support the rights of sex workers to organize on their own behalf, work safely and without legal repression, travel without legal restrictions, have families and raise children, and enjoy the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges as other people. Affiliated organizations include: COYOTE-San Francisco, COYOTE-Los Angeles, HIRE-Atlanta, PONY-New York, SWAC-San Francisco, SWAT-Toronto, and Willing Women Workers-Minneapolis/St. Paul. The NTFP is affiliated with the International Committee for Prostitutes Rights (ICPR), based in the Netherlands, with a growing number of affiliated organizations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, and Africa, and the Network of Sex Work Projects, based in the United Kingdom. Hooking is Real Employment (HIRE) 847 Monroe Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30308 U.S.A. Phone: (404)876-1212 E-mail: frenchdom@aol.com Attn: Dolores French, Executive Director Sex Workers Action Coalition (SWAC) PO Box 210256 San Francsico, CA 94121 U.S.A. Phone: (415)435-7931 E-mail: carolleigh@aol.com Attn: Carol Leigh, Director P.O.N.Y. (Prostitutes Of New York) 271 Madison Avenue, #908 New York, New York 10016 U.S.A. Phone: (212)713-5678 Attn: Susan Daisy U.S. Prostitutes Collective Post Office Box 14512 San Francisco, California 94114 U.S.A. Phone: (415)626-4114 Waikiki Health Center 277 Ohua Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96815-3695 U.S.A. Attn: Pam Vessel *CANADA* Maggie's 298 Gerrard Street East Post Office Box 1143, Station F Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2T8 Canada Phone: (416)964-0150 E-mail: maggie@intacc.web.net Maggie's mission is to provide education and support to assist sex workers in their efforts to live and work with safety and dignity. Maggie's produces Bad Trick Sheets, Bad Call Sheets, runs the Prostitutes' Safe Sex Project and runs a resource center for sex workers. Maggie's is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Ontario and receives financial contributions from the City of Toronto Department of Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health, Health Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and private sponsors. Maggie's is associated with the NTFP. Sex Workers Alliance of Toronto (SWAT) Post Office Box 1143, Station F Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2T8 CANADA Phone: (416)360-8461 E-mail: maggie@intacc.web.net Sex Workers' Alliance of Vancouver Post Office Box 3075 Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3X6 Canada Phone: (604)488-0710 E-mail: swav@walnet.org Worldwide Web: http://www.walnet.org/swav/ The Sex Workers' Alliance of Vancouver was founded in 1994 to fight for sex workers' rights to fair wages and working conditions that are safe, clean and healthy. We are people who work or have worked in the sex industry and our friends. We meet informally to develop and implement ways to make the sex trade a safer and healthier place to work. With this aim SWAV opposes any law that criminalizes work in the sex trade. Currently, SWAV publishes a Bad Calls List (a database of descriptions of violent men who pose as clients of pros who make dates over the phone), health and legal information and provides free condoms. Members are available for support for others working in the sex trade and to educate service providers about the needs of sex workers. SWAV is a member of the North American Task Force on Prostitution (NTFP), the International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights (ICPR) and the Network of Sex Work Projects. SWAV is not an agency of the government, nor does it receive any government funding. *CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA* MUSA A.C. Col. Alamos C.P. Mexico DF 03400 MEXICO Phone/FAX: 52 (56) 80-4901 Attn: Claudia Colimoro Prostitution & Civil Rights ISER Ladeira da Gloria 98 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 22211 BRAZIL Phone: 011-552-1-265-5747 FAX: 011-552-1-205-4796 Attn: Chris Peterson, M.D. Programma Pegacao NOSS Rua Visconde de Piraja 127/201 Ipanema Rio de Janeiro/ RJ CEP 22410-001 BRAZIL Phone: 552-1-227-5944 FAX: 011-552-1-205-5087 Attn: Paulo Longo Associacao de Prostitutas do Estato de Rio de Janeiro R Miguel de Frias 718, Estacao Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRAZIL Phone: 011-552-1-273-7991 FAX: 011-552-1-286-2657 Attn: Euridice Francisco *EUROPE* Network of Sexwork Projects 54 Bryantwood Road London N77-BE UNITED KINGDOM Phone/FAX: 44-71-609-0112 Attn: Cheryl Overs Outsiders (for disabled people) P. O. Box 4ZB London, England W1A 4ZB UNITED KINGDOM Phone: 071 739 3195 Attn: Dr. Tuppy Owens De Rode Draad (The Red Thread) Kloveniersburgwal, 47 Amsterdam NEDERLANDS Phone: 011-31-20-624-3366 FAX: 011-31-20-620-0383 Mr A. de Graaf Stichting Instituut voor Prostitutie Vraagstukken 4, Westermarkt 1016 DK Amsterdam NETHERLANDS Phone: 31-20-624-7149 31-20-620-2593 FAX: 31-20-624-6529 Attn: Jan Visser PAYOKE Zirksttraat 27 2000 Antwerpen BELGIUM FAX: 011-32-3-14 14 31 HWG Karlsruher Str. 5 60329 Frankfurt GERMANY Phone: 069/ 25 27 42 FAX: 069/ 25 03 31 Attn: Christine Drossler HYDRA Rigaer Strasse 3 10247 Berlin GERMANY Phone: 030/707-47 23 Attn: Monika Hofman Kassandra Kopernikusplatz 12 90459 Nurnberg GERMANY Phone: 0911/44 28 89 Straps & Grips c/o Aids Hilfe Herwarthstr. 2 48143 Munster GERMANY Phone: 0251/4 30 31 Cinderella Postfach 10 18 14 40009 Dusseldorf GERMANY Phone: 0211/899 65 90 Phoenix e. V Postfach 47 62 Bergmannstr. 3 30159 Hannover GERMANY Phone: 0511/1 46 46 Nitribitt Stader Str. 1 28205 Bremen GERMANY Phone: 0421/ 44 86 62 Hurenselbst-hilfe Saabrucken Forsterstr. 39 66125 Saabrucken GERMANY Phone: 0681/ 38 85-286 Hurizonte e. V Archiv und Dokumentationszentrum fur Prostitution Postfach 30 35 53 10727 Berlin GERMANY Phone: 030/218 55 16 Madonna Gusstahlstr. 34 44793 Bochum GERMANY Phone: 0234/68 57 50 FAX: 0234/68 57 50 Nutten & Nuttchen Fredericiastr. 14 14059 Berlin GERMANY Phone: 030/ 302 22 53 Attn: Barbara Merzinger Caf'e Sperre Schillerstr. 69 34117 Kassel GERMANY Phone: 0561/ 770 775 Bathseba Steinwegpassage 42 A 38100 Braunschweig GERMANY Phone: 0531/ 4 44 71 Callboy's Organizations (Germany) Querstrich Auguststr. 84 10117 Berlin GERMANY Phone: 090/ 208 74 19 Strichweise Heiter c/o Basisprojekt Hamburg St. Georg-Kirchhof 26 2009 Hamburg GERMANY Phone: 040/24 96 94 FAX: 040/280 26 73 Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Casella Postal 67 33170 Pordenone ITALY Phone: 011-0434/ 640563 FAX: 0434 640563 Attn: Pia Covre Scot-PEP 21A Torphican Street Edinburgh EH3 8HX SCOTLAND Phone: 011-44-31-229-8269 FAX: 44-31-228-2563 Attn: Ruth Morgan Thomas Aspasie 10 r. Charles Cusin Geneva SWITZERLAND Phone: 011-41-22-732-6828 Attn: Mireille Rodeville Centre de Documentation International sur la Prostitution 24, rue Neuchatel 1201 Geneva SWITZERLAND Phone: 41-22-732-8276 Attn: Griselidis Real Xenia Mauerain 1 3012 Bern SWITZERLAND Phone: 011-41-31-24 34 42 *AUSTRALASIA* Action for REACH OUT Post Office Box 98108 T.S.T. Post Office Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon HONG KONG Phone: 110-9318 call 392 FAX: 852-2782-0583 EMPOWER National Office 57/60 Tivanont Road Nonthburi 11000 THAILAND Phone: 011-66-2-526-8311 Attn: Chantipwa (Noi) Apisuk Scarlet Alliance Post Office Box 811 Fyshwick 2609 Australian Central Territories AUSTRALIA Phone: (06) 239-1213 FAX: (06) 239-1196 ACT (WISE) Workers in Sex Employment Post Office Box 811 Fyshwick 2609 Australian Central Territories AUSTRALIA Phone: (06) 239-2905 FAX: (06) 280-5393 S.W.O.P. Sex Workers Outreach Project Post Office Box 1453 Darlinghurst 2010 New South Wales AUSTRALIA Phone: (02) 212 2600 FAX: (02) 212 3978 SQWISI (Self Help for Queensland Workers in the Sex Industry) Post Office Box 689 West End Q4101 Queensland AUSTRALIA Phone/FAX: (07) 844 4565 The Australian National University Department of Human Geography Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies Canberry 0200 Australian Central Territories AUSTRALIA Attn: Alison Murray New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Post Office Box 11-412 Manners Street Wellington NEW ZEALAND Phone: (04) 382-8791 FAX: (04) 801-5690 Attn: Catherine Healy New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Post Office Box 13-561 Christchurch NEW ZEALAND Phone: (03) 365- 2595 New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Post Office Box 6407 Dunedin NEW ZEALAND Phone: (03) 477-6988 FAX: (03) 477-3863 New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Post Office Box 68509 Newton, Auckland NEW ZEALAND Phone/FAX: (09) 366-6106 Attn: Roxanne Henare Remember, always treat your sex worker with respect! 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