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Subject: Emacs references and faqs

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Archive-name: GNU-Emacs-FAQ/reference-pointer Posting-Frequency: 2 times a month Maintainer: Jari Aalto A T cante net X-Last-Modified: Time-stamp: <2006-01-24 16:01:31>
Announce: "Emacs references: pointers to resources, packages, papers, lisp" X/Emacs FAQ is available to you via keypress C-h F. The official GNU Emacs FAQ available also at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/GNU-Emacs-FAQ/ The following listing is an excerpt from page http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/emacs-elisp.html Emacs first aid 1.1 Important Emacs links o List of some Emacs packages - categorized listing: http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/emacs-elisp.html o _Ell_, Stephen's concise Emacs Lisp List http://www.anc.ed.ac.uk/~stephen/emacs/ell.html o Emacs Wiki at http://www.emacswiki.org/ Full link list http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=links&url=2 o Check _Sourceforge_ for Emacs projects at http://www.sf.net The best method is to use CVS access for easy and efficient update. Learn more about CVS at http://www.cvshome.com/ o _Savannah_ mimics the sourceforge for GNU projects at http://savannah.gnu.org/ o IRC community for Emacs devotees at emacs#irc.freenode.net o Gnus - The Emacs Mail and newsreader - community at http://my.gnus.org/ o Lisp archive project at http://www.lispmeralda.org/ Old and possibly non-functional site at ftp://ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/emacs-lisp/ o Emacs Newsgroup archives at <http://www.gmane.org>. Use server `news.gnus.org'. See also http://groups.google.com/groups?group=comp.emacs. o Google's Lisp directory http://directory.google.com/Top/Computers/Programming/Languages/Lisp/Emacs_Lisp/ o Emacs Usenet hierarchies are *comp.emacs* and *gnus.emacs* and sources list is archived at ftp://ftp-mailing-list-archives.gnu.org/mailing-lists/gnu-emacs-sources o Dot files for Emacs <http://sourceforge.net/projects/emacro> and <http://dotfiles.com/> or <http://www.dotemacs.de/> Other related URLs o GNU Emacs 19 teaching class (GOOD) http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/gds/thibaud/Emacs/slides.html o Emacs keybinding guide http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/emacs-keys.html Elisp package making memory list http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/emacs-package-make.html o A Collection of Tutorials on Emacs by Kai Grossjohann. http://www.xemacs.org/Links/tutorials_toc.html o Holger's Emacs Resources (short) http://www.coling.uni-freiburg.de/~schauer/emacs.html o List of Emacs implementations (historical) http://www.finseth.com/~fin/emacs.html by Craig Finseth 2.0 GNU Emacs o _Homepage_ http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs.html and http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/emacs/ (CVS access) Report Development bugs to <emacs-pretest-bug@gnu.org> o _Download_ at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/ o Official GNU Emacs _FAQ_ at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/GNU-Emacs-FAQ/ ftp://the-tech.mit.edu/pub/GNU-Emacs/faq and ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/comp.emacs/ o Richard Stallman's Personal Homepage at http://www.stallman.org 3.0 XEmacs - Emacs the next generation o _Homepage_ http://www.xemacs.org/ Mirror sites http://www.xemacs.org/Download/ Ftp area ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/ o XEmacs _betas_ ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/beta/ o _Rsync_ service is available. Try "rsync rsync.xemacs.org::" o XEmacs _FAQ_ http://www.xemacs.org/faq/xemacs-faq.html and Hyperachive at http://www.xemacs.org/list-archives/ o _Xemacs-L_ Mailing lists. Send an email message to <majordomo@xemacs.org> with the magic word `lists' in the body for a complete list of available mailing lists. subscribe list [address] o Ben Wing - The architect of XEmacs 20.x line http://www.666.com/xemacs/ o List of XEmacs packages and _maintainer_ _info_ ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/packages/package-index.LATEST.pgp o _CVS_ access information at http://www.xemacs.org/Develop/cvsaccess.html 5.0 Win32 platform 5.1 Win32 Emacs ports ._Homepage:_ and _FAQ_ at http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/windows/ntemacs.html ._Download:_ ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/windows/emacs ._Cygwin:_ Emacs is in included in http://www.cygwin.com/ In the download site, *barebin* has just the .exe's and a few other files, and is only useful in conjunction with the "src" tarball. This gives you the full source to everything, if you happen to want that. *bin* is usable by itself, but doesn't include the elisp source (that is provided by the "lisp" tarball). If you know you want the elisp source, you can just get "fullbin", which is basically "bin+lisp". *leim* is the Library of Emacs Input Methods, which is only of interest if you want to enter non-ascii characters in a convenient way. Emacs DOS port is (was?) maintained by Eli Zaretskii. See "NT Emacs Installation" <http://www.charlescurley.com/emacs.html> if the Emacs NT FAQ is too thick to for one coming from Windows background. 5.2 Win32 XEmacs ports There are two versions of XEmacs available for Windows platform. A Cygwin version, which is more like the "real thing" and a native Win32 version, also called the 'netinstall' version. The development of native version is coordinated by a mailing list at <xemacs-nt@xemacs.org>. If you are willing to contribute or want to follow the progress, mail to <xemacs-nt-request@xemacs.org> to subscribe. ._Win32_ _native:_ ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/windows/setup.exe ._Official:_ ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/binary-kits/win32/ .http://www.xemacs.org/faq/xemacs-faq.html#Q1_0_10 .ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/beta/ ._Hyperarchive_: http://www.xemacs.org/list-archives/xemacs-nt/ The full table of contents Table of Contents 1.0 Description 1.1 Important Emacs links 1.1.1 Finding old Emacs packges or articles 1.1.2 Emacs mailing lists and newsgroups 1.2 Developer contact addresses and site list 2.0 GNU Emacs 2.1 Emacs Documentation 2.1.1 Free Emacs books 2.1.2 Commercial Emacs books 2.2 Other Lisp related documents and resources 3.0 XEmacs - Emacs the next generation 3.1 Emacs or XEmacs future plans 3.2 XEmacs and Emacs compatibility issues 4.0 Miscellaneous information 4.1 GNU Emacs history 4.2 Free software pointers 4.3 Free Software articles 4.4 Emacs Jokes 4.4.1 The Word Emacs 4.4.2 New commands in Emacs 5.0 Win32 platform 5.1 Win32 Emacs ports 5.2 Win32 XEmacs ports 5.2.1 Compiling XEmacs with cygwin 5.2.2 CVS access 5.2.3 Tips for debugging 5.3 Emacs or Unix-like Win32 programs 5.4 NTEmacs specific lisp packages 5.5 NTEmacs and printing 5.5.1 NT print 5.5.2 Gnu enscript 5.6 Cygwin 5.7 Win32 terminal programs 6.0 Emacs tips 6.1 Emacs startup and load-path 6.2 Loading files from .emacs 6.3 Many emacs startup files 6.4 Editing files as ROOT 6.5 Saving files as Unix 7.0 Byte compiling files 7.1 Compiling lisp files 7.2 Shell alias 7.3 Dired byte compilation 8.0 Reporting bugs or improvements 8.1 Activating debug 8.2 Use uncompiled packages 8.3 Use package's contact function 8.4 Requesting changes 9.0 Library kits 9.1 CEDET, Collection of Emacs Dev Env Tools 9.2 Tiny Tools kit 9.3 Ttn Emacs kit 10.0 Gnus 10.1 Gnus homepage 10.2 Gnus grouplens 10.3 Gnus-eyecandy.el 10.4 Gnus-bbdb.el (*) 10.5 Gnus-filterhist.el 10.6 Gnus-junk.el, Send UBE complaint 10.7 Gnus-ml.el, Mailing list minor mode for gnus (*) 10.8 Gnus-todo.el 10.9 Deja.el, Search dejanews with nnweb 10.10 Message-utils.el 10.11 Message-x.el, customizable completion in message headers 10.12 Messkeyw.el, automatic keyword support during composition 10.13 Ngn.el, insert newsgroup name into buffer using completion 10.14 Nnmaildir.el, one group per maildir 10.15 Nnir.el, search mail with various search engines 10.16 Nnir-grepmail.el --- A grepmail plugin for nnir.el 10.17 Nnimap.el, IMAP client (*) 10.18 Fogey-subscribe.el 10.19 Rmail-spam-filter.el 10.20 TinyGnus.el, additional gnus utilities 10.21 Uce.el, reply to unsolicited commercial email 10.22 Spamprod.el, generate spam complaint email 10.23 Vcard.el (*) 11.0 Mail 11.1 Getting remote mail 11.2 Bbdb.el, email database (*) 11.3 Bbdb-pgp.el (*) 11.4 Bbdb-mail-folders.el 11.5 Bbdb-expire.el, expiry and expire-proof entries for the BBDB 11.6 Blackbook.el, manage email aliases easily 11.7 EUDC, the Emacs Unified Directory Client (LDAP) 11.8 Epop.el, General POP support for all MUAs 11.9 Footnote.el (*) 11.10 Fortunesig.el 11.11 Feedmail.el, replacement for sendmail (*) 11.12 Ldbdb.el, Little Brother's Database interface 11.13 MH Mail user agent 11.14 Rmail-extras.el, support remote inboxes 11.15 Rmailsort.el, sort by date-author-time permanently 11.16 Signature.el 11.17 Tc.el, a lightweight to supercite 11.18 TinyMail.el, email minor mode + email notification package 11.19 TinyRmail.el, additional RMAIL utilities 11.20 Unmunge.el 11.21 Vm-complain.el, send spam complaint 12.0 Mime 12.1 Mime package setups, articles or pages 12.2 Rmime.el 12.3 Tm.el 12.4 Semi and apel 12.5 Extra tools for mime viewers 13.0 WWW 13.1 Apache-mode.el 13.2 Browse-help.el, WWW context-sensitive help 13.3 Css-mode.el, Cascading style sheet handling 13.4 Emacs-wiki.el, Emacs-friendly markup 13.5 Hbmk.el, Manage bookmarks in HTML 13.6 Html menus, write html page 13.7 Html-helper-mode.el - Visual basic, ASP, JSP 13.8 Html-toc.el 13.9 Htmlize.el, font-lock to html converter (*), XEmacs 13.10 Httpd.el, Emacs inetd webserver 13.11 Iso-sgml.el 13.12 Mkhtml.el, Create HTML with links 13.13 Psgml-mode.el, HTML, XML, SGML (*) 13.14 Psgml extension 13.15 Quickurl.el, insert URL at point 13.16 TinyUrl, url finder minor mode 13.17 Watson.el, query search engines 13.18 Web-mode.el, cvsweb 13.19 Wup.el, web page distribution 13.20 XAE, XML Authoring Environment 13.21 Xml-lite.el, an indentation-engine for XML 13.22 XSLT (Apache Xalan) 14.0 Version control 14.1 Accurev 14.2 Arch 14.3 BitKeeper 14.4 Clearcase 14.5 CVS software 14.5.1 CVS Download 14.5.2 CVS and Emacs 14.5.3 CVS Clients 14.5.4 Cvs documents 14.6 MKS Source Integrity (WinNT) 14.7 Perforce P4 revision control software 14.7.1 Comments 14.8 Razor 14.9 RCS 14.10 SCM Continuous Change Management 14.11 SCM CodeSave 14.12 SCM, Software Configuration Management links 14.13 StarTeam source control system 14.14 Subversion 14.15 Visual SourceSafe 14.16 Version control articles 14.17 Version control books 14.17.1 RCS Books 14.17.2 CVS Books 15.0 Programming 15.1 Ascii.el 15.2 C and Java code browser (Xref-Speller) 15.3 C-mode-addons.el, some addon functions for c-mode 15.4 C-includes.el 15.5 Cc-mode (*) 15.6 Cc-mode with correct tab-indent 15.7 Cc-tempo-electric.el 15.8 Cperl-mode.el (*), [X]Emacs 15.9 Delphi mode (*), Emacs 15.10 ECB, Emacs code Browser 15.11 EDE, Emacs development environment 15.12 Eiffel-mode.el 15.13 Else-mode.el, language sensitive editing package 15.14 Glasses.el, MakeThis Make_This 15.15 IDL Interactive Data Language (*) 15.16 Java buffi.el, compile multiple java projects 15.17 Java Expert System Shell (jess-mode) 15.18 Java Jdok.el, Javadoc template generator 15.19 Java-Find.el, find and visit Java source files 15.20 Java-Font-Lock20.el 15.21 Javahelp.el, Contextual java help 15.22 Jcall.el, call Java from Elisp 15.23 Jde.el, Java Development Environment (JDE or JDEE) 15.24 Java-open.el 15.25 Java Template, jtemplate.el 15.26 Lazy-look.el, context-sensitive language help 15.27 Lisp variants 15.28 Macro mode m4 (*) 15.29 Maplev.el, Maple code 15.30 Mathlab-mode.el 15.31 M56k.el, mode for Motorola's DSP56300 assembly code 15.32 Multiple major modes in same buffer 15.32.1 mml.el 15.32.2 mml.el 15.32.3 multi-mode.el 15.32.4 two-mode.el 15.33 OO-Browser 15.34 Showing tabs in buffer 15.34.1 Ascii-display.el 15.34.2 Tab-display.el 16.0 Lisp programming 16.1 Writing portable XEmacs and Emacs code 16.2 Autolisp.el, edit AutoCAD AutoLISP files 16.3 Bm-hcmplt.el, facility to display descriptions of completions 16.4 Checkdoc.el (*), Emacs 16.5 Cl-array.el, CL's multi-dimensional arrays 16.6 Closure.el (*), Emacs 16.7 Crm.el, completing read multiple 16.8 Eieio, subset of CLOS (Common Lisp Object System) 16.9 Elder.el, emacs lisp document writer 16.10 Eldoc.el, show Emacs lisp function arglist (*), [X]Emacs 16.11 Elint, Emacs lisp syntax checker 16.12 Ell.el, Browse the Emacs Lisp List 16.13 Elp.el, emacs lisp profiler (*), [X]Emacs 16.14 Eval-expr.el, Better eval expression prompt 16.15 Extre.el, extended regular expression syntax support 16.16 Find-func.el, find func definition near point (*) [X]Emacs 16.17 Getdoc.el 16.18 Gnueval.el, fill out GNU evaluation form 16.19 Hyperspec.el, browse Common Lisp specs 16.20 Ilisp.el, Inferior Lisp replacement 16.21 Lisp-index.el, Index Lisp files, with descriptions 16.22 Lispdir.el 16.23 Regexp-opt.el (*), Emacs 16.24 Minibuffer-complete-cycle.el, cycle Completion buffer 16.25 Obarray-fns.el, obarray-manipulating routines 16.26 Regress.el 16.27 Require statement tracing 16.28 Run-command.el, lib for running external commands 16.29 Sregex.el (*) 16.30 Texidoc.el, have texi embedded in defvar 16.31 Timerfunction.el 16.32 Tmenu.el, a text based interface to the menubar 16.33 Working.el, show progress while working 16.34 Xray.el, display internal object structures 17.0 Modes 17.0.1 Mason-mode.el 17.1 PHP modes 17.2 Project-am.el, a project mode for emacs based on automake 17.3 Ps-mode.el, mode for editing postscript code 17.4 Tmmofl.el, toggles other minor modes based on font lock info 17.5 Smb-mode.el, editing SAMBA files 17.6 Sawmill.el 17.7 SML-mode.el 17.8 Verilog-mode.el 17.9 Winmgr-mode.el, generic window manager mode 17.10 W32-help.el 18.0 Shell 18.1 ANSI-color.el, translate ANSI into text-properties (*) 18.2 Dircolors.el, provide the same facility of ls --color inside emacs 18.3 Eshell.el, Emacs shell (*) 18.4 Fshell.el 18.5 Mode-compile, remote compilation 18.6 Which.el, where is command 19.0 Processes 19.1 Analog.el, monitor lists of files or command output 19.2 Df.el, show disk usage 19.3 Run-command.el, running external commands 19.4 Top.el, running top(1) in emacs window 19.5 Wget.el, wget interface for emacs 20.0 Networking and Clients 20.1 AIM - AOL Instant messenger 20.2 Dig.el, Domain Name System dig interface (*), Gnus 20.3 Firewall.el, A tunnel for network connection 20.4 ICQ - I Seek You, XEmacs and Linux ONLY (eicq) 20.5 Junkbust.el, configuring the Internet Junkbuster Proxy 20.6 Lookup.el, electronic dictionaries 21.0 System administering and Linux 21.1 Apt-sources.el, Debian editing mode 21.2 Protocols.el, reading the contents of /etc/protocols 21.3 Services.el, reading the contents of /etc/services 22.0 Files, ftp, ssh 22.1 Efs, successor to ange-ftp (*) 22.2 Filecache.el, files using a pre-loaded cache 22.3 Fff.el, fast file finder 22.4 Ff-paths.el, searches certain paths to find files 22.5 Iman.el, man and info page completion 22.6 Sure-tags.el 22.7 Thumbs.el, thumbnail images files 22.8 Tramp.el, transparent remote accs, ssh (*) 23.0 File Backups 23.1 Auto-save.el (*) 23.2 Backup-dir.el, place backups to separate dir (*) 23.3 Backup-subdir.el, backup files in separate directory 23.4 Ebackup.el, Enhanced backup operation for Emacs 24.0 Compression and cryptography 24.1 Browse-tar.el 24.2 Crypt++ 24.3 Mailcrypt.el (*) 24.4 Mc-safe-sign-message.el 24.5 Ssl-hacks.el 24.6 TinyPgp.el 25.0 Directory 25.1 Dired-a.el, extensions to dired 25.2 Dired-single.el, reuse the current dired buffer 25.3 Js-dired.el, lisp ls emulation for win32 25.4 Browsing ls-lR 25.5 Mc.el, Midnight commander emulation 25.6 Md5-dired.el, make dired sensitive to file changes 25.7 Dired-dd.el, Dired Drag and Drop 25.8 Dired-single.el 25.9 Dired-sort.el, sort by date-type-size-field 25.10 Dired-sort-menu.el, 25.11 Dired-tar.el 25.12 Wdired.el, rename files in dired 26.0 Drawing 26.1 Artist.el, hi-tech character based drawing package (*) 26.2 Boxquote.el, wrapping text 26.3 Gnuplot.el, mouse driven GUI for gnuplot program 26.4 Rebox.el, Handling of comment boxes in various styles 26.5 Rect-mark.el, deleting-manipulating-moving rectangles 26.6 Table.el, 27.0 Writing, reading and modifying documents 27.1 AUCTeX 27.2 Auto-capitalize.el, capitalize the first word 27.3 Auto-correcting words 27.4 Clipper.el, save strings of data for further use 27.5 Blank-mode.el, Minor mode to visualize whitespace 27.6 Deleting text 27.6.1 General deleting utilities 27.6.2 Deleting whitespace 27.7 Dict.el, retrieving definitions of words 27.8 DocBook IDE 27.9 Faq-mode-el, reading faqs 27.10 Flyspell.el and Ispell (*) 27.11 Glyph-highlight.el, display non-ascii chars 27.12 Ietf.el, IETF Document Retrieval 27.13 Longlines.el, automatically wrap long lines Some text 27.14 Maniac.el, fill like maniac 27.15 Mult-press.el, home, end key-magic 27.16 Pc-keys.el, Smart home and end keys 27.17 Rewrite.el, rewrite text files with regexps 27.18 RFC.el 27.19 Rfc-page.el 27.20 Rfc-util.el, RFC-util interface for emacs 27.21 Rfcview.el, view IETF RFCs 27.22 Translation.el, translation minor mode 27.23 QA.el 27.24 TinyTf.el, white paper minor mode 27.25 Templates: tempo, skeleton, expand, dmacro 27.26 Extra tools for document handling 28.0 Organizing content 28.1 Bookmark-menu.el, setup a menu of bookmarks 28.2 Desire.el, Emacs startup file organir 28.3 Ee.el, categorizing information manager for Emacs 28.4 Esheet.el, Emacs spreadsheet 28.5 Hideshow.el, display blocks of code (*), XEmacs, Emacs 28.6 Hier-imenu.el, Hierarchical index menu for emacs 28.7 Folding.el, keep your text or code organised (*), XEmacs 28.8 Outline modes 28.9 Outline-imenu.el 28.10 SES, Emacs spreadsheet 29.0 Tracking changes 29.1 Autorevert.el (*), Emacs 29.2 Blinking-cursor.el (*), XEmacs 29.3 Change-mode.el, changes made get highlighted (*) 29.4 Csdiff.el, component software diff 29.5 Etail.el, tail -f 29.6 Himark.el 29.7 Hi-lock.el, highlight words (*), Emacs 21 29.8 Highlight-current-line.el 29.9 Hl-line.el, highlight the current line (*), Emacs 29.10 Highline.el, Minor mode to highlight current line in buffer 29.11 Linemenu.el, highlight current line 29.12 Live-mode.el, periodically revert-file 29.13 Mic-paren.el, highlight sexps (*), Xemacs 29.14 Notes-mode.el, indexing system for on-line note-taking 29.15 Records.el 29.16 Remember.el, mode for remembering data 29.17 Simplemerge.el, resolving CVS conflicts (*), Emacs 29.18 Tail.el, tail -f 29.19 Tinymy.el, y-or-n-p autorevert by timer process 29.20 Time - Timecard-mode.el 29.21 Time - Timeclock.el (*) 29.22 Time - Timelog.el 29.23 Todoo.el, editing todo files 29.24 Todo-mode.el (*), Emacs 29.25 Worklog-mode.el, keep track of stuff you do 29.26 X-symbol (*), XEmacs 30.0 Buffers 30.1 A day with buffers 30.2 Popup menu based buffer selection utilities 30.3 Typing buffer name in echo area 30.4 Buffer utilities 30.5 Rolling buffers in same window 30.6 Window selecting utilities 30.7 Demax.el, Delete too narrow windows 31.0 Desktop 31.1 Overview of to state change packages 31.2 Desktop.el and extensions to it 31.3 Grabbox.el, project bookmarks 31.4 Protbuf.el, protect buffers from accidental killing 31.5 Session.el 31.6 TinyDesk.el, simple file and dir information saver 31.7 Windows.el 32.0 Screen and window 32.1 Escreen.el, mimic sun's screen(1) 32.2 Follow-mouse.el 32.3 Resize-help-window.el 32.4 Screen-lines.el, minor mode 32.5 Screenlines.el 32.6 Winner.el, restore old window configurations 32.7 Winring.el, Window configuration rings (*), Emacs 20.4 33.0 Mouse 33.1 Mouse-copy.el 33.2 Mouse-extra.el, one-click text copy and move 33.3 Strokes.el, mouse stroke commands (*), XEmacs 33.4 Xt-mouse.el, mouse support for non-windowed emacs (*), [X]Emacs 34.0 Amusement 34.1 Ascii animation 34.2 Comics.el, read www.comics.com 34.3 Elite game 34.4 Faith.el, Spread the word of Emacs 34.5 Thinks.el, draw bubbles 34.6 Zone.el, screen saver 34.7 Paperclip-mode.el 35.0 Music 35.1 Cddb.el, CD DataBase interface 35.2 Cda.el, interface to CD players 35.3 Cdrw.el, frontend to various commandline CDROM 35.4 Mp3-tools.el A simple Linux MP3 Tag Editor 35.5 Mp3player.el, Interface to mpg123 and winamp 35.6 Workbone.el, CD player for program workbone 36.0 Miscellaneous 36.1 After-save-commands.el, update xrdb(1) after save 36.2 Align.el (*) 36.3 Apm.el, Power Management From Within (X)Emacs 36.4 Archie.el, archie server search 36.5 Autoarg.el, easy arguent passing to commands 36.6 Auto-arg.el, passing arguents easily to commands 36.7 Bm-man.el, unix man page completion 36.8 Buffer-perm-map.el 36.9 C-comment-edit2.el 36.10 Calc.el 36.11 Calculator.el, A simple pocket calculator for Emacs 36.12 Color-mode.el 36.13 Color-themes.el, preview and install color themes 36.14 Comment.el 36.15 Cib.el, Complete into Buffer for Emacs 36.16 Complete-menu.el, complete items from x-popup 36.17 Ctypes.el, custom defined types for font lock 36.18 Dekeys, disable and enable keys without modifying keymaps 36.19 Diminish-mode.el, modeline display help 36.20 Etalk, run talk(1) in emacs buffer 36.21 File-log.el, keep change information for each file. 36.22 Gdialog.el, Widget frontend for directory-recursive text searches 36.23 Igrep.el, an improved interface to grep 36.24 Initsplit, code to split customizations into different files 36.25 Irc, internet relay char system (*) 36.26 Ishl.el, incremental search highlighting (*), Emacs 36.27 Lprint, print to your local printer 36.28 Mathlab.el 36.29 Master.el, scroll other buffer 36.30 Mss.el, Make smart Win32 shortcuts 36.31 Multi-term.el, manage multiple term buffers 36.32 Narrow-stack.el, recursive narrow 36.33 Next-screen-line.el, Move logical next line even if long display 36.34 Pager.el, Keep page up and down position 36.35 Pcomplete, context aware complete 36.36 Power-macros.el, assign macro to key 36.37 Printing.el, Printing utilities. 36.38 Redo.el, Redo/undo system (*), XEmacs 36.39 Rpm.el, Redhat Linux package browser 36.40 Rpm for Mandrake 36.41 Rpm-spec-mode.el 36.42 Setnu.el, permanent line numbers (*), XEmacs 36.43 Sql modes 36.44 Sqlplus-html.el, Render SQL*Plus HTML output on-the-fly. 36.45 Tablature-mode.el 36.46 Vi-dot.el, repeat the preceding command 37.0 Ported XEmacs or Emacs packages 37.1 Crisp.el, xemacs brief editor emulation 37.2 Pc-select.el, select region with cursor keys (*), Emacs 37.3 Ffap.el, find file at point (*), Emacs 37.4 Printing.el 37.5 Print - a2ps-print.el 37.6 Ps-print.el, print font lock color buffers (*) 37.7 Ps-print-interface.el 37.8 Uptimes.el, Emacs uptime 38.0 Emulation packages 38.1 Cua.el, Windows key-bindings 38.2 Fsf-mouse.el, FSF mouse emulation in XEmacs 38.3 Fsf-compat, FSF function library in XEmacs 39.0 Ancient packages or included in Emacs 39.1 Browse-url.el, delegate url to www browsers (*) 39.2 Custom.el (*), Emacs and XEmacs 39.3 Fdb.el, ignore emacs error signals 39.4 Filladapt.el, adaptive filling 39.5 Mview.el, view minor mode 39.6 Suggbind.el, keybind command reminder 39.7 Smtpmail.el (*) 39.8 Supercite.el, mail citing package (*) 39.9 Term.el (*) 39.10 W3.el browser (*) End