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Subject: Pointer to Sex Info on the Net, Ver. 5.4

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Archive-name: alt-sex/pointers Posting-Frequency: monthly Version: 5.4
POINTER TO SEX INFO ON THE NET A Wide Selection of the Sexually Oriented Newsgroups, Mail Lists, IRC/Chat groups, FAQs, BBSes, Gophers, FTP Archives, Sources, WWW Pages, Resource Guides, Bibliographies and Indexes Available on the Internet. Detailed Subject Index Complete Title Lists Version 5.4, November 15, 1996 Published on the Internet Since November 1994 Prepared by Mistress Blanca and Peter (Green Way) viaverde@ix.netcom.com http://www.viaverde.com/sex/ Posted on the 15th of each month to the alt.sex, alt.answers, and news.answers newsgroups. Copyrighted 1994 - 1996 We thank Amateur Hardcore for a development grant in early 1996 that made web page distribution of our work a reality. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. What's New in This Version? 2. Introduction 3. Subject Guide to Sexually Oriented (SexO) Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, IRCs, WWW Pages, and Gophers 4. Active Newsgroups - Title List 5. Low Volume, Inactive, Questionable, Specious, or Dead SexO Newsgroups - Title List 6. SexO Mail Lists - Title List 7. SexO FAQs - Title List 8. Tools for Finding SexO Web Pages on the Internet 9. SexO Resource Guides, Bibliographies, Lists, Indexes, Books, Articles, Posts - Title List 10. SexO IRCs - Title List (Included) 11. BBSes for SexO Files/Graphics/Personals (Included) 12. FTP Sites for SexO Files 13. Details About this Pointer. ************************************************* ************************************************* ************************************************* 1. WHAT IS NEW IN THIS VERSION OF POINTER TO SEX INFO ON THE NET (PtSIotN) This month's version includes the IRC/Chat list and a Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) list. Since 1994, each version of the "Pointer to Sex Info on the Net" has been different in some way. We offer some older versions of the entire document (ascii.txt, 80-120K) at the Sex Info on the Net website: http//www.viaverde.com/sex/ Starting with Version 5.3, we will move some sections of PtSIotN to external ascii.txt files or web pages (html) to reduce the size of PtSIotN, and to provide better access for users. For examples, 1) our long list of active and inactive Internet newsgroups, Sections 4 and 5 of PtSIotN, are now provided as a separate ascii.txt file at the URL: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/snewsgl.txt; or, 2) our long list (30K) of dozens of Sexually Oriented subject trees, link lists, resource guides, and search engines will now be offered at the URL: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/search.htm; or, 3) our comprehensive Spanking Resources Guide (60K) at http:/www.viaverde.com/sex/spank.htm. These files are simply too large to keep in the newsgroup version of Pointer to Sex Info on the Net. Additions to November 1996 Version (5.4) of PtSIotN, Section 3: New entries added: 8 New Subject Headings: 0 Locators and Pointers to Sexually Oriented Resources on the Net: Tools for Finding SexO Information on the Internet, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/search.htm Information, Documents and Files: The Louvre Site. According to Dave-id Huberman (9/13/96) the Louvre collection of erotic fiction is now back on-line. To contact Louvre collection send e-mail to: louvre@dido.fa.indiana.edu with the subject line header of HELP. For other information contact dhumberma@copper.ucs.indiana.edu (Louvre Admin.). Resources, Bookstores: Books, Magazines, Zines, Newsletters (Print Media): Greenery Press, http://www.bigrock.com/~greenery/ "Love Connections" by Rosalind Resnick, in _Internet World_ (November 1996, pp. 36-40). A good article on Internet resources for placing personal ads and contact services. Research Questions: We could use a few more references to info on that safe, free, enjoyable, and very popular pastime: masturbation. Is your sexually oriented Net resource included in our directories, indexes, or bookmarks? Write to us at viaverde@ix.netcom.com. ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** 2. INTRODUCTION The Pointer to Sex Info on the Net (PtSIotN) is a comprehensive and fairly up-to-date listing and subject guide to a wide selection of the "Sexually Oriented" (SexO) newsgroups, mail lists, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Internet Relay Chat groups (IRCs), file archives, resource guides, gopher sites, World Wide Web (WWW) html sites, Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes), and related sources of information about sexuality on the Internet. In this document, "Sexually Oriented" is understood to include, *loosely* and inclusively: love, lust, romance, courting, marriage, relations between the sexes, pornography, passion, kinky, sex, monogamous, heterosexual, prostitution, homosexual, polyamory, bisexual, dating, gender issues, BDSM, erotica, Queer, reproduction, sexual customs and rites, personals, relationships, Leather, spanking, lovemaking, cybersex, Perv, STD's -AIDS and other sex health issues, sexual abuse and sex crimes, pansexual, True Love, Alternative Sex, sexual fashions, sex idols, fetishism, sweethearts, abstinence, masturbation, sensual ecstasy, etc., etc.. A detailed subject index is provided for all active SexO newsgroups, mail lists, most gophers, many WWW pages, and many IRCs. We use over 80 subject terms to classify sexually oriented resources. Low volume or inactive newsgroups are sometimes included in the subject index. A title list is provided for the sexually oriented newsgroups currently on the Net which are active and available at various sites. A separate list by title of the low volume, inactive, specious, empty or dead newsgroups or lists is provided. Separate title lists are also provided for mail lists, IRCs, FAQs, archives, libraries, BBSes, resource guides, etc.. The most efficient way to use this document is to download it and then use your word processor's search/locate feature to find information in this large pointer/index. The authors welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions. Please send us information about sources we have missed, misclassified, mistakenly identified, or sources no longer in existence. We realize that our list will always be incomplete, will always need corrections, and will always need to be improved. We hope that YOU will assist us in the process. The next version of "Pointer To Sex Info on the Net" (Ver. 5.5, 12/15/96) will try to find new IRC/Chat resources, update the newsgroups list, and identify new resources on masturbation. Please send your comments and suggestions to viaverde@ix.netcom.com. We have not personally checked out, verified, and/or read many of the sources listed here. It is not our purpose here to recommend, endorse, judge, evaluate, criticize, or reject any of the sources listed here. Some of the sexual activities described in the various sources of sexually oriented information or fiction listed in this index might be judged to be fine and wholesome, birds and bees, OK but naughty, risque, pornographic, indecent, immoral or illegal by a reader/judge/jury/citizens in a specific city, county, state, or nation somewhere in the world. Know your local laws, know yourself, and encourage tolerance for sexual variety. This listing has been prepared for informational and educational purposes for adult Internet users. According to "Internet World" magazine (back in November 1994), 5 of the most popular 40 newsgroups dealt with sexual topics; and, 3 of those were in the Top 12. The most popular newsgroup topics back then were computers, Internet guides, sex, movies, job tips, and humor. Shifting to July 1996, 1) the many kinds of fine Usenet newsgroup reader software is amazing (we use trn/Unix or Netscape) and Forte Free Agent is very popular, 2) millions of adults have recently purchased access into the Net, and 3) many more newsgroups about sexual topics might be on this "most popular" list if they were just allowed to exist at more server sites. For example, in late 1995, the alt.sex newsgroup was estimated to have 480,000 readers and was carried by 70% of sites that offered Usenet newsgroups to their users. We post to alt.sex.femdom at least once a month, and this newsgroup is read by an estimated (maximum) 25,000 persons; yet, it is frequently not carried by news servers. In 1/96, Compuserve temporarily removed access to 200 sexually oriented Usenet newsgroups for its paying customers, with reasons being something about new German pornography market restrictions... strange, are not Hamburg and Munich big "adult" entertainment centers, with lots of XXX-porno sources? In 2/96, the Communications Decency Act was signed into U.S. Federal law, and this may eventually have a serious impact on the freedom of sexual and other types of expression on the Internet; although, two different sets of federal judges have now ruled (as recently as 6/12/96) against the CDA. The author Reid Goldsborough said, "The popularity of online erotica is well-established. Five of the 10 most popular Usenet newsgroups (alt.sex, alt.sex.stories, alt.binaries.pictures.erotica, alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.female, and rec.arts.erotica) are X-rated." (NetGuide magazine, August, 1996, p. 40.) If these facts and evaluations are true, we are seeing an online pornography feeding frenzy ... indeed, Reid, maybe more people need to go on a pornography sex diet. Yes! "Just massage my back tonight, peter, no reading." Overall, since 1994, the many to many publishing possible with World Wide Web html Pages, the sometimes Telnet workarounds via public Usenet newsgroup servers, and the power of e-mail, including secure e-mail and private e-mail groups, have all contributed to the great expansion of computer access to sexually oriented information on the Net. The authors believe in freedom of access to sexual information and fiction for adult Internet users paying for their own accounts, freedom of choice about sexual lifestyles for adults, freedom to read and speak about sexual matters for adults, and freedom from harassment from people who don't share the same sexual preferences as you do. We believe that the sexual activities of adults should be safe, sane, consensual, playful and fun. Therefore, we sincerely hope that this research guide will help others find useful information on the Internet that will enable them to expand, enhance, and understand their many options for sexual happiness. We all have much to learn from each other about love, loving, and being loved. As for the flame-baiters, nay sayers, ever intolerant, hypocrites, prudes, and anti-sex forces, we must expect them, must cope with them, must inform them, must circumvent them, and must go beyond their limitations. Internet users should also be aware of the need to lobby for or against proposed federal, state, and international legislation that may impact on their pursuit of happiness as an adult using the Internet. The following persons have sent us comments, suggestions, or encouragement via e-mail, or we have found their posts, FAQs, resource guides, zines, publications, or WWW Pages to be useful in preparing this Pointer to Sexual Information on the Internet: Modemac, Leonard, Alan Hamilton, an26712, and Dav-id H, Atta-an48932, Minerva-Suzanne, Mistress Carol Anne, Dave Taylor, Karen, Phil Mason, MatthewF, Robert J. LeBlanc, Matthew Stone, froggy, Jenny, The Pilot, Brian, n.s. Karl, Tony the Tiger, Amy, Nigel, Ankoku Shinwa, Sal, Patches, Rob, Al Hadhazy, Far North, jeff, Maria, Gunrunner, Katherine Greene, John Kinyon, Hathaway, Pan Pantziarka, JackW, Strange3, David Hersh, Miss Priscilla, Scotty, Jeffrey, and many many others. Please, please, PLEASE, study the FAQ or Welcome posts for a Sexually Oriented (SexO) newsgroup or mail list, and read-lurk for a reasonable period of time, BEFORE posting to that group. Regular readers of a particular group will flame-charbroil fumbling horny dog hodads that do not observe the appropriate "etiquette" for that group. For examples: don't post graphics in some newsgroups, or do post personals in a subset of some big newsgroups, or don't spam irrelevant ads to many SexO newsgroups, or don't leap into criticism of the unique sexual tastes or preferences of some members of a particular SexO group without understanding their point of view and the general orientation of that group. Be open minded, courteous, sensitive, observant, interesting, and well behaved ... Hmmmmm .... and maybe you will get some delightful action someday soon! The _Pointer to Sex Info on the Net_ is copyrighted, c 1994 - 1996, by the persons holding the accounts identified as viaverde@ix.netcom.com (Green Way) and viaverde@netcom.com (Green Way). Any unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication in print or electronic format for commercial gain is prohibited. Please do not modify this subject index or title lists. Individuals may download this document for personal use. This document can be used, shared, copied, and widely distributed for informational and educational purposes. Other requests to utilize or archive or sponsor PtSIotN should be sent to the authors at: viaverde@ix.netcom.com. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3. SUBJECT GUIDE TO SEXUALLY ORIENTED NEWSGROUPS, MAILING LISTS, IRCs, WWW PAGES, GOPHERS, FILE SITES ABORTION Abortion Clinics Online, http://www.realpages.com/abortion/ alt.abortion alt.abortion.inequity alt.safe.sex IRC #abortion talk.abortion See Also: Health, Parenting ABUSE, VIOLENCE, RAPE ADDICT-L LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU alt.abuse-recovery (m) alt.abuse.transcendence alt.recovery.addiction.sexual alt.recovery.sexual-abuse alt.recovery.sexual-addiction alt.sexual.abuse.recovery alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.d alt.support.abuse-partners Battered Husbands and Men, http://www.vix.com/pub/men/domestic-index.html EJINTVIO LISTSERV@URIACC.URI.EDU FAST FAST@GITVM1.BITNET Nashville Police Advice, http://www.telalink.net/~police/abuse/index.html Men Against Domestic Violence, http://www.silcom.com/%7Epaladin/madv/ Open Door Shelter, http://www.getnet.com/~pvi/women/ods.html Questions-Abuse?, http://www.silcom.com/~paladin/madv/areyou.html RECOVERY recovery@wvnvm.wvnet.edu See Also: Psychology, soc.support.abuse.domestic soc.support.abuse.rape soc.support.abuse.sexual STOPRAPE STOPRAPE@BROWNVM.BITNET talk.rape ADDICTION, COMPULSIONS, OBSESSIONS alt.recovery.sexual-addiction See Also: Health, Psychology Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources, http://www.sexaddict.com ADVICE, QUESTION AND ANSWERS, COUNSELING Ask Cassie DiNova, http://ww.iquest.net/cdromance/personals Ask Dr. Joyce Brothers, Home Arts, http://homearts.com/depts/relat/00dprec1.htm Ask E. Jean Carol, http://www.askejean.com/ Ask Granny Murphy, http://www.csd.abdn.ac.uk/~byrne/feedback_post.html Ask Marni, http://www.askmarni.com/home.htm Search Alice on Sex. Gopher to gopher.cc.columbia.edu . See Also: Psychology, Tests, Romance, Health AGE PLAY, INTERGENERATIONAL PLAY, INFANTALISM alt.sex.fetish.diapers alt.sex.fetish.waifs alt.sex.intergen alt.sex.woody-allen BEARS majordomo@queernet.org See Also Subject: Youth, Nonconsensual ALTERNATIVE SEX Alternative Sources, http://www.io.org/~trevorj/ASInfo.html See Also: Bondage and Discipline, Flagellation, Homosexuality AIDS, STDs, SAFE SEX AIDS MajorDomo@wubios.WUstl.edu ACT-UP AIDS-L act-up-request@world.std.com AIDS-News listserv@cdcnac.aspensys.com AIDS-STAT-L AIDS-stat-request@wubios.wustl.edu Gopher to odie.niaid.nih.gov IRC #AIDS/HIV soc.motss sci.med.aids (m) sci.med.pharmacy (m) See Also: Health ANAL PLAY, SODOMY, ENEMAS, ASS PLAY alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anal alt.sex.anal alt.sex.enemas alt.sex.fetish.diapers alt.sex.fetish.watersports IRC #analsex IRC #FistFuck APHRODISIACS, DRUGS, STIMULANTS alt.psychoactives alt.drugs alt.folklore.herbs alt.hemp See Also: Foreplay BISEXUAL alt.motss.bisexua-l ARENAL-L ARENAL-L@BROWNVM.brown.edu AUSGBLF ausgblf-request@minyos.xx.rmit.oz.au BIACT-L BIACT-L@BROWNVM.brown.edu BIFEM-L BIFEM-L@BROWNVM.brown.edu BISEXU-L BISEXU-L@BROWNVM.brown.edu BITHRY-L BITHRY-L@BROWNVM.brown.edu biversity-l IRC #bisex LIZ LIZ@AI.MIT.EDU nv.bi sappho-l sappho-request@silver.lcs.mit.edu See Also: Homosexual, Lesbian, Polyamory soc.bi soc.motss vegas.bi BODY MODIFICATION, PIERCING, CIRCUMCISION, TATTOOING alt.christnet.sex alt.eunuchs.questions alt.punk alt.religion.sexuality alt.sex alt.sex.bondage rec.arts.bodyart BONDAGE AND DISCIPLINE, SADOMASOCHISM, D/S, BDSM alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage Alternative Resources, http://www.io.org/~trevorj/ASInfo.html alt.personals.bondage alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom alt.sex.spanking alt.sex.stories.bondage aus.sex.bondage BDSM Links List, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/bdsm.htm BDSM List, http://www.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/ Sexuality/BDSM Delphi Forums: the Dungeon, Roissy's Gazette Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links, http://gloria-brame.com/love8.htm Erotic Vox, http://members.gnn.com/Voxana/vox.htm http://elbow.cs.brown.edu:8100/dcr/bdsm/bdsm.html http://www.columbia.edu/~tjl9/cv.html http://www.mindspring.com/~planetx/mink/mink.html http://www.seekerspub.com/pleasure/roleplay/ femsuprem-request@renaissoft.com Goddess Web Page, http://www.efn.org/~rayo/goddess.html Greenery Press, http://www.bigrock.com/~greenery/ headspace-l (headspace@law.emory.edu) Hotel Noir www URL: http://www.the-wire.com/express/hoteln/hnmain.html IRC # bdsm, # bondage, #d&s, #desade IRC # gaysm, # kinkysex Kinky Flavors, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/ Mistress Julie, http://www.buffnet.net/~jaguar/JAG-MSJU.HTM Laylah Martelli, http://mogenta.com/lmnop/stories/ laylah/laylah.html Leather Outreach Project, ftp://unix.tpe.com/pub/outreach Lifestyle, http://www.lifestyle.com/smlinks.htm rec.arts.erotica (m) Jack Rinella, http://metroslave.com/rinella/mrjackr.html QSM, http://www.qualitysm.com See Also: Flagellation, Dominance, Female Dominants, Equipment Slakker's Leather Page, http://www.IntNet.net/public/slakker/home.html Society of Janus http://www.blackiris.com/SFLeatherMC/Janus/Janus.html The Stockroom, JT Toys Catalog, BDSM Gear, ftp://ftp.std.com/pub/jttoys/catalog URL: http://www.apocalypse.org/circlet/home.html uw.alt.sex.bondage Wildfire Club, http://www.zynet.co.uk:8005/wildfire/ BOOKS, MAGAZINES, REVIEWS, LISTS, GUIDES, BIBLIOGRAPHIES alt.answers alt.bbs.lists alt.books.anne-rice alt.magazine.playboy alt.sex alt.sex.erotica.marketplace alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom alt.sex.magazines alt.zines Circlet Press, http://www.apocalypse.org/circlet/home.html Erotic Bookshop, Delectus, http://www.erotic-bookshop.co.uk news.answers QSM http://www.qualitysm.com rec.arts.erotica soc.feminism BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS, BBSes Adult BBS List - The West, http://www.viaverde.com/sex.bbs.htm BUSINESS, MARKETING, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, SOURCES alt.magazines.pornographic alt.sex.erotica.marketplace alt.sex.magazines alt.sex.phone alt.sex.voxmeet comp.bbs.misc Explicit Multimedia Catalog, http://www.hip.com/focus/catalog.html Playboy Magazine, http://playboy.com/ Playboy FAQ, 6/29/95. Penthouse Magazine, http://www.penthousemag.com. see also Prostitution URL: http://www.apocalypse.org/circlet/home.html BUSINESS - GAY, LESBIAN Faith Zone, http://www.frsa.com/faithzon.shtml Zap Web Consulting, http://www.well.com/user/tomvdb/zpb.html CENSORSHIP, CDA, PORNOGRAPHY LAWS alt.censorship alt.pimenet.censorship alt.privacy URL: http://elbow.cs.brown.edu:8100/dcr/bdsm/bdsm.html See Also: Crime, Freedom, Privacy CHAT GROUPS, INTERNET RELAY CHAT, IRC, FORUMS, PANEL DISCUSSIONS, CONFERENCES IRC FAQ, 4/11/96, by Helen T. Rose, hrose@rocza.kei.com See Also: Games CLOTHING, DRESS, FETISH FASHIONS alt.clothing.lingerie alt.fashion alt.lycra alt.pantyhose alt.sex.fetish.fashion alt.sex.fetish.hair alt.sex.fetish.sportswear alt.supermodels IRC #pantyhose Romance: Elegant Lingerie and Keepsake Gifts, http://sashimi.wwa.com/~notime/gands/romance/main.html Skin Two, http://www.dungeon.com/~skintwo/ COURTING, DATING, ROMANCE, ENGAGEMENT alt.personals.ads alt.romance alt.soulmates See Also: Personals, Singles soc.couples CROSSDRESSING, GENDER PLAY alt.sex.stories.tg Our Girls, bobbiswan@aol.com See Also Transgendered Transgender Forum Resouce Center, http://www.tgforum.com/ Wigstock Site, http://www.at-beam.com/wigstock/ CRIME, LAW, VIOLENCE, RAPE, ABUSE, NONCONSENSUAL SEX alt.sex.incest alt.sexual.abuse.recovery alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.d alt.sex.spanking clari.news.crime.sex clari.news.law.crime.sex See Also: Abuse, Censorship, Nonconsensual soc.feminism STOPRAPE STOPRAPE@BROWNVM.BITNET DIVORCE, SEPARATION alt.recovery.codependency alt.romance.unhappy alt.support.divorce See Also: Marriage, Abuse DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, BDSM, POWER EXCHANGES, S&M alternates-l alternates-request@ns1.rutgers.edu alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom alt.sex.spanking alt.sex.stories.tg BDSM Bookmark, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/ femdom-l (listserv@netcom.com) femsuprem-request@renaissoft.com IRC #Dom/Sub IRC #femdom See Also: Flagellation, Bondage and Discipline E-MAIL, LETTER WRITING, LOVE NOTES E-mail: A Love Story. Stephanie D. Fletcher (Penguin, UK 1996) EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES, SEX TOOLS, SEX AIDS alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.fetish.fashion Condom Country, http://www.ag.com/condom/country Draconian Leather by Metz, janet.hayes@mustang.com Fetish Bookmark, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/fetish.htm See Also: Bondage, Body Modification Stockroom: ftp://ftp.std.com/pub/jttoys/catalog EXHIBITIONISTS, PUBLIC SEX alt.sex.exhibitionism alt.sex.fetish.fashion alt.sex.strip-clubs IRC #exhibitionists See Also: Nudism, rec.arts.bodyart EUROPEAN SCENE European Sex Site, http://www.demon.co.uk/redhot/index.html England-Liverpool - Gay Youth, http://phymat.bham.ac.uk:80/LGB/merseyside/gyro.html EURO-QUEER-STUDIES majordomo@queernet.org E-ZINES, ELECTRONIC SEX ZINES, EMAIL MAGAZINES Streetsound E Zine, http://www.phantom.com/~street/ Hot Shots Video Mag, http://www.catalog.com/networx/hotshots See Also: Magazines, Books FAN CLUBS, PERSONALITIES, FILMS-TV-RADIO PERFOMERS alt.fan.madonna alt.music.alternative.female alt.religion.monica alt.sex.fetish.startrek alt.sex.fetish.trent-reznor alt.sex.woody-allen alt.sexy.bald.captains (Startrek) alt.supermodels Cindy Crawford Page, http://www2.ncsu.edu/unity/users/w/wdneedha/crawford/ paglia-l mailserv@ac.dal.ca FEMALE DOMINANTS, DOMINATRIXES, MISTRESSES, DOMINAS alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom alt.sex.services Dominatrix in Print and Other Media, http:/www.viaverde.com/sex/ FemmeWorld, http://sol.zynet.co.uk:8005/elektra/femmeworld/ femdom-dc-request@phear.digex.net femsupremacy-l femsupremacy-request@renaissoft.com femsupremacy-d femsupremacy-digest-request@renaissoft.com IRC #femdom See Also: Bondage, Flagellation, Domination FEMINISM, WOMEN'S LIBERATION, CONCERNS OF WOMEN, WOMEN'S RIGHTS alt.feminism alt.feminism.individualism alt.romance alt.sex.femdom alt.women.attitudes clari.news.women FAST FAST@GITVM1.BITNET feminist-l femail@femail@hpldlh.hpl.hp.com femsupremacy-request@renaissoft.com Hardcore Feminism, http://ernie.bgsu.edu/~lgilber//femex/femex.htm personallist-fem majordomo@quiclab.scn.rain.com See Also: Men's Liberation, Political soc.feminism soc.women FETISHES - BODY Body. alt.nudism Body. IRC #femuscle Body. Fetish Bookmark, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/fetish.htm Breast. alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.breasts Breast. alt.sex.breast Breast. IRC #breasts Clothing. See Clothing, Dress, Fetish Fashions Feet alt.feet Feet. alt.sex.fetish.feet Fetish Links List, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/fetish.htm Hair alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.redheads Hair. alt.sex.bears Hair. bears-l bears-digest majordomo@queernet.org Hair. alt.sex.fetish.hair Hair. alt.sexy.bald.captains Hair. IRC #redheads Parts. alt.sex.fetish.amputee Personals. alt.personals.fetish See Also Large People, Size. alt.amazon-women.admirers Size. alt.sex.bears Size. bears-l bears-digest majordomo@queernet.org Size. alt.sex.fat Size. alt.sex.fetish.fa Size. alt.sex.fetish.size Size. alt.tall-women.admirers Strength. amazons-request@math.uio.no FETISHES - CLOTHING, OBJECTS, INANIMATE THINGS Bodies. alt.sex.necrophlia Diapers. alt.sex.fetish.diapers Fashion. alt.pantyhose Fashion. alt.sex.fetish.fashion Fashion. alt.sex.fetish.sportswear Fashion. Elle Magazine, http://www.ellemag.com/ Fashion. Skin Two, http://www.dungeon.com/~skintwo/ Fetish Links List, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/fetish.htm Leather. alt.sex.bondage, alt.sex.fetish.fashion Lingerie. The Lingerie Lounge BBS, http://www.globalmark.com/linglong/ Lycra. alt.lycra Shoes. alt.sex.fetish.feet Shoes. IRC #HighHeels Shoes. IRC #pantyhose Smoking. alt.sex.fetish.smoking See Also: Equipment, Bondage FICTION, EROTICA, STORIES, FANTASY TALES, P0RNOGRAPHY, LITERATURE alt.magazines.pornographic alt.sex alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom alt.sex.stories alt.sex.stories.d alt.sex.stories.gay alt.sex.stories.hetero alt.sex.stories.moderated gay-net.erotic-stories The Louvre Site. According to Dave-id Huberman (9/13/96) the Louvre collection of erotic fiction is now back on-line. To contact Louvre collection send e-mail to: louvre@dido.fa.indiana.edu with the subject line header of HELP. For other information contact dhumberma@copper.ucs.indiana.edu (Louvre Admin.). Erotic Vox, http://members.gnn.com/Voxana/vox.htm rec.arts.erotica (m) ucb.erotica.sensual uw.alt.sex.stories uw.alt.sex.stories.d FILMS, MOVIES, VIDEOS, TELEVISION alt.binaries.pictures.pornstar alt.cult.movies alt.sex.movies alt.sex.fetish.startrek Girls on Film, http://icarus.cc.uic.edu/~landes1/hkfilm/girlfilm.html FLAGELLATION, SPANKING, WHIPPING, PADDLING alt.personals.spanking alt.sex.spanking Spanking Resources Guide, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/spank.htm IRC #spanking, #otk spanking-l craftman@iglou.com (private) See Also: Equipment, Bondage FREEDOM, LIBERTY, PRIVACY, INDIVIDUALISM alt.censorship alt.feminism.individualism alt.individualism alt.pimenet.censorship alt.privacy See Also: Privacy, Crime, Censorship GAMES, MUDs, VIRTUAL REALITY alt.mud.sex See Also: Chat Rooms, GENERAL INTEREST, ALTERNATIVES, MISCELLANEOUS INTERESTS alternates-l alternates-request@ns1.rutgers.edu alt.sex atl.sex.wizards aus.sex clari.news.sex CyberSex Interactive, http://cybersex.com/ de.talk.sex European Sex Site, http://www.demon.co.uk/redhot/index.html fido7.sex gender-l ericg@indiana.edu Internet Hot List, http://www.izzy.com/hotlist/hotlist.html rec.sex SEX-L SEX-L@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU SEXTALK SEXTALK@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU Society for Human Sexuality, ttp://weber.u.washington.edu/~sfpse/ Vivid Interactive, http://www.vividweb.com/index.htm. GRAPHICS, PICTURES, DRAWINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, GIFs, JPEG's Alberto Vargas Page, http://www.mgainc.com/Art/jsd/vargas/av_list.html alt.bbs.lists alt.amazon-women.admirers alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica alt.binaries.nude.celebrities alt.binaries.pictures.erotica alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.amateur.d alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.amateur.female alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.amateur.male alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anal alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bestiality alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.black.females alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.black.male alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cartoons alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d! alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.empty-nest alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.fetish alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.gaymen alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.latina alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.male alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.moderated alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.oldermen alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.orientals alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.shave alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen.d alt.binaries.pictures.girlfriends alt.binaries.pictures.nudism alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen alt.pantyhose alt.sex.fat alt.sex.fetish.fa alt.sex.fetish.feet alt.sex.fetish.hair alt.sex.fetish.tickling alt.sex.fetish.watersports alt.sex.pictures alt.sex.pictures.d alt.sex.pictures.female alt.sex.pictures.male alt.sex.pictures.misc alt.supermodels Amateur Hardcore http://www.webpower.com/amateurs/gw.htm One Sponsor of this Document. European Sex Site, http://www.demon.co.uk/redhot/index.html http://www.atom.co.jp/GALLERY/PICTURE/Osawa/index.html http://www.hotcat.com/ http://www.intergate.net/uhtml/oobbs.html http://www.webpower.com/amateurs/ http://www.playboy.com/ http://www.soprano.com/girls.html IRC #gaygifs, #sexxxgifs, See Also: Section 10 for BBSes HATRED, HOMOPHOBIA, DISCRIMINATION, RACISM, ANGER, FLAMES alt.bitch.pork alt.fag.bashing alt.flame.girlfriend alt.flame.faggots alt.flame.heartless-bitches alt.wanted.moslem.gay See Also: Abuse, Humor-Tasteless, Crime, Nonconsensual HEALTH, SAFTEY, SAFE SEX, STDs AIDS MajorDomo@wubios.WUstl.edu alt.infertility alt.safe.sex alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.menstruation alt.sex.safe alt.support.menopause clari.tw.health.aids Condomania, http://www.condomania.com/ Condom Country, http://www.ag.com/condom/country gay-net.* Medscape, http://www.alternativemedicine.com Queer Resources. Gopher to vector.casti.com. Safer Sex Page, http://www.cmpharm.ucsf.edu sci.med.prostrate.prostatitis See Also: AIDS, Abortion, Parenting, Aphrodisiacs Equipment, Note: Most Sexually oriented sources discuss SexO Health topics Tampax Home Page, http://www.tampax.com/ Women's Health Resources, http://asa.ugl.lib.umich.edu:80/chdocs/womenhealth/womens_health.html Your Health Daily, http://www.nytsyn.com/ HOMOSEXUALITY, GAYS, LESBIANS, BISEXUALS QUEER Adult Children of Heterosexuals, http://www.tiac.net/users/danam/acoh.htm alt.motss.bisexua-l alt.personals.bi alt.personals.motss alt.personals.poly alt.politics.homosexuality alt.sex.bears alt.sex.homosexual alt.sex.motss (motss = members of the same sex) AMEND2-DISCUSS Majordomo@cs.colorado.edu apanet majordomo@queernet.org AUGLBC-L AUGLBC-L@AUVM Bay Windows, http://server1.steam.net/pridenet.BW/ bears-l bears-digest majordomo@queernet.org Bears Resources, http://www.skepsis.com/.gblo/bears/ BGALA-L BGALA-L@BROWNVM.BITNET can.motss clari.news.gays CLGSG-L CLGSG-L@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU CyberQueer Lounge, http://www.cyberzine.org/html/GLAIDS/glaidshomepage.html Collected Queer Information, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/Web/People/mju/Queer/MainPage.html EAGLES eagles-request@flash.usc.edu Elight, http://www.youth.org/elight/ EURO-QUEER-STUDIES majordomo@queernet.org FL-Motss, http://qrd.tcp.com/qrd/electronic/email/fl-motss Gay and Lesbian Web Alliance, http://emanate.com/glwa/ Gay Community Centers, http://www.panix.com/~dhuppert/gay/center/natctr.html Gay Lesbian Bisexual Information Page, http://soho.ios.com/~ski4ever/ GAY-LIBN GAY-LIBN@USCVM.BITNET gay-net.* Gay Pride Events, http://www.best.com:80/~snapsup/ Gay Sports, http://www.neosoft.com:80/internet/paml/groups.G/gay_sports.html Gay Web, http://www.glowww.com/ GayWeb, http://www.gayweb.com/menu.html GGALA-L GGALA-L@UBVM.BITNET Gl-asb@queernet.org GLB-News listserv@brownvm.brown.edu GLQSOC-L listserv@bingvmb.bitnet InfoQueer, http://www.inforqueer.org/ IRC #bearcave, #gay, #Gay, #gaychicag, #gaysex IRC #gayamputee, #gayasian, #gayATL, #gaySFBay IRC #gayFLa, #gayfr, #gayfuck, #gaygifs, #gayhelp, #gayjo IRC # gaymuscle, #gaync, #gayoral, #GAYSM KHUSH khush-request@husc3.harvard.edu LA-MOTSS la-motss-request@flash.usc.edu LGBPSYCH LGBPSYCH@MCGILL1.BITNET LUTI majordomo@vector.casti.com ne.social-motss majordomo@plts.org Owls, majordomo@vector.casti.com Parent/Teen Discussion apt-request@znyx.com PDX-MOTSS PDX-MOTSS-REQUEST@agora.rain.com Pinkboard, http://www.pinkboard.com.au/ Places To Live, QSTUDY-L LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU Queer America, http://youth.org/outproud/ Queer Frontiers, http://www.usc.edu:80/Library/QF/ QUEER NATION majordomo@queernet.org QUEERPLANET majordomo@math.oxy.edu Queer Site, http://ezinfo.ucs.indiana.edu/~mberz/queer.html Scientists and Technical Professionals, http://www.cs.cmu.edu:80/~mjw/Queer/NOGLSTP.html See Also: Lesbian, Bisexual, Polyamory soc.bi soc.motss soc.support.youth.gay-lesbian-bi TAMUGLB LISTSERV@TAMVM1.BITNET uk-motss uk-motss-REQUEST@dircon.co.uk uk-motss-women uk-motss-REQUEST@dircon.co.uk uiuc.org.bisexuals uiuc.soc.bisexuals vegas.motss Yahoo Index WWW Pages: http://www.yahoo.com/text/ Society_and_Culture/Sexuality/Gays__Lesbians__and Bixesuals HUMOR, SATIRE, COMEDY, TASTELESS, GROSS JOKES, POTTY HUMOR alt.butt.harp alt.sex alt.sex.bestiality.barney alt.tasteless alt.tasteless.jokes alt.tasteless.penis INTERNATIONAL, NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING GROUPS cl.soziales.allgemein de.talk.sex es.alt.sexo INTERRACIAL SEXO RELATIONS, INTERCULTURAL SEXO, MULTICULTURAL SEXO alt.sex alt.sex.fetish.orientals alt.sex.orientals cl.soziales.allgemein es.alt.sexo fido7.russian.sex IRC # ASiaNSeX soc.culture sss LARGE PEOPLE, BIG PEOPLE, FAT PEOPLE, TALL PEOPLE, AMAZONS, GIANTS alt.amazon-women.admirers alt.personals.big-folks alt.personals.fat alt.personals.tall alt.sex.bears alt.sex.fat alt.sex.fetish.fa alt.sex.fetish.size alt.sex.super-size alt.support.big-folks FaT GiRl, http://www.fatgirl.com/ IRC #bearcave LESBIANS, LESBOS, DYKES alt.homosexual.lesbian alt.motss.bisexua-l alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.femdom aus.culture.lesbigay BA-SAPPHO ba-sappho-request@labrys.mti.sgi.com The Blacklist, http://www.udel.edu/nero/lists/blacklist.html Dykes Delight, Reviews of Dyke Cartoons, http://www.maths, tcd.ie:80/mmm/Alternative/DykesDelight1.html Faith Zone, http://www.frsa.com/faithzon.shtml gay-net.* Human Rights Campaign, http://www.hrcusa.org/ ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association), http://www.seta.fi/inat/ilga.html Humor and Info, http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/freeport/sigs/life/gay/leshumor/menu Janelle Rimmer-Heine's Humor, http://www.cathouse.org:80/CathousePeople/Janell RimmerHeine/ Kinky Girls, majordomo@queernet.org Lavender Salon Reader, http://www.athenet.net/~lasalon/ OutNOW! Newspaper, http://www.zoom.com/outnow/ IRC #lesbian, #lesbians, #lesbos Lesbian Community Centers, http://www.panix.com/~dhuppert/gay/center/natctr.html Lesbian Hersotry Archives, http://www.intac.com/~kgs/lha/index.html LIS ZITA@AC.GRIN.EDU sappho-l sappho-request@silver.lcs.mit.edu See Also: Homosexual, Bisexual soc.support.youth.gay-lesbian-bi LIVE VIDEO-CONFERENCING http://www.hotgaymen.com http://www.livecenterfolds.com LOVE, ROMANCE, SEXUAL ATTRACTION, CHEMISTRY, SMITTENNESS All of the SexO newsgroups alt.romance alt.sex COUPLES-L LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU de.talk.romance IRC # romance IRC # romance2 IRC # sexy IRC # softsex IRC # sweetsex See Also: No Sex, Courting, Marriage MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, NEWSPAPERS Libido, Phone: 312-275-0842. E-Mail: rune@mcs.com See Also: E-Zines, MARRIAGE, PERMANENT RELATIONSHIPS alt.newlywed alt.religion.sexuality alt.romance alt.sex alt.sex.femdom alt.wedding COUPLES-L LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU Home Arts, http://homearts.com/depts/relat/00dprec1.htm See Also: Weddings, Divorce, Love, soc.couples soc.couples.wedding Wedding Home Pages, http://tribeca.ios.com/~whitey/waycool/ MASTURBATION, SELF-LOVING alt.sex alt.sex.masturbation http://Bianca.com/shack/index.html IRC #jack-off, # gayJO, # masturbat Masturbation Resources Guide, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/mast.htm MEN'S LIBERATION, MEN'S RIGHTS, MEN'S ISSUES alt.dads-rights alt.mens-rights alt.sex men-l mail-men-request@usl.com See Also: Feminism, Political, soc.men MISCELLANEOUS, UNCLASSIFIED, UNKNOWN alt.party alt.sex.boredom See Also: IRC List zer.t-netz.sex NONCONSENSUAL, BORDERLINE alt.pedophilia.girls, a.p.boys, a.p.announce, a.p.swaps, a.p.pictures alt.sex.bestiality alt.sex.incest alt.sex.pedophile.mike-labbe alt.sex.pedophilia ASGL-L ianthe@duende.demon.co.uk IRC #intergen alt.sex.zoophilia See Also: Abuse, Crime, Age Play, Youth uw.alt.sex.beastiality uw.alt.sex.bestiality NO SEX, PLATONIC LOVE, SEXUAL RESTRAINT, CELIBACY, ANTI-SEX alt.chrisnet.sex alt.sex.boredom alt.sex.NOT alt.romance alt.romance.chat alt.romance.unhappy soc.support.lonliness NUDISM, SUNBATHING, HEALTH RESORTS alt.binaries.pictures.nudism alt.christnet.nudism alt.nude alt.nudism Nude2000, http://www.nude2000.com/ rec.nude ORAL SEX, CUNNINLINGUS, FELLATIO, BLOW JOB, EAT OUT, FACE FUCK alt.sex alt.sex.oral IRC #OralSex, #gaysex, OCCULT, NEW AGE, SPIRITUALITY, TANTRIC, WICCA, MAGICK, PAGAN alt.bacchus alt.books.anne-rice alt.magick.sex alt.pagan alt.sex.cthulhu hypnosex hypnosex@Bootcamp.LIII.com IRC # femwicca, #pagan IRC #vampires See Also: Religion ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS, SOCIETIES, SOCIAL GROUPS alt.bbs.lists alt.romance FAQ alt.femdom FAQ alt.sex.bondage FAQ Alumni Association of The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, http://www.netaccess.on.ca/~sexorg femsuprem-request@renaissoft.com sm-org majordomo@vector.casti.com PARENTING, FAMILY LIFE, FAMILY PLANNING alt.child.support alt.dads-rights alt.fathers.rights alt.parents-teens alt.parenting.spanking alt.parenting.solutions alt.support.divorce Foster Parents, http://www.worldaccess.com/~clg46/ GAYDADS (Gay & Bi Fathers) majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe gaydads) MOMS moms-request@qiclab.scn.rain.com QUEER-PARENTS majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe queer-parents) Parent/Teen Discussion apt-request@znyx.com See Also: Marriage, Love, Youth, Abortion soc.culture.jewish.parenting PERSONALS, MATCH MAKING, CONTACT ADS, PENPALS Note: Post Personals to most Sexually oriented newsgroups or mail lists IF AND ONLY IF the newsgroup or mail list welcomes such posts! Beware!! Read the FAQ of the newsgroup BEFORE posting personals. It is BEST to post personals to the following newsgroups or IRCs: "Love Connections" by Rosalind Resnick, in _Internet World_ (November 1996, pp. 36-40). On I-Net personal ad resources. alt.personals alt.personals.ads alt.personals.bi alt.personals.big-folks alt.personals.bondage alt.personals.fat alt.personals.fetish alt.personals.jewish alt.personals.misc alt.personals.motss alt.personals.poly alt.personals.spanking alt.personals.spanking.punishment alt.personals.tall alt.seduction.fast alt.sex.bondage.personals alt.sex.escorts.ads, alt.sex.escorts.d alt.sex.personals alt.sex.strip-clubs alt.sex.telephone alt.sex.voxmeet alt.sex.wanted, alt.sex.wanted ads, alt.sex.wanted.escorts alt.sex.wanted.models aus.personals austin.personals Campus Singles, http://www.campussingles.com/ Freelove Personals by E-Mail, http://networx-online.com/freelove houston.personals http://www.gay-dating.co.uk/dating Gay Phone Dating http:/www.public.com/personals/ (Chicago Area) gay-net.* Internet Singles Dating Network and Introduction Service, http://www.oxford.net/~compad/singles.htm IRC # cybersex, #hottub, #gaysex IRC # netsex, #singles, #lonely, #sweetsex Jill Lampi's International Penpal Page, http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~lampi/penpal.html Internet Personals, http://www.montagar.com/personals/ Match.Com, http://www.match.com/ Matchmaker, http://on-demand.com/dnd/ On-Line Ads, http://www.ipersonals.com/personal nv.singles nyc.singles nyc.personals The Premiere Dating Club, http://www.premieredate.com pnw.personals Romance Photo Classified Personal Ads, http://www.photo-classified.com/ See Also: IRC List, Large People, Homosexuality, Love, Bisexual, Courting, Singles, BBSes soc.penpals triangle.personals.bi, triangle.personals.motss us.sc.charleston.personals us.sc.columbia.personals vegas.singles Virtual Meet Market, http:////wwa.com:1111/ Web Personals, http://www.webpersonals.com/ POINTERS, LOCATORS, INDEXES, FINDER TOOLS Dozens of SexO subject trees and search engines are listed in "Tools for Finding Sex Info on the Internet," http://www.viaverde.com/sex/search.htm POLITICAL, LEGAL, ADVOCACY, MOVEMENTS ACTION-ALERT (GLB Community Attack Response Alerts) lisrserv@vector.casti.com (subscribe action-alert) alt.censorship alt.individualism alt.politics.homosexuality alt.politics.sex alt.privacy alt.sex alt.sex.advocay ASC-L request-asc-l@csulb.edu POLITIDYKES (Politically Active Lesbians) majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe politidykes) See Also: Freedom, Crime, Privacy soc.misc POLYAMORY, POLYGAMY, BIGAMY alt.pagan alt.polyamory IRC # polyamory See Also: Bisexual, Homosexual TRIPLES triples-request@hal.com PORNOGRAPHY alt.censorship alt.crusade.anti-pronography alt.pimenet.censorship alt.privacy See Also: Freedom, Privacy, Crime, Censorship PRIVACY, SECURITY, FIREWALLS, ENCRYPTON alt.privacy alt.security.index alt.security.pgp alt.security.pgp.discuss alt.security.pgp.tech alt.security.pgp.resources help@anon.penet.fi See Also: Freedom, Crime wi.ping@wizvax.com PROSTITUTION, SEX FOR HIRE, HOOKERS alt.politics.sex alt.sex.brothels alt.sex.escorts.ads alt.sex.phone alt.sex.prostitution alt.sex.prostitution.tijuana alt.sex.services alt.sex.strip-clubs alt.sex.wanted.escorts, alt.sex.wanted.ads http://www.paranoia.com/ IRC #phonesex, Prostitute's Education Network, http://http://www.creative.net/~penet/ World Sex Guide http://www.paranoia.com/faq/prostitution/ . PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHIATRY alt.recovery.codependency See Also: Advice, Tests RELIGION, SPIRITUAL, CHRISTIANITY alt.christnet.sex alt.religion.goddess alt.religion.sexuality DIGNITY LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU Hindu Tantrick Home Page, http://www.hubcom.com/tantric IRC #goddess Liberated Christians davephx.primenet.com See Also: Occult RESOURCES, GUIDES, LISTS, DIRECTORIES Dozens of SexO subject trees and search engines are listed in "Tools for Finding Sex Info on the Internet," http://www.viaverde.com/sex/search.htm ROMANCE, ROMANTIC, CHIVALRY See Also: Courting, Love, Marriage World of Romance, http://www.lifechange.com/romance/romance.html SAFE SEX see Health and Safety SATANIC, DARK SIDE GODDESS, EVIL ONE alt.evil alt.satanism SEMINARS, EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Sexual Attitude Restructuring Program, dr_sex@mail.netidea.com SINGLES, DATING, COURTSHIP IRC #singles, #single, #lovers, #romance, #hottub See Also: Courting, Personals, Relationships soc.singles SOUTH AMERICA, LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO, LATINOS, LATINAS alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.latina SPANKING, WHIPPING, FLAGELLATION Spanking Resources Guide, http://www.viaverde.com/sex/spank.htm See Also Flagellation and Bondage above. SWINGING, ORGIES, GROUP SEX, GROUP SCENES, TRIANGLES, SWINGERS alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.swingers atl.sex.fetish.fashion alt.pagan alt.polyamory alt.parties IRC # hottub, # groupsex, triangle.motss TRIPLES triples-request@hal.com TECHNIQUES, STYLES OF LOVEMAKING, SEX PLAY, INSTRUCTIONS, HOW TO, INSTRUCTIONS alt.backrub alt.foreplay alt.romance alt.sex alt.sex.anal alt.sex.bondage alt.sex.oral alt.sex.spanking See Also: Oral Sex, TESTS, SURVEYS, PURITY TESTS Humor, Info and Tests for Lesbians, http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/freeport/sigs/life/gay/leshumor/menu Love Tests, http://okcforum.osrhe/edu/~psyche/lovetest/ Purity: ftp://quartz.rutgers.edu/pub/purity Purity: ftp://beech.cic.net/pub/ETEXT/pub/Quartz/purity Purity gopher://gopher.ocf.berkeley.edu/11/ftp/purity TRANSGENDERED, TRANSVESTITES, TRANSSEXUALS, CROSS DRESSING alt.sex.stories.tg alt.sex.trans alt.transgendered cd-forum cd-request@TheRev.LosAlamos.nm.us GGALA-L GGALA-L@UBVM.BITNET IRC #crossdress IRC #transgen soc.support.transgendered transgen listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Transgender Organizations, http://www.transgender.org/tg/ Transgender Forum Resource Center, http://www.tgforum.com/ VIDEOS One cannot read any Usenet newsgroup without seeing dozens of spams about sites with adult videos. Look in alt.sex, alt.sex.erotic.marketplace, etc., for lots of references. VOYEURISM alt.sex.fetish.fashion alt.sex.voyeurism IRC #voyeurs WATERSPORTS, UROPHILIA, UNDINISM, UROLANGIA, PISS, PEE GAMES alt.sex.fetish.watersports alt.sex.watersports IRC #peesex. #toiletsex IRC #wetstuff Patches Place, http://homepage.eznet.net/~patches/ WEDDINGS, MARRIAGE CEREMONIES BRIDES AND GROOMS alt.newlywed alt.wedding Bridal Guide, http://www.bridal-guide.com/ Bride's Page, http://www.omnigroup.com/People/hollie/bride-page.html Sarah's Wedding Advice, http://www.webcom.com/pleasant/sarah/marriage/marriage.html See Also: Marriage, Relationships, Love soc.couples.wedding http://www.wam.umd.edu/~sek/wedding.html Toasts, http://weddings-online.com/wed/AutoSpeechWriterhome.html Wedding Home Pages, http://tribeca.ios.com/~whitey/waycool/ Wedding Web, http://www.weddingweb.com/ YOUTH, TEENAGERS - GENERAL alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cheerleaders alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen.d alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen.female alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen.male alt.cyberpunk alt.girlfriends alt.party alt.seduction.fast alt.sex alt.sex.first-time alt.teens.sexuality IRC #teensex or #Teensex See Also Subjects: Age Play soc.support.youth.gay-lesbian-bi YOUTH, TEENAGERS - GAY, BISEXUAL, ALTERNATIVE Elight, http://www.youth.org/elight/ soc.support.youth.gay-lesbian-bi Youth Action Online, http://www.youth.org/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4. TITLE LIST OF ACTIVE SeXO NEWSGROUPS For this list go to: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/snewsgl.txt. A good ISP will maintain a news server to provide you with a variety of newsgroups to read. Many ISP's will limit the number of newsgoups or posting retention schedule due to file space problems or editorial policy. There are a few free public news servers, but most lists of them are not accurate. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 5. TITLE LIST OF LOW VOLUME, INACTIVE, QUESTIONABLE, SPECIOUS, STILLBORN, OR DEAD SeXO NEWSGROUPS For this list go to: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/snewsgl.txt. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 6. TITLE LIST OF ACTIVE SeXO MAIL LISTS The world's largest directory of mailing lists is Liszt. It is found at http://www.liszt.com. Liszt is both browsable and searchable. "Liszt can also be searched by email; users can send an empty mail message to "liszter@liszt.com" for details. Hype: Liszt was recently a Yahoo "Pick of the Week", featured on PBS' "Life on the Internet", a Pathfinder SiteSeeker 4-star site, and the only mailing list resource named a "Top Pick" by C|Net's search.com." I thank Scotty for the info. For an extensive and informative listing of all kinds of mail lists, look in news.lists or news.answers newsgroups for the multi-part (22 part) document by Stephanie da Silva titled "Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists" 6/96 (PAML). This multi-part document is also avaialbe via the web at: http://www.neosoft.com/internet/paml ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/news.lists/ The code at the end of each mail list line means: y = included in da Silva's 6/96 PAML. Not being in da Silva's list does not mean the mail list does not exist. Feedback from users to us (viaverde@ix.netcom.com) regarding the existence of public or private SexO mail lists is always appreciated. LIST OF SEX MAIL LISTS ACT-UP AIDS-L act-up-request@world.std.com ADDICT-L LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU AIDS MajorDomo@wubios.WUstl.edu y AIDS-News listserv@cdcnac.aspensys.com AIDS-STAT-L AIDS-stat-request@wubios.wustl.edu alternates-l alternates-request@ns1.rutgers.edu amazons-L amazons-request@ifi.uio.no apanet majordomo@queernet.org y AMEND2-DISCUSS Majordomo@cs.colorado.edu ARENAL-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu ASC-L request-asc-l@csulb.edu y ASGL_L ianthe@duende.demon.co.uk y AUGLBC-L listserv@american.edu y AUSGBLF ausgblf-request@minyos.xx.rmit.oz.au BA-SAPPHO ba-sappho-request@labrys.mti.sgi.com BEARS majordomo@queernet.org bears-l bears-digest majordomo@queernet.org bears-l bears-request@spdcc.com BGALA-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu BIACT-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu y BIFEM-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu y BISEXU-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu y BITHRY-L listserv@BROWNVM.brown.edu y BNNJ bnnj-request@plts.org y CAMPCLIM LISTSERV@UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU y cd-forum cd-request@valis.biocad.com cd-forum cd-request@therev.losalamos.nm.us y Chorus majordomo@psych.toronto.edu y CLGSG-L LISTSERV@RICEVM1.rice.edu CLGSG-L CLGSG-L@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU COUPLES-L LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU COURAGE majordomo@asarian.org (listserve) DX GLBO DC-MOTSS DC-MOTSS-REQUEST@vector.intercon.com DIGNITY LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU DOMESTIC domestic-request@tattoo.mti.sgi.com domestic partners majordomo-domestic@cs.cmu.edu y DSA-LGB DSA-LGB-request@midway.uchicago.edu EAGLES majordomo@langevin.usc.edu y EJINTVIO LISTSERV@URIACC.URI.EDU EKS equalityks@qiclab.scn.rain.com y EURO-QUEER-STUDIES majordomo@gueernet.org bkg FA freematt@coil.com y FAST FAST@GITVM1.BITNET fau listproc@listproc.bgsu.edu y femdom-l listserv@netcom.com y feminism-digest majordomo@netcom.com y feminist-l femail@femail@hpldlh.hpl.hp.com femsupremacy-l femsupremacy-request@renaissoft.com femsupremacy-d femsupremacy-digest-request@renaissoft.com FL-MOTSS fl-motss@queernet.org, majordomo@queernet.org GAYDADS (Gay & Bi Fathers) majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe gaydads) GAY-LIBN GAY-LIBN@USCVM GAY-LIBN LISTSERV@VM.USC.EDU GAYNET GAYNET-REQUEST@queernet.org Gay Networks gaynet@athena.mit.edu gender-l ericg@indiana.edu GGALA-L GGALA-L@UBVM. GL-ASB MAJORDOMO@QUEERNET.ORG GL-ASB gl-asb@queernet.org GLB-NEWS LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU GLB-MEDICAL mailserv@ac.dal.ca GLBPO glbpoc-request@geri.pa.dec.com GLQSOC-L listserv@bingvmb headspace-l headspace@law.emory.edu hypnosex hypnosex@Bootcamp.LIII.com KHUSH khush-request@husc3.harvard.edu khush Contact: mailserv@husc3.harvard.edu y LA-MOTSS la-motss-request@flash.usc.edu LAMBDA LISTSERV@UKCC.UKY.EDU LGBPSYCH LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA LGBPSYCH LGBPSYCH@MCGILL1.BITNET LIS ZITA@AC.GRIN.EDU LIZ LIZ@AI.MIT.EDU LUTI majordomo@vector.casti.com me-gaynet majordomo@vector.casti.com y men-l mail-men-request@usl.com MOMS moms-request@qiclab.scn.rain.com ne.social-motss majordomo@plts.org NOGLSTP noglstp-request@elroy.jpl.nasa.gov OH-MOTSS oh-motss-request@cps.udayton.edu paglia-l mailserv@ac.dal.ca Parent/Teen Discussion apt-request@znyx.com y PARTNERS partners-request@cs.cmu.edu PDX-MOTSS PDX-MOTSS-REQUEST@agora.rain.com personallist-fem majordomo@quiclab.scn.rain.com QAPA-L (Queer Asian-Pacific Americans), listserv@brownvm.brown.edu (subscribe qapa-l) QSTUDY-L LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU QUEER NATION majordomo@queernet.org y QUEER-PARENTS majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe queer-parents) QUEERPLANET majordomo@vector.casti.com RECOVERY recovery@wvnvm.wvnet.edu sappho-l sappho-request@silver.lcs.mit.edu SAPPHO sappho-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu SEX-L SEX-L@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU SEXTALK SEXTALK@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU SPANKL craftman@iglou.com (private) sm-org majordomo@vector.casti.com STONEWALL25 stonewall25-request@queernet.org STOPRAPE STOPRAPE@BROWNVM.brown.edu TAMUGLB LISTSERV@TAMVM1 TRANSGEN LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU uk-motss uk-motss-REQUEST@dircon.co.uk uk-motss-women uk-motss-REQUEST@dircon.co.uk vs.online-strat majordomo@ipc.apc.org YMOM (Young Men & Older Men Couples), majordomo@vector.casti.com (subscribe ymom) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 7. TITLE LIST OF SexO FAQs, WELCOME POSTS GENERAL To obtain FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or information about FAQs, please consult the alt.answers, news.answers newsgroups, or the news.misc newsgroups; or, go into the FAQ archive at: rtfm.mit.edu pub/usenet/news.answers. Finally, read for at least one month in the newsgroup that the FAQ was created for in the first place. An Index of FAQs can be found at FAQs by Category: http://www.lib.ox.ac.uk/internet/news/faq/ by_category.index.html. LIST OF SexO FAQs Adult GIF Mailing List FAQ. From: t#d#d#d#.shadow@afthrs.com. (T.D. Shadow). Date: 2/2/95. 216 lines. alt.binaries.pictures FAQ. From: deej@cadence.com (Jim Howard). Date: 11/21/94. Parts 1 -3. alt.pagan FAQ. From: susanhk@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (Susan Harwood Kaczmaacik). Date: 12/1/94. alt.pantyhose FAQ. From: Michael Campbell (campbell@io.org). Date: 9/18/94, Edition 7. Parts 1-3. alt.playboy.FAQ. alt.polyamory FAQ. From: gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.Edu (Greg Lindahl). Date: 11/30/94. alt.romance FAQ. From: klaskala@Infomatik.TV-Muenchen.DE (Henning Klaskala). Date: 11/8/94. Parts 1-3. alt.sex FAQ. From: elf@coho.halcyon.com (Elf Sternberg). Date: 10/29/95 Parts 1 - 13. http://www.halcyon.com/elf/altsex/asfaq_header.html gopher://quartz.ruters.edu/sex/alt-sex-faq alt.sex FAQ. From: superdj@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca (David Johnson). Date: 2/15/94. Parts 1- 4. alt.sex.bondage FAQ, posted around the 11th of month. Consists of 3 Parts: Pt. 1 - 1337 lines, Pt. 2 - 953 lines, Pt. 3 - 1105 lines. From: robj@netcom.com (Rob Jellinghaus). Date: 11/14/94. Last revised on 9/11/94. alt.sex.bondage Welcome. From: arsmith@lamar.colostate.edu. (Big Al). Date. 12/1/94. 12 Pages. alt.sex.breast Brassiere FAQ alt.sex.enemas FAQ/Welcome. From: ming@cyphhm.radnet.com (Emperor Ming). Date: 1/27/95. 192 lines. alt.sex.femdom FAQ, posted around the first of the month. Date: 6/4/95, 4th draft. From: juu@netcom.com (Jay Doubleyou). In 2 parts, 1675 lines. alt.sex.fetish.diapers FAQ, posted around the first of the month. Reference Source: 11/1/94. For more information: asfd-faq@ jack-vance.mit.edu. Around 485 lines. Also, try: http://jack-vance.mit.edu/ftp/pub/norelco/asfd.FAQ alt.sex.fetish.fashion FAQ. Maintainer: pg@login.dknet.dk. Reference source: 11/6/94, Version 2.2. Parts 1-9. alt.sex.movies FAQ. By Jeff Knapp, director@gti.net. Date: 10/24/94. 1974 lines. Home Page: http://w3.gti.net/director/faqindex.html alt.sex.spanking FAQ. Posed by Redman@cris.com (C-Red). Date: 25Oct95. 1082 lines. Contributors: Dave in S Cal, Debbie Ann, Adrian, Alex, and C-Red. alt.sex.wanted FAQ. From: abb3w@fulton.seas.Virginia.edu (Arthur Bernard Byrne). Date: 11/1/94. alt.support.big-folks FAQ. Parts 1 - 3. From: sasha@cs.cmu.edu (Sasha Wood). Date: 11/8/94. alt.tasteless FAQ. From: case@diku.dk (Saint Ool). Date: 11/29/94. 922 lines. Chastity Belt FAQ. From: an152684@anon.penet.fi (Dirk M). Date: 11/9/95. How To Receive Banned Newsgroups FAQ. From: j-gebis@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu (Joseph J. Gebis). Date: 11/30/94. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) FAQ, Ver 1.6, 468 lines, 4/11/96, by Helen T. Rose, hrose@rocza.kei.com. Phone Sex - The FAQ. By: jmp@cyber-mall.com (Joe Parsons). Date: 12/13/94. 350 lines. Playboy Enterprises FAQ, last updated on 6/29/95, 2118 lines. rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ. Posted around the first of each month. Reference source: 3/6/95. Last modified: 3/6/95. Parts 1-9. Prepared by Anne Greenblatt, ardvark@holonet.net. rec.arts.bodyart: Tatoo FAQ. Prepared by Lani Teshima-Miller (teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii,Edu). Reference Source: 8/17/94. Last modified: 8/16/94. Parts 1-9. rec.arts.erotica FAQ, Posted around the 5th of the month. Reference source: 12/7/94. Posted by Tim Pierce (twpierce@ unix.amherst.edu). Around 455 lines. Also, available from erotica@unix.amherst.edu with the subject as "FAQ". rec.nude FAQ. Parts 1 -6 by geographical areas. From: richard@West.Sun.com (Richard M. Mathews). Date: 12/1/94. sci.Med.AIDS FAQ. From: mpmNS@fcolcc.hampshire.edu (mpmNS). Date: 11/22/94. Parts 1-10. soc.bi FAQ. From: J.W.Harley@bham.ac.uk (Jon Harley). soc.couples.wedding FAQ. From: sek@wam.umd.edu (Sonja E. Kueppers). Date: 1/10/95. soc.feminism (Information, References, Resources, Terminology). Parts 1 - 6. From: tittle@netcom.com (Cindy Tittle Moore). Date: 11/9/94. soc.support.transgendered. Proto-FAQ. soc.singles FAQ. From: tlode@nyx10.cs.du.edu (trygve lode). Date: 12/16/95. 727 lines. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 8. Tools for Finding Sexually Oriented Web Pages on the Net Information about SexO topics on the Net in html format (Web Pages, WWW Pages) that are read by a Lynx character browser on Unix, or with a GUI browser (Netscape, Explorer, Mosaic, Spry, AOL, Netcruiser, Slipknot, etc.) via a SLIP/PPP connection is RAPIDLY increasing. These SexO "Adult" "XXX" web pages increase by the thousands each quarter. Even automated WWW indexing services cannot keep up with the remarkable creative efforts on SexO WWW pages - both personal and commercial. As with the changing nature of FTP sites, no list of SexO WWW Pages is ever completely accurate or current. SexO WWW Pages come and go on a weekly basis. We have tired to identify and categorize SexO sources on the Net since 1994. Back then, you had SexO newsgroups, private and public mail lists, private and public ftp sites, IRC-Chat, and gophers; but, SexO web pages did not exist. We still include a few web pages in our subject index in Section 3 above. In the last year, there have appeared dozens of good link lists, indexes, subject trees, search engines, and speciality web pages that can guide you towards the kind of SexO web pages that you want to read. These research tools emphasize the WWW sites. Many of these search tools are provided by commercial or institutional organizations. We offer a free web page with a large number of links to these SexO subject trees and search engines. Take a look at this SexO Finder's Tool at: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/search.htm. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 9. TITLE LIST OF SexO RESOURCE GUIDES, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, LISTS, INDEXES, BOOKS, ARTICLES, NEWSLETTERS `Addressing AIDS' by Sam Uretsky. "Internet World", January 1995, pp. 56-59. Alphabetized Louvre List, Parts 1 -3. By wi.3485@wizvax.com, 2/22/95, 2100 lines. Alternative Sexuality Resource List: http://www.phantom.com/~reive/altsex.html alt.romance FAQ. Henning Klaskala. Monthly. alt.sex.bondage FAQ. Rob Jellingus. Monthly. alt.sex.femdom FAQ. Jay Doubleyou. Monthly. Anonymous Mail Servers: For account information and instructions send email to either help@anon.penet.fi or wi.ping@wizvax.com. Anonymous Remailer FAQ, Andre Bacard, 25Oct95, found at http://www.well.com/users/abacard. Atlanta BDSM Resource Guide and Florida BDSM Resource Guide (3/8/95). Jay Doubleyou. juu@netcom.com. A nice guide to the BDSM, Fetish, Perv scene in Atlanta. BDSM Scene in Los Angeles. By davesca@netcom.com, 2/27/95. Bi Activist E-Mail Addresses: brc@panix.com Bisexuality in Literature: a Checklist:michael@pucc.princeton.edu Body Painting Index. From: an158672@anon.penet.fi. Date: 12/2/94. Boston Bisexual Resource Center: brc@panix.com "Bixsexual Resource List" by A. Hamilton, 11/7/94. This document is maintained by Alan Hamilton as a project of the Bisexual Resource Center (Boston). (URL: http://vector.casti.com/QRD/.html/BRC/). Circumcision Information Resource Center: Phone (415) 488-9883. gburlin@eskimo.com (CircInfoNe@aol.com) "The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media, Ver. 5.1," (10/1/96, 135K ascii.txt). By Mistress Blanca and Peter, viaverde@ix.netcom.com (Green Way). An updated version is posted to alt.sex.femdom, alt.answers, and news.answers on the 1st of each month. "Erotic Connections: Love and Lust on the Information Highway." Billy Wildhack. (The Waite Group, c1994, 258 pages, ISBN: 1-878739-78-6.) Eulenspiegel Society, New York, Current Calendar of Events, Finger: tes@dorsai.org. "A Guide to Social Newsgroups and Mailing Lists." From: taylor@netcom.com (Dave Taylor). Date: 28 Nov 1994. "The Internet Sex Surfer Newsletter." (Phillip Mason) at Phillip@iglou.com. Mr. Mason publishes this email zine for $3.00. Issue #10 on 6/1/95. Available via FTP or email commands. FAQs/Lists Available: A. Sex Surfer Pictures FAQ. B. The Guide to Internet Sex Resources. C. Adult BBS List, D. Guide to GLB Internet Resources. International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission e-mail address: iglhrc@igc.apc.org "The Joy of Cybersex." by Phillip Robinson and Nancy Tamosaitis (New York, Brady Publishing, c 1993) "Kidsmut List" prepared by the censors at KidSafe. Over 2000+ listings of Net sites for SexO stuff. Go to: Where???? "Kinky Computers." by John Warren (Mentor Publications, Diversified Services). "Love Connections" by Rosalind Resnick, in _Internet World_ (November 1996, pp. 36-40). On I-Net personal ad resources. Male-Multiple Orgasm Step by Step FAQ. By Jack Johnson M.A., (jack@mind.net), 3/95, 29K. "Minding Your CyberManners on the Internet" by Donald Rose, Ph.D., (alpha books, 1994). More sex please, we're British!' in ".net" the Internet magazine from the UK (Issue 18, April 1996). "Net Chat" by Kelly Maloni (Random House - Michael Wolff, c1994). "NetGuide" magazine. Each monthly issue includes a long feature called "Relationships" that has good references to SexO Net. "net-sex" by Candi Rose and Dirk Thomas (Indianapolis, Indiana, SAMS Publishing, c 1995). "net-talk" by Nancy Tamosaitis (Ziff Davis, c1994). "On-Line Adult Video Edge - A Newsletter on Adult Videos" by Cutting Edge Concepts, dgkd23e@prodigy.com. "Our Girls" A crossdressers magazine by Mistress Lisa and Bobbi Swan, bobbiswan@aol.com. Overlook GLB E-Mail Catalog: 9650@ef.gc.maricopa.edu "Penthouse Guide to Cybersex: The Sexiest Underground Guide to Electronic Erotica." By Nancy Tamosaitis. (General Media Int., c 1995, 267 pages. "PGP: Pretty Good Privacy" by Simson Garfinkel (O"Reilly & Associates, c 1995). Project 21 Archives: gopher://zooey.outright.com/p21 Selected List of Sex Zines, 7Nov95, 220 lines, Frank Wallis at 102667@CompuServe.COM. Sex Information Line. Phone: (415) 621-7300. M-F 3-9 p.m.. "Sex, Laws and Cyberspace: Freedom and Regulation on the Frontiers of the Online Revolution." By Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan. N.Y., Henry Holt, 1996. 304 p. SF & Fantasy Alternate Sexuality Booklist. From: moh2@midway.uchicago.edu (Mary Anne). Dated: 2/2/94. SM/Leather/Fetish Community Outreach Project (A project in progress. Eventually a resource guide to clubs, organizations, BBs, documents, etc. For archives: gopher to tpe.ncm.com or vector.casti.com. An Outstanding collection of resources and tools! Source: ixion@dorsai.org (Leonard). "Subject Index to Sex Info on the Net." By Mistress Blanca and Peter. (Ver. 5.1, 8/1/96, ascii.txt.) Posted on the 25th of each month to the alt.sex.erotica.marketplace newsgroup. Viaverde@ix.netcom.com "The Usenet Book: Finding, Using, and Surviving Newsgroups on the Internet," by Bryan Pfaffenberger (Addison Wesley, c 1995). INTERNET SexO RESEARCH REFERENCE TOOLS: "Another Listing of Newsgroups in the "alt" Hierarchy." From: alt- list@gts.org. Date: 5/96. 4000+ lines. Get the newest version, then read a lot and take notes. grep "subject" .newsrc . Where "subject" is "sex", binaries, love, romance, motss, bisex, personal, etc. irc, /list "List of Periodical Informational Postings," Parts 1-9, news.answers-request@MIT.EDU (the *.answers moderation team), (the m team), 11/8/94. Mail Lists research: Use Stephanie Da Silva's list of mailing lists in news.lists newsgroup; or Lizt. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10. TITLE LIST OF SexO IRCs INTERNET RELAY CHAT, CHAT GROUPS, CHAT ROOMS, DISCUSSION GROUPS, FORUMS For general information: alt.irc. For HELP in using IRC get and read the IRC FAQ; available via FTP from: cs-ftp.bu.edu:/irc/support/ ftp.kei.com:/pub/irc/ rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/alt.irc/ For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) FAQ, Ver 1.6, 468 lines, 4/11/96, by Helen T. Rose, hrose@rocza.kei.com. Most Popular: #gaysex, #jack-off, #gay, #bisex, #30plus, #sexgifs, #OralSex, #lesbians, #sweetsex, #Fuck, #femdom, #bdsm "Using Internet Relay Chat" by Marianne Pyra, Que Books, c 1996. Excellent information for those using WSIRC software. GROUP NAME # abortion # AIDS/HIV # analsex # aSiaNSeX # bdsm Public Permanent # bearcave # beastsex # big-folks # bisex # bond # bondage Private Permanent # breasts # crazysex # crossdres # cybersex # d&s Public Nonpermanent # desade # Dom/Sub Public Nonpermanent # eroticsex # exhibitionists # femdom Public Nonpermanent # femuscle Public Nonpermanent # darksex # dirtsex, # dirtysex # erotica # femwicca # FistFuck # flirt, # 40plus # Foxy-Lady # FreeSex # Fuck # funsex # FutureSex # gay, # Gay # gayasian # gayAtl # gayamputee # gaychicag # gayFLa, # gayfr # gayfeet # gayfuck # gayhelp # gaygifs # gayjo, # gayJo # gayLove # gaymuscle # gay.nl, # gaync # gayoral # gayrltn # gaySFchat, # gaySFBay # gaysex # gaysm # gaySM # gay30 # gayUncut # goddess # groupsex # hardcore # hearts # hetero # HighHeels # hornyguy # hot # hotsex, # HotShoe # hottub # intergen, # irchelp # jack-off # kinkysex # lesbian # lesbians # lesbo, # lesbos, # lesboss # lingerie # lonely # lovers # loves # masturbat # moan # nancy # netsex # nightclub # OralSex # Ozgay # OzSex # pagan # Pals # pantyhose # party, # PartyLine, # partytime # passion # peesex # phonesex # penpals # pervert # playmate # polyamory # pornshop # psx-talk # punk # pussy # rapesex # redheads, # redhot, # Redsex # romance # romance2 # Romantic, # Romantics # roughsex # -sex-, # [sex] # SEXFR # sexgifs, # sexxxgifs # Sex-o-Ram, # sexteen # sexual # Sexy, # sexyfoxxc, # sexy2, #sexybabes, # single # singles, # sizzle # softsex # spanking # sweetsex # Teensex # toiletsex # tru-sex # 30plus # transgen # TrueLove # youngsex # vampire # vampires # voyeurs # Weirdsex # wetstuff # wildsex ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11. TITLE LIST OF SEXO BBSes There are over 500 adult XXX SexO BBSes listed in the book "Erotic Connections" by Billy Wildhack. Many magazines feature ads for BBSes, and various usenet groups will have posts about new adult BBSes. We offer a separate list titled "Adult BBS List - The West" at the URL: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/bbs.htm. A fairly complete list of BDSM BBSes is found at http://www.viaverde.com/sex/bdsm.htm. Absolute Pleasure (708) 677-3369 BDSM The Adult BBS (812) 284-1321 Aline, Newcom LINK (212) 935-8787 1200B Alternative Vision (718) 746-6800 BDSM Amateur Action BBS (408) 263-3393 The Backdrop Club (415) 431-8169 BDSM The Backroom, Brooklyn, NY (718)-951-8256 2400B Gay and Lesbian Bound for Pleasure BBS (617) 374-9255 Chat Chalet BBS (201) 869-9194 The Chateau, LA (714) 455-2790 BDSM The Coral Reefer BBS (703) 264-3962 Datashack BBS (914) 961-7032 Donald Poole BBS (301) 843-5247 E-mail: dpoole@dgs.dgsys.com ECHO [East Coast Hangout] (212) 989-8411 9600B Telnet: echonyc.com The Electronic Forum (314) 821-1142 The English Palace BDSM (908) 739-1755 300B/1200B/2400B (908) 739-0142 9600B/14400B EROSLink (212) 254-0969 2400B/1200B Event Horizons, Oregon (503) 697-5100 Eye Contact, San Francisco (415) 255-5972 2400B Gay/Bi Fantasy Realization (617) 397-8844 BDSM The Fetish Network (305) 370-7007 BDSM Gabby's Lounge, Missouri (816) 887-3480 1200B-14,400B The GaRBaGe DuMP, New Mexico (505) 294-0803 9600B Get A Life! BBS, New Jersey (201) 731-6416 Marc Gaylen sysop, E-mail: marcsg@ix.netcom.com The Graphic Connection (305) 385-3665 The Graphix Exchange (919) 294-1122 Heat in the Night, Washington (515) 945-6224 9600B Hedonism BBS, LA (310) 631-7697 BDSM Hotlanta, Roswell, GA (404) 992-5345 300B-2400B LACE (818) 709-4275 300B-16,800B Laura's Lair (417) 683-5534 300B-14400B Women Run Leather Rose (312) 665-0111 BDSM Lifestyle Online, New York (516) 689-5390 9600B Lifestyle GRAFIX, New York (516) 698-2853 9600B The McHenry BBS (815) 385-9013 Mindvox, New York (212) 989-1550 2400B-19200B NixPix East (207) 693-3431 NixPix USA (303) 920-1263 NixPix Windy City (708) 564-2245 Odyssey, Monrovia, CA (818) 358-6968 Orgy9 BBS (503) 777-1578 Outer Limits BBS (708) 289-4618 BDSM Outright BBS (510) 568-9461 Penthouse Online Phone: (800) 289-7368 1200b/2400B Picture Showcase BBS (805) 983-6990 Pleasure Dome, Norfork, VA (804) 490-5878 The Power Exchange (703) 749-9150 BDSM Prime Time, LA (818) 982-7271 The Rubber Scene (610) 352-8686 BDSM/Fetish Rusty n' Edie's BBS, Ohio (216) 726-2620 2400B Star BBS Network, New Jersey (201) 935-1485 2400B Stargazer BBS (503) 744-0967 The Taste BBS (718) 252-4529 Texas Talk (214) 497-9100 2400B Tomcatpix BBS (805) 482-8030 Underground BBS (908) 262-9666 The Village Adult BBS (312) 581-1111 The WELL (Whole Earth `Lectronic LInk) (415) 332-4355 The West Side, LA (213) 933-4050 2400B The Whiplash Fantasy (410) 836-3072 BDSM Weird Science BBS (703) 379-2841 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 12. TITLE LIST OF FTP SITES WITH SexO FILES AND INFORMATION Many people have established files with erotic stories or graphics. They have mini libraries of erotica stored on some computer. They sometimes transfer these files to friends, colleagues, associates, club members, newsgroups, mail lists. Some have opened their files to everyone, via anonymous FTP or on WWW Home Pages. They have created public access to their mini libraries of erotica. These "erotic files access creators" come in two varieties: those that personally pay for all their Internet access expenses (phone, ISP, hardware & software) so as to have home access via a commercial ISP; or, those that get to access the Internet as a benefit of being a member of a particular institution, educational body, company, government, union, business, etc.. For obvious reasons, some these "erotic files access creators" and consumers of said files may not want some specific people to know about what they are doing. Even pay-my-own-way Internet users have needs for privacy and may be interested in sharing their erotic files only with a small circle of friends and fellow enthusiasts for their erotic interests. These FTP sites and WWW Pages for erotica come and go, appear and disappear, reappear and disapper on a *weekly* basis. Therefore, no free "publicly disseminated" list of FTP sites for erotic files is accurate or current. Also, many people believe that these lists of FTP sites or WWW Pages with erotica should NOT be openly shared on the Net, so as to protect these sites from overwork and to protect the collectors of erotica. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 13. DETAILS ABOUT THIS RESOURCE GUIDE Pointer To Sex Info on the Net = PtSIotN Version 5.4, November 15, 1996. ascii.txt, K. Prepared by viaverde@netcom.com (Green Way) Mistress Blanca and Peter Web Page: http://www.viaverde.com/sex/ Copyright 1994 - 1996 by Green Way Research. 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