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Subject: soc.culture.taiwan FAQ (part 4/6) -- Politics

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_________________________________________________________________ "SOC.CULTURE.TAIWAN" FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS -- POLITICS by Tung-chiang Yang (tcyang@netcom.com) _________________________________________________________________ ***** FAQ'S OF SCT ***** POLITICS * (P. 1) What do these abbreviations mean? * (P. 2) Are there any Internet accesses for the major political parties in Taiwan? * (P. 3) Is it New Party or Chinese New Party? * (P. 4) Are there any Internet accesses for political figures in Taiwan? _________________________________________________________________ (P. 1) What do these abbreviations mean? 228 A massacre taking place on February 28, 1947 in Taiwan. Due to the corruption in the provincial government which took over Taiwan from Japanese control, the news about the mistreatment by the police of a Taiwanese female selling smuggled cigarettes sparked uprisings in major cities in Taiwan, which resulted in the armed suppression ordered by then-governor CHEN, Yi. A lot of Taiwanese intellectuals were arrested and prosecuted, and a lot of people who just relocated themselves from Mainland China became scapegoats and were killed or injured. Civilian historians estimated widely from 10,000 to 30,000 casualty, while the estimate from government officials is much less. This tragic incident more or less resulted in a "White Terror" period, which lasted for around 30 years during which people related politics with a taboo. AIT American Institute in Taiwan, a non-profit civil organization serving the purpose of a "pseudo-embassy" of the US in Taiwan. BSR "Ben Shen Ren", or "Inside Province People" literally, means "native provincials" which refers to the people "originating" from Taiwan instead of Mainland China. Roughly most people believe those arriving in Taiwan before the 1945 ROC takeover or so are considered BSR. Their offsprings are also considered BSR, though now there are a lot of marriages between BSR's and WSR's. Refer to "WSR" for more information. CCK CHIANG, Ching-kuo, the son of CKS who succeeded CKS as the leader of ROC and KMT after CKS' death in 1975. He died in 1988. CCP Chinese Communist Party, currently the governing party in PRC government. CKS CHIANG, Kai-shek, the leader of ROC and also KMT since the 1930's. He died in 1975. DPP Democratic Progressive Party, currently the largest opposition political party in Taiwan. DXP DENG, Xiao-ping, the person who opened China's economy to the world while maintaining the communism control. He died in February 1997. EU Eventual Unification (with China), maybe currently the moderate status quo proposal winning the most support in Taiwan because it does not promote any sudden change, as compared to TI and U. This proposal puts off the discussions about TI and/or U until the time when China can catch up with Taiwan both economically and politically (in terms of democracy). Refer to "TI" and "U" for more information. FAPA Formosan Association for Public Affairs, an association based in District of Columbia, USA which promotes freedom and democracy for the people of Taiwan. It believes the people of Taiwan should be given the opportunity to vote for independence. KMT Kuomingtang, or Nationalist Party, the current governing party in ROC government. LTH LEE, Teng-hui (Deng-hui), the current President of ROC and also Chairman of KMT, who succeeded CCK after his death in 1988 as Vice President then. MAC Mainland Affairs Council, the agency in ROC government which deals with the policies toward Mainland China. NP New Party, currently the second largest opposition political party in Taiwan. NT New Taiwan (Dollars), often seen as "NT$", the official currency used in Taiwan. PLA People's Liberation Army, the name used for the army of PRC. PRC People's Republic of China, the current effective government in Mainland China. RMB Renminbi (people's money), the official currency used in Mainland China. ROC Republic of China, the current effective government in Taiwan. ROT Republic of Taiwan, the proposed name for Taiwan should TI movement succeed. SCT "soc.culture.taiwan", the newsgroup you are currently reading. SEF Straits Exchange Foundation, a civilian association in ROC which plays the "white gloves" when ROC wants to negotiate with PRC without violating its current laws and policies. TAIP Taiwan Independence Party, which aims for building a new and independent Republic of Taiwan and defending for the right of Taiwan citizens and their offsprings to look for democracy, freedom, safety, justice and benefits. TI Taiwan Independence. One of the political proposals made by some people in Taiwan who claim that Taiwan should be independent of China, and that Taiwan should abandon the current name "ROC" if it wants to participate in the world stage. Officially the ROC does not support this idea and claims it will simply bring disaster to the residents in Taiwan; instead it promotes the idea that "the ROC is different from the PRC". The PRC views TI and this ROC policy as approaches to independence, and vows to use force should Taiwan ever announce independence. Note that a lot of problems arise because of the confusion over "Taiwan = (or !=) ROC" and "CCP = (!=) PRC". Refer to "EU" and "U" for more information. U "U" here refers to the Chinese Unification, the counterproposal to TI. Refer to "EU" and "TI" for more information. WSR "Wai Shen Ren", the opposite of BSR, means the "visiting provincials" which is for the people arriving in Taiwan after 1945 or so. Their offsprings are also considered WSR, though marriages between BSR's and WSR's have already blurred this classification. Refer to "BSR" for more information. WUFI World United Formosans for Independence, an organization which is dedicated to the establishment of a free, democratic and independent Republic of Taiwan. (P. 2) Are there any Internet accesses for the major political parties in Taiwan? For New Party, you can try the mailing list at "np@ic.eecs.berkeley.edu". To start the subscription, you can send an E-mail to this address with subject "[HELP]" to know more about the mailing list. The '[' and ']' marks are required. The mailing list for New Party is run by a computer server program, not by a human being. Therefore the syntax for the "Subject:" line of your E-mail must satisfy the specified format for your message to get processed correctly. New Party sets up its homepage at http://www.np.org.tw/ Unfortunately, it supports Chinese Big-5 code only. Friends of New Party in Los Angeles also set up a Web site at http://www.npla.org/ The San Francisco site, "http://www.np.org", is reported closed. For Nationalist Party (KMT), you can try their homepage at http://www.kmt.org.tw You can also visit the homepage for KMT Overseas Dept. Office in Midwest U.S.A. at http://www.kmtroc.org/ The homepage for DPP can be found at http://www.dpp.org/ DPP branch in Taipei also set up a Web site at http://www.dpp.org.tw/ Taiwan Independence Party (TAIP) sets up its homepage at http://www.taip.org.tw/ (P. 3) Is it New Party or Chinese New Party? It is New Party, one of the major political parties in Taiwan. On March 31, 1995, New Party replied the author's querry that "...... The English name for New Party is 'New Party' instead of 'Chinese New Party'. We have already made many clarifications with the media by repeated announcements. By the way, please also announce for us that the name in the registration certificate with Ministry of the Interior is 'New Party' ......" (P. 4) Are there any Internet accesses for political figures in Taiwan? For Mr. LIEN, Chan, current premier of ROC government, you might reach him by E-mail at "eyes@inform.nii.gov.tw" or "lienchan@inform.nii.gov.tw" . You can also try the WWW page at http://inform.nii.gov.tw/ or For Mr. SUNG, Chu-yu, Governor of Taiwan Province, you can reach him at "governor@tpg.gov.tw". For Mr. CHEN, Shui-bian, Mayor of Taipei City, you can reach him at "abian@missbbs.tcg.gov.tw". For Mr. WU, Den-yih, Mayor of Kaohsiung City, you can reach him at "mayor@mail.kcg.gov.tw". You might also reach Legislator YEN, Ching-fu (D) at the address "ygf@pc2.hinet.net". Taiwan Provincial Assembly and Kaohsiung City Council have created the homepages for each assembler and counciler. Kaohsiung City Council also assigned the E-mail addresses to each counciler. You can go to their respective homepages to find the addresses. Mr. PENG, Ming-ming's supporters in North America set up the Web site at http://www.jinco.com/peng/ (Permission to repost the finished document or make copies of it in electronic, mechanical, photocopied, or other form as appropriate will be granted provided it is not modified in any way whatsoever, and it is not used for profit purposes without prior explicit consent from the author. Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997 by Tung-chiang Yang). -- Tung-chiang Yang tcyang@netcom.com