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soc.culture.turkish Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) List ============================================================================ === You can send updates to sctfaq@express.net (Mustafa Soysal) URL: http://www.express.net/tr-faq/ 1999/03/31 22:50:00 History: ======== After a few initial lists of travel agents and mailing lists, Ahmet Parlakbilek wrote the initial version of the Frequently asked questions list for soc.culture.turkish in July 1992, before turning it over to me for maintenance. He is going to be busy for a while, and I intend to take care of it. Please send suggestions and updates to sctfaq@express.net (Mustafa Soysal). Please keep in mind that I only maintain this collection, and have no means of verifying the information contained herein continuously. Also, I don't read soc.culture.turkish regularly, so don't count on me to automatically update any changes that might apply in your opinion. If you notice that something does not apply, is missing, or has changed, please let me know so that I can update it. A detailed list of most recent changes are listed at the end of this document. If you are reading this document from a CDROM and have no e-mail access, then you can send your contribution to Mustafa Soysal (Turkish-FAQ) PO Box 7064 Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7064 USA Cash contributions for helping the cost of network access are appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Contents: ========= This is a list of the headings you can find by searching for the abbreviation. References to the Turkish Republic or TUrkiye are sometimes abbreviated as TR. Subject Abbrev ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------- - Visiting Turkiye ................................................ [Travel] -> Where can I get cheap tickets to TUrkiye? -> Can I take one or more camera/camcorder/laptop to TUrkiye? -> Does my <insert any electrical device here> work in TUrkiye? -> How can I have a long distance call from TUrkiye? -> How can I call TR collect from the US? (800 numbers) -> New area codes for dialing to TUrkiye (detailed) -> What beverages are available? -> Ionian Coast Info Turkish Language ................................................ [Language] -> What is the origin of Turkish? -> Is Turkish a hard-to-learn language? -> Which alphabet do people use in TUrkiye? -> How can I use Turkish alphabet in Wordperfect/Mac/TeX? -> Additional font info for DOS/Windows/Mac/Unix -> Are there any books to learn Turkish? -> Is there a list of colleges offering Turkish classes? Turkish Food .................................................... [Food] -> Are there any Turkish restaurants in the US? Radio Broadcasts ................................................ [Broadcasts] -> Are there any Turkish radio/TV programmes in North America? Turkish Videos and Music ........................................ [Video] -> Where can I buy/rent Turkish Videos? Turkish Associations ............................................ [Local] -> Are there any Turkish Associations in my area? Turkish Publications ............................................[Publications] -> Are there any Turkish Publications available for subscription? Electronic Communication ........................................ [E-mail] -> How can I communicate with someone in TUrkiye via e-mail? -> Is there any electronic mail list for discussions related to Turkish people/culture etc.? -> Are there any e-mail services or BBS's in TR? History ......................................................... [History] Poetry .......................................................... [Poetry] Headings: ========= [Travel] VISITING TURKIYE.............................................................. -> Where can I get cheap tickets to TUrkiye? Travel Agencies, where you can find tickets to TR, are: Last verified ---------- -- FREEDOM ............. 1-212-697-4656 MISTIK930820 1-800-929-8283 1-212-697-4038 Fax PICASSO TRAVEL....... 1-212-751-9051 MISTIK970221 1-800-224-1097 (Travel Agents Arzu, Ipek, TUlAy, Sevin) 1-212-751-9053 Fax THY ................. 1-212-986-5050 MISTIK930820 1-800-874-TURK (1-800-874-8875) 1-212-818-1754 Fax CLUB AMERICA ........ 1-212-972-2865 MISTIK970221 1-800-221-4969 1-212-953-7937 Fax ANADOLU TRAVEL ...... 1-800-ANADOLU MISTIK970221 1-212-486-4012 1-212-486-4014 Fax TCI TRAVEL .......... 1-800-333-7033 (Dallas - Ercument Kilic) MISTIK931019 1-214-630-3344 1-214-630-3477 Fax S&S TRAVEL .......... 1-516-756-0275 MISTIK931019 1-516-756-2543 Fax FAME TRAVEL ......... 1-718-263-5636 (HepSen Arsel, Susan Tuncer) MISTIK931019 1-718-575-4067 Fax MOON TRAVEL ......... 1-212-564-5839/5840 (Kazim) MISTIK970221 1-888-564-8886 1-212-564-5853 Fax INNOVATION in TRAVEL 1-800-2-TURKEY MISTIK970228 1-310-276-7167 1-310-276-7315 Fax SULTAN TRAVEL 1-817-263-5804 Angle/ZUbeyde (Texas) MISTIK931019 1-817-263-7004 Fax The company above and below are not affiliated. SULTAN TRAVEL ....... 1-416-503-3030 (Toronto) MISTIK970221 1-416-503 3433 Fax PRIME TRAVEL .........1-800-TURKIYE MISTIK970221 1-201-825-1600 1-201-825-4153 Fax GOLDEN TROY TRAVEL....1-410-823-2994 / 95 MISTIK970309 1-410-823-2996 Fax [maintainer's note: I did call up the numbers above and verified them. I will continue with the rest on another day. ] The company above and below are not affiliated. SKYTREK ............. 1-613-829-3300 (Ottowa - Leyla Baran) -> Can I take one or more camera/camcorder/laptop to Turkiye? Yes, but according to law, those should be recorded to your passport at the time of your entrance and they should be checked upon leaving. Usually, the customs officer do not create problems for a single camera/camcorder etc. However, it is a good practice to register them, especially when you have more than one. (..be advised that like most customs officers, they do not care whether you miss your plane or not..) -> Does my <insert any electrical device here> work in Turkiye? 220 volts, 50 Hz. is used in TR instead of the 120 volts, 60 Hz. used in North America. If your device does not mind frequency, it is easy to make it work in TR by the help of an inexpensive transformer. In particular, you may use the small transformers sold at Radio Shack for low-energy consumption (less than 50 watts) devices. If you would like to take a stereo (amplifier, tape deck, tuner etc.), you should buy a powerful 220v.-120v. transformer (preferably from TR, not to carry this heavy thing with you). The amplifier, CD player, tape deck mostly do not create problems. Tuners, on the other hand, has the problem of different frequency spacings of radio stations in the US: AM spacing is 9 kHz instead of 10 kHz and FM spacing is 100 kHz instead of 200 kHz in TR. This means you may not tune AM stations accurately in TR. Finally, some turntables, which controls the pitch with the power supply frequency may create problems: you can adjust the speed manually in many of them, but if this fails, the RPM drops to 5/6 of the origin. -> How can I have a long distance call from Turkiye? (Information about AT&T and MCI provided by Ibrahim Semiz) There are public phones available for this purpose. You need to purchase some tokens from PTT (Turkish Post/Telegraph/Telephone Company). One token is on the order of $1 and you probably need a few for a single call. The long distance code for TR is 90. But the most practical way make international calls from TR (or almost any country for that matter) is to use your calling card. For example, AT&T has services called `USA Direct' and `World Connect', where you dial 99 80 01 22 77 (99 80 01 44 77 for US Sprint) from any phone in TR, and get connected to AT&T. If you are calling a number in the US, you can place your call yourself, assisted by English voice prompts. If you want to call one of the 46 (at last count) countries on AT&T's list, you wait for an operator who assists you (Presumably, such calls would be more expensive). If you are calling from a residence, your host does not get charged anything, or you can make the call from any pay phone with a local (`small') token. Of course, you get the bill from AT&T. This is cheaper than calling from a residence (in TR). I don't know how it compares to calling from public phones with tokens, but it probably is cheaper, and you don't have to struggle to feed tokens to the thing at the rate ! of one every thirty seconds. MCI has a similiar service, on which somebody else may supply details. -> How can I call TR collect from the US? (800 numbers) (by Metin mgokcen@us.oracle.com and Zafer Latif latifz@sunrise.cse.fau.edu) 1-800-VATANIM (1-800-828-2646) via PTT -> New area codes for dialing to Turkiye. [Maintainer's Note: I would like to express my sincere and special thanks to Mr Orhan GOkCol (UCGOKCOL.TRITU.Bitnet) for going thru the effort of sending me the list of the new codes and changes from TR with fax and postal mail. He made it possible to have detailed information about the area code changes, affected cities, and the changes relating to each city. Thank you! ] The area codes for the cities in TR have changed. Calls to another area code in TR start with a '0', and international calls start with '00'. All phone numbers are 7 digits now. The following is a known list of new area codes and a summary of changes for each city. In changing the phone numbers to 7 digits, a number of digits have been inserted in front of the original phone number explained in the comments part of the table below. City Code Comment ------ ---- -------------------------------------------- Adana 322 KarSIyaka, K.Esat, K.KOprU, TepebaG: insert 3 GazipaSa, AtatUrk, ZiyapaSa, Bul, CemalpaSa: insert 4 Yurt, Yeni Baraj, MahfesIGmaz: insert 2 AdIyaman 416 Numbers starting with 2: insert 23 Numbers starting with 3 and 6: insert 21 Afyon 272 insert 21 AGrI 472 insert 21 Aksaray 382 insert 21 Amasya 358 insert 21 Ankara 312 No Change Antalya 242 Numbers starting with 27,20,41-43,47,58: insert 2 Numbers starting with 21-23,25,26,30,32,34,39,40,44: insert 3 Ardahan 478 Insert 211 Artvin 466 undetermined AydIn 256 Numbers starting with 2,3,4: insert 21 Numbers starting with 5: insert 22 BalIkesir 266 Insert 2 BartIn 378 Numbers starting with 2: insert 21 Numbers starting with 7: insert 22 Batman 488 Insert 21 Bayburt 458 Insert 211 Bilecik 228 Insert 21 BingOl 426 Numbers starting with 27: insert 23 Numbers starting with 3: insert 21 Bitlis 434 Numbers starting with 61-64: insert 21 Numbers starting with 65-67: insert 22 Bolu 374 Insert 21 Burdur 348 Numbers starting with 22-24: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3,4,21,26: insert 23 Bursa 224 Numbers starting with 20-24,33-36,43,46,47,50-55,57: insert 2 Numbers starting with 27-29,60-62,66-68: insert 3 Numbers starting with 41,42: insert 4 canakkale 286 Insert 21 cankIrI 376 Insert 21 corum 364 Numbers starting with 2,3: insert 21 Numbers starting with 4,6: insert 22 Numbers starting with 48: insert 23 Denizli 258 Numbers starting with 61-66,68: insert 2 Numbers starting with 71,73,77: insert 3 DiyarbakIr 412 Insert 2 Edirne 284 Numbers starting with 2-3: insert 21 Numbers starting with 57,58: insert 23 Numbers starting with 5: insert 22 ElazIg 424 Numbers starting with 2,8,51: insert 21 Numbers starting with 4: insert 22 Numbers starting with 3,6,7: insert 23 Numbers starting with 71: insert 24 Erzincan 446 Numbers starting with 2,4: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3: insert 22 Erzurum 442 Numbers starting with 2,8: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3-4: insert 23 Numbers starting with 5-6: insert 31 Numbers starting with 7: insert 32 EskiSehir 222 Numbers starting with 21,27,28,30-34,36,37,39: insert 2 Numbers starting with 20,22-24,35: insert 3 Gaziantep 342 Numbers starting with 20,25,26,30-35,50: insert 2 Numbers starting with 21,23,24,36,38,39: insert 3 Giresun 454 Insert 21 GUmUShane 456 Insert 21 Hatay 326 Iskenderun: insert 61 Others : insert 21 Hakkari 438 Insert 211 IGdIr 476 Numbers starting with 71-74: insert 21 Numbers starting with 75-77: insert 22 Isparta 246 Numbers starting with 8,20,21: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3,7: insert 22 Numbers starting with 2: insert 23 ICel 324 Numbers starting with 23,31-35,37,38: insert 2 Numbers starting with 20,21,24-26,28,36: insert 3 Istanbul 212 European Side. No Change in numbers. 216 Asian Side. No Change in numbers. Izmir 232 Alsancak area: insert 2 KarSIyaka area: insert 3 Hatay area: insert 4 K.MaraS 344 Numbers starting with 2,4,55-57: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3,50,51: insert 22 Numbers starting with 6,7: insert 23 Karaman 338 Insert 21. Kars 474 Numbers starting with 2: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3: insert 22 Kastamonu 366 Insert 21 Kayseri 352 Numbers starting with 22-25,31-35,40: insert 2 Other numbers: insert 3 KIrIkkale 318 Numbers starting with 2,8: insert 21 Numbers starting with 4: insert 22 Numbers starting with 3: insert 23 Numbers starting with 5: insert 24 Numbers starting with 62-65: insert 25 Numbers starting with 69: insert 26 KIrklareli 288 Numbers starting with 2,4: insert 21 Numbers starting with 7: insert 22 KIrSehir 386 Numbers starting with 26: insert 25 Other numbers: insert 21 Kocaeli 262 Numbers starting with 21,22,24,25,31,64: insert 3 Numbers starting with 23,26,29,39: insert 2 Konya 332 Numbers starting with 33-36,39,41,44,45,47-49: insert 2 Other numbers: insert 3 KUtahya 274 Numbers starting with 2,6: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3-5: insert 22 Malatya 422 Numbers starting with 38: insert 2 Other numbers: insert 3 Manisa 236 Insert 2 Mardin 482 Insert 21 MuGla 252 Insert 21 MuS 436 Insert 21 NevSehir 384 Insert 21 NiGde 388 Numbers starting with 3,20,21: insert 21 Numbers starting with 22-24: insert 23 Ordu 452 Numbers starting with 2,4: insert 21 Numbers starting with 30-33: insert 22 Numbers starting with 34-36: insert 23 Rize 464 Numbers starting with 2,30-32: insert 21 Numbers starting with 33-36: insert 22 Sakarya 264 Insert 2 Samsun 362 Numbers starting with 28,30-34,38,39: insert 2 Numbers starting with 20,31,32,35,37: insert 4 Siirt 484 Numbers starting with 2: insert 21 Numbers starting with 3: insert 22 Sinop 368 Insert 2 Sivas 346 Insert 2 sanlIurfa 414 Numbers starting with 5,6: insert 21 Numbers starting with 2-4: insert 31 sIrnak 486 Insert 21 TekirdaG 282 Insert 2 Tokat 356 Insert 21 Trabzon 462 Numbers Starting with 21,22,25,26: insert 3 Numbers Starting with 23,24,29: insert 2 Tunceli 428 Insert 21 USak 276 Numbers Starting with 2,5: insert 21 Numbers Starting with 3,7: insert 22 Van 432 Numbers Starting with 2,4,6,7: insert 21 Numbers Starting with 3: insert 22 Yozgat 354 Insert 21 Zonguldak 372 Insert 2 -> What beverages are available? (from Ian Davis, summary of responses he received to his survey) Beer: - Efes Pilsen, most people say that this is the best. - Tuborg (originally Danish) - Tekel, pure Turkish but may not be found in Tourist resorts. Soft Drinks: Ayran, sIra, kIzIlcIk, seftali - totally different than anything available in UK. Wine: much better than beer, including KavaklIdere, Villa Doluca. Both red and white are good. -> Ionian Coast Info (from Ian Davis, summary of responses he received to his survey) Shopping: Bodrum is one of the most expensive towns to shop in (40% more expensive than Istanbul).Buying anything must bargin until the shop keeper gives up. If you are looking for more expensive souvenirs, its worth while traveling to other less well know towns in the area. Places to see: The castle in Bodrum ( rebuilt by the knights of St John) is worth a visit. Troy- the famous city is within traveling distance of Bodrum, mostly ruined but still worth a visit. Bergama-site of one of the seven original churches mentioned in the bible. Has nice amphitheater,some pillars still standing, nice arches and a few mosiacs Efes-site of another one of the seven churches,Paul lived here. Is very well preserved, very good amphitheater, a library, roads of marble and is said to be a very exceptional site, comes highly recommended. These places are only the tip of the iceberg. >>More info on where-to-visit, what-to-take-with-you etc. missing. [Language] TURKISH LANGUAGE ........................................................... -> What is the origin of Turkish? Turkish is an Ural-Altaic language, which is spoken in different forms from Balkans in the west to China and Siberia in the east. Approximately 150 million people speak Turkish in the world. There are four main dialects of Turkish (according to Colloquial Turkish - Y. Mardin): a) Oriental dialects of Altay b) Western dialects of Kirgiz and Tatar c) Dialects of Central Asia d) Southern dialects: Turkmen, Azerbeycan, Anadolu, Kirim and Osmanli Turkcesi. -> Is Turkish a hard-to-learn language? Yusuf Mardin answers this question as follows: "Turkish is an easy, logical language. There is no gender, no he, she or it, but one word for all three." "In Turkish, there are no diphtongs. When two vowels come together, each retains its individual sound. Every letter in every word is sounded individually and every word is pronounced as it is written." [maintainer's note: we need to refine this section, please e-mail any suggestions. ] -> Which alphabet do people use in Turkiye? Latin alphabet with some modifications. There are 6 extra letters: _ c i(without dot) g "o s "u ' ' q, w, x does not exist in Turkish alphabet. [maintainer's note: Recently, a new Turkic alphabet was agreed upon, and there are new letters which contradict the statement above. An update will follow. ] -> How can I use Turkish alphabet in Wordperfect/Mac/TeX? Wordperfect has a Turkish keyboard file which can be used to generate Turkish letters by the help of Cntrl-Alt keys. For Mac, there is a Turkish Mac System and Turkish fonts. All of those can be found at ftp.cs.umn.edu under the directory /pub/users/cosar for anonymous ftp (Username ftp). There is also a Tex style file, easyturkish.sty which generates Turkish letters for Tex document preparing system. You may contact akgul@trbilun.bitnet for Turkish Tex and easyturkish.sty. Turkish fonts also do exist in several sites for ftp; you may try, host:kth.se directory:/kth/tex/stuttgart/fonts/metafont or host: utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp directory:/TeX/fonts for anonymous ftp. -> Additional font info for DOS/Windows. (by Mustafa Soysal) Other than the above mentioned Turkish fonts provided for ftp by Ahmet CoSar at the University of Minnesota. Bora Baysal at the Catholic University of America provided general information on a commercialy distributed font package he can provide you with. The information about the packages is included below. For detailed information about the current package contents, please contact the provided contact e-mail addresses. Font info by Bora Baysal ------------------------ TurkFontPack is a Turkish font pack which currently includes 10 Turkish fonts (including all Turkish characters and English characters), Mac version of the package for system 6 or 7, and a freeware Windows program in order to type Turkish characters on standard non-Turkish keyboards, using two-key sequences. The fonts are in various font formats which are PostScript Type 1, TrueType, bitmap, Unix, and Encapsulated PostScript. For additional info, please contact Bora Baysal via e-mail at bora@universe.digex.net -> Are there any books to learn Turkish? Yes, we even have an online tutor. The online tutor/teacher (for pc) is available at wuarchive.wustl.edu or other simtel20 mirrors under the directory /mirrors/msdos/langtutor/turkish1.lzh. We did not try it, so we do not have any idea about its completeness, usefulness etc. The books that might be used to learn Turkish are: - "Colloquial Turkish", Yusuf Mardin, London Routledge (several editions exist, some include a tape.) - "Colloquial Turkish", Arin Bayraktaroglu & Sinan Bayraktaroglu, Routledge, 1992 (Available with cassette). - "Turkish in Three Months", Bengisu Rana, Hugo's Language Books Ltd., 1989 (Available with cassette) - "Turkish Basic Course" (2 volumes), Lloyd B. Swift, Selman Agrali, 1966, State Dept. Series (can be found in libraries, elemantary/intermediate level) - "Yabancilar icin Turkce Dersleri", Kaya Can, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1981 - "Turkish", Paul Wittek, London, 1956 The following books include Turkish stories and poems: - "Turkish Sampler: Writings for all readers", Muge Galin, Indiana Universit y Turkish Studies, 1989 - "Turkish Literary Reader", Andreas Tietze, Indiana University, 1963 - "An Anthology of Turkish Short Stories", Editor: Ali Alparslan, Publications of rge RCD Cultural Institute No:45, Istanbul, 1973 And about dictionaries: (by Jack Campin) By FAR the best portable dictionary is one you can only get in TR - the Berlitz/ABC Kitabevi "Ingilizce-Turkce/Turkce-Ingilizce Sozluk", 1988 (ISBN 975 09 0150 9). It suffers from the usual problem in Berlitz materials of not giving you any even remotely naughty words - god help you if you have to explain a gynaecological problem with it - but it's wonderful on food terms. About A6-sized, bright red. If it's out of print, the Redhouse Elsozlugu is a reasonable substitute.[It is not out of print, I checked it--ahmet] For a big dictionary, the Oxford two-volume one (also published cheaper by ABC in TR, in an edition that may only be sold there) is hard to beat, though the Redhouse Cagdas Turkce-Ingilizce Sozluk is just as good (one way only). You may have problems getting that in the US. The Oxford is also available in a one-volume abridgment. -> Is there a list of colleges offering Turkish classes? (by Ahmet Toprak) There seems to be at least 4 colleges/schools that offer Turkish classes. - University of California Berkeley, Near Eastern Studies Department - Turkish Community School, SF Bay Area, Principle: G. Tinaztepe (415) 341-4390 - Piedmont Adult School, Piedmont, (510) 420-3655 - Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri Beginning Turkish I and II Intermediate Turkish I and II Guided Readings in Modern Turkish Independent Work [Food] TURKISH RESTAURANTS .......................................................... Contributed by tekalp@ee.rochester.edu (A. Murat Tekalp) in Manhattan: Anatolia 1422 3rd Ave. New York, NY Istanbul Kebap Restoran 303 East 80th Street New York, NY (between 1st and 2nd Avenue) (212) 517-6880 Marmaris 1131 Lexington Ave. New York, NY MartI 1269 1st Ave. New York, NY (between 68th and 69th Street) (212) 737-5922 [maintainer's question: Is Turkish Kitchen at 386 Third Ave near 28th St operating?] uskUdar 2nd Avenue and 73-74th Street New York, NY YataGan 104 Mc Dougle Street New York, NY (one block south of Washington Square) in New Jersey: Beyti Kebap Salonu 4104 Park Avenue Union City, New Jersey (around 40th street) Istanbul Tavern Paterson Plank Road North Bergen, New Jersey Kervan Kabob House Restaurant 360 Lawton Avenue, Cliffside Park, N.J. Urfa Kebab Restaurant 520 Anderson Avenue Cliffside Park, New Jersey 07010 (201) 943-1095 in North Virginia TOPKAPI RESTAURANT 3529 Chain Bridge Road (Rt. 123) Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703) 273-4310 in California: [Maintainer's Note: according to KUrSat KIzIloGlU, Moonangel Restaurant closed while ago. There are restaurants in the San Francisco area. I need to hear about them from readers in that area. ] [Broadcasts] BROADCASTS ................................................................... -> Are there any Turkish radio/TV programmes in North America? The following are the frequencies and time periods of various Turkish broadcasting services. TV Broadcast in the United States of America: Broadcast schedule changed. More updates to follow if you send me some... Radio Programmes: (from http://aloha.nmsu.edu:80/w5gb/swl/) THE VOICE OF TURKEY, TRANSMISSION SCHEDULE effective from 24 September 1995 Freq Time Power Target (khz) UTC Languages Area ------------------------------------------------------ EUROPE 7190 0400-0500 English 500 9460 0800-2200 Turkish 500 15350 1000-1700 Turkish 500 5980 1030-1130 Rumanian 500 7110 1030-1130 Serbo-Croat 500 5980 1130-1230 Greek 500 7110 1230-1330 Bulgarian 500 7165 1230-1330 Albanian 500 9445 1330-1430 English 500 9445 1430-1530 German 500 6090 1530-1630 Greek 500 5980 1600-2300 Turkish 500 6090 1630-1730 Hungarian 500 15385 1700-1000 Turkish 500 5960 1700-1800 Bulgarian 500 9445 1830-1930 German 500 9685 1900-2000 Bosnian 500 9445 1930-2030 English 500 9445 2030-2130 French 500 9445 0200-0800 Turkish 500 9460 0200-0800 Turkish 500 11725 0200-0800 Turkish 500 7190 2300-2400 English 500 7280 2300-2400 English 250 11955 0000-2400 Turkish 250 9560 0400-0500 English 500 9685 0400-0500 English 250 11925 0500-1000 Turkish 500 15145 0500-1000 Turkish 250 9560 0500-2300 Turkish 500 ASIA 9765 0830-0930 Azerbaijani 500 11835 0830-0930 Azerbaijani 500 9630 0930-1030 Persian 500 11795 0930-1030 Persian 500 9525 1000-1200 Arabic 250 6040 1130-1230 Greek 500 11760 1200-1300 Chinese 500 11900 1300-1400 Urdu 500 9445 1330-1430 English 500 9630 1330-1430 English 500 9525 1400-1500 Persian 250 9675 1400-1500 Russian 500 6050 1500-1600 Azerbaijani 500 9525 1500-1700 Arabic 250 7255 1700-2300 Turkish 250 9675 1800-1900 Russian 500 9560 2300-2400 English 500 AUSTRALIA 9560 0400-0500 English 500 9560 0500-2300 Turkish 500 9560 2300-2400 English 500 AFRICA 9525 1000-1200 Arabic 250 11750 1000-1200 Arabic 500 7150 1100-1600 Turkish 250 6040 1130-1230 Greek 500 9525 1500-1700 Arabic 250 11945 1500-1700 Arabic 500 7255 1700-2300 Turkish 250 9590 2030-2130 French 500 NORTH AMERICA 7190 0400-0500 English 500 9460 0800-2200 Turkish 500 9445 2200-0800 Turkish 500 11725 2200-0800 Turkish 500 7190 2300-2400 English 500 Adderss: Voice of Turkey, PO Box 333 - 06.443, Yenisehir, ANKARA, TURKEY BBC: (all according to EST. For conversion, GMT = EST + 5) Time Day Frequency 23:00-23:30 (Mon-Sat) 6050,7210,9750 03:00-04:00 (Sun) 1296,6015,9635,9740,17695 04:00-04:15 (Mon-Fri) 6015,9740,17695 11:00-12:00 (Sun) 6015,15135,17640 TURKISH CULTURAL HOUR (Northern San Francisco Bay Area) Time Day Frequency 17:00-19:00 (Sat) FM90.3 KUSF ORIENT EXPRESS (Southern San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey and Santa Cruz) Time Day Frequency 18:00-21:00 (3rd Sat of each month) FM 91.5 KKUP TURKISH MUSIC HOUR WUVT (Southwestern Virginia Area) Time Day Frequency 13:00-15:00 Sat FM 90.7 TURKISH MUSIC HOUR WRPI (50 mile radius of Troy, NY. This includes Albany, Schenectady, and small towns in MA and VT near the NY state border.) Time Day Frequency 11:00-12:00 Sat FM 91.5 MERHABA (Toronto - Canada. Geared towards Turkish Speaking local Turks, Arabs, and Armenians. approx. 50,000 listeners) Time Day Frequency 15:40-18:00 Sat AM 1540 [Video] TURKISH VIDEOS AND MUSIC ..................................................... -> Where can I buy/rent Turkish Videos? Active Video 12-14 E 37th St New York, NY 10016 (212) 594-1707 UludaG Video Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-6226 [Maintainer's note: There are more sources. Please send the information. ] [Local] Turkish Associations ........................................................ -> Are there any Turkish Associations in my area? The list of the associations are too long to be included in this FAQ. They can be found at URL: http://www.express.net/tr-faq/ [maintainer's note: Please send the name and address of your local Turkish Associations (Student/Cultural/Professional) along with a contact name, e-mail address, and telephone number. ] [Publications] TURKISH PUBLICATIONS ......................................................... -> Are there any Turkish Publications available for subscription? ANADOLU ------- a bilingual quarterly news and views magazine Publisher & Editor-in-chief: Tanju Cataltepe You are welcome to write articles, express opinions or make suggestions on matters concerning Muslims in America, in Turkiye or in the other parts of the world. Circulation: 500 copies. SUBSCRIPTION/ABONELiK In North America: Send $10.00 or equivalent in stamps to T. Cataltepe, 25A Rector Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Phone: (908) 741-1392 e-mail: anadolu@wakeup.org For more information and subscription in other countries contact the publisher at the above address, phone number, or e-address. HURRIYET -------- Turkish Daily Newspaper (212) 921-8880 Voice (212) 391-4017 Fax [E-mail] ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION ..................................................... -> How can I communicate with someone in Turkiye via e-mail? There are EARN/bitnet and Internet nodes in TR. A list of nodes (not necessarily complete) is as follows: Node name Organization City Contact (user-id) ------------- -------------------------- ------------ ----------------- EARN/BITNET nodes: emunivm1 East Mediterranean University G.Magusa.TRNC necdet trakden Akdeniz University Antalya saka tranavm1 Anadolu University Eskisehir onder tranavm2 Anadolu University Eskisehir onder tratauni Ataturk University Erzurum bisam42 trbilun Bilkent University Ankara arkun trboun Bogazici University Istanbul kaylan trcuniv Cukurova University Adana ilhami trdeu1 Dokuz Eylul University Izmir ayten trdicle Dicle University Diyarbakir baykal trearn Ege University Izmir aytac trege1 Ege University Izmir aytac trerun Erciyes University Kayseri yapici trfirat Firat University Elazig uzun trgantep Gaziantep University Gaziantep ege trhun Hacettepe University Ankara unal triuvm11 Istanbul University Istanbul erol tritu Istanbul Teknik University Istanbul harmanci trktu Karadeniz Teknik University Trabzon aras trkosgeb Small and Medium Industry Ankara sogut Development Organization trmarunv Marmara University Istanbul iskar1 trmetu Middle East Technical Uni. Ankara anlagan trmetua Middle East Technical Uni. Ankara ozgit tromuni Ondokuz Mayis University Samsun nazmit tryildiz Yildiz University Istanbul yahya tryldz02 Yildiz University Istanbul yahya tryok Higher Education Council Ankara arinc trtetm Tubitak Info. Tech. Center Ankara selcuk trgebze Tubitak Gebze Gebze trmbeam Tubitak Gebze Marmara Rsrch. Gebze Some internet domains: metu.edu.tr Middle East Technical Uni. Ankara bilkent.edu.tr Bilkent University Ankara itu.edu.tr Istanbul Teknik University Istanbul anadolu.edu.tr Anadolu University Eskisehir ege.edu.tr Egean University Izmir For mail access to EARN/BITNET nodes from internet, append .bitnet to the node name. If that doesn't work, then use the TREARN gateway in Turkey, vm.ege.edu.tr. That is, the address would look like user%TRNODE.BITNET@vm.ege.edu.tr Recently, a number of the bitnet nodes converted to internet and disappeared for good. A list of available internet domains can be found at URL: http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/ -> Is there any electronic mail list for discussions related to Turkish people/culture etc.? Yes, there are plenty, and the list below does not claim to be complete, however, the most important ones should be covered by these. We will not express a preference for this or that list, try them out to find the ones that suit your taste. However, The 'haberler' list at trmetu.bitnet and Turkish Radio Hour News List (trknws-l) and are important for keeping up with the recent news and therefore should be mentioned here. The 'haberler' subscription is free, and trknws-l subscription via e-mail costs $10/year. 'haberler' can be subscribed to just like the other listserv distribution lists as mentioned below. For trknws-l, you have to send a request to hq.ggg@forsythe.stanford.edu instead of a listserv address for subscription and more information. Also, please note that Mcimail is offering a special e-mail subscription under TURKNEWS grouprate. The first year costs $15, and $25 thereafter. Contact Bret Fisherkeller or Terri Malone at (510) 945-0491 for details on the TURKNEWS group rate. You need a modem, a computer with communications software or a terminal to use this service. Access is available by calling an 800 number. Other lists can be summarized (not complete) as follows: listname topics discussed mail address command for subscription -------- ------------------------- ---------------------- ------------------ --- borsa-l Turkish stock-exchange listserv@vm.ege.edu.tr sub borsa-l fullnm cyprus-l Disc. list on Cyprus listserv@mitvma.mit.edu sub cyprus-l fullnm geyik-l Turkish Cypriot chat lst listserv@uriacc.uri.edu sub geyik-l fullnm haberler News listproc@metu.bitnet sub haberler fullnm ncyprus-l North. Cyprus disc. list listserv@vm.ege.edu.tr sub ncyprus-l fullnm inet-tr Internet quest/answers listproc@metu.edu.tr sub inet-tr fullnm tsaa-l everything listserv@vm.cc.purdue.edu sub tsaa-l fullnm yunus Turkish tex users listproc@metu.edu.tr sub yunus fullnm All you have to do to subscribe to any of these lists is to send a mail to the "mail address" containing the "command for subscription" as the body of the message. "fullnm" should be your first and last name. -> Are there any e-mail services or BBS's in TR? URL: http://www.express.net/tr-faq/TR-BBS.html contains some BBS numbers listed. They are supposed to be reachable by e-mail thru their gateway in Izmir. The address would be in form of user@bbsname.bbs.tr turgut@vm.ege.edu.tr maintains the gateway bbs, please direct further questions to him, and update me on the results. Name Phone Last Verified ------------------------- --------------------------------------- ---------- --- Istanbul BBS 90-216-368-1324 V32bis (14.4K) MISTIK940329 Seems nice/professional, and carries lots of tr.* newsgroups, and was operational on Monday 3-29-94 8:20am Turkish Time. (probably 24h service) [History] HISTORY ...................................................................... Turkish history is a very long subject to include here. There are several frequently asked questions on this issue. We allocated a directory (/pub/users/cosar/history) at ftp.cs.umn.edu for this purpose. There are articles including recently posted Oztuna articles and excerpts from Coles. You may contact to cosar@cs.umn.edu, if you would like to upload any information on this topic. Here is a partial list of the files available. Akritas_Plan Books_on_Cyprus Bosnia.Historical_Oppression_of_Bogomils Chora_Batir.A_Tatar_Admonition_To_Future_Generations Double_Diploma.Pierson_Dixon_Forgery Encyclopedia_of_Islam.Janissaries Greece.Trakya_Turkleri Greece.human_rights_violations Greece.terror_connections Kibris.Constitution Kibris.Cosars_Article_on_Cyprus Kibris.Denktash_Speech Kibris.Kuwait_Comparison_British_Gvt_and_Stavros_Angelides Kibris.Makarios_to_Gizikis Kibris.Maria_Rossidou_Invasion_of_Kibris_by_Greece Kibris.Missing_Turkish_Cypriot_Cases Kibris.Papatsetsos_Testimony_for_Greek_Crimes Kibris.Statement_by_Chairman_of_Committee_of_Missing_Turkish_Cypriots Kibris.Statement_by_Greek_Cypriot_Minister_Evangelos_Yannopoulos Kibris.UN_Resolution_649_Bizonality_and_Federation Mustafa_Kemal.1 Mustafa_Kemal.2 Mustafa_Kemal.3 Mustafa_Kemal.4 Mustafa_Kemal.5 Mustafa_Kemal.6 Mustafa_Kemal.7 Mustafa_Kemal.8 Okan.Cyprus_Question Ottoman_Sultan.Ahmed_III Paksoy.Central_Asias_New_Dastans Partition_of_Turkey Prof_Justin_McCarthy.Armenian_Terrorism_History_as_Poison_and_Antidote Stanford_Shaw.Ottomans_and_Janissaries_1 Stanford_Shaw.Ottomans_and_Janissaries_2 Tatars The_Mongols_Burden.txt Turkish.FAQ Ziya_Gokalp.1 Ziya_Gokalp.2 Ziya_Gokalp.3 batuta.1 batuta.2 batuta.3 batuta.4 batuta.5 ibn_Battuta.txt oztuna.01 oztuna.02 oztuna.03 oztuna.04 oztuna.05 oztuna.06 oztuna.07 oztuna.08 oztuna.09 oztuna.10 oztuna.11 oztuna.12 oztuna.13 oztuna.14 oztuna.15 [Poetry] POETRY ....................................................................... This section is provided by Ahmet Cosar Archive-name: auto/soc.culture.turkish/Turkish-Poetry-in-ftp-cs-umn-edu There is a new directory in ftp.cs.umn.edu named "/pub/users/cosar/literature" where you can find about 70 Turkish Poems, some as English translations. If you have any more Turkish Poetry/Story ready in electronic form please mail them to cosar@mail.cs.umn.edu to be added to the archive for public benefit. I also put an older list of Turkish Student Associations to the archive but it's not publicly readable since it might be considered private information. If you send me an e-mail asking for a specific University's Turkish Student Association I can mail you the contact address of the person in charge or forward your request to them if an e-mail address is available. Turkish Poems in the Archive (Poet_Name.Poem_Name): --------------------------------------------------- ABdulhalik_Uygur.Oygan Ahmet_Arif.Anadolu Ahmet_Arif.Hasretinden_prangalar_Eskittim Ahmet_Arif.Iceride Ahmet_Arif.Otuzuc_Kursun Ahmet_Arif.Sevdan_Beni Ahmet_Arif.Suskun Ahmet_Arif.Thirty-Three_Bullets Ahmet_Arif.Yalniz_Degiliz Asaf_Halet_Celebi.Camli_Odalardan Asik_Veysel.Uzun_Ince_Bir_Yoldayim Asik_Veysel.Vatan_Sevgisini_Icten_Duyanlar Atilla_ilhan.Elde_Var_Huzun Attila_Ilhan.Emirganda_Cay_Saati Attila_Ilhan.Haci_Muratin_Olumu Azeri_Poetry.Aglarsa_Anam_Aglar Behcet_Necatigil.Secret_Love Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Adak Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Bin_Ikinci_Gece(Yolcu) Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Binbirinci_Gece(Hanci) Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Guz_Dusunceleri Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Kislada_Bahar Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Sessiz_Senfoni Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Ska-lar-ya Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Yagmurda_Unutulan_Sarki Bekir_Sitki_Erdogan.Yosma C_Yucel.Itiraza_Itirazim_Var Can_Yucel.Bir_Cin_Siiri Cemal_Sureyya.Ask Cemal_Sureyya.Gazel Cemal_Sureyya.Kisa_Turkiye_Tarihi Edip_Cansever.Su Edip_Cansever.Yercekimli_Karanfil Fazil_Husnu_Daglarca.Dayak Fazil_Husnu_daglarca.Disardan_Gazel Fuzuli.1 Gagavuz_Siirleri Hasan_Huseyin_Korkmazgil.Haziranda_Olmek_Zor Ismet_Ozel.Sevgilime_Bir_Kefen Karadenizden_Ezgiler.Aksam_Olur_Karanlik Mehmet_Akif_Ersoy.Secret_of_Progress Nazim_Hikmet.21-1-1924 Nazim_Hikmet.Ayaga_Kalkin_Efendiler Nazim_Hikmet.Blue_Eyed_Giant Nazim_Hikmet.Haber Nazim_Hikmet.Hasret Nazim_Hikmet.Hasret_2 Nazim_Hikmet.Hosgeldin Nazim_Hikmet.Kadinlar Nazim_Hikmet.Karima_Mektup Nazim_Hikmet.Kavak Nazim_Hikmet.Memleketimi_Seviyorum Nazim_Hikmet.This_Country_is_Ours Nazim_Hikmet.Turk_Koylusu Nazim_Hikmet.Vasiyet Nazim_Hikmet.Yine_Memleketim_Uzerine_Soylenmistir Necip_Fazil.Canim_Istanbul Necip_Fazil.Cile Nevzat_Celik.Safak_Turkusu Niyazi_Misri.Derman_aradim_Derdime Orhan_Veli.Bedava Orhan_Veli.For_You Orhan_Veli.I_am_Listening_to_Istanbul Orhan_Veli.Kapali_Carsi Orhan_Veli.Macera Orhan_Veli.The_Guest_+_Recreation Sait_Faik.Love_Letter Yeni_Turku.Goc_Yollari Yunus_Emre.Dervishes Yunus_Emre.Ilim_Kendin_Bilmektir Yunus_Emre.Soylenilen_Bir_Kelami Latest FAQ History: ------------------- Turkish-FAQ Revision 1.27 1997/03/09 19:48:25 Mustafa_Soysal - added Innovation in Travel. 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