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Subject: FAQ: rec.audio.* Networking 7/07 (part 11 of 13)

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18.0 Network Protocol 18.1 What are the audio newsgroups? Which group should I post to? It is important to post to the right group. There are a few reasons for that. First, you want to be read by people who are knowledgable and/or interested in your topic. Second, you want to avoid the ire of people who don't have your perspective or won't tolerate your ignorance. The audio newsgroups are frequented by a wide group of people, including some outspoken experts who know their stuff and some serious purists who won't consider lower levels as acceptable. That said, here's the list of newsgroups and an explanation of their content: rec.audio: The original newsgroup, which is being phased out. rec.audio.car: This newsgroup supports discussion on different brands and models of car stereo, and also is an open forum for talk about car stereo installation, speaker selection, custom crossovers, and the special noise problems which occur in cars. rec.audio.high-end: This newsgroup caters to audiophiles and serious music lovers who are interested in discussing the subtle differences between expensive equipment, the nuances of selecting the best cables, the love and lore of LPs, and other details of audio that are inaudible to the untrained ear. Currently, rec.audio.high-end is the only group which is available by e-mail. To get this group sent to you, contact: audio-request@lerc.nasa.gov This is also the only group which is moderated. This group has specific, enforced posting guidelines. There is no cross posting allowed to r.a.h-e. Please read the frequently posted info on posting before posting to r.a.h-e. rec.audio.high-end also has a FAQ. Please obtain and read the rec.audio.high-end FAQ before posting. rec.audio.marketplace: Here's the place for selling and buying equipment. This is also a good place to discuss dealers, pricing, product sources, and models with specific features. rec.audio.misc: If you don't think it fits well in any other newsgroup, post it here. rec.audio.opinion: Everyone has opinions. Share yours here. Not sure which is better? Ask here. Think you hear a difference? Say it here. rec.audio.pro: This newsgroup is dedicated to professional audio. It includes discussion on record production, studios, studio equipment, DJ equipment, recording concerts, sound reinforcement, mastering, mixing, special effects, and other topics which might apply to audio professionals. If you are a home audio buff but like tape recording, you can find good advice here. rec.audio.tech: Discussion here is about audio theory, home made audio equipment, specifications, and other technicalities. rec.audio.tubes: This is a group discussing tube circuits, tube equipment, and the characteristics of vacuum tubes in general (UK translation: Valves). alt.home-theater-misc: Discussions of home theater, including surround sound processing, speakers, large screen video, and media. If the appropriate group is not available on your server, post to rec.audio.misc. 18.2 What network mailing lists are out there which aren't on usenet? There is an informal group of people interested in using DAT recorders to record "Grateful Dead" concerts. These people call themselves "Dat-Heads" and have a daily E-Mailing List. This is also a great resource for DAT information. They maintain an excellent DAT FAQ with detailed information on DAT machines and tapes. The FAQ is a bit obsolete, but still great. To subscribe to the list, or get a copy of their faq, send a message to: DAT-Heads-Request@fedney.near.net Include one of the following as the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE SEND FAQ There is also a general turntable chat mailing list. To subscribe to this list, send a message to: analogue-addicts-request@maths.ex.ac.uk asking to join the mailing list. There is the bass mailing list, devoted primarily to low frequency reproduction, although there is also much discussion of general speaker building issues. To suscribe, send subscribe bass <address> to listproc@mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu There are two mailing lists devoted to mini-disc related issues. To subscribe to the MD-L list, send mail to: listserver@nstn.ca with the following request in the body of the message: subscribe MD-L Your Name To subscribe to the minidisc-users list, send mail to: minidisc-users-request@steffi.dircon.co.uk with the word ``subscribe'' as the body of the message. There is a general interest audio mailing list sponsered by "Sound Practices" magazine. To subscribe, mail to: sound-request@tpoint.net with the word ``subscribe'' as the body of the message. There is a technical audio mailing list (hifitech) for end users (not studio or professional). To subscribe, mail to MAJORDOMO@LISTS.OULU.FI As your message, type: subscribe hifitech The SOUND list has discussion about kits, DIY speakers, etc. To subscribe, mail to LISTSERV@ACM.ORG As your message, type: SUBSCRIBE SOUND firstname lastname RADIO-L is an electronic dicussion forum for Digital Audio Broadcasting. To subscribe, mail to LISTSERV@TC.UMN.EDU As your message, type: SUBSCRIBE RADIO-L firstname lastname RADIO-L archives are available at http://magi.com/~moted/dr DASP-L is a forum for discussion of digital acoustic signal processing. To subscibe, mail to DASP-L-request@CESNET.CZ 18.3 Should I post a question about "XXXXXXX"? If it isn't addressed in the FAQ and it isn't a question for one individual, do it! However, try to post to the right group (see above). 18.4 How can I suggest a change to the FAQ? Send an E-Mail message to neidorff@ti.com and explain your suggestion or correction in detail. 18.5 Where is the FAQ for rec.audio.* archived? This FAQ is available by ftp from rtfm.mit.edu in /pub/usenet/news.answers/AudioFAQ To get the entire FAQ from this archive, you need to get all 13 of the following files: part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8 part9 part10 part11 part12 part13 The FAQ is also available on the world-wide web at these sites: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/AudioFAQ/part1/index.html http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/AudioFAQ/ http://www.unik.no/~robert/hifi/faq/ http://www.lib.ox.ac.uk/internet/news/faq/rec.audio.tech.html http://www.cs.ruu.nl/wais/html/na-faq/AudioFAQ-part1.html http://www.ucsalf.ac.uk/cgibin/faq?AudioFAQ/part1 18.6 What does FAQ stand for? FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". It is assumed that a FAQ also contains FGA or "Frequently Given Answers". The rec.audio.* newsgroups have few FGAs due to the personalities involved and the subjective nature of audio. For that reason, this document is called a FAQ. 18.7 Why did I get a bitter reply when I posted a simple opinion? Some feel that rec.audio.* is populated by people with very strong opinions. The whole audio industry is filled with opinionated people. However, for the most part, these people like voicing their opinions and reading others. What may have sounded like a severe rebuttal may have instead been an outlet for the other person's frustrations or a challenge to you to "play the `rec.audio' game" and back up your words with some spirit. Be sure to stay light when reading rec.audio. Otherwise, you are likely to take yourself and everyone else too seriously. 18.8 Can I post a "FOR SALE" notice on rec.audio? The newsgroup rec.audio.marketplace is specifically for these postings. Do not post For Sale to any other rec.audio.* group, except perhaps rec.audio.high-end. Only post to rec.audio.high-end if the item is of interest to the high-end crowd. rec.audio.high-end is moderated, so if the post is deemed inappropriate by the moderator, it will not post. All For Sale posts need to have a real name and a real phone number. It is also very valuable to include your location, so that people can determine if shipping will be cheap or impractical. Usenet is not for commercial purposes, so if you are associated with a store or other retail operation, this is the wrong place for your advertisement. If you have some used personal gear or something you bought and don't need, feel free to post. If you see an advertisement for a store that has a great deal, AND people had been asking about where to buy that item cheap, you might want to tell the readers on rec.audio.marketplace about it. However, avoid commercializing. Something like: Pete's Audio has JVC PS992 for $435, which is 40% less than anywhere else; If interested 202-555-1212. should be fine. Avoid posting their entire price list, or using too many superlatives. If commercialism leaks into Usenet, it could materially hurt us all. When posting something for sale, have a concise but complete subject line. Come to think of it, this is good advice for any post. Some use abbreviations like WTB (the poster Wants To Buy) or WTS (the poster Wants To Sell). Here are some examples of good subject lines: Subject: WTB 100W Receiver any condition Subject: 4Sale Power Amp PS 352 $500 San Francisco area Subject: 4Sale Stereophile Back Issues 4/88 to 6/92 Think about who you are willing to sell to before you post. If it is fragile or heavy, you may not want to ship it, so you may restrict to people who are close enough to pick it up. Use the Distribution: header to restrict your posting area. If you will only sell to people in Texas, don't distribute it to Australia. Check with your system administrator if you aren't familiar with the options you have for Distribution. Different sites have different restriction codes available. Distribution headers don't always restrict distribution, so it is still a good idea to include the target area in the Subject. Anyone buying or selling needs to understand that Usenet contains no mechanism to protect the buyer's money or the seller's property. There is a frequently posted message "A Guide to Buying and Selling on Usenet" which talks of other issues on the subject. This is posted to news.answers as well as other newsgroups. It is also available by ftp from "rtfm.mit.edu" in "/pub/usenet/news.answers/radio" as file "swap-guide". 18.9 Can I cross-post? Should I cross-post? Cross posting means sending the message/posting to more than one newsgroup. This is more efficient than posting the same message twice, as it stores less space on disks, takes less time to transmit, etc. If you need to address the message to more than one newsgroup, put all newsgroups in the Newsgroup: line. However, there is rarely a reason to cross-post to many of the rec.audio.x newsgroups. If you have a repair question, it belongs in rec.audio.tech and no where else. If you are selling a tuner, post to rec.audio.marketplace. Want opinions on the right cable? Post to rec.audio.opinion. Not sure? Post to rec.audio.misc. 18.10 Are there any sites containing audio files available for ftp? Yes. Try ftp.uu.net directory "usenet/rec.audio.high-end". 18.11 Are there any audio-specific World-Wide Web sites? Zillions of them. Here are some places to start: Robert's page pointing to many Audio pages http://www.unik.no/~robert/hifi/hifi.html Dan and Steve's Audio-Related page http://www.qnx.com/~danh/info.html rec.audio.* FAQ with Search Engine http://hydra.unik.no/%7Erobert/hifi/faq/ BMG and Columbia CD Music Club Unofficial Lists and FAQ http://www.eskimo.com/~bloo/cdfaq/toppage.htm/ Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ http://members.tripod.com/martin_leese/Ambisonic/ Tube related stuff http://www.interport.net/~blackie Speaker Repair FAQ http://www.paranoia.com/~filipg/HTML/FAQ/BODY/F_Speaker.html William Nau's Mail Order Equipment FAQ http://www.ssesco.com/nau/mailorder.htm Audio Web http://www.audioweb.com/ COPYRIGHT NOTICE The information contained here is collectively copyrighted by the authors. The right to reproduce this is hereby given, provided it is copied intact, with the text of sections 1 through 8, inclusive. However, the authors explicitly prohibit selling this document, any of its parts, or any document which contains parts of this document. -- Bob Neidorff; Texas Instruments | Internet: neidorff@ti.com 50 Phillippe Cote St. | Voice : (US) 603-222-8541 Manchester, NH 03101 USA Note: Texas Instruments has openings for Analog and Mixed Signal Design Engineers in Manchester, New Hampshire. If interested, please send resume in confidence to address above.