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Subject: GSM Security FAQ Revision 2004/06/23 - Part 1/1

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Newsgroups: alt.cellular.gsm,alt.answers,news.answers Followup-To: alt.cellular.gsm From: will.spencer@gsm-security.net (Will Spencer) Reply-To: will.spencer@gsm-security.net (FAQ Comments address) Subject: GSM Security FAQ Revision 2004/06/23 - Part 1/1 Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about GSM security. It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to the alt.cellular.gsm newsgroup.
Archive-Name: alt-cellular-gsm/gsm-security-faq Version: 2004/06/23 Posting-Frequency: Monthly Last-Modified: 2004/06/23 URL: http://www.gsm-security.net/gsm-security-faq.shtml Welcome to the alt.cellular.gsm GSM Security FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about GSM Security. The GSM Security FAQ is on the World Wide Web at http://www.gsm-security.net/gsm-security-faq.shtml The contents of the alt.cellular.gsm GSM Security FAQ include: How is encryption utilized in GSM? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-encryption.shtml What algorithm is utilized for authentication in GSM networks? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-authentication-algorithm-a3-comp128.shtml What algorithm is utilized for encryption in GSM networks? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-encryption-algorithm-a5-cipher.shtml What algorithm is utilized for key generation in GSM networks? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-key-generation-algorithm-a8-comp128.shtml What are the components of a GSM network http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-network.shtml What are Ki, Kc, RAND, and SRES? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-ki-kc-rand-sres.shtml How do Authentication and Key generation work in a GSM network? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-authentication-key-generation.shtml Have the A3 and A8 algorithms been broken? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-a3-a8-comp128-broken-security.shtml Have the A5 algorithms been broken? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-a5-broken-security.shtml What are locking and unlocking? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-locking-unlocking.shtml What is an IMEI? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/imei-international-mobile-equipment-identity-gsm.shtml How can I find my IMEI? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/find-imei-international-mobile-equipment-identity-gsm.shtml What are the PIN and PUK? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-pin-pin2-puk-puk-personal-identity-number-personal-unblocking-key.shtml How do I change my PIN and PUK? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/change-gsm-pin-pin2-puk-puk-personal-identity-number-personal-unblocking-key.shtml How do I use CallerID? http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/gsm-caller-id-clip-clir.shtml