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Subject: Artificial Intelligence FAQ:3/6 Associations and Journals [Monthly posting]

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;;; **************************************************************** ;;; Answers to Questions about Artificial Intelligence ************* ;;; **************************************************************** ;;; Written by Ric Crabbe, Amit Dubey, and Mark Kantrowitz ;;; ai_3.faq This part of the AI FAQ provides a list of AI-related associations and journals. ****NOTE**** that on 13 October 1999, all the http and ftp links were checked and corrected. Email and snail mail remains unchecked. Part 3 (AI-related Associations and Journals): List of AI-related associations and journals, organized by subfield. Outline: [3-0] General Information [3-1a] Associations (General AI) [3-1b] Associations (General AI, in a particular country) [3-1c] Associations (Applied AI) [3-1d] Associations (Natural Language Processing) [3-1e] Associations (Cognitive Science) [3-1f] Associations (Robotics) [3-1g] Associations (Philosophy of AI) [3-1h] Associations (Neural Networks) [3-1i] Associations (Fuzzy Logic) [3-1j] Associations (Genetic Algorithms) [3-1k] Associations (AI and Law) [3-1l] Associations (Logic Programming) [3-2a] Journals (General AI) [3-2b] Journals (Applied AI) [3-2c] Journals (AI and ???, where ??? is Database Management, Education, Engineering, Law, Manufacturing, Medicine, or Society) [3-2d] Journals (Automated Reasoning) [3-2e] Journals (Cognitive Science) [3-2f] Journals (Complex Systems, Artificial Life, Adaptive Behavior) [3-2g] Journals (Concurrent Engineering) [3-2h] Journals (Engineering) [3-2i] Journals (Expert Systems) [3-2j] Journals (Fuzzy Logic) [3-2k] Journals (Genetic Algorithms) [3-2l] Journals (HCI, User Modeling) [3-2m] Journals (Logic Programming) [3-2n] Journals (Machine Learning) [3-2o] Journals (NLP/Speech/MT) [3-2p] Journals (Neural Nets/Connectionism) [3-2q] Journals (Object-oriented Programming) [3-2r] Journals (Pattern Recognition) [3-2s] Journals (Reasoning Under Uncertainty) [3-2t] Journals (Robotics) [3-2v] Journals (Virtual Reality) [3-2w] Journals (Vision) [3-2x] Miscellaneous (Design, ...) [3-3] Newsletters Search for [#] to get to question number # quickly. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-0] General Information When looking for a particular journal, please also check the list of associations, as some journals have been listed with the association that publishes them. The scholarly societies project home page lists Web pages and gophers for many scholarly societies. The URL for this resource is http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/society/overview.html For rankings of the impact of various journals, see question [1-10]. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1a] Associations (General AI) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AAAI) AAAI, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. phone 415-328-3123, fax 415-328-4457, info@aaai.org, membership@aaai.org, URL: http://www.aaai.org, Membership includes AI Magazine, and the AI Directory: $50 regular, $20 student, $75 institution/library (US/Canadian) $75 regular, $45 student, $100 institution/library (Foreign) AAAI has several special interest groups (SIGs) on medicine, manufacturing, business, and law. (Add $10/year for each subgroup.) Life memberships $700 (US/Canadian), $1000 (Foreign) ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY (ACM) ACM, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. ACM, PO Box 12105, Church St. Station, New York, NY 10257. Member Services, 11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. 800-342-6626 (212-626-0500), 212-869-7440. Fax 212-944-1318. Email: acm_help@acm.org, acmhelp@acmvm.bitnet. In Europe: ACM European Service Center, Avenue Marcel Thiry 204, 1200 Brussels, Belgium, +32-2-774-9602, fax +32-2-774-9690, email acm_europe@acm.org. To get ACM news bulletins, send a message with subscribe info_flash <your name here> in the body to mailserv@acm.org. URL: http://www.acm.org $82 regular, $25 student (includes Communications of the ACM) $15 ($8 students) extra for SIGART membership (gets Sigart Bulletin; non-member subscription is $25) $12 ($7 students) extra for Lisp Pointers. $18 ($13 students) extra for Computing Surveys $37 ($32 students) extra for Computing Reviews INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERS (IAKE) IAKE, 973-D Russell Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20879-3276. 301-948-5390, fax 301-926-4243. Email: iake@umuc.umd.edu $65 regular ($110 2-year), $30 students in US/Canada. Add $10/year for Carribean, Central America, Mexico. Add $25/year for Europe, North Africa, South America. Add $30/year for Asia, USSR, Central and South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS (IEEE) IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ 08855. 1-800-678-IEEE, 908-981-0060 (IEEE Computer Society 908-981-1393) URLs: http://www.computer.org, http://www.ieee.org IEEE membership is $95 regular ($28 students) For membership in the IEEE Computer Society, add $22 ($13 students). $20 for IEEE Expert (Intelligent Systems and their Applications) $12 for Transactions on Neural Networks $12 for Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics $15 for Transactions on Robotics and Automation $19 for Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering $24 for Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND SIMULATION OF BEHAVIOR (AISB) c/o AISB Executive Officer, School of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK. Tel: +44-0-273-678448 Fax: +44-0-273-671320 Email: aisb@cogs.susx.ac.uk Established in 1964, AISB is the UK's original and foremost AI society. Publishes the AISB Newsletter. UK members also receive AI Communications (the European Journal on Artificial Intelligence). Membership is 25 pounds Sterling (15 for students) in the UK, 28 pounds in Europe (19 pounds for students), and forty pounds elsewhere (25 pounds for students). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1b] Associations (General AI, in a particular country) AAAI is listed in [3-1a] because its membership is international in nature, more so than other country-specific organizations. EUROPEAN COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (ECCAI) The representative body for the European AI community. Established July 1982. Organizes the biennail European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), the leading conference on AI in Europe. Individuals do not become members of ECCAI directly, but by belonging to one of ECCAI's member organizations, many of which are described in this section. [Not every organization listed in this section is part of ECCAI, of course.] Els van der Heijden, ECCAI Secretariat, c/o Knowledge-based Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands Tel: +31 53 489 4283 Fax: +31 53 489 2927 Email: els@cs.utwente.nl URL: http://www.eccai.org Members of associations that are part of ECCAI receive subscriptions to the journal AI Communications, currently edited by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, IIIA - Institut d'Investigacio en Intel.ligencia Artificial, CSIC - Spanish Scientific Research Council, Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra, Catalunya, Spain, fax +34 3 5809661, phone +34 3 5809570, email mantaras@iiia.csic.es. ... ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA PER L'INTELLIGENZA ARTIFICIALE (AI*IA) ITALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE c/o Fondazione Ugo Borboni, Roma - Italy Contact: Oliviero Stock <stock@irst.it> Tel: +39 6 54803428 Fax: +39 6 54804405 URL: gopher://gopher.di.unito.it/11/assoc/aiia [mostly in Italian] AUSTRIAN SOCIETY FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (ASAI) OSTERREICHISCHE GESELLSCHAFT FUR AI (OGAI) Postfach 177, A-1014 Vienna, AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1 535-32810 Fax: (43) 1 532-0652 (attn: OGAI) Email: harald@ai.univie.ac.at BELGIAN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (BAAI) Walter Van de Velde, ArtiLab., Free University Brussels, Pleinlaan 2, gebouw k, B-1050 Brussel Email: walter@arti17.vub.ac.be BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY SPECIALIST GROUP ON EXPERT SYSTEMS (BCS-SGES) Chairman: Prof. M.A. Bramer, Department of Information Science, University of Portsmouth, Milton, Southsea PO4 8JF, England Tel: +44-705-844444 Fax: +44-705-844006 Email: bramerma@csovax.portsmouth.ac.uk Membership/Mailings: Dr. Rob Milne, Intelligent Applications Ltd., Kirkton Business Centre, Kirk Lane, Livingston Village, West Lothian EH54 7AY, Scotland Tel: +44-506-410242 Fax: +44-506-410243 Email: rmilne@cix.compulink.co.uk BULGARIAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATION (BAIA) Institute of Informatics - BAS, Acad. Bonchev str. bl. 29A, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria Fax: +359-2-72-01-66 Chairman: Vassil Sgurev, +359-2-70-52-25 Secretary: Danail Dochev, +359-2-70-75-86, email ari@iinf.bg CANADIAN SOCIETY FOR COMPUTATIONAL STUDIES OF INTELLIGENCE (CSCSI) Members receive a subscription to Canadian Artificial Intelligence. CSCSI/SCEIO, c/o CIPS, 430 King Street West, Suite 205, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1L5, CANADA 416-593-4040, fax 416-593-5184 Membership: $40 individuals, $30 students URL: http://ai.iit.nrc.ca/cscsi_point.html CATALAN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (ACIA) URL: http://www.acia.org/ Email: acia@lsi.upc.es President: Enric Plaza i Cervera <enric@iiia.csic.es> http://www.iiia.csic.es IIIA - Institut d'Investigacio en Intel.ligencia Artificial CSIC - Spanish Scientific Research Council, Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain Voice: +34 3 5809570 Fax: +34 3 5809661 Secretary: Jordi Vitria <jordi@upisun1.uab.es> CZECH SOCIETY FOR CYBERNETICS AND INFORMATICS (CSCI) President: Jaroslav Vlcek, Czech Technical University, Zikova 4, 166 35 Prague 6, Czech Republic Tel: +42-2-311-3475 Fax: +42-2-311-9692 Scientific Secretary: Radim Jirousek, Institute for Inf. Theory and Automation Pod vodarenskou vezi 4, 182 08 Praha 8, Czech Republic Tel: +42-2-815-20-46 Fax: +42-2-84-74-52 E-mail: radim@cspgas11.bitnet DANISH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY (DAIS) Brian Mayoh, Computer Science Department, Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade, Bldg.540, DK-8000 Aarhus C Tel: +45-86-12-71-88 Fax: +45-86-13-57-25 Email: brian@daimi.aau.dk FINISH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY (FAIS) Dr. Eero Hyvonen, VTT/TIK, Lehtisaarentie 2, SF-00340 Helsinki, FINLAND Tel: +358-0-456-6043 Fax: +358-0-489-519 Email: Eero.Hyvonen@vtt.fi FRENCH ASSOCIATION FOR COGNITIVE SCIENCE (ARC) Chairman: Daniel Kayser, Department d'Informatique, Universite de Paris XIII, Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clement, 93430 Villetaneuse, France Tel: +33-1-49-40-30-00 Email: dk@lipn.univ-paris13.fr Secretary: Pierre-Yves Raccah, 4 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris, France Tel: +33-1-42-71-69-76 Email: pyr@ccr.jussieu.fr FRENCH ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AFIA) Chairman: Jean-Paul Haton, CRIN - Universite de Nancy I, BP 239, 54506 Vandouvre-les-Nancy Cedex Tel: 83-59-20-50 Fax: 83-41-30-79 Email: jph@loria.fr Secretary: Marie-Odile Cordier, IRISA - Campus de Beaulieu, Avenue du General Leclerc, BP 25A, 35042 Rennes Cedex Tel: 99-84-73-14 Fax: 99-38-38-32 Email: cordier@irisa.fr FRENCH SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (AFCET) AFCET, Sabine Forgeot, 156, boulevard Pereire, F - 75017 Paris GERMAN INFORMATICS ASSOCIATION (GI) Chair of AI Chapter of GI: Dr. Otthein Herzog PRGS Germany - GSDL - Information Warehouse/7030-91 IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH Hanns-Klemm-Stasse 45 D-71034 Boeblingen, Germany Tel: +49-7031-16-6813 Fax: +49-7031-16-6440 Email: otthein_herzog@vnet.ibm.com International Relations Officer of GI: Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster DFKI Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3 D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany Tel: +49-681-302-5252 Fax: +49-681-302-5341 Email: wahlster@dfki.uni-sb.de [Hungary] JOHN VON NEUMANN SOCIETY FOR COMPUTING SCIENCES (NJSZT) Ljuba Kornis, John von Neumann Society for Computing Sciences, Bathori u. 16, H - 1054, BUDAPEST V. Tel: +361-132-9349 Fax: +361-131-8140 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND (AIAI) Dr. Mark Keane, Dept. of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 2, IRELAND Email: mkeane@cs.tcd.ie ISRAELI ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (IAAI) Contact: Prof. Martin Charles Golumbic, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel Email: golumbic@bimacs.cs.biu.ac.il Secretary: Mrs. Ruth Kuperman, secretary, Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence (IAAI), Kfar HaMacabia, Ramat Gan, Israel ITALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI*IA) President: Oliviero Stock, IRST - Instituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, 38050 Povo, Trento, Italy Tel: +39-(0)461-814443 Fax: +39-(0)461-810851 Email: stock@irst.it JAPANESE ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (JSAI) OS Bldg. Suite #402 4-7 Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162 Japan Phone: +81-3-5261-3401 Telfax: +81-3-5261-3402 [Mexico] SOCIEDAD MEXICANA DE INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL (SMIA) Ofelia Cervantes V, Apartado Postal #5, Universidad de las Americas, Sta. Catarina Martir Puebla 72820, MEXICO (52-22) 47-0522, (52-22) 47-4319 [Netherlands] DUTCH ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NVKI) Chairman: Jaap van den Herik, University of Limburg, Faculty of General Sciences, Department of Computer Science, PO Box 616, NL-6200 MD Maastricht, the Netherlands Tel: +31-43-883477 Fax: +31-43-252392 Email: herik@cs.rulimburg.nl Secretary: Jan Treur, Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, De Boelelaan 1081a, NL-1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands Tel: +31-20-5485326/7273 Fax: +31-20-6427705 Email: treur@cs.vu.nl NORWEGIAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY (NAIS) President: Dr. Bernt Bremdal, Geoknowledge, 1300 Sandvika, Norway Tel: +47-67-54-72-44 Fax: +47-67-54-72-34 Email: nais@ifi.uio.no SOVIET ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (SAAI) DSc. Stefanuk, L. Vadim SAAI - (Soviet) Association for Artificial Intelligence, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ermolovoy str. 19, 101447 Moscow GSP-4, Russia Tel: 7-095-2995002; 7-095-2094981 Fax: 7-095-2090579 Email: stefanuk@ippi.msk.su SLOVAK SOCIETY FOR CYBERNETICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE (SSKI) Chairman: Dr. Eng. Jan Mikles, Dept. of Process Control, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Radlinskeho 9, 812 37 Bratislava, Slovak Republic Secretariat: Dr. Maria Psotulkova, Institute of Control Theory and Robotics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska cesta 9, 842 37 Bratislava, Slovak Republic Tel: +427-373271 Fax: +427-376045 SLOVENIAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY (SLAIS) Chairman: Ivan Bratko, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Trzaska 25, 61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Tel: +38-61-265-16 Fax: +38-61-264-990 Email: Ivan.Bratko@ijs.si Secretary: Bogdan.Filipic@ijs.si SPANISH ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AEPIA) President: Federico Barber. University of Valencia. Camino de Vera s/n. 46022-Valencia (Spain) Tel: (34-1) mail: fbarber@dsic.upv.es Phone:(+34)963879357 Fax:(+34) 963877359 http://www.aepia.org SWEDISH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY (SAIS) Chairman: Carl-Gustaf Jansson, Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, KTH/University of Stockholm, Electrum 230, 16440 KISTA, Sweden Tel: +46-8-161605 Fax: +46-8-7039025 Email: calle@dsv.su.se Secretary: Sture Hagglund, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Linkoping University, S-58183 Linkoping, Sweden Tel: +46-13-281431 Fax: +46-13-142231 Email: sth@ida.liu.se SWISS GROUP FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE (SGAICO) President: Rene Bach, Ingenieurschule Bern HTL, 3014 Bern Tel: 41-31-495-111 Fax: 41-31-400-625 Email: bach@isbe.ch Secretary: Frank Ade, ETH, 8092 Zurich. Tel: 41-1-256-52-80 Fax: 41-1-261-34-29 Email: ade@vision.eth.zh URL: http://www.expasy.ch/sgaico/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1c] Associations (Applied AI) INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF APPLIED INTELLIGENCE (ISAI) Membership is US$25 for associate members and US$85 for full members. Full members receive a personal subscription to the International Journal of Applied Intelligence (normal institutional rate is US$312) and discounted registration for the IEA/AIE conferences. To apply contact ISAI, Department of Computer Science, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666-4616, phone +1 (512) 245 3409, fax +1 (512)245 3804, or send email to Moonis Ali, President, <ma04@academia.swt.edu>. See WWW page at <http://pirates.cs.swt.edu/isai.shtml> for more details. Working groups include CIM -- Learning in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Automatic Failure Diagnostics, Production Management, Finance, Building Architecture, Scheduling and Planning. [On October 13, 1999, the above URL was not working. -Maintainer] ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1d] Associations (Natural Language Processing) ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS (ACL) Natural language processing research and applications. Members receive the journal Computational Linguistics, ISSN 0891-2017. Regular membership $40 ($25 full-time students not earning a regular income; $25 for retired and unemployed), $10 extra for first class/air postage in North America, $20 elsewhere. For more information write to Association for Computational Linguistics, PO Box 6090, Somerset, NJ 08875, or send email to acl@cs.columbia.edu. Institutions must subscribe to the journal through MIT Press Journals, 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA, phone 617-253-2889, fax 617-258-6779, e-mail journals-orders@mit.edu. To get information about the ACL listserver, send mail to listserv@cs.columbia.edu with index acl-l in the message body. To get the membership form, include get acl-l membership-form.txt in the message body. The ACL archive can also be accessed by anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.columbia.edu:/acl-l/. The ACL Web page is accessible through the URL http://www.aclweb.org/ ASSOCIATION FOR MACHINE TRANSLATION IN THE AMERICAS (AMTA) 655 Fifteenth Street, NW, Suite 310, Washington, DC 20005 Membership: $40 Associate members, $65 active members, Institutional $200, Corporate $400. Members receive the MT News International and the MT Yellow Pages. SIGNLL is the ACL Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning (language acquisition and related topics). To join, send mail to walter.daelemans@kub.nl or use the forms on the SIGNLL home page. For more information, see the SIGNLL home page at the URL http://signll.aclweb.org/~signll/ See also the Cognitive Science Society. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1e] Associations (Cognitive Science) COGNITIVE SCIENCE SOCIETY Membership: $50 individuals, $25 student. Add $15 overseas postage. Members receive a copy of the journal Cognitive Science without additional charge. Write to Alan Lesgold, Secretary/Treasurer, Cognitive Science Society, LRDC, University of Pittsburgh, 3939 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, fax 1-412-624-9149, email al+@pitt.edu. See AISB in [3-1a]. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1f] Associations (Robotics) For a list of organizations that are robotics related, see the FAQ posting for comp.robotics, maintained by Kevin Dowling <nivek@cs.cmu.edu>. http://www.frc.ri.cmu.edu/robotics-faq ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1g] Associations (Philosophy of AI) SOCIETY FOR MACHINES AND MENTALITY James H. Moor, Treasurer, Society for Machines and Mentality, Department of Philosophy, Dartmouth College, 6035 Thornton Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3592 U.S.A. 603-646-2155. Email: James.H.Moor@Dartmouth.edu $5 Membership only $50 Membership with subscription to _Minds and Machines_ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1h] Associations (Neural Networks) INTERNATIONAL NEURAL NETWORK SOCIETY (INNS) Membership is $55/year for non-students and $45/year for students, and includes a subscription to "Neural Networks", the official journal of the society. INNS Membership, Suite 300, 1250 24th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037 70712.3265@compuserve.com, 202-466-4667, fax 202-466-2888. INNS Membership, P.O. Box 491166, Ft. Washington, MD 20749 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETY FOR NEURAL NETWORKS (ISSNNets) Membership is $5 per year. ISSNNet, Inc., P.O. Box 15661, Boston, MA 02215 See also comp.org.issnnet. JAPANESE NEURAL NETWORK SOCIETY (JNNS) Department of Engineering, Tamagawa University, 6-1-1, Tamagawa Gakuen, Machida City, Tokyo, 194 JAPAN Phone: +81 427 28 3457 Fax: +81 427 28 3597 URL: http://jnns.inf.eng.tamagawa.ac.jp/main.html EUROPEAN NEURAL NETWORK SOCIETY (ENNS) URL: http://www.ida.his.se/ida/enns/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1i] Associations (Fuzzy Logic) INTERNATIONAL FUZZY SYSTEMS ASSOCIATION (IFSA) Membership $180, includes a subscription to the International Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems, ISSN 0165-0114. Write to Prof. Philippe Smets, University of Brussels, IRIDIA, 50 av. F. Roosevelt, CP 194/6, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. NORTH AMERICAN FUZZY INFORMATION PROCESSING SOCIETY (NAFIPS) For more information, contact Thomas H. Whalen, Secretary/Treasurer, Decision Sciences Department, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404-651-4080, <qmdthw@gsuvm1.gsu.edu>. NAFIPS holds a conference and a workshop in alternating years. SPANISH ASSOCIATION FOR FUZZY LOGIC AND TECHNOLOGIES (FLAT) For more information, contact decsai@ugr.es, Prof. J. L. Verdegay <jverdegay@ugr.es> (President), or Dr. F. Herrera <fherrera@ugr.es> (Secretary), Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Granada, Faculty of Sciences, 18071 Granada, Spain, call +34.58.244017 (19) (95), or fax +34.58.243317. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1j] Associations (Genetic Algorithms) EVOLUTIONARY PROGRAMMING SOCIETY 9363 Towne Centre Dr., San Diego, CA 92121, Attn: Bill Porto, Treasurer Membership: $40/year ($10/year for students with id) Members get a discounted registration at the annual conference. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1k] Associations (AI and Law) THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND LAW (IAAIL) Contact: Prof. Carole Hafner, IAAIL, College of Computer Science, Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 USA fax 617-373-5121, e-mail hafner@ccs.neu.edu. Membership: $60 Regular, $35 student (incuding AI and Law Journal) $25 Reduced (without journal subscription) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-1k] Associations (Logic Programming) Association of Logic Programming homepage at http://www.cwi.nl/projects/alp/index.html ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2a] Journals (General AI) JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH (JAIR) JAIR is a refereed publication, covering all areas of AI, that is distributed free of charge over the internet by WWW, ftp, electronic mail, gopher, and the newsgroups comp.ai.jair.announce (announcements and abstracts of new papers) and comp.ai.jair.papers (papers, code, and other materials, distinguished by subject line). In addition, each complete volume of JAIR is published by Morgan Kaufmann. Submissions in all areas of AI are invited. Papers should describe work that has both practical and theoretical significance. Only papers of the highest quality will be accepted. JAIR aims for a review turn-around time of about 7 weeks, with electronic publication occurring immediately after the editor receives the final version of an accepted article. JAIR can be accessed by via the World Wide Web using the URL http://www.cs.washington.edu/research/jair/home.html or by anonymous ftp to ftp.mrg.dist.unige.it:/pub/jair/pub/ For more information, send electronic mail to jair@cs.cmu.edu with the subject AUTORESPOND and the message body HELP. Or contact jair-ed@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov. COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL (CI) Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0824-7935 This leading international journal promotes and stimulates research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Covering a wide range of issues - from the tools and languages of AI to its philosophical implications - Computational Intelligence provides a vigorous forum for the publication of both experimental and theoretical research, as well as surveys and impact studies. The journal is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of AI workers in academic and industrial research. Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence (CSCSI). Editors: Nick Cercone, University of Waterloo, Canada Randy Goebel, University of Alberta, Canada Gordon McCalla, University of Saskatchewan, Canada URL: http://www.blackwellpublishers.co.uk/journals/COIN/ It contains information on upcoming articles and issues, subscription information, author instructions, and tables of contents. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE REVIEW (Survey and Tutorial Journal) ISSN 0269-2821. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 101 Philip Drive, Norwell, MA 02061, 617-871-6600, fax 617-871-6528. PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands Email: kluwer@world.std.com The institutional subscription rate is $233.50 per volume (4 issues). Editor: Masoud Yazdani <masoud@dcs.exeter.ac.uk>, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PT, Great Britain ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Published 14 times annually. ISSN 0004-3702. Subscriptions: $85 individuals (must be a member of one of the major AI societies), $1278.75 institutions (Dfl 2366.00). To order in the US, write to AAAI, AI Journal, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025-3496, or to Elsevier Science Publishing, 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10017, 212-633-3827. Outside the US, contact Elsevier Science Publishers, Attn: Petra van der Meer, PO Box 103, 1000 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, call +31-20-5862-602, or fax +31-20-5862-616. You can find information on the journal at the Elsevier web site: http://www.elsevier.nl . The journal's home page is currently http://www.elsevier.nl:80/inca/publications/store/5/0/5/6/0/1/ but this seems to change often. If If you want to read a paper online, then you're probably out of luck. Unless you or your institution has a subscription to the journal already, you will be deniel access to the abstracts or full versions of the papers. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (JETAI) Published quarterly, ISSN 0952-813X. Subscriptions (1995): institutions $231; individuals $116. Current prices are not on the web page (2001) Submissions: Eric Dietrich, SUNY, Binghamton, NY 13902-6000, USA, <dietrich@binsuns.cc.binghamton.edu>. To order go to: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/tf/0952813x.html SPANG ROBINSON REPORT ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Published monthly. ISSN 0885-9957. Subscriptions: $405 US & Canada, $455 elsewhere. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158-0012, 212-850-6347, fax 212-850-6088. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Published quarterly, since 1985. Freund Publishing House, London http://http2.brunel.ac.uk:8080/~hs92jis/ MINDS AND MACHINES Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science ISSN 0924-6495 Subscription information and sample copies available from: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, P.O. Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands. In the US, write to Kluwer Academic Publishers, 101 Philip Drive, Norwell, MA 02061. COMPUTERS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE I. Plander (ed.) VEDA Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Klemenosova 19, 814 30 Bratislava, Slovakia. Published bimonthly, order from: Lange & Springer GmbH, Foller Str.2, P.O.B. 10 16 10, 5000 Koln 1, Germany. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AI TOOLS World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc. 1060 Main Street, River Edge, NJ 07661 Tel: 1-800-227-7562 ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ISSN 1012-2443. J.C. Baltzer AG Scientific Publishing Company, Wettsteinplatz 10, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland, tel 41-61-691-89-25, fax 41-61-692-42-62. In the United States, send orders to J. C. Baltzer AG, Scientific Publishing Company, PO Box 8577, Red Bank, NJ 07701-8577. Subscriptions: Individuals Sfr. 130.00/$80.00 Editor: M. C. Golumbic <golumbic@haifasc3.vnet.ibm.com>, fax +972-4-320894. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND SOCIETY Published quarterly, since 1987. Subscriptions: UK pounds 110 + carriage charges Springer Verlag, Heidelberger Platz 3, D-100 Berlin 33, Germany, phone 30-82071, fax 30-8214091. JOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION Published monthly, since 1985. Academic Press Ltd., 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, UK. Subscriptions (includes postage): Individuals UK pounds 111, US $204; Institutions UK pounds 222, US $408. Subscribers in Canada should add GST at the current rate of 7%. Send subscription orders to: Academic Press Ltd., Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5HP, UK, phone 81-300-3322. INFORMATICA ISSN 0350-5596. An International Journal of Computing and Informatics. Published by The Slovene Society Informatika and The Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubjana, Slovenia. Subscriptions: individuals $17, students $4, institutions $34 Mr. R. Murn, Department for Computer Science, Jozef Stefan Institute: Tel (+386) 61 1259 199, Fax (+386) 61 219 385 Submissions: Matjaz Gams <matjaz.gams@ijs.si> (Europe, Africa, main contact), Marcin Paprzycki <paprzycki_m@gusher.pb.utexas.edu> (North and South America), or Xindong Wu <xindong@insect.sd.monash.edu.au> (Asia, Australia). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2b] Journals (Applied AI) APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0883-9514 Subscriptions: Institutions $300; Individuals $142. http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/tf/08839514.html APPLIED INTELLIGENCE The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Complex Problem-Solving Technologies Subscriptions: Institutions $217; Individuals $75. Editor in Chief: Dr. Moonis Ali, Professor of Computer Science, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN 37388 Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, P.O. Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358, <kluwer@world.std.com>. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2c] Journals (AI and ???, where ??? is Database Management, Education, Engineering, Law, Manufacturing, or Medicine) AI and Database Management: JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (JIIS) INTEGRATING AI AND DATABASE TECHNOLOGIES Published quarterly. ISSN: 0925-9902 Subscriptions: Individuals, $85; Institutions $193. Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358/Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358, 617-871-6600, fax 617-871-6528, e-mail Kluwer@world.std.com. AI and Education: JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN EDUCATION Published quarterly, since 1989. Subscriptions: $65. Outside the US add $10 Canada/Mexico and $15 all others for postage. Student and institutional rates available upon request. Published by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), PO Box 2966, Charlottesville, VA 22902, phone 804-973-3987. AI and Engineering: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN ENGINEERING Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0954-1810. Subscriptions: 193 pounds ($295). Sample copies available upon request. Claire Coakley, Elsevier Applied Science, Crown House, Linton Road, Barking, Essex, IG11, 8JU, UK, phone 081-594-7272, fax 081-594-5140. US info: Journal Information Center, Elsevier Science Publishers, 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010, phone 212-633-3650, fax 212-633-3990. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING JOURNAL Published by Inst. Elect. Engrs for the British Computer Soc. and the IEE. Executive Editor: Kathryn Lenton (Mrs), Intelligent Systems Engineering, IEE Publishing Dept., Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts., SG1 2AY, UK, phone 0438-313311, fax 0438-742849. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN ENGINEERING DESIGN, ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURE (AI EDAM) Published 4 times annually. Editor: Clive L. Dym <dym@hmcvax.ac.hmc.edu>, Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA 91711-5990 USA, phone 909-621-8853, fax 909-621-8967. Subscriptions: $75 individual, $160 institution (US, Canada, Mexico). Cambridge University Press, 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211 USA, fax 914-937-4712. Outside US, Canada, and Mexico, write to Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UNITED KINGDOM. AI and Finance: THE MAGAZINE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN FINANCE Published quarterly. 415-905-2200 AI and Law: ARTICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND LAW Subscriptions: $158, including postage Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. AI and Manufacturing: JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING (JIM) Published quarterly, since 1990. Chapman and Hall, London Editor: Prof. Andrew Kusiak, Department of Industrial Engineering, 4132 Engineering Building, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242 JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS Published quarterly, since 1982. Published by the Computer and Automated Systems Association of the SME. Society of Manufacturing Engineers, One SME Drive, PO Box 930, Dearborn, MI 48121. 313-271-1500 AI and Medicine: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE Published 6 times annually. ISSN Number 0933-3657. Subscriptions: $175. To order in the US, write to Elsevier Science Publishing, 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10017, 212-633-3827. Outside the US, contact Elsevier Science Publishers, Journal Department, PO Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, call +31-20-5803-642, or fax +31-20-5803-598. AI and Society: AI & SOCIETY Published quarterly. ISSN 0951-5666. The Journal of Human-Centred Systems and Machine Intelligence Topics include impact of AI and information technology on social and cultural values and vice versa. Editors: Karamuit S. Gill and James Finkelstein. Springer-Verlag New York Inc., Journal Fulfillment Services, 44 Hartz Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094, 1-800-SPRINGER. Subscriptions: $197. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2d] Journals (Automated Reasoning) JOURNAL OF AUTOMATED REASONING Published 6 times annually. ISSN 0168-7433 Subscriptions: Individuals $131; Institutions $263; AAR members $65. Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. AUTOMATED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING The International Journal of Automated Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering. Published quarterly. ISSN 0928-8910. Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358, phone 617-871-6600, fax 617-871-6528, email kluwer@world.std.com. Subscriptions: individuals $95, institutions $255.50. Special reduced rates available for ACM-SIGART and KBSE members. ANNUAL REVIEW IN AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING Published annually, since 1960. Supplement of "International tracts in computer science and technology and their applications". Published by Pergamon Press, 395 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY 10523, phone 800-257-5755 (914-592-7700). Subscriptions: UK pounds 105 or US $200 (approximate). Postage included. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2e] Journals (Cognitive Science) COGNITIVE SYSTEMS RESEARCH ISSN: 1389-0417 Co-Editors-in-Chief Ron Sun , University of Missouri-Columbia. Vasant Honavar, Iowa State University. Gregg Oden, University of Iowa. Publisher Elsevier http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/cogsys COGNITIVE SCIENCE Ablex Publishing Company, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648 201-767-8450, fax 201-767-6717 $50 individual, $125 institution. BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Published quarterly, since 1978. In the UK: Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK. In the US: Cambridge University Press, Journals Department, 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211. BRAIN AND COGNITION Published quarterly, since 1982. Academic Press, 11, Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003 BRAIN AND LANGUAGE Published bimonthly, since 1974 Academic Press, 1250 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 Orders: 800-321-5068 Fax: 619-699-6715 COGNITION Published quarterly, since 1972. The Hague; Paris:Mouton, subscription orders must be sent to: Subscriptions: US$670 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., P.O. Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, phone (31)-20-5803642, fax (31)-20-5803598. Cognition, Publication Expediting, Inc., 200 Meacham Avenue, Elmont, NY 11003 COGNITION AND BRAIN THEORY Published 1980-84, subsequently absorbed into Cognitive Science. COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Published quarterly, since 1970 Academic Press, 1250 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 Orders: 800-321-5068 Fax: 619-699-6715 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2f] Journals (Complex Systems, Artificial Life, Adaptive Behavior) COMPLEXITY INTERNATIONAL This is a refereed journal for scientific papers relating to work in complex systems research. Send manuscripts to ci-submissions@life.anu.edu.au, and editorial correspondence to ci-editor@life.anu.edu.au To subscribe, send mail to ci-subscribe@life.anu.edu.au with subscribe ci "your name" in the message body. ARTIFICIAL LIFE Published quarterly. ISSN 1064-5462. Subscriptions: $45 individual ($25 student/retired), $125 institution. Canadians add 7% GST, shipping outside US add $14 postage and handling. MIT Press Journals, 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142, call 617-253-2889, fax 617-258-6779, or e-mail journals-orders@mit.edu. Submissions: Christopher G. Langton, Santa Fe Institute, 1660 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501, call 505-984-8800, fax 505-982-0565, or e-mail cgl@santafe.edu. See also http://alife.santafe.edu/ ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR Published quarterly. ISSN 1059-7123. Concerned with understanding the behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow animals (and potentially robots) to adapt and survive in uncertain environments. Emphasis on well-defined models, computer simulations, and built robots. The International Society for Adaptive Behavior 2430 Campus Road Honolulu, HI 96822 USA Volumes 1-6 Published by MIT Press. 5 Cambridge Center Cambrdige MA 02142-1493 Subscriptions are entered for the volume year only. You can use this form to subscribe. Individual $ 50.00 Institution $148.00 Student & Retired $ 35.00 ISAB Members Free (Included in membership dues) http://www.adaptive-behavior.org/journal/ Submissions: http://www.adaptive-behavior.org/journal/instructions.html ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2g] Journals (Concurrent Engineering) CONCURRENT ENGINEERING: RESEARCH & APPLICATIONS (CERA) Published quarterly. Official journal of the Concurrent Engineering Institute of the International Society for Productivity Enhancement (ISPE). Academic Press Ltd., 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, UK. Call 71-267-4466, fax 71-482-2293 or 71-485-4752, or email ac2@ib.rl.ac.uk. Relevant to parallel processing, blackboard systems, distributed AI, and AI in manufacturing. For information about submissions, write to Biren Prasad, Managing Editor, CERA Institute, PO Box 250254, West Bloomfield, MI 48325, call 313-492-0551, fax 313-661-8333, or send email to bprasad@cmsa.gmr.com. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2h] Journals (Engineering) ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Published 6 times annually. Subscriptions: Institutions (1992) 235.00 or approx US$425.00; two year institutional rate (1992/93) 446.50 or approx US$807.50. North America: Pergamon Press Inc., 660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-55153, USA. Rest of the World: Pergamon Press Ltd, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford OX3 0BW, England. Tel: Oxford (0865)794141 ENGINEERING OPTIMISATION Published quarterly, since 1974. Gordon and Breach, London ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2i] Journals (Expert Systems) See the Expert System Shells FAQ. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2j] Journals (Fuzzy Logic) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF UNCERTAINTY, FUZZINESS AND KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS (IJUFKS) Published 4 times annually. ISSN: 0218-4885 Intended as a forum for research on methods for managing imprecise, vague, uncertain and incomplete knowledge. Subscriptions: Individuals $90, Institutions $180. (add $25 for airmail) World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, Farer Road, PO Box 128, SINGAPORE 9128, e-mail phua@ictp.trieste.it, phone 65-382-5663, fax 65-382-5919. Submissions: B Bouchon-Meunier, editor in chief, Laforia-IBP, Universite Paris VI, Boite 169, 4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex 05, FRANCE, phone 33-1-44-27-70-03, fax 33-1-44-27-70-00, e-mail bouchon@laforia.ibp.fr. MATHWARE AND SOFT COMPUTING 2 regular issues and one monographic issue a year. ISSN 0210-7821. Partially supported by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Spanish Association of Logic and Fuzzy Technologies (FLAT). Topicsinclude Approximate Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic and Functional Equations, applied to Soft Computing, Logic, Consensus, Possibilistic Reasoning and other fields. Editor: Prof. J. Jacas <jacas@ea.upc.es> Seccio de Matematiques i Informatica, E.T.S. d'Arquitectura de Barcelona, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Diagonal 649, E-08028 Barcelona Spain, fax 34-3-4016367. Subscriptions: $50 (surface; $10 extra for air mail) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2k] Journals (Genetic Algorithms) EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION Published 4 times annually, beginning April/May 1993. 100 pages per issue, 7x10. ISSN 1063-6550. Editor-in-chief: Kenneth De Jong Subscription Rates: individuals $45 (student/retired $30.00), institutions $125.00. Canadians add 7% GST, shipping outside US add $14 postage and handling. MIT Press Journals, 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142-1399, 617-253-2889, fax 617-258-6779, E-mail hiscox@mitvma.mit.edu. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2l] Journals (HCI, User Modeling) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES (formerly INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MAN-MACHINE STUDIES) Published monthly, since 1969. ISSN 1071-5819. Subscriptions (including postage): Individuals 161 pounds UK, US $291; Institutions 437 pounds UK, US $792. Canadian subscribers should add GST at current rate of 7%. Publisher: Academic Press Ltd., 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, UK, phone 71-267-4466, fax 71-482-2293 or 71-485-4752, or email ac2@ib.rl.ac.uk. Send subscription orders to: Academic Press Ltd., Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5HP, UK, phone 81-300-3322. Air freight and mailing in the USA by Publications Expediting, Inc., 200, Meacham Avenue, Elmont, NY 10003. USER MODELING AND USER-ADAPTED INTERACTION 4 issues per annum, ISSN 0924-1868, $153.50 p.a. ($50 for individuals) Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, P.O. Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER SIMULATION Editors: Gavriel Salvendy, Purdue; Michael J. Smith, Univ. of Wisconsin; and Masamitsu Oshima, MISDC. Subscriptions: individual $45, institutions $125. Ablex Publishing Company, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648 201-767-8450, fax 201-767-6717 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2m] Journals (Logic Programming) JOURNAL OF LOGIC PROGRAMMING Published bimonthly, since 1984. Society rate available through Elsevier for members of the Association of Logic Programming. Subscriptions: Institutions $486 (outside US add $48 p&h). Elsevier Science Publishing (direct orders to Cindy Williams) 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010, phone 212-633-3815, fax 212-633-3820 or Elsevier Science Publishing PO Box 211, Amsterdam, 1000 AE, The Netherlands, phone 020-580-3641, fax 020-580-3769. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF LOGIC PROGRAMMING for more info see http://uk.cambridge.org/journals/tlp/ NEW GENERATION COMPUTING Published quarterly, since 1983. Published in Japan in English by Ohmsha Ltd., 3-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101 Japan, phone 03-3233-0641. Subscriptions: Japan: yen 28,000 including carriage charges. Springer Verlag Tokyo, 37-3, Hongo 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, phone 03-3812-0331, fax 03-3812-0719. North America: US $242 including carriage charges. Springer Verlag New York Inc., Service Center Secaucus, 44, Hartz Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094, phone 212-460-1500. All other countries: DM 338 plus carriage charges. Airmail delivery on request only. Springer Verlag, Journal Fulfillment Department, Heidelberger Platz 3, D-1000 Berlin 33, Germany, phone 30-82071 LOGIC PROGRAMMING NEWSLETTER Published quarterly. Included with membership in the Association for Logic Programming ($20 regular, $10 students). For membership information, write to Cheryl Anderson (ALP), DoC-ICSTM, 180 Queens Gate, London SW7 2BZ, UK, phone +44-71-589-5111 x5011, fax +44-71-589-1552, or send email to alp@doc.ic.ac.uk. Contributions are welcome and should be sent to Andrew Davidson <ad@cs.mu.oz.au>. METHODS OF LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Published quarterly since 1994. Editors: Rick L. Smith, Univ. of Florida, and Ralph W. Wilkerson, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla. Subscriptions: individuals $55, institutions $130. Ablex Publishing Company, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648 201-767-8450, fax 201-767-6717 INFORMATION AND COMPUTATION http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~iandc/ Includes bibliography, list of editors, and author information. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2n] Journals (Machine Learning) MACHINE LEARNING Published 8 times annually. ISSN 0885-6125 Subscriptions: Institutions $301; Individuals $140. (AAAI Individual Members $88) Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING RESEARCH e Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) provides an international forum for the electronic and paper publication of high-quality scholarly articles in all areas of machine learning. JMLR seeks previously unpublished papers that contain: new algorithms with empirical, theoretical, psychological, or biological justification; experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insight into the design and behavior of learning in intelligent systems; accounts of applications of existing techniques that shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the methods; formalization of new learning tasks (e.g., in the context of new applications) and of methods for assessing performance on those tasks; development of new analytical frameworks that advance theoretical studies of practical learning methods; computational models of data from natural learning systems at the behavioral or neural level; or extremely well-written surveys of existing work. JMLR has a commitment to rigorous yet rapid reviewing; our goal is to return reviews within six weeks of paper submission. Final versions are published electronically (ISSN 1533-7928) immediately upon receipt, and a quarterly paper volume (ISSN 1532-4435) is published and sold to libraries and individuals by the MIT Press. http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/jmlr/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2o] Journals (NLP/Speech/MT) COMPUTER SPEECH & LANGUAGE (CS&L) Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0885-2308. Subscriptions: Institutions $170, Individuals $75. Harcourt Brace and Company Limited, High Street, Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 SHP. England. Editors: Prof. S.J. Young & Dr. S.E. Levinson Submissions (outside Americas): Prof. Steve Young, Cambridge University Engineering Dept., Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, England. Email: sjy@eng.cam.ac.uk Submissions (from Americas): Dr. Steve Levinson, Head Linguistics Reseach, AT&T Bell Laboratories, 600 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974. USA. Email: sel@research.att.com MACHINE TRANSLATION Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0922-6567. Subscriptions: Institutions $141 plus $16 postage; Individuals $55 (members of ACL $46). Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. SPEECH TECHNOLOGY Published quarterly, since 1981. Media Dimensions, New York, NY, USA NATURAL LANGUAGE & LINGUISTIC THEORY (NALA) Published quarterly. ISSN 0167-806X Subscriptions: Individual $59,-/Dfl.156,-; Institutional $200,-/Dfl.383,- including p&h. Kluwer Academic Publishers USA: Order Dept, Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. Phone (617) 871-6600; Fax (617) 871-6528; E-mail: Kluwer@world.std.com Other: P.O.Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Phone (31) 78 524400; Fax (31) 78 183273; Telex: kadc nl; E-mail: vanderLinden@wkap.nl JOURNAL OF NATURAL LANGUAGE ENGINEERING (JNLE) Published quarterly, starting in March 1995. Emphasis: Practical (commercial) applications of computational linguistics. Cambridge University Press, 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, fax 914-937-4712. Subscriptions: individuals $59, institutions $118. (These prices for USA, Canada, and Mexico only. Outside these countries write to Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK.) [Note: Subtract 20% pre-publication discount through December 1, 1994.] Editors: Branimir Boguraev, Roberto Garigliano, and John Tait Submissions: From North and South America and Oceania, submit to Branimir Boguraev <bkb@apple.com>. From Europe, Asia, and Africa, submit to Roberto Garigliano <Roberto.Garigliano@durham.ac.uk>. See also Computational Linguistics in the ACL entry. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2p] Journals (Neural Nets/Connectionism) CONNECTION SCIENCE Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0954-0091. Subscriptions: Individual $82, Institution $184, Institution (UK) 74 pounds Carfax Publishing Company, PO Box 25, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3UE, UK. Submissions: Julie Clarke <j.clarke@dcs.shef.ac.uk>, Connection Science, Department of Computer Science, Regent Court, University of Sheffield, S1 4DP, Sheffield, UK. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEURAL NETWORKS RESEARCH & APPLICATIONS Published quarterly. ISSN 0954-9889. Learned Information Ltd., Woodside, Hinksey Hill, Oxford OX1 5AU, UK. Tel: +44 (0)865-730275 Fax: +44 (0)085-736354 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEURAL SYSTEMS (IJNS) Published quarterly. ISSN 0129-0657 Information processing in natural and artificial neural systems. Subscriptions: Individual $42, Institution $88 (plus $9-$17 for postage) USA: World Scientific Publishing Co., 687 Hartwell Street, Teaneck, NJ 07666, 201-837-8858; Eurpoe: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 73 Lynton Mead, Totteridge, London N20-8DH, England, (01) 4462461; Other: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Farrer Road, P.O. Box 128, Singapore 9128, 2786188. NEURAL COMPUTING AND APPLICATIONS Published quarterly. ISSN 0941-0643. Official journal of the Neural Computing Applications Forum. Subscriptions: $215. (Free to NCAF members.) Springer Verlag, Service Center Secaucus, 44 Hartz Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Tel: 201-348-4033 Springer-Verlag, Springer House, 8 Alexandra Road, LONDON SW19 7JZ Tel: ..44/0 81 947 1280 Fax: 0 81 947 1274 Spqringer-Verlag, Heidelberger Platz 3, D-1000 BERLIN, Germany Tel: (0)30 8207-1 NEURAL COMPUTATION Published quarterly since 1989. ISSN 0899-7667. MIT Press Journals, 55 Hayward Street Cambridge, MA 02142-9949, 617-253-2889 Subscriptions: Individual $65 (Student/Retired $40), Institution $166. Canadians add 7% GST, shipping outside US add $22 postage and handling. Editor: Terrence Sejnowski. NEURAL NETWORK WORLD Published 6 times annually. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Mirko Novak <mirko@uivt.cas.cz> Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, 18207 Prague, Pod vodarenskou vezi 2, Czech Republic Tel: (0042) 82 16 39 Fax: (0042) 85 85 789 Subscriptions: The subscription price for Volume 5 (1995) is DM 360, including postage and handling charges. Publisher: The IDG, Czechoslovakia, 160 00 Prague 6, Luzna 2, Czech Republic. NEURAL NETWORKS Published 6 times annually. ISSN 0893-6080. Official journal of the International Neural Network Society. Subscriptions: $380 Pergamon Press, Ltd., Headington Hill Hall, Oxford OX3 0BW, UK. Pergamon Press, Inc., 660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-5153. IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS MAGAZINE Published bimonthly, since 1985, by the IEEE Control Systems Society. (Often has articles about NNs and fuzzy systems.) JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL SYSTEMS (JANS) Published quarterly. Subscriptions: $192/year ($64 for contributors). The Bellwood Research Center, 17 Briston Private, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1G 5R5 JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Published quarterly. Editor: Omid M. Omidvar Subscriptions: individuals $45, institutions $110. Ablex Publishing Company, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648 201-767-8450, fax 201-767-6717 NEURAL PROCESSING LETTERS Published bimonthly starting in September 1994. Emphasis on ideas, developments, and work in progress. Francois Blayo (France) and Michel Verleysen (Belgium), +32 2 245 43 63, + 32 2 245 46 94 Fax. Subscriptions: BEF 4400 D facto publications, 45 rue Masui, B-1210 Brussels, Belgium phone +32-2-245-43-63, fax +32-2-245-46-94. URL: http://www.wkap.nl/journalhome.htm/1370-4621 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2q] Journals (Object-oriented Programming) OBJECT-ORIENTED SYSTEMS Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0969-9767. Subscriptions: Institutions US$210/120 pounds EC/130 pounds RoW Individuals US$93/50 pounds EC/50 pounds RoW USA/Canada: Journals Promotion Dept., Chapman & Hall, 29 West 35th Street, New York, NY 20001-2299, USA, 212-244-3336, fax 212-244-3426, E-mail 71201.1651@compuserve.com. EC/RoW: Journals Promotions Dept., Chapman & Hall, 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HN, UK, +44 (0)71-865-0066, fax +44 (0)71-522-9623, E-mail journal@chall.mhs.compuserve.com. JOURNAL OF OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 9 issues/year, since 1988. SIGS Publications Inc., 588 Broadway, Suite 604, New York, NY 10012, phone 212-274-0640. Order service number: 1-800-783-4903 Subscriptions: $59 individuals, $153 institutions. (Add $40 postage for foreign orders). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2r] Journals (Pattern Recognition) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PATTERN RECOGNITION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Annual subscription, 1992/3, $340; individual subscription, $138. Add $34 for airmail. Published 5 times a year by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Farrer Road, PO Box 128, Singapore 9128. (In the US, write to World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc., River Edge, NJ 07661; in Europe to World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc., Totteridge, London N20 8DH, England.) PATTERN RECOGNITION Journal of the Pattern Recognition Society. Members receive the journal free of charge as part of their membership in the Society. Institutions may subscribe for $845. Pergamon Press, Ltd., Headington Hill Hall, Oxford OX3 0BW, UK. Pergamon Press, Inc., 660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-5153. PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS Published 12 times annually. ISSN 0167-8655. Official publication of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. Subscriptions: $462 Institutions. Elsevier Science Publishing, 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10017, 212-633-3827. Outside the US, contact Elsevier Science Publishers, Attn: Ursula van Dijk, PO Box 103, 1000 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or call +31-20-5862-608. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2s] Journals (Reasoning Under Uncertainty) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING The treatment of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Published 8 times a year. ISSN 0888-613X. Subscriptions: Institutions $282; included with NAFIPS membership (see NAFIPS entry above). North-Holland, Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc., 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2t] Journals (Robotics) AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS Published twice yearly. ISSN 0929-5593. Editor: George A. Bekey, Univ. of Southern California. Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358, phone 617-871-6600, fax 617-871-6528, email kluwer@world.std.com. Subscriptions: individuals $50, institutions $114. INDUSTRIAL ROBOT ISSN 0143-991X Published quarterly. $145/year MCB University Press Limited, 62 Toller Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England BD8 9BY, (44) 274-499821, fax (44) 274-547143. In the US, write to MCB University Press Limited, PO Box 10812, Birmingham, AL 35201-0812, 1-800-633-4931 (1-205-995-1567), fax 1-205-995-1588. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0826-8185 Subscriptions: $165 US or 313.50 SFr. ($12 US or 22.80 SFr postage and handling). A special rate is available to members of IASTED. Write to ACTA Press, PO Box 354, CH-8053, Zurich, Switzerland or ACTA Press, PO Box 2481, Anaheim, CA 92814. IASTED is the International Association of Science and Technology for Development. Individual memberships are $60 US or $120 SFr and corporate memberships $100 US or $200.00 SFr. Members receive a complimentary subscription to the journal of their choice; the annual cost of additional journals for members is $20US/$40SFr per journal. Write to IASTED, PO Box 25, Station G, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 2G1, or IASTED, PO Box 354, CH-8053, Zurich, Switzerland. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS RESEARCH MIT Press, 28 Carleton Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 Subscriptions: individuals $80 (student/retired $50), institution $185. Canadians add 7% GST, shipping outside US add $22 postage and handling. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & ROBOTIC SYSTEMS Three issues per volume, $58.50 per volume (individual) Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands. In the US write to Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. ROBOTICS TODAY Society of Manufacturing Engineers, One SME Drive, PO Box 930, Dearborn, MI 48121. 313-271-1500 ROBOTICS WORLD Published quarterly. Communication Channels, 6255 Barfield Road, Atlanta, GA 30328 404-256-9800 A magazine of flexible automation for the end-user. They also publish the Robotics World Directory for $49.95 ROBOT (Japanese) Industrial Robots and Application Systems Published bimonthly. Japan Industrial Robot Association (JIRA) Kikai-Shinko Building, 3-5-8, Shiba-Kohen, Mina To-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tokyo (03) 3434-2919, fax (03) 3578-1404 ROBOTICA International Journal of Information, Education and Research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Published quarterly, US $179/year. Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK. In the US write to Cambridge University Press, Journals Department, 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211. ROBOTICS AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS 8 issues/year, since 1988. Subscriptions: Dfl. 766 including postage/handling (surface delivery) Published by Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V. Journals Department, P.O. Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, the Netherlands. http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/robot ROBOTICS AND C.I.M. Published quarterly, since 1984. Pergamon Press, NY ROBOTICS AGE Published 1979-1985, now defunct. Replaced by Robotics Engineering (monthly since 1986). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2v] Journals (Virtual Reality) PRESENCE Subscriptions: $50 individual (student/retired $40), $135 institutions Canadians add 7% GST, shipping outside US add $14 postage and handling. MIT Press Journals 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142-1399 617-253-2889, fax 617-258-6779 hiscox@mitvma.mit.edu ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2w] Journals (Vision) MACHINE VISION AND APPLICATIONS Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0932-8092. Subscriptions: Institutions $191 (plus $11 p&h); Individuals $54 (incl p&h). Springer-Verlag New York Inc., Journal Fulfillment Services, 44 Hartz Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094, 1-800-SPRINGER. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER VISION Published 6 times annually. ISSN 0920-5691. Subscriptions: Institutions $229; Individuals $115. Add $8 for airmail. Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, or Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. COMPUTER VISION, GRAPHICS AND IMAGE PROCESSING Published monthly, 1983-1990, now defunct. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-2x] Miscellaneous (Design, ...) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (DST) Published twice annually. DST is a multidisciplinary forum dealing with all facets and fields of design. It endeavours to provide a framework with which to support debates on the different economical, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, scientific and technological issues surrounding design. Subscriptions: FF 580 Editions HERMES, 14, rue Lantiez, 75017 Paris - France, call (33) (1) 42-29-44-66, or fax (33) (1)-42-29-15-56. Submissions: Khaldoun Zreik, Journal of Design Sciences and Technology, Editions HERMES - 14, rue Lantiez - 75017 Paris - France INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS Editor: Elliot Soloway, Univ. of Michigan. Topics include computational models of learning, intelligent tutoring systems, micro-worlds, interface design, student modeling and cognitive diagnosis, and architectures for interactive learning environments. Subscriptions: individuals $45, institutions $105. Ablex Publishing Company, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648 201-767-8450, fax 201-767-6717 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [3-3] Newsletters The Computists' Communique (ISSN 1084-015X) is a weekly online newsletter for AI/IS/CS scientists. It covers research and funding news; career, consulting, and entrepreneurial issues; AI-related job postings and journal calls; FTPable & other resource leads; market trends; analysis and discussion. The Communique serves members of Computists International, a professional mutual-aid society. Membership in Computists International runs $135 for new professional members, $55 for students and the unemployed. There is a 25% discount for Canada, Western Europe, the UK, Japan, and Australia; other countries and territories outside the U.S. get a 50% discount. Free copies are available on the day of each full moon. For more information, contact Dr. Kenneth I. Laws (laws@ai.sri.com), 415-493-7390, 4064 Sutherland Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94303. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS REPORT Editor: David Blanchard <blanchardd@aol.com> ISR is a monthly newsletter featuring news and applications of such intelligent technologies as expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, virtual reality, natural language, and speech recognition. Subscriptions: $299 (US and Canada); $349 (elsewhere). Lionheart Publishing, 2555 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 299, Atlanta, GA 30339, (404) 431-0867, fax (404) 432-6969 INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE STRATEGIES Covers expert systems, OOP, case systems, neural networks, and natural language. Subscriptions: $425 (add $60 if outside North America) Editor: Paul Harmon Cutter Information Corp., 37 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02174-5539 Tel: 800-964-8702 (617-648-8702) Fax: 800-888-1816 (617-648-1950) Email: 64107.653@compuserve.com --------------------------------------------------------- --- [ comp.ai is moderated. 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